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"Tropes Are Tools!"

Trope-tan is the Moe Anthropomorphic personification of TV Tropes, designed by Palindromee in response to Wikipedia's Wikipe-tan and the Lost Media Wiki's LMW-tan. See Archive.Trope Tan Classic for the original Trope-tan concept that was created by Fawriel.

Her design includes many Personal Appearance Tropes:

As for her personality:

But she's not alone in her journeys, no. She's got a couple of other acquaintances, themselves being personifications of other aspects of the website:

This Troper is wondering why no one's mentioned what an idiot Trope-tan is yet!

Darth-tan, like her counterpart Trope-tan, is a Moe Anthropomorphic version of the Darth Wiki side of the wiki. Her illustrator is Lemon.

Like Trope-tan, her design has several Personal Appearance Tropes:

And for her personality:


Sugar-tan, like the aforementioned Trope-tan and Darth-tan, is the Moe Anthropomorphism of the Sugar Wiki side of the site. She is illustrated by Excessive-Menace.

As usual, she has plenty of Personal Appearance Tropes:

As for her personality:

  • The Foil to Darth-tan; not only does she represent the SugarWiki namespace, she also holds domain over the Just for Fun pages as well as the more casual forums. Like Darth-tan, her exact relationship with Trope-tan is a complete mystery.
  • She's very peppy and kind-hearted, always willing to gush about her favorite shows and characters, as well as providing some fun and levity when things get too serious. However, Trope-tan has to rein her back whenever she gets too eager in her activities.
  • She and Darth-tan are each other's Sitcom Arch-Nemeses, getting into petty squabbles over their contrasting beliefs and philosophies. Trope-tan acts as the mediator to prevent things from getting too drastic.

"Your guess is as good as mine!"note 

WMG-tan is the Moe Anthropomorphication of the Wild Mass Guessing part of the site. She was designed by Lapsem.

Her Personal Appearance Tropes are as follows:

  • She's a Black and Nerdy Bespectacled Cutie and Cute Bookworm, whose thick Opaque Nerd Glasses would be much too heavy on anyone else. However, woe betide you if The Glasses Come Off.
  • Her color palette is taken from WMG pages' layout, primarily their yellow accents with, on mobile devices, black background. Lower half mostly notwithstanding.
  • Has Hammerspace Hair styled into four buns, two large and two smaller, which she often uses in place of a backpack or a handbag. However, the more things she stuffs inside, the harder it becomes to focus on any one thing to pull out.
  • She's got plenty of Fashionable Asymmetry, primarily via Duality Motif, meant to represent WMG's inconstant, ever-changing swirl of fan-theories.
    • The shirt she wears beneath her leather jacket is black on the right side, and striped yellow on the left, and the sleeves have inverted colors for their "slanted stripe" pattern, with a lighter yellow at front and duller yellow at back mixed with black. Nothing in her wardrobe is completely symmetrical.
    • Her left stocking is celery-colored while her right is carrot-colored, and the laces of her blueberry canvas sneakers are each squash- and pumpkin-colored. Mmm... Edible Theme Naming.
    • All of the hair on the left side of her body is an unnatural sand-blond. This one wasn't her doing, but she does have some idea of how it came about...
  • Her time-weathered leather jacket is meant to appear as though patched up and repaired from many scraps of leather, befitting WMG pages' note-laden background, and also has a large golden letter "W" on the back. Additionally, the buttons on the shoulderpads are meant to mimic the Random Trope/Work buttons on WMG pages.
  • Has long, Pointy Expressive Ears, on which she likes showing off her collection of earrings.
  • Her freckled cheeks seem flecked with motes of gold, which seem to sparkle When She Smiles, laughs, or is otherwise excited.
  • Has a pear-shaped physique.

As for her personality: