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North or south, east or west, the quest to save the life of Pelamar goes far. Look bravely through the dragon's eye and fly!
Derek Griffiths singing the show's theme song.

Through the Dragon's Eye is a 1989 Look and Read Edutainment Show released by The BBC. The most famous and popular show released from the educational programme, Through the Dragon's Eye has been used as an educational programme for British kids in schools since its first airing over twenty years ago and has a strong following.


The show stars three kids Amanda, Jenny and Scott who paint a mural on their primary school wall featuring a dragon. After they paint in the eye, the dragon winks at them and suddenly springs to life, identifying himself as Gorwen and invites the kids into the fantasy world of Pelamar. He explains the world is dying due to the destruction of the MacGuffin called the Veetacore which becomes a Dismantled MacGuffin. The kids, Gorwen and giant talking mouse Rodey meet the Veetacore's Keepers Boris, Doris and Morris, who can't read - in fact, all the creatures in Pelamar are dyslexic and can't read.

The kids offer to help translate the instruction manual on how to reconstruct the Veetacore, but learn three pieces are missing. Gorwen concludes the pieces somehow flew all the way into the unknown land of Widge and decides to go on The Quest to find the pieces. Jenny remains with Doris and Morris to rebuild the Veetacore whilst Gorwen, Amanda, Scott, Boris and Rodey go to Widge to find the missing pieces, all the while be harassed by the fluffy Ewok-like critters called Widgets. Jenny's group also get in trouble when the show's Big Bad and walking Nightmare Fuel Charn the Evil One arrives from exile to use the Veetacore for evil purposes.


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