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Recap / Miraculous Ladybug S01 E08 "Rogercop"

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Ladybug and Cat Noir are now outlaws. They must be hunted down and taken into custody immediately.

Parent's Career Day at Marinette's school gets interrupted after Plagg accidentally steals Chloe's new bracelet, and everyone is a suspect. After Officer Roger refuses to arrest Marinette without proof, Chloe's father fires him. Roger soon seeks revenge as akumatized Rogercop.


  • By-the-Book Cop: Roger is a positive example, refusing to break the law even when the mayor orders him to.
  • Continuity Nod: Marinette's dad recalls a time when he had to bake a cake in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Once again, the local police are no match for Cat Noir.
  • Dramatic Irony: Neither Adrien nor Marinette knows how right Chat Noir is when he's teasing Ladybug:
    Chat Noir: I'd stick around, but then you'd see me without my mask, and you wouldn't be able to resist me.
  • Everyone Is a Suspect: Invoked by Marinette to avoid being the only suspect. Her father calls her out on it.
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  • Flying Car: Roger's police car is affected by the akuma too, becoming a futuristic flying car and taking to the air to try and lose Cat Noir and Ladybug.
  • Gullible Lemmings: The police go right along with Rogercop's obviously illegal takeover, and then follow his orders without question.
  • Incredibly Obvious Bug: The tracking device that Rogercop attaches to the mayor's car is fairly small, but has a blinking light on it.
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Downplayed. Rogercop uses his laser cuffs to arrest people, then compel them to carry out whatever "sentence" he passes with a blow of his whistle.
  • No Badge? No Problem!: Rogercop enforces the law despite being fired. Of course, it's his own brand of justice.
  • Not So Different: Marinette's father points out that she accused all her friends of being thieves, just as Chloe did to her.
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  • Pet the Dog: Plagg asks Adrien if he's okay after he learns that his father won't show up. The rest of the episode is a better example of how helpful he usually is.
  • Police Are Useless: The police just go along with a robot cop taking over the city, fighting Ladybug and Cat Noir on his orders.
  • Rage Against the Legal System: Admittedly, Roger was only fired rather than wrongly imprisoned, but the general idea of the trope still applies.
  • Rank Up: Officer Roger earns the rank of Lieutenant at the end of the episode.
  • Robo Cam: Seen in shots from Rogercop's POV.
  • Super Cop: Rogercop is a villainous and Knight Templar example.
  • Ship Tease: While filming the class presentation, Nino briefly focuses on Marinette and winks at her. Doubles as Foreshadowing for a later episode.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Villain Has a Point: While he goes way too far in his methods, Rogercop is right that Mayor Bourgeois is guilty of abusing his position.


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