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Funny / Kingdom Hearts

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...this happens immediately after a big Wham Episode, by the way. Never change, Sora.

With both Disney and Square Enix being involved, it's inevitable that Kingdom Hearts is going to have some top notch comedy. Even with the series becoming Darker and Edgier with every subsequent game, it still manages to get a few laughs out of the players.


  • The fact that Maleficent, Mistress of All Evil serves as one of the main villains of the series and has a massive catalogue of villains to pull from to serve her. She could have the Greek God of the Underworld, a corrupt fascist judge, a scheming, devious ruler, or a horde of different villains as her second-in-command... but she still chooses Pete. Through thick and thin for over a decade, she's kept him on as her sidekick, and has never once seriously maimed him or fired him for being a big, bumbling oaf at the worst of times. They're just friends in a weird way, and she never considers hiring anybody else as her second. Talk about loyalty!
  • Poor Kingdom Hearts - yes, it's an object - keeps being woken up repeatedly over a ten year period when it's trying to have a long nap. No wonder it keeps disappearing; it's trying to sleep and people keep bothering it.