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A trope most commonly seen in party-based Role-Playing Games but also Fantasy Literature, wherein the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits represents most of the spectrum of cultures, factions, social classes, species, and even ideologies found in the setting. Such setup has multiple purposes:

Sub-Trope of Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. Super-Trope to Multinational Team. Compare also Five-Token Band and Alike and Antithetical Adversaries.



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    Comic Books 
  • De cape et de crocs: Lampshaded by Armand (a French fox) on landing on the moon, when Don Lope (a Spanish wolf) wants to plant a flag and a cross, but is stopped by Armand who notes that they also have a French rabbit, a Turkish janissary, an Italian noblewoman, her brother and his servant, and a Hot Gypsy Woman (and almost had a German scientist), and thus the question of whose flag/religious symbol should go up is best left unanswered. Said German scientist arrives later in the company of a Spanish capitàn and an Italian merchant, all three of which end up working alongside English pirates for the Evil Prince.
  • New Warriors, especially the 2014 series, had a team which was not only racially diverse, but also contained a representative of most of the different types of heroes and human types (i.e. Mutants, Inhumans, demigods, Atlanteans, clones). This becomes a plot point in the 2014 series as the High Evolutionary tries to use the genetic makeup of each member as a template to help his superweapon target and eliminate all non-pure humans on Earth.

  • The Fellowship of the Ring in The Lord of the Rings consists of representatives of each "good" race of Middle-Earth: two humans (a ranger from the north and a prince from the south, respectively), one elf, one dwarf, one wizard, and four hobbits. Such composition was very much intentional.
  • Short story A Martian Odyssey, published in the 1930s, has a group of four men landing on Mars — they include a German, a Brit, a Frenchman, and an American.

  • The adventuring party in Dungeons & Dragons consists of a barbarian Warrior, a female Valkyrie, an elderly Wizard, and a Dwarf.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000: This tends to happen in the Deathwatch, the elite alien-hunting division of the Inquisition, which is made up of squads of individual Space Marines from different Chapters (which are pretty much all Fantasy Counterpart Cultures).

    Video Games 
  • In Radiant Historia, you get four members from your home country of Alistel, someone from the "evil" country of Granorg, one member of the satyr tribe, and one of the ape tribe.
  • Fire Emblem games usually end with you recruiting a mishmash of people from all across the world. This is most evident in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, in which the entire continent is at war, and you still end up recruiting people from all sides.
  • In Grandia II, you have a vagabond mercenary, a priestess of The Church, a demon from the Fantasy Axis of Evil, a prince from a human kingdom, a guy from the Proud Warrior Race, and an an ancient humanoid robot servant of The Precursors.
  • Golden Sun: From the first two games, you had the hero, his best friend, his girlfriend and her brother from the (not-quite) Doomed Hometown, an orphan brought up by the leader of a merchant town, a healer who failed her one duty to keep a Cosmic Keystone where it was, an orphan implied to be of the Precursors, and a native of the Atlantis equivalent. The third game gives us the children of the original heroes, plus the heir to a Hidden Elf Village, a Miko, and a Pirate. In both games, your party is accompanied by the same Cool Old Guy.
  • Xenoblade has a final team composed by a group of Homs, a Nopon, a High Entia, and a Homs-turned-Mechon; thus covering all living sentient races in the game's world save for the Machina, although the last member covers them indirectly.
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a party consisting of Leftherian human Rex, Titan Azurda/"Gramps", Aegis Blade Pyra, Gormotti girl Nia, Nopon Tora, artificial Blade Poppi, Ardanian human Mòrag, Tantalese human Zeke, and the numerous mundane Blades they travel with. Furthermore, the Urayan mercenary Vandham is a Guest-Star Party Member, and Nia is revealed to be a part Gormotti, part Blade "Flesh Eater" late in the story, meaning that the only race in Alrest not represented in the team at some point are the Indoline.
  • Final Fantasy X: The final party contains the White Mage daughter of a famed summoner, the former bodyguard of said father, her Gadgeteer Genius cousin from the barely-tolerated technological faction, a sports star and a Black Mage from her village, a Proud Warrior Race Guy lion man, and a guy from a technologically advanced world. Or so it seems at first, it gets complicated.
  • A staple in the BioWare games. The Dragon Age chief writer David Gaider stated in an interview that they do it specifically to give exposition of their worlds' various aspects (such as factions and ideologies) a face the players can associate them with.
  • In Chrono Trigger, you get one party member from each time period you visit if you're able to recruit the bonus Sixth Ranger.
  • This is a core aspect of every game in the Suikoden series, which always has the protagonist recruit the 108 Stars of Destiny. By the end of each game, their army literally consists of volunteer soldiers, mercenaries, and key political figures from all cities throughout the continent.
  • In Pillars of Eternity, the party was apparently specially designed to give a broad representation of the various cultures, religions and factions in the setting. Your companions are: an elven wizard nobleman with a Split Personality; a snarky but kind-hearted war veteran who follows a religion dedicated to a dead god; a rather unpleasant old priest who's responsible for killing said god; an Orlan druid with a very dirty sense of humour; a naive young Aumauan adventurer; a creepy midwife who's also a cipher; an avian Godlike paladin who's driven to bitter cynicism by her nation's politics; and a dwarf ranger who's searching for the reincarnation of her village's previous elder. The expansion also adds a ruthless convicted criminal's soul inhabiting a bronze golem, an old monk who's Covered in Scars, and an older, experienced Aumauan pirate and explorer turned follower of a religious order.
  • By the end of the game, the main party of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness contains one full demon, one half-demon, one angel, two humans, a robot, and a Prinny.
  • The recurring "Sage" characters and their Suspiciously Similar Substitutes from across The Legend of Zelda typically consist of one person from each race depicted in a particular game, though Hylians tend to have more than one representative.
    • Princess Zelda's Champions serve the same role in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, representing every major species/ethnicity of the game world: Link of the Hylians, Daruk of the Gorons, Mipha of the Zora, Revali of the Rito, and Urbosa of the Gerudo.
  • King's Raid features collectable characters that are gathered from all across the world, ranging from standard humans to dwarves, elves, demons, and Beast Men.

    Web Comics 
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: The story is set in an After the End world where only Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland still exist. The original crew has members from all countries except Iceland, but quickly picks up a Little Stowaway who just happens to be Icelandic. The specialties of each member of the crew mean that several professions are represented, along with several walks of life from that world. The Team Pet kitten is native to the Forbidden Zone that the crew is exploring.

    Western Animation 
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang is supposed to go to each nation to find a master to learn their respective element. But because he only has a year to do it, he instead recruits a master to follow him and train him on his way to the next place.
  • The "Young Six" (main students from the School of Friendship) in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are all of different species/nations (a pony, a dragon, a changeling, a hippogriff, a griffon and a yak).


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