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  • The meme. Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.


  • Everyone is Sora. Explanation 
    • Everyone else is Xehanort. Explanation: 
      • "X got Norted!" Explanation 
      • The Xehafort! Explanation 
      • A Xehanort did it! Explanation 
  • No one gets left out of Kingdom Hearts like Gaston!Explanation 
  • Dive To The Heart Explanation 
  • WHEN YOU WALK AWAY Explanation 
  • Prior to the reveal of the identity of a game's walking Sequel Hook Bonus Boss (and sometimes after it), it's common for people to joke that they are a minor character or someone with little fighting experience like Kairi's grandmother or Winnie the Pooh.
  • Donald being useless as hell. Explanation 
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  • Information: Defeat X!Explanation 
  • This clip from the first episode of Future Man became infamous within the Kingdom Hearts community due to the fact that Haley Joel Osment accidentally invokes his Sora voice while ranting.

Kingdom Hearts

  • "BEHOLD! BEHOLD! BEHOLD! BEHOLD!" Explanation 
    • "EVERLASTING DARKNESS!" Explanation 
    • "NOT CLAYTON!" Explanation 
  • DARKNESS!!! Explanation 
    • I'll have a CHICKEN MCDARKNESS!!!!! Explanation 
    • SUBMIT! Explanation 
    • "Come/Cum, guardian!" Explanation 
  • "Kingdom Hearts... is LIGHT!" Explanation 
  • Sora's mom is a meme unto herself due to her having only one line in the entire series (in the first game no less) and never being seen on screen or mentioned again. Because of how little info we have on her, fan speculation and jokes have run wild resulting in a few different memes.
    • Waiting for dinner since 2002. Explanation 
    • Sora's mom is "_________". Explanation 
  • "So you have come this far and still you understand nothing..."Explanation 

Kingdom Hearts II

  • "Got it memorized?" Explanation 
  • "As if!" Explanation 
    • "You've really put Organization XIII in a pickle..." Explanation 
  • Captain Ass Zipper. Explanation 
  • "That was undeniable proof that we TOTALLY owned you lamers!" Explanation 
  • Sora, Donald and Goofy! Explanation 
  • GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!!! Explanation 
  • The Meme That Never Was. Explanation 
  • RAGE AWAKENED. Explanation 
  • On YouTube videos of the boss theme "The Encounter" (which plays when fighting Disney bosses in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), it's popular to make up battle quotes for Disney bosses (or other bosses) one wishes were in a Kingdom Hearts game.
  • "Roxas hates X" Explanation 
  • Indeeed... Explanation 
  • Mansex, Bigrax, and E-Sexual, members of Orgy XIII. Also Rentxaho. Explanation 
  • Dance, water, dance! Explanation 
    • This has inevitably lead to Demyx being compared to David Bowie. Explanation 
    • Comparisons to Offpsring's You're Gonna Go Far Kid have also been made. Explanation 
    • "Silence, traitor." Explanation 
  • "Finny fun." Explanation 
  • "Say fellas, did somebody mention the Door to Darkness?" Explanation 
  • Goofy's "death" is one of the most infamous scenes in the series, having been meme'd into oblivion due to how absolutely laughable the notion of Square Enix killing Goofy of all people is, making the whole thing extremely forced and out of place. Literally no one fell for that.
    • "They'll pay for this." Explanation 

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

  • Ven's goldfish. Explanation 
  • "Roxas, that's a stick." Explanation 
  • "Who else will I have ice cream with?" Explanation 
  • "Who's Xion?" Explanation (spoilers) 

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

  • Terra's pants. Explanation 
  • Aqua's boobs. Explanation 
  • Vanitas's creepy-ass laugh. Explanation 
  • Master Xehanort's Obviously Evil design and nature, with Terra in particular being the target of mockery for being so trusting of such a creepy and shifty old man.
  • [Looking up to the sky as Dearly Beloved Plays] Sora! Explanation 
  • "At least I have some!"Explanation 

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

  • "Me? I'm already half-Xehanort!" Explanation 
    • "That's nuts..." Explanation 
  • "Darkness within darkness awaits you."Explanation 

Kingdom Hearts χ / 2.8

  • Nah, not possible. Explanation 
  • I take it you are talking about Kingdom Hearts. Explanation 
  • Illustrated Kairi [EX] Explanation 

Kingdom Hearts III

  • Now in Development. Explanation 
    • Choo Choo motherfuckers. Explanation for both 
  • The new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 has spawned many comments on Sora's apparently fantastic Man- cleavage
  • "It's time to summon Hitler."Explanation 
  • Fans have noticed that "You've Got a Friend in Me" takes on a much more literal meaning when applied to Sora.
  • When a Toy Story world was announced to appear in the game, there were jokes about how Woody wouldn't believe whatever Sora attempted to tell him and will yell at Sora the infamous "YOU! ARE! A! TOOOOYY!!" line. Amusingly, when the game was released, it's Buzz who's being skeptical while Woody is pretty open-minded throughout the game.
  • "Do you wanna beat a Heartless? It doesn't have to be a Heartless!" "Go away, Sora!" "Okay, byeee..."
  • "Mickey, you're too late."note 
    • AQUA NO Explanation 
    • Aquanort Explanation 
  • Drop Kicking Hayner Explanation 
  • He's gonna hyuck you up! Explanation 
  • Sora throwing Mike Wazowski like a bowling ball seems to be getting a lot of attention.....
  • The thirteenth month of 2018. Explanation 
  • Skrillex is The Killers' Nobody. Explanation 
  • "Kairi, I don't feel so good..."Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • Axel is Deadpool now. Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • E X P I R EExplanation (Spoilers) 
  • "Whatever you're talking about, I don't care."Explanation 
    • Savage WoodyExplanation 
  • Sora taking selfies during battle has quickly become a meme of its own. This is a... particular example.
  • This image of Rabbit whispering in Sora's ear is ripe for memes.
  • "YEETUS VANITAS!" note 
  • Me? I've always been Luxu. Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • Nomura, you sly fox...Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • Sora killed Goofy Explanation 
  • "This might be a good spot to find some ingredients!" Explanation 
  • #DoSomethingDonald Explanation 
    • Donald is the strongest Square Enix mage. Explanation (Spoilers) 
    • "Donald, dooooon't!" Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • Young Xehanort don't give a fuckExplanation (Spoilers) 
  • Press △ for SoraExplanation (Spoilers) 
  • Goofy is YozoraExplanation (Spoilers) 
  • "Mike, we have to defeat Sephiroth! ... Mike?", for a Tumblr joke and fanart of Sulley seeing Sephiroth kill Mike, as a jab at the ridiculousness of Kingdom Hearts being a crossover between the family-friendly Disney movies and the more older audience-oriented Final Fantasy video games.
  • I didn’t ask you for your garbage opinion! Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • ''the snow storm cant get us here''
  • "Finally, Critical Mo- WHAT THE?!" Explanation 


  • "This guy." Explanation 
  • BEES! Explanation 
  • Just about anything from Just A Pancake's recaps of each entry:
    • "Okay, I believe you." Explanation 
    • χ-BLADE! Explanation 
    • Special Attack: Mega Destruction Dark Ball of Darkness and Destruction...& Knuckles Explanation 
    • WOOF! Explanation 
    • "Ouchie ouch!" Explanation 
    • Johnny's leg Explanation 
    • "You idiot poopface." Explanation 
    • "Also, my name spelled backwards is Dis-"Explanation 
    • "Let's eat some ice cream. We are best friends." "You are right!" "HA HA HA HA HA!"Explanation 
    • HOW UNEXPECTED Explanation 
    • "SUCK MY DICK." ("Rude!" )Explanation (Spoilers) 
    • Referring to Kairi as "Carrie" and Riku as "Raiku" can also be this due to the way the text-to-speech device does much the same.
  • "Kairi!" "Traitor!" "Sephiroth!" "Goofy!" "Sora!" "Roxas!" "Why?" "Axel!" "I'm a fool." "Xemnas!" "You're right."Explanation 


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