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"Anything is possible with Wally, all you need is a word!"

An animated interactive comedy for preschoolers created by Adam Peltzman. The show centers on the adventures of Wally Trollman and his pet dragon, Norville.

Wally and Norville live in a mythical forest among giants, goblins, ogres, sprites, and fantastical creatures of every shape and size. But Wally has a power like no other; using his magic stick, he can make any word spring to life! Each adventure has a new set of magic words that share a certain characteristic (they may start with a given letter, have a certain sound, or rhyme with each other). Wally uses these words to play with and transform the world around him. For example, if the magic words begin with "c" and have a hard "c" sound, Wally can create a castle, and launch himself into it with a catapult.

Wally uses his magic to solve problems, help friends, and overcome the antics of the forest's resident troublemaker, Bobgoblin. At times, however, his magic stick can cause unintended complications, such as conjuring a word that accidentally makes the whole forest go dark or sends his house galloping away! But Wally's magic stick ALWAYS helps kids learn new words and the basics of reading with each exciting, hilarious adventure.

This Show Contains Examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Due to the nature of Wally's magic stick this happens a lot. For instance: in the beginning of one episode Wally conjures up a bunch of shovels and has them shake (that is, dance) but one of the shovels is hiding behind a bush because it's shy and after Wally and Norville convince it to come out by offering to dance with it it busts out all a bunch of Break-dancing moves and Wally expresses shock that it turned out to be such a good dancer.
  • All Animals Are Dogs: Wally's dragon Norville barks and otherwise behaves like a dog in a lot of ways.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Though everyone's a fantastic race of some sort so it doesn't feel too weird. Libby, a fairy (who are usually pretty human-looking) is the only one with a skin tone you might find in real life. Though Gina, who's a giant (who are also usually pretty human-looking) is purple, so...
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Wally uses the word "talk" on a rock and it comes to life. Her name's Rockelle and she and Wally become fast friends.
  • Argument of Contradictions: In "Castle Caper," Wally tries to smuggle in Norville into the castle that Bobgoblin has taken over in a cake as a Trojan Horse. The plan fails spectacularly: Wally dresses up in a Paper-Thin Disguise as a cake-delivery guy, but Bobgoblin replies that he didn't order a cake. Wally replies that he did and Bobgoblin just repeatedly argues that he didn't, until he catches Norville making noises in the cake, at which point Wally issues a Suspiciously Specific Denial about there being a dragon in the cake.
  • Bad Mood as an Excuse: In "The Collar Caper," when Wally asks the Pirate Snails why they won't give back Norville's collar, they reply that it's because they're pirates and pirates are grumpy, all day long, every day of the week, especially Tuesdays.
  • Baths Are Fun:
    • The Aesop of "How to Bathe Your Dragon." Wally even says straight up to his dragon, Norville, that "baths are fun."
    • In "The Bathmobile," Norville has apparently learned his lesson so well that he is in charge of the titular bathmobile along with Wally and helps to tempt others into the bath with bath toys and such.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: In "Victor the Villain" Victor the Villain is called "Silly" by Wally, but later on he manages to take everyone's stuff and drop it into an Ice Volcano.
  • Christmas Episode: Wally Saves the Trollidays
  • Companion Cube: Gina loves talking to/with her dolls. Truth in Television since it's a pretty common thing for girls in her age group to do.
  • Couch Gag: In the theme song, when the verse goes into the "Whoo-ho-ho-ho", whomever the camera focuses on during it is usually whom the episode will focus on, this includes Wally and Norville himself.
  • Cute Witch: Hattie, and later her younger sister Cappie
  • Description Cut: In "The Great Missing Potato," Wally explains that he and Norville have to get past a goblin guard in order to get to the wishing potato.
    Wally: He's big and he's strong and he's...
    Wally and Norville: Bobgoblin?!
  • Did You Get A New Hair Cut: In "Young Norville," the magic word "young" causes Norville to become a puppy. Upon seeing him, Bobgoblin says there's something different, asking if he changed his hair. Wally tells him he turned into a puppy and he replies "No, I think his hair is different." Wally points out Norville doesn't have any hair.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: "Buddy Pal Friend Day" revolves around Bobgoblin receiving a gift from Hattie and giving her nothing in return because Bobgoblin does not know how to think about her, not about himself. The episode plays out as if Bobgoblin and Hattie are an Official Couple and Bobgoblin is a bad boyfriend. Swap out Buddy Pal Friend Day with Valentine's Day and the episode stays virtually the same.
  • Emerald Power: Witches have green skin
  • Epunymous Title
  • Fake Interactivity: Wally will quiz viewers on things such as what word starts with a particular sound.
  • Forced Transformation:
    • In one episode, Hattie turns Bobgoblin into a cute bunny after she catches him riding on her broom. Bobgoblin thinks that being turned into a bunny is disgusting.
    • In "Keeping Cappie Happy," Baby Cappie has started to speak and keeps unwittingly casting magic each time she says something. She says "spoon" and changes Bobgoblin into a talking spoon. Spoongoblin pleads with Wally to use his magic stick to come with a word to help him out. Unable to immediately think of anything, they decide to just keep trying anything until something works, and change him subsequently into a pot, a cob (of corn) and a spinning top. They finally realize that since all the magic words for the day have the letter "O" and the "ah" sound that Bobgoblin is a magic word. Later, in the episode's endcap, Hattie spells out the word "hat" and calls over Bobgoblin, offering to make him a hat. He agrees because he feels he looks good in hats, but she turns him into a hat instead. She then shouts that the segment is over and starts rifling through her spellbook for a spell to turn a hat back into a goblin.
      Bobgoblin: sigh Hatgoblin.
  • Full-Name Basis: Bobgoblin will always say "Wally Trollman" and "Norville Trollman". Even calls Betty "Elizabeth Yeti".
  • Friend to All Living Things: Ogre Doug's shown to have a lot of pets and his favorite book is a book of funny animals (Mumble Monkey, Ducktapus etc.). His "Ode To A Creature" segment after the show was about his pet Blathertash that constantly crashed into things due to bad eyesight so he got it a pair of glasses. The Blathertash loves them and gives him a kiss as thanks.
  • Glad I Thought of It: Bobgoblin does this to Hattie several times in "The Explorers Club" when she's part of his club. She gets tired of this and his bossing her around, but doesn't quit simply because she wants to find out what will happen as far as the "chickephant" animal they've been chasing.
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: In "How to Bathe Your Dragon" Bobgoblin falls off Wally's dragon Norville after trying to steal the letter "B." He hangs in the air for a bit, comments that "B is for bad," and then falls.
  • Green and Mean: Antagonist Bobgoblin has green skin.
  • Halloween Episode: Mustache Day
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: On both sides in "A Very Villainous Vacation." Victor tells Wally to look, that there's a volleyball volcano. Wally says that there's no such thing as a volleyball volcano. Since these are magic words for the episode, they appear in the air and Victor grabs and tosses them, creating the volleyball volcano. Wally says that he can make it vanish. "I learned that word from you, Victor." Victor snatches the magic stick and absconds with it, but Wally is able to get it back and vanish the volcano.
  • "I Am Great!" Song: Bobgoblin's song to Hattie in "Buddy Pal Friend Day" is a song all about how great and awesome he is. Since the song is supposed to be a gift for her to show his appreciation for her being his friend, naturally she is disgusted and flies off in a huff.
  • I Can't Hear You: Wally and Gina do this in "The Switching Stone" when Bobgoblin is transformed into Biggoblin by the power of the switching stone and stomps around making a lot of noise.
  • It's All About Me: Bobgoblin. In "Buddy Pal Friend Day," he tries to give Hattie a gift to but she is offended because he just picks up a rock off the ground. He asks Wally for help and Wally tells him that he needs to think about what Hattie would want and not about himself. However, as he admits, "Bobgoblin has no idea how to do that." His first attempt, making up a song for her, is disastrous, as the song is all about how much he loves himself and about how great-looking he is. A subsequent attempt, this time at giving a physical gift, fails because he again gives her something he would like: a rotten tomato. Finally, a song gets him thinking about the things Hattie likes.
  • Look Behind You: In "Victor the Villain," Victor twice tricks Wally and Norville with this, but is later Hoist by His Own Petard.
  • Looped Lyrics: "The Things Bobgoblin Is Not" from "Keeping Cappie Happy" features the cumulative song variant, with each thing that Wally turns Bobgoblin into being added to the list of things that Bobgoblin would rather not be.
  • Magic Wand: Wally's magic stick.
  • Meaningful Name: Cappie and Hattie have hat-like names and wear hats.
  • Mundane Utility: While Wally's magic stick can create some fantastic things, it just as often used for practical stuff like making a ladder, dressing someone up in a jumpsuit, or making a bathtub to give a dragon a bath.
  • No Antagonist: Even though Bobgoblin is the closest thing to an Antagonist, he's more mischievous than malicious.
  • Nobody Here but Us Statues: In "Critter Campers", Wally and his friends pose in front of the statue that he conjured to hide from the Toe Bugs.
  • No Sense of Humor: Stan of the Swamp. A whole episode revolved around trying to get a laugh out of him. Subverted as he actually does start laughing near the end of the episode when he sees how ridiculous he looks after landing in a river and being covered in various silly-looking items.
  • Our Monsters Are Different: The whole cast consists of mythical creatures.
  • Personal Raincloud: In "Buddy Pal Friend Day," after Hattie is splattered by a rotten tomato that Bobgoblin gave her as a gift, she uses her magic to summon a raincloud which washes the tomato off her hat. After she exits the scene, the cloud starts following Bobgoblin around, soaking him until he gets Wally to use his magic stick to make the cloud "leave," as all of the magic words for the day begin with the letter "L."
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Gina wears mostly pink and while Wally doesn't wear a lot of blue he is blue, so it counts.
  • Pokémon Speak: The Grab Crab only ever says his name in various inflections, generally when either seeing something he wants to grab or actually grabbing it.
  • Poke the Poodle: Victor the Villain. In "A Very Villainous Vacation," he declares his intention to ruin the Trollman family's vacation... and immediately proceeds to grab Mrs. Trollman's sunscreen bottle and squeeze it all out. She pulls out another bottle, saying it's a good thing she packed extra.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Gina has purple skin and she is strongest.
  • Reality Warper: Wally can do pretty much anything with the magic stick so long as he finds a word with the appropriate sound or letter announced at start. Seen less often, Hattie's broom-based "sweepa sweepa sweepa" spells also appear to have such power. And then there's Hattie's baby sister Cappie, whose magic is so powerful that she's able to pull off just about anything simply by saying the words without any restrictions, but is too young to know how to control it. She pulls a Forced Transformation on Bobgoblin simply by repeating the word "spoon" and later causes herself to fly when Bobgoblin shouts about a fly that got on his nose.
  • Robe and Wizard Hat: Hattie and Cappie are witches and wear traditional black pointy hats.
  • Rule of Funny: Even though Norville talks more in later installments, he mostly just uses short declaratives or repeats what Wally says. Nevertheless, in the teaser segment of "The Bathmobile," he and Wally chat on telephones Wally created with magic stick like a couple of school-pals, apparently simply because of rule of funny.
  • Selfless Wish: In "Wally Saves the Trollidays," Bobgoblin uses up almost all the Trolliday wishes in the sack, leaving just one, which is given to Wally. He's upset that nobody else will get to have any wishes, so he uses his wish to wish for the sack to be filled with wishes again. It's never said, but something like this presumably only could work if the wish were selfless. When the wishes are given out and he gets another, he uses it to wish for a sled for his dragon Norville, while Norville wishes for one for Wally. Bobgoblin gets another wish too and wishes that everyone has a happy Trollidays... and for another big purple hat.
  • Shout-Out:
    • "How to Bathe Your Dragon" is referential of How to Train Your Dragon.
    • One of the characters owns a doll that looks a lot like Totoro.
    • The Bathmobile from the episode by the same name is obvious reference to the Batmobile from the Batman franchise, particularly when Wally calls out "To the bathmobile!"
  • Talking Animal: In latter installments, Norville is this, but in earlier ones he mostly just makes barking and yipping noises.
  • The Teaser: Every episode features a cold open where Wally and Norville explain the letter concept of the day.
  • Temporary Bulk Change: Gina becoming normal size during Switching Stone.
  • Theme Naming: Betty Yeti and Libby Light Sprite have rhyming names. Gina Giant and Stan of the Swamp have alliterative names.
  • Third-Person Person: Bobgoblin, most of the time.
  • Token Minority Couple: Bobgoblin and Hattie both have green skin and become quick best friends.
  • Title Theme Tune: "Say it, say it / Here the music play it now / Say the word, say the word / Woo-oo-oo-oo! / Wally, Wally, Wallykazam!"
  • Widely-Spaced Jail Bars: In "Victor the Villain," Victor traps Wally and Norville in a cage with bars spaced widely enough that it seems like at the very least that Norville could get out.
  • You Are Too Late: In "A Very Villainous Vacation," Victor ruins Mr. Trollman's sandcastle and threatens to ruin Norville's. Wally decides to save it by making it "vast" with his magic stick. Victor starts to stomp on it, saying that he's too late, but as it turns out he's not and it turns vast before Victor can stomp it away.


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