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The era when dragons have fallen to being high-quality ingredients. This is the story of a Holy Sword Kalsis and its mistress Incia, and their adventurous journey to become the best dragon chef.

Dragon Recipe, an online Manhwa by Yeop and Eldo, is a story about a young woman and her holy sword, and their quest to hunt down dragons... For the sole purpose of cooking them.

This Manhwa contains examples of:


  • Cooking Duel: Incia was saved by a traveling chef who was on his way to one of these. The chef saved her life by using the ingredients he had planned to use to win the competition, including the incredibly rare Dragon Meat.
  • Cool Sword: Kalsis is regarded as the strongest of the legendary Holy Sword clan.
  • Cutting the Knot: A sword in the stone style contest is resolved when Incia takes a hammer and chisel, and breaks open the stone holding the sword.
  • Fountain of Youth: People started to hunt Dragons for food when they heard about an elderly woman who regained her youth and great beauty by eating some dragon meat.
    • The cooking contest actually came about as a way to discover what kind of Dragon meat she used and how she prepared it so to regain her youth, since no other meats to date have had the same result.
  • Mundane Solution: Incia's solution to freeing Kalsis where so many powerful warriors had failed was to use a hammer and chisel to break the stone.


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