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Drinking Game / Kingdom Hearts

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  • Take a very small sip whenever someone says "Darkness", "Light", "Heart," "Keyblade" (and "X-blade"), or "Friends".
    • Keep in mind that the series has a total of 668 voiced mentions of dark(ness) alone. Don't say we didn't warn ya.
  • Take a sip whenever someone says, "Sora, Donald, Goofy," and any variants thereof.
  • Take a shot whenever a song by Utada Hikaru appears in a game. (take two if you skip the song)
  • Take a sip whenever you reach the lowest HP and the game starts to beep. DO NOT do this for the Mysterious Figure if you know what's good for your health.
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  • Take a drink every time you die to a particularly difficult boss. Two if it means rewatching a long cutscene.
  • For Birth by Sleep, take a shot whenever Terra gets duped by a villain. Two if it's Xehanort.
  • Every time Axel/Lea says, "Got it memorized?", take a shot.
  • Whenever someone says the word "role" in Back Cover, take a drink.
    • Same for "May your heart be your guiding key."
  • For Kingdom Hearts III, take a small sip whenever you hear someone talk about ingredients or a Lucky Emblem in the area. Two if it's Donald saying, "This might be a good spot to find some ingredients."


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