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Psy/Changeling is a series of Paranormal Romance books by Nalini Singh, who also writes Guild Hunter.

The first part, Psy/Changeling, is finished and consists of:

  • Beat of Temptation (novella)
  • Whisper of Sin (novella)
  • Slave to Sensation
  • Visions of Heat
  • Caressed By Ice
  • Stroke of Enticement (novella)
  • Mine to Possess
  • Hostage to Pleasure
  • Branded By Fire
  • Blaze of Memory
  • Bonds of Justice
  • Play of Passion
  • Declaration of Courtship (novella)
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  • Kiss of Snow
  • Texture of Intimacy (novella)
  • Tangle of Need
  • Heart of Obsidian
  • Secrets at Midnight (novella)
  • Shield of Winter
  • Shards of Hope
  • Allegiance of Honor

The second part, Psy/Changeling Trinity, is ongoing and currently consists of:

  • Silver Silence
  • Ocean Light
  • Wolf Rain

Psy/Changeling provides examples of:

  • Big Brother Is Watching: The ruling Council of the Psy race certainly act the Big Bother part.
  • Children Are Innocent
  • Claustrophobia: Changelings tend to have shades of this.
  • The Conscience: Sahara Kyriakus is Kaleb Krychek's.
  • Consummate Liar: The Concilors get a special mention, but any Silent Psy is this.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Quite a number of characters; Sahara Kyriakus and Kaleb Krychek particularly come to mind. So does every single Arrow, their training being extremely brutal.
  • Dirty Business: The Arrow Squad's job is to protect Silence no matter the price.
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  • Gut Feeling: Empaths tend to have these. Justified considering the nature of their power.
  • In Harmony with Nature: A defining trait of changelings.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Several ones.
  • Interspecies Romance: One of the series' recurring plots, its world containing Humans, Psys and Changelings.
  • Lack of Empathy: One of the consequences of the Silence Protocol.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: With a different main couple every book and more than a dozen books, obviously...
    • Here is a kindly compiled Character Guide.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Anyone who becomes a Councilor has to be this.
  • Mathematician's Answer: Silent Psys tend to give thoses.
  • Nature Lover: Any and all changelings are this.
  • No Sense of Humor: One of the consequences of the Silence Protocol.
  • Official Couple: A different one each book:
    • Beat of Temptation: Nathan Ryder and Tamsyn Mahaire Ryder
    • Whisper of Sin: Emmett and Ria Wembley
    • Slave to Sensation: Lucas Hunter and Sascha Duncan
    • Visions of Heat: Vaughn D’Angelo and Faith Nightstar
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    • Caressed By Ice: Judd Lauren and Brenna Kincaid
    • Stroke of Enticement: Zach Quinn and Annie Kildaire
    • Mine to Possess: Clay Bennett and Talin Mckade
    • Hostage to Pleasure: Dorian Christensen and Ashaya Aleine
    • Branded By Fire: Riley Kincaid and Mercy Smith
    • Blaze of Memory: Devraj Santos and Ekaterina Haas
    • Bonds of Justice: Max Shannon and Sophia Russo
    • Play of Passion: Andrew Kincaid and Indigo Riviere
    • Declaration of Courtship: Cooper and Grace
    • Kiss of Snow: Hawke Snow and Sienna Lauren Snow
    • Texture of Intimacy: Walker Lauren and Lara
    • Tangle of Need: Riaz Delgado and Adria Morgan
    • Heart of Obsidian: Kaleb Krychek and Sahara Kyriakus
    • Secrets at Midnight: Bastien Smith and Kirby
    • Shield of Winter: Vasic Zen and Ivy Jane
    • Shards of Hope: Aiden and Zaira
  • One True Love: Every Official Couple is implied to be this.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Kaleb Krychek, the only known Dual Cardinal ever. Or as he himself put it:
    Kaleb: I could conceivably reach the earth’s core with the resulting power, destroy the planet from the inside out.
  • Psychic Powers: The Psy race's defining trait; known designations include:
    • Tk – Telekinesis (some are teleportation-capable, others are not)
      • Tk-Cell: A Tk-Cell has the ability to move things at the cellular level. Some are capable of doing this to their own bodies.
      • Tk-V: Also known as “Travelers” these Psy are true teleporters and can go from location to location in the blink of an eye. Travelers are extremely, extremely rare.
    • Tp – Telepathy
      • Telepaths are broken up into many sub-designations. Pure Tp-Psy exist at the top end of the spectrum – they can literally send and receive across the world, with a clarity that makes it seem as if they’re standing in the next room. Pure telepaths of that level of power are rare and usually work for the Council.
    • M – Medical
      • M-Psy have different specializations. The most well-known of their abilities is the power to see inside a body and diagnose illness. Some M-Psy at the far end of the scale have the capacity to see down to the DNA level.
      • An unknown fraction of M-Psy can actually heal, but that healing appears to be limited to low-level injuries (broken bones, cuts etc).
    • F – Foresight
      • A variation of Foresight, that still falls within the F-designation, is Backsight – the ability to see the past.
    • Ps – Psychometry
      • In basic terms, those born with Ps abilities can gain information by touching objects.
    • X - Possibly from Exardesco (f. Latin, 'to blaze up'): X-Psy have the ability to produce cold-fire/X-fire, which can burn things to ash within microseconds.
      • The power has the capacity to build until it reaches synergy. This is a very rare designation as most X-Psy do not survive into adulthood.
    • E – Empathy
      • Not recognized as a designation with the rise of Silence, E-Psy have the ability to sense and heal emotional hurts.
  • Rotating Protagonist: As befitting a Paranormal Romance series.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: One of the consequences of the Silence Protocol.
  • The Sociopath: What any perfectly Silent Psy is.
  • The Stoic: Any perfectly Silent Psy is this.
  • The Svengali: Enrique Santano was this to Kaleb Krychek.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Do NOT let Sascha near your chocolate.
  • Twin Telepathy: Aside from usual Psy telepathy, Ashaya and Amara Aleine have a strong telepathic bond.
  • The Unfettered: The Silence Protocol aims at making the entire Psy race this.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: The Silence Protocol was meant to prevent madness and violence in the Psy population... by denying its children their own emotions and turning them into sociopaths, as well as erasing the Es from the gene pool.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Basically what defines changelings.


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