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Famous parties in Nintendo history.note 

Tabletop and Video Game RPGs, as well as certain other games, feature not one but several Player Characters, banded together in Ensembles of 3 or more, fighting evil together. Such an ensemble is known as a "party". Unless the player wants to beat the game using a handicapped group, most selections comprise most if not all of the available choices inside the entire party.

In tabletop RPGs, MMORPGs, and other multiplayer games, each PC is usually controlled by a human. In singleplayer games, the player usually controls a leader PC while the computer steers the rest of the party. Additionally, the player is often given the option to micromanage each party member, particularly in combat.

In Role Playing Games where the characters are pre-plotted (in comparison to, say, Final Fantasy), the Party is usually a specific variety of Ensemble, such as the Power Trio, Four-Temperament Ensemble or Five-Man Band. Furthermore, the party members' tendencies to stick together for the length of the game (temporary members notwithstanding) mean that they are usually written as True Companions.

The concept of Character Classes is usually dependant on characters being in parties. The Squishy Wizard and the Magically Inept Fighter tend to counter each others' weaknesses perfectly, so it's expected that one assists the other throughout the game.

In a group of Tabletop Roleplaying, the chances of all group members picking the same class are extremely low. This is partly because everyone wants to play a unique character and also partly because people like to help and complement other people naturally as part of a functional cooperative unit. If a member voices his desire to play a Mighty Glacier, the chances someone else will play one are usually low.

If averted, see One-Man Army. See also The Team for non-playable examples.