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  • Mega Metagross, within hour of its reveal, due to the growth of its "nose" into a rather large spike.
  • Hypno. Mind Rape: Canon. Body-rape: memetic. That mission with a Drowzee in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 doesn't help. Just read the Pokémon Silver Pokédex entry for Drowzee: "It remembers every dream it eats. It rarely eats the dreams of adults because children's are much tastier." Yeeeah, that didn't sound like a pedophile at all. Then there was that one quest in the Sevii Islands, where a Hypno corners and terrifies a young girl. Or in an episode of the anime...
  • A classic example is Ditto. Since it's mostly used for breeding Pokémon (and it can breed with literally everything that can lay eggs), this was somewhat inevitable.
  • Mr. Mime has had this reputation for a long time, along with the more murderous variant. We imagine the reasons for this are obvious. The release of the particularly horrifying version from Pokémon Detective Pikachu (along with the fact that the scene he's in has him being interrogated by the police) has made this practically canon.
  • Bewear, due to its bizarre proportions and apparent desire to hug things, It has even been compared to Pedobear.
  • Mimikyu's signature Z-move being called "Let's Snuggle Forever" instantly gave it this reputation. The suggestive animation doesn't help matters. To a lesser extent, any Pokémon with the move Play Rough is this.

  • Brock is known for his "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS" tactics.
  • Cilan was on his way towards this after one episode, where we learn he utterly ruined this girl. The expressions he makes during their rematch make it appear to the viewer that Burgundy was right about Cilan being a monster. It snowballed into "tasting" jokes. His habit of saying things have a good taste doesn't help — people still claim he plans to eat his Pokemon.
  • Muk, Muk, Muk, MUK.
  • Bianca is to Pokemon what Muk is to people, particularly with Zorua and Scrafty (Constantly glomping Zorua, feeling up Scrafty's muscles...), as well as pouncing on people whom she thinks Zorua is disguising itself as.
  • Cynthia is believed to be this by some... to kids half her age, though to a lesser extent than her game counterpart. Appearing in several regions? Meeting random kids randomly? Even if she is going there for plot reasons, it seems a bit too unusual...
  • Lusamine was already this in the games due to her similarities with Ragyo Kiryuin but the anime takes it up a notch by having her have No Sense of Personal Space and hugging her daughter Lillie, which Lillie doesn't want.
  • Serena in the anime is a Nice Girl with a clear crush of Ash. However because of a edit involving an episode Ash was tied up in by Team Rocket, the idea that she's a Yandere with a fondness for tying Ash up sprung up and remains a joke among her haters.
  • The fourth episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings gave this trope to Chairman Rose, whose interactions with Nessa prompted a burst of fan arts that depict him being very creepy towards her.


    Video Games 
  • There is Cynthia, the Champion in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. It started when she was shipped with Dawn and then fans began joking that she wa a pedophile. It doesn't help that she conveniently shows up wherever the player's going a little too often, in more than one game. In Pokémon Black and White Cynthia has a line that goes something like "you remind me of think that I'd meet a Trainer with the same eyes as that Pokémon Trainer in a faraway foreign country", which strikes some fans as either stalkerish or overly intimate.
  • Before her was Steven, Champion of Ruby/Sapphire (and their remakes), former Champion in Emerald. He's less of a stalker, but he still invited small children into his house— alone. Now, however, his dorky man-moe has made him the molestee. He's one of the most shipped people with the Hoenn protagonists, most likely the most shipped other than with each other. He is associated with the protagonist in more than one game too: he just happened to be in Johto where he gives you a Pokemon and trades with you. He also just happened to not want his Sinnoh condo, which landed in the hands of a random prepubescent kid. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Steven refers to how your eyes remind him of the RSE protagonist
  • Oh boy, Silver. He was just a Jerkass in the original Gold/Silver/Crystal (regularly shoving you around, even if you haven't done anything), but the remakes have added in a scene in the Radio Tower where he strips you of your Team Rocket uniform (it's a long story). Don't think for a second that the fandom has let this slip by unnoticed.
  • There's a scene at the Pokéathalon stadium where Whitney picks out a jersey for the player character to wear, guessing his/her size while thinking out loud. The issue here is that in the Japanese version, her exact phrasing is "Are you an S or a M? Yeah, definitely an M." Upon deciding you are an M, she forces you into an outfit of her choosing.
  • Professor Oak. After all, he came when he heard you beat the Elite 4.
  • Proton is one of these, combined with Mind Rape. This stems from him being a canon sadist.
  • In Emerald, there's a Kindler on Route 119. His dialogue: "Hohoho! I like kid TRAINERS! Let's have a good one!" Figure that one out yourself.
  • Predating that, in Red/Blue/Yellow/FireRed/LeafGreen, a Sailor in the SS Anne loves "Feisty kids like you!". Yikes!
  • Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier in the Emerald version is somewhat subject to this as well, due to being yet another character who constantly follows you around.
  • If the Japanese fan art is anything to go by, Cheren and N of Pokémon Black and White are this.
  • According to fans, Lyra raped a Quilava, probably killed Kris (the character she replaced in the remakes), and is a yandere.
  • Ghetsis, especially where N is concerned. N himself is subject to this as well, usually with the female protagonist. It does not help that his real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius. Nor does the fact that he shoves the player into a confined space (a Ferris wheel car) against their will at one point.
  • Also from Generation V, Grimsley the Dark Elite Four trainer. The fact that he's based on vampires probably lends a lot to it.
  • Hiker Andy, a bearish man that the teenage male player can ride the ferris wheel with during Summer, is gaining popularity amongst some circles for his hideously suggestive dialogue (in the Japanese version at least). It doesn't help at all that he can show up again in Fall in the sequels if you play as the girl, and he'll be talking about losing someone he loves two years ago. It's not hard to put two and two together here.
  • Maxie, the Team Magma boss, tends to get this treatment as well. But not Archie. Make of that what you will.
  • Apparently Lance. "Lance is a pervert!" is a meme now.
  • Mr. Bonding in Pokémon X and Y. His hotel room is always the furthest from the exit, and, when you talk to him, he says "It's bonding time!" and the screen goes dark. The super powers you get from it are called O-Powers, and you are encouraged to use them "as often as possible".
  • Lusamine from Pokémon Sun and Moon, thanks to her similarities to Ragyo Kiryuin, got painted with this brush. Fans write her as similarly predatory towards her children. It doesn't help that some fanart of her purifying Lillie surfaced after a while.
  • To an extent, Hilbert, the male protagonist of Black and White, occasionally gets this treatment because of one of the ferris wheel events. They are notoriously innuendo-laden (especially on Japan), and one of them involves a Preschooler.
  • Fans noted the cute Pokékid Meghan in Volkner's gym and paired her up with him. While most fans keep it to a platonic sibling-like relationship, and even those who ship them tend to keep it to a one-sided Precocious Crush, others lean towards this. There are also a lot of fans who ship Lucas (the male Sinnoh protagonist) with Volkner as a Spear Counterpart to Dawn/Cynthia.
  • Brock's dialogue involving how hard his muscles are has caused this reputation, especially after Pokémon Masters.
  • Chairman Rose from Pokémon Sword and Shield is a businessman who also turns out to be the main villain of Sword and Shield. He's often depicted as a predator who grooms and manipulates Leon, Hop, Bede, the protagonists, and the gym leaders. Twilight Wings Episode 4 has a short moment where he looms right in Nessa's face at the 1:00 mark in what can only be described as a predatory fashion.
  • The Ball Guy. His grinning Poké Ball head mask is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people, but he declares you his friend as soon as you meet him for the first time. Is there a darker reason for why he doesn't show his real face?

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