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Being the major series that it is, it's no surprise that the Kirby games are also the source of many memes.

    The games 
  • Gourmet Race remixesExplanation 
  • There was a YouTube fad involving Dedede screaming random things after getting beaten at the end of Spring Breeze.
  • INVINCIBLE CANDY! Explanation 
    • DELICIOUS! Explanation 
  • The "Kirby ASCII Dance" Explanation 
  • It feels like.. pants. Explanation 
  • Rated E for exploding eyeballs Explanation 
  • Kirb Explanation(spoilers!) 
    • Kirby with a knife Explanation 
      • Kirby with a gunExplanation 
  • Rick's Stone ability in Dream Land 2 and Dream Land 3 has been dubbed the "Rickroll".
  • "Anon, GET OUT!" Explanation 
  • This image was posted by Shenanigansen in response to backlash by people after he dared to try to call Kirby the worst Nintendo character, even after he apologized and retracted his statement.
  • The Kirby of Disappointment™Explanation 
  • Kirby is shaped like a friend Explanation 
  • Kirby has infinite power Explanation 
  • Buff DededeExplanation 
    • Bald Dedede Explanation 
    • Dedede puns in general are common. Examples 
  • Kirby does his taxes Explanation 
  • Suicidal Poppy Bros Jr. Explanation 
  • Nova's death Explanation 
  • "Have you ever met a knight?" Explanation 
  • "Who created Kirby" Explanation 
  • "KIRBY'S FUCKING PISSED" Explanation 
  • Cake genocide Explanation 
  • Marx is a communist. Explanation 
    • Calling Marx a grape. Explanation 
    • Marx Soul's death scream. Explanation 
  • Magolor is a Heavy. Explanation 
    • Any variant of calling Magolor an egg. Explanation 
    • Microtransagolor/Magolor is a capitalist Explanation 
    • "Squid Egg"Explanation 
  • Anything related to Taranza's Dark and Troubled Past.Explanation(spoilers!) 
  • Kirby lore is on the same/higher level as Dark Souls. Explanation 
  • SoosExplanation 
    • "But that's something you'd never understand."Explanation 
  • Hello Darkness, My Old Friend Explanation (spoilers) 
  • "He may end up destroying a nearby planet or two, but such is life." Explanation(spoilers!) 
  • Oh fugg, thank you, PluggExplanation 
  • A minor meme about Spider Kirby is that people say that he can "do whatever a spider can".
  • Thunder ThotExplanation 
    • Zan ParmesanExplanation 
    • The Traffic Light TrioExplanation 
  • Hyness, the Big Bad of Star Allies, goes well with many kind of jokes, but especially after his hood goes off. Helps that he's quite nuts himself.
    • Anything Squidward-related.Explanation 
      • Sometimes, Mung Daal is referenced instead due to his nose being very similar.
      • Zant also gets brought up quite a bit due to the characters' similar natures.
    • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARK LORD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Explanation (spoilers) 
    • In Japanese, Hyness likes chili shrimp.Explanation 
    • The Japanese internet likes slapping his face onto random things.
    • GeorgeExplanation 
  • "What the hell!? It's still black!" Explanation 
    • "Dark Meth Night"Explanation 
  • First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes, add a great big smile, and presto! It's...Explanation(Major Spoilers!) 

    The anime 
  • Fumu-tan of the Stars shows up a lot in videos.
  • King Dedede and Escargoon's "anime" Off-Model selves from the Dedede: Comin’ At Ya! Show Within a Show. This gets a lot of fanart, especially the realistic Art Shift version.
    • The episode it comes from, "Cartoon Buffoon", is pretty popular in general, due to being a gold mine of Funny Moments. At one point, a bunch of people gathered together and reanimated it scene by scene, with hilarious results.
  • Pretty much every line out of dub Dedede's mouth is this, thanks to his ridiculously thick southern accent. Not only can people not unhear it, but there are many people who honestly would have loved if it made it into the games because of how hilarious it makes all his lines sound.
    • "HE DON'T SCARE ME NONE!" Explanation 
    • "HEHEHE! I AM A SUPAHSTAH WARRIAH!" (Someone even made an entire YouTube channel based around this line.)
  • "How can I help you, King Dedede?" "I need a monster to clobber there Kirby!" Explanation 
  • Thanks to KroboProductions: "Suck up this torch!"
    • Pyromaniac Meta Knight in general.

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