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"You're right, light and darkness are eternal. Nothing probably goes on forever, too. But guess what, Xemnas?"
"That doesn't mean YOU'RE eternal!"

When you mix Disney and Square, you best expect awesome moments, and luckily Kingdom Hearts has plenty of them!

Games with their own page

In general

  • If you like gummi ship and are creative and patient enough to gather gummi blocks, you can build gummi ships with genuinely awesome design, such as X-Wing.
  • The whole idea of Kingdom Hearts is a CMoA for two reasons: the first is being able to venture with your favorite Disney characters across their different worlds and live out their stories, albeit abridged somewhat. The second is that the antagonists of those worlds, and the source of many a nightmare, usually serve as the bosses of those worlds. Which, of course, means you get to beat the snot out of Jafar, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, Maleficent, Scar, Shan Yu, Captain Barbossa, and even Monstro!
    • It's also awesome in the sense that these Disney protagonists are holding their own against world-eating Eldritch Abominations. You get to see the likes of Aladdin, Peter Pan, Simba, Jack Skellington, Jack Sparrow, Stitch, and TRON defend their worlds from the Heartless/Nobodies/Unversed. Bonus points if it's a usually non-combatant character like Ariel.
    • Beast deserves special mention- in his time in the series, he's ripped through dimensions to find Belle, helped slay Maleficent, stood with the party against Xemnas and holds the special distinction of helping to take out a member of Organization 13. Don't mess with Beast.
    • And the classic Disney characters, like Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc? Those characters seen as just corporate mascots for the longest time? They're world-hopping, evil-smiting warriors, now. Mickey's The Ace, Goofy can take hits like nobody's business, and despite Donald's Artificial Stupidity, he's still one of the strongest mages in Square Enix's library. (Scratch that: THE strongest mage if Kingdom Hearts III is any indication.) And it's Donald and Goofy who stand tall with Sora against the most powerful and recurring antagonist at the end of it all.
  • Kairi gets some flak for potentially being seen as one of the most poorly written female characters in the entire franchise, but she does have a lot of guts, if you know when and where to look.
    • In Kingdom Hearts II, she jumps off a balcony to help Sora and is completely unharmed by it! To hell with getting her own keyblade afterwards, THAT was her Moment of Awesome.
    • Well, that keyblade event was pretty nifty though....
      • Kairi restoring Sora to human form by hugging him when he's a Heartless. You can say it's cheesy if you want, but had that not happened, the story would be over, with Ansemnote  victorious and the universe screwed. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
      • Heartless Sora in general, once you think about it. His heart was so powerful even the power of absolute darkness couldn't suppress him. This is an achievement only the Big Bad was ever willing to previously make, showcasing just how well-suited Sora is as The Hero.
      • Oh come on now, no listing of Kairi examples on this page would be complete without mentioning that she wrote the "One Sky, One Destiny" poem. If that wasn't awesome enough as it were, the poem actually saves Sora and Riku from death by darkness at the end of Kingdom Hearts II, as it restores the hope in Sora's heart, which opens a doorway out of the realm of darkness into the realm of light. Cue Happy Ending.
      • That poem is a Moment of Awesome for Disney/Square Enix, for referencing it in the FIRST Kingdom Hearts. Seriously, bust out your PS2, stick in KH, and wait a while on the title screen. A cutscene starts playing, featuring the poem at the beginning and an orchestral version of Simple And Clean/Hikari. Same thing happens in Kingdom Hearts II.
      • It's also in the first Kingdom Hearts's instruction book, so it might be a sort of tag line for the whole series.
  • Most people think Namin√©'s a wussy little girl. They tend to forget that despite threats, isolation, and manipulation, she managed to stand her ground in the face of Larxene and Marluxia. Then in the second game, she slips under the radar and helps Roxas regain his memories while piecing together Sora's, eludes capture and extermination from two separate parties throughout most of the course of the game, busts Kairi (and Pluto) out of prison, and did all of the above while being the only character lacking the advanced skills of her fellow nobodies OR a keyblade.
  • Might not count for just being Hi-Res cutscenes, but the Another Side, Another Story: Deep Dive and Birth By Sleep secret endings were just awesome. The first showcases Roxas the Dual Wielding One-Man Army tearing through an army of Heartless, with Oathkeeper and Oblivion in glorious Hi-Res. The second is a pretty cool swordfight, but is truly awesome because it's basically a glorified magic-fest with both sides firing spells flashier than Sora could ever hope to pull off without his Drive forms (directed Keyblade tornado anyone?) The magic spells are made that much cooler by being in Hi-Res. Both are extreme cases of Cutscene Power to the Max.
  • Also, Riku, er Ansem, er Xehanort's Heartless may have initiated it, but Maleficent becoming a dragon and That One Boss is both a crowning moment for her, and for Sora and co. when they finally defeat her.
    • She also turns into a dragon of her own will in Birth By Sleep, complete with her "All the powers of HELL!" line from the original movie.
      • And then there's Maleficent breaking the digital Sora's keyblade in Coded.
      • Which leads into a Moment of Awesome for data-Sora at the end of the area, where he gains his own keyblade. Not a data duplicate, a real keyblade. This facsimile not only gained his own heart over his travels, but it was strong enough to manifest a keyblade of its very own!
  • You gotta admit, the use of both Eyepatch of Power and Blindfolded Vision in the games is awesome. Sora wears an orange mask over his eye, eyepatch style, in Halloween Town, and wears a large helmet that would give serious vision impairment in Space Paranoids. In both worlds, he can still kick ass. Riku ups him with a blindfold, and remains just as powerful.
  • Mickey Mouse just being absolutely fucking deadly. The 2'8" tall mouse who is the kind, adorable, huggable mascot of Disney... who officially becomes entirely fucking deadly.
  • Anytime the titular Kingdom Hearts shows up. There's something incredibly so magical but still threatening to see the embodiment of all hearts in the game's universe and of light itself appearing each time it's summoned.
  • The theme for Olympus Coliseum getting the honor of being played at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Safe to say, nobody could've expected that.
  • The fact that Dearly Beloved surprisingly works as a Jazz Bop and, more importantly, sounds good.
  • Sora's appearance as the final DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only does this allow Sora to take his place among gaming's heavyweights like Mario, Sonic, Solid Snake, Mega Man, Ryu and more, he also gets to fight Cloud and Sephiroth again, and it was revealed that Sora had won the Smash ballot for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U back in 2015! Masahiro Sakurai had been in negotiations with Square Enix and Disney to get him into Ultimate since then.
    • Even more than that, all Kingdom Hearts games up to III will be available for play on the Nintendo Switch, via the cloud gaming feature.
  • The Kingdom Hearts IV trailer shows a massive creature, possibly a Darkside, manifesting in the middle of Quadratum, pulling cars in to the air and sending crowds running from this monstrosity‚Ķand Sora runs right in the other direction, summons the Kingdom Key, and launches himself in to battle.