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So good, it kills you.

So upbeat and happy it could kill the devil. Unmarked spoilers below.

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    Kirby's Dream Land/2/3 

    Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land 
  • Grape Garden is a mellow-sounding stage theme that has been remixed a couple times in the franchise's history.
  • Grape Garden Select can bring a tear to your eye.
  • Boss Battle is a fitting theme for the boss battles during the game.
  • Butter Building is a fast-paced stage theme that is quite catchy.
  • Yogurt Yard is an upbeat theme that has also been remixed several times.
  • Rainbow Resort is a sad, yet uplifting theme. The NES original uses some trickery with the triangle wave to make the song more unique.
  • From the Nightmare in Dream Land, we have a new version of the awesome Fountain of Dreams theme, which is actually a symphonic version of the Gourmet Race song from KSS/KSSU. Although, the Super Smash Bros. Melee original mix is even more epic. Since it uses the previous melody in place of the classic Dedede Theme, Nightmare In Dream Land uses that melody in the Boss Tower instead, replacing the mini-boss battle melody used originally in that stage (see 2:47 onwards).
  • The forest theme, while more whimsical and mysterious, is a serious Ear Worm due to how catchy the beat is, even compared to other tracks in the game.
  • Vegetable Valley and the intro music are two of the series' most famous tracks by far, and are most certainly the ones that people associate with the game most, thanks in large part to their energetic, happy tones that put the NES sound chip to great use.
  • Orange Ocean is a jaunty tune befitting the piratey theme of the stage, and even if 8-bit, it still gives the highly tropical vibe of the area. It can also build some anticipation in the player given this is where Meta Knight is at.
  • Nightmare's Theme - this version complete with Warp Star intro! It is quite an appropriate theme for the final boss fast-paced and unnerving at the same time.

    Kirby Super Star (Ultra) 

    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 
  • Kirby 64 may be different from the familiar formula, but produces some great tunes on its own. The most famous of these is the Drum N' Bass violin combo of 02's boss battle music in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Some prefer the Miracle Matter boss theme music. It's Overshadowed by Awesome in comparison, but as a remixed version of the standard boss theme, tribal drumming, a crazy synth lead, and that sweet orchestra hit punctuating the breakdowns, there's a lot to love. Remixes are rare, unfortunately.
    • Go see the Brawl version.
    • Better yet, listen to the Drum-and-bass-y fan remixed version (really, more awesome than it sounds).
    • Try this one on for size.
    • Here's another! (Well, it's actually a mashup between the old 02 music and the new version, but it doesn't detract from the awesome.)
    • And of course this version which gets straight to point.
    • Truly haunting.
    • This version sounds like it came straight from the NES.
    • Cecily Lopez and GaMetal collaborated on a metal remix that's seriously awesome. Be it the amazing mixing and solo work, or the soaring female vocals, with lyrics from Ribbon's perspective that milk all they can out of a fairy wielding a crystal gun, it's great.
    • And for all those fans of Miracle Matter, there is the insanely epic OC Remix.
    • We now have a Planet Robobot version which sounds so official that people have actually thought it was a part of the official soundtrack.
    • ToxicEternity collaborated with FamilyJules7X to create an insanely metal version of the Miracle Matter theme.
  • The normal boss theme. A very fast-paced song in a game normally known for its slower pace.
  • Ripple Star. Never before had jazz been so dramatic. It returns in Triple Deluxe, remastered in high definition.
  • Rock Star, perhaps fitting for the stage's theme, has a quite heavy and fast drum beat.
  • Aqua Star is a light, peppy track which even incorporates Float Islands from Dream Land 1.
  • Neo Star. Note that this music also signifies that the game is no longer screwing around.
  • Shiver Star. Ice worlds have the best music, huh?
  • Castle Dedede, a mix of Iceberg and one of the animal buddy room songs from Dream Land 3.
  • The Shiver Star factory AKA Factory Investigation, is very memorable thanks to the tonal shift that comes with it.
  • Above the Clouds is a charming Butter Building rendition for Shiver Star. It was brought back in Planet Robobot.
  • It doesn't end there: Ruins, which is a very mysterious but peaceful track which perfectly befits traveling and discovering ruins of an ancient land.
  • Wait! There's more! Down the Mountain Stream, which sounds almost like a combo between "Green Greens" and Dream Land 3's minigame theme.
  • On a more tranquil note, Quiet Forest. Shame it was only used in one level.
  • Even the minigames have some great tunes, such as the upbeat and fun tune from the fruit picking minigame.
  • Room Guarder, which has since seen endless remixes throughout the course of the series.
  • And to top it all off, the credits music, which is a catchy beat that can easily fulfill the player with a sense of accomplishment with having completed another Kirby game in the lineup.

    Kirby Air Ride 
  • The Kirby Air Ride soundtrack needs some love! Here's Celestial Valley and Frozen Hillside, both of which even got into Super Smash Bros. without needing remixes. Checker Knights got in remix-free, too.
  • And while we're at it, how about Sky Sands? The remix of it in Mass Attack manages to make it even better.
  • Machine Passage, a heavy and yet ethereal techno beat that sounds almost sinister at times.
  • Magma Flows, a hectic Ear Worm piece that in any other game, would work decently for a miniboss track, even incorporating bits of the infamous Gourmet Race.
  • Nebula Belt is an unfortunately short but climactic orchestral track that, considering modern Kirby games' usage of orchestra, has aged quite well.
  • Top Ride's Grass level has quite a catchy tune.
    • Compare the Grass theme to this and watch it blow your mind.
    • Speaking of Top Ride, Light and Sky.
  • City Trial (Backside) sounds cool, right from the start. The main City Trial theme is no slouch, either.
  • Air Ride is also notable for having many remixes of earlier Kirby tracks:
    • For starters, here's the Target Flight theme, an orchestral version of Super Star's Cocoa Cave - while it is slower, its instruments definitely bring back Super Star vibes.
    • Forest Stage is a beat-for-beat recreation of the original version from Adventure, retaining the bizarre tone of it but now adding in a jaunty drum beat.
  • Station Fire. The build-up of tension, as well as the resulting climax, are great.
  • Legendary Air Ride Machine is overwhelmingly menacing, making it truly sound like a monster of a vehicle has been unleashed - the Dragoon in this case.
  • The Main Menu music, following the tradition set by Super Smash Bros. Melee, is magnificent.
  • The opening theme, even for a more obscure game like this, is most certainly one to remember - in fact, Masahiro Sakurai had not forgotten about it, having sampled it in Rosalina's reveal trailer in Super Smash Bros. 3Ds/WiiU.

    Kirby and the Amazing Mirror 
  • Rainbow Route is one of the most triumphant sounding songs in the series.
  • Moonlight Mansion/Carrot Castle sounds shockingly like Vegetable Forest from Adventure, although it has its own unique motif that sounds nearly as good.
  • Cabbage Cavern, yet another remix of Forest Area from Adventure with an funkier beat than Air Ride.
  • Mustard Mountain is surprisingly tense and swooping, hitting home the fact that you are scaling a larger-than-life mountain.
  • Olive Ocean is probably the funkiest ocean world track ever made, even bringing in some Foreshadowing by having the motif sound suspiciously similar to Dark Mind's theme.
  • Peppermint Palace, ridiculously cheerful and upbeat even by Kirby standards.
  • Radish Ruins. Or how about Dig and Dash, the arrangement from Rainbow Curse?
  • The absolute crowner of Amazing Mirror: Candy Constellation, highly majestic and fitting for a space level.
  • The final boss's theme, Dark Mind - who also has the only unique boss theme in the game. While it sounds more mellow compared to other Kirby final bosses, it still has a heavy climactic feeling and gives the vibes that whoever wins the battle, the other will disappear into nothing.
  • Dark. Meta. Knight. And what if it was played on guitar?

    Kirby: Canvas Curse 
  • Drawcia Sorceress says hi. There's just something about pipe organs...
    • Bonus points for the pacing of the song; if the player gets all hits in the first two passes, the song picks up just as she starts summoning enemies and changing the background color, which makes a nice compliment to it.
    • And Drawcia Soul says REEEEE! There's just something about disharmonious crackling and rapid-fire booping!
  • The World of Drawcia, while underrated, is most likely one of the creepiest Kirby songs ever. Keep in mind that this song has only two instruments: ominous choir and beeping tones. And it still sounds haunting as hell.

    Kirby: Squeak Squad 
  • The Squeaks themselves have an outstanding Leitmotif that makes an appearance whenever they show up, with a number of variants depending on the situation.
    • Here Come the Squeaks!, their main theme which pops up when the Squeaks are introduced in the game, and subsequently when they appear after Kirby picks up a large Treasure Box.
    • Treasure Scuffle, which pops up whenever one of the Squeaks is acting as a miniboss, trying to steal a treasure box from Kirby.
    • The appropriately named boss theme, when you face off against Doc's machines, or big boss Daroach, takes their theme and makes it more fitting of a full boss than the sillier Treasure Scuffle.
    • Their theme becomes extremely rockin' in its Super Smash Bros Brawl rendition. And it has extremely stiff competion in that game alone.
  • Gamble Galaxy's third theme is appropriately called "The Hero of Dream Land". And for a good reason: You're about to save the world from a piece of Dark Matter that was sealed away in a chest. As you enter the third and final stage, the music kicks in to tell you that shit is about to go down.
  • Guess what came back fresh from Amazing Mirror and after Canvas Curse did so? Yup, Candy Constellation once more in the flesh. Not only that, but this very playlist has a TON of old tracks with good renditions for this title. Chances are, you'll be itching to hear all of these old themes on every level once more. One example: their own version of the Legendary Air Ride Machine.
  • The Final Stretch, the theme that plays while chasing Dark Nebula with the Triple Star in hand. The way the song builds up coupled with the visuals of the level does an excellent job at setting up the final battle.

    Kirby's Epic Yarn 
  • Let's start with the remakes:
  • Flower Fields is the game's signature song, a cheerful tune on just a piano that befits the even much Lighter and Softer nature of this game.
  • Fountain Gardens is a charming little track that wouldn't sound out of place in a Disney film.
  • Rainbow Falls, even by Kirby's regular standards, is an overtly cheerful tune in which you could find yourself frolicking to the beat.
  • Vs. Fangora, while bearing a rather short melody, gives a swooping and exciting vibe to get you ready for the game's first boss.
  • Vs. Squashini. Danny Elfman took over soundtrack duties at Good Feel...This song perfectly captures a dark magic show. The theatricality but sinister undertone are quite fitting, and oh so awesome.
  • Vs. Hot Wings is theatrical and thrilling, befitting a boss quite literally Playing with Fire. And now, Kirby's Riverdance!
  • Vs. Kracko is just a simple, seconds-long tune on an infinite loop. It's still good, and very reminiscent of something straight from Gradius or Parodius.
  • Big Bean Vine is perhaps one of the calmest and most peaceful Kirby tracks, period - so much so it would befit a game like Gran Turismo 4, much less Kirby.
  • Cool Cave takes the odd combination of piano and maracas...and masters it beautifully.
  • Dusk Dunes has some of the best piano playing in the series, shown immediately by the intro and only escalating from there.
  • Tube Town is a nice techno/piano mix that definitely gives off the feeling that you're in a futuristic space station.
  • Outer Rings immediately explodes with happiness with the first note, and keeps on with it the whole rest of the way through, remixing "Flower Fields" into an upbeat, uplifting piece.
  • Lava Landing may make you seriously consider taking piano lessons.
  • Melody Town is, once more, a piano-exclusive piece that works wonderfully with the level - able to give you Winnie-the-Pooh vibes from how cheery and humble it is.
  • Weird Woods, despite the name, is a surprisingly peaceful and content track for a forest level, with notable similarities to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic theme.
  • On the calmer side of awesome, there's the music played in Kirby's Pad. Very soothing and calm, and makes for an excellent lullaby if you have trouble sleeping at night.
  • Snowy Fields can almost immediately throw you into the Christmas mood.
  • Frosty Wheel is ironically soothing and tranquil for a level which is considered That One Level for a few.
  • Mt. Slide perfectly encapsulates how it is to slide down snowy mountains - exciting, delightful, and truly thriving in the holiday spirit.
  • Future City. A very upbeat and victorious theme.
  • Dark Manor is one of the only tracks in the entire game that is not immediately cheerful and cutesy, instead being a regal, mischievous sounding theme that hits home that you're dwelling in a tidied, but creepily-lit manor.

    Kirby Mass Attack 

    Kirby's Return to Dream Land 
  • Road to Victory, the music from the Kirby GCN trailer is just amazing. It was brought back in this game as the theme for normal bosses in The Arena.
  • Another Dimension (not to be confused with the final boss stage), for the otherworldy segments where a purple wall of doom slowly covers the area has a frantic yet intense tune.
  • The Challenge Stages are the new Kirby equivalents to Purple Coin challanges, right down to the catchy music. Good luck getting those Platinum Medals... And for the Item Challenge, you get a medley of Green Greens tunes for music. This tune is also used when in the two HAL Rooms.
  • The game included a few awesome remixes of old tracks:
  • C-R-O-W-N-E-D, the final boss's second phase. For one thing, that violin is godly. And that frantic bassoon in the beginning really gets your pulse racing. And to top it off, you can hear bits and pieces of the Cookie Country level, Cookie Country hub/title screen, main menu/Lor bridge, "Meta Knight's Revenge", and "Green Greens" themes in various spots, too!
  • Under My Control, the first phase of the final boss, is also great, having that fast-paced and frantic feel that most other Kirby songs have.
  • GaMetal has done a medley of both final boss themes, and words cannot describe how incredible every second of it is.
  • In contrast to the final boss, the staff roll, Returning to Dreamland is a very upbeat and calming tune that still manages to sound incredible, especially further on in.
  • Exciting! Boss Battle. It doesn't exactly scream "beating stuff up", but it's very catchy.
  • Bring on the Super Ability is perfect for when you're about to go on a rampage. When used against Grand Doomer, as well as 7-3 (in the Extra Mode as well), this faster paced and more heroic version of the Super Ability Theme, called Ultra Super Boss Battle, plays.
  • The Grand Doomer battle theme. Appropriately grand, yet still carrying the Doomers' unusual tones.
  • Sky Tower, especially as it plays with a beautiful sunset.
  • The Aurora Theme from White Wafers. The chilling wind sound is a nice touch.
  • Unlimited Power, from Dangerous Dinner 3. Bonus points for also playing during the movie where Magolor reveals that he was Evil All Along.
  • Haldrabo Volcano, which also plays in Dangerous Dinner.
  • Sewer Area. This song makes swimming through the machinery's pipeline surprisingly unnerving.
  • Four-Headed Guardian: Landia is completely different from most of the other battle themes in the game, and given the circumstances of the fight, it's very fitting.
  • Complete EX Mode at 100% and you will be treated to a new file select theme that is a remix of Vegetable Valley from Kirby's Adventure.
  • Fly! Kirby, the theme of the final level, makes one want to keep charging ahead for the sake of Dream Land. As if it weren't enough, the title screen theme and "Meta Knight's Revenge" are found here as well, towards the end.

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe 

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 

    Kirby: Planet Robobot 
  • Bright Spinning Planet, the title theme, which is also the main theme of the game. Notably darker and more foreboding than most Kirby title themes, which fits Planet Robobot's tone very well.
  • The theme for the first stage of Patched Plains, "Venturing into the Mechanized World", cheerful and upbeat as always.
  • There are a lot of remixes in this game that will stick in your ears forever:
  • Gorgeous-Go-Round is a catchy theme for the Casino levels with a bit of Sand Canyon mixed in to make sure you will never forget it.
  • The game's boss rush theme, Pink Ball Revolution, which plays during the boss rush in the last world, as well as the final sequence of the game where Kirby drills through Star Dream, is pretty amazing as well.
  • Crazy Rolling in Money, President Haltmann's battle theme, starts with a darker rendition of "The Noble Haltmann" before shifting into a more ominous piece that gets more erratic and crazy as it goes on, perfectly fitting the fight it plays in. When you discover Haltmann's backstory, it makes a lot of sense. Loveless Command also qualifies. For a tragic villain, he has a chill theme.
  • As usual, all of the themes for the Final Boss count:
    • The first phase of the final boss, "Vs. Star Dream", is a climactic track, that has some extremely striking similarities to "C-R-O-W-N-E-D" and "Moonstruck Blossom". If you listen carefully, it even plays parts from "Take Down the Halberd" from Kirby Super Star, which is quite fitting, as you're controlling the Halberd itself.
    • The second phase ("Intermezzo Without a Leader"), on the other hand, sounds calm and ambient, but also manages to sound menacing at the same time. A closer examination reveals that this is 02's theme, sped up and missing its melody.
    • The third and final phase, Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection, is a similarly climactic techno song, being a Boss Remix of the (already dark) title theme, but one that sounds completely different from the original that sounds perfect for fighting what seems to be NOVA. It helps that "Heart of Nova" from Super Star is sampled halfway through.
    • The true Arena adds one last phase to the battle, accompanied by this game's own version of Heart of Nova, named Soul 0 System.
    • Followed up by a rearrangement of "Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection", Vagrant Keepsake of Oblivion for the True Final Boss.
    • The GaMetal version of the three phases from the Star Dream fight makes music that was already epic even more epic.
  • Haltmann Works Co. Hq is an epic theme for a final level, including some dashes of Green Greens to pump you up.
  • The True Arena's battle theme, Combat Evaluation Program, is a straight-up remix of that the above theme, which is quite awesome. Be sure that you like the theme, because you'll be hearing it for quite a while. And there's also the rest area music for the first 5 rounds of the True Arena, Spinning Planet Complete. A calm remix of the title screen music to accompany the abstract backgrounds.
  • Vs. The Wicked Company, the main boss theme, displays the game's slightly more serious mood by sounding foreboding, but still energetic.
  • Sky-High and Smitten is the smoothest remix of "Gourmet Race" you'll ever find.
  • Pristine Office March. Kirby proves it can still do Dubstep remarkably well.
  • L86, the theme of the virtual areas in Access Ark. With accompanying background(s) and violins that sound similar to the ones in "C-R-O-W-N-E-D", it makes for a good track to hear, even in the Sound Test!
  • "The Noble Haltmann" in general is wonderful. It has a nice somber tune that sets the tone for Haltmann's loss, and you're treated with a music video of it when you reach 100% Completion. Susie wasn't kidding when she said it was catchy.

    Team Kirby Clash Deluxe 

    Kirby Star Allies 
  • Twinkle☆Stars, the title theme, is a triumphant but very much cheerful sounding song to help you get pumped to save the universe. The Select Screen theme is a more calm arrangement of the title screen.
  • Even the music for the Let's Be Friends♡ cutscene with a riff from Kirby Super Star and Ultra before quickly going onto its own separate upbeat song.
  • Donut Dome, the second level of the game, has some great sounding music that wouldn't be out of place in an RPG.
  • A Battle of Friends and Bonds follows the trend of catchy regular boss themes in Kirby games with a bit of "Green Greens," the first level of the entire Kirby series dating way back to Kirby's Dream Land, thrown in for good measure.note  This second version is heard while escaping the Jambastion and during the boss fights in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes. It starts exactly the same as the other version until the 50-second mark, in which it adds dramatic parts to the music track, which makes it even more awesome!
  • All three of Big Bad Hyness' themes reflect his insane and psychotic personality greatly, with his pre-battle theme before you remove his hood giving an eerie presence to him (and his cult) and it's made even creepier by the fact that it is actually a low-pitched, slowed-down remix of the theme for Friendly Field, the very first area in the game. Even then, it still wins points for being genuinely creepy and bizarre.
  • Puppet Offering, Hyness' first battle theme, is equally jarring and disturbing, with a hectic melody played with odd instruments. It really does give out the vibe of fighting against someone mentally disconnected from reality.
  • La Follia d'amore, the second battle theme used against the unmasked Hyness, is amazing and intense. Special note goes to the wooden drums featured midway through the song.
  • The Song of Supplication, the theme that plays when fighting Francisca and Flamberge, is just plain beautiful. It's much more melancholic than most other Kirby themes, and it also gains points for being the first time you hear the villain's leitmotif in full. Forgotizzane Flash of Lightning, the arrangement played for fighting against Zan Partizanne, the leader of the Jambastion mages, is a much more tense version of it that shows her dedication to the Big Bad and that she won't easily give up a fight.
  • The remix of Through the Forest from Kirby's Return to Dream Land is a big improvement over the original, being more orchestral and atmospheric. The remixes of Rainbow Resort and Grass Land 4 are also incredibly memorable.
  • Nature's Navel and Star Lavadom are two of the most epic and intense themes in the game.
  • Aside from being a great song in its own right, Sacred Square is amazing simply for being the first Western-style song to be in a Kirby game.
  • Kirby 64's mid-boss theme gets a relaxing remix for the puzzle room theme. HAL somehow managed to turn an upbeat boss theme into elevator music.
  • The music that plays when you fight Meta Knight manages to combine many of his themes from Super Star incredibly seamlessly.
  • Jambastion Adventure is a fun and jazzy tune, with an amazing saxophone part.
  • Ancient Tower Towara is one of the most grand and beautiful songs in the game, especially when the drums kick in.
  • The theme for the second to final level of the game, the Jambandra Base, has an orchestra version of Green Greens that gives it a very climactic feeling as you go inside it.
  • As per Kirby standards, The Star-Conquering Traveler, the final boss themes are fantastic. They're particularly good in that they feel like the natural culmination of all the villains' themes.
    • The first movement, Playful Star-Destroying, is equal parts heroic, intimidating, and melancholy, perfectly reflecting the nature of the boss and everything that is at stake.
    • The second movement, The Embryo's Vessel, is packed with creepy synths and choir reminiscent of a beating heart. Fitting, since Void Termina's heart is exactly what you're fighting.
    • The organs and choir that play during the third movement, Wings of Sorrow and the Heavens, are godly.
    • The fourth movement, Hope of Birth, manages to make Green Greens sound incredibly menacing and disturbing, alongside using the theme from the previous three forms. This game really loves making Green Greens sound as epic as possible, doesn't it? It was also improved significantly with the updated version included in Version 2.0.
    • Track 114 in the Jukebox combines all four of Void Termina's boss themes into one medley. It's as awesome as it sounds!
    • The final movement, Sparkling Star, for the fight against Void in Soul Melter EX starts out with the regular Void Soul theme...but after about a minute and a half, it transitions into a surprisingly slow and somber rendition of it. Sad Battle Music is rare in Kirby, making this song even more dramatic. As a bonus, it includes a few bits of chiptune among the orchestra...including for a rendition of Green Greens that sounds almost exactly like the original Kirby's Dream Land version. It's a perfect, yet very conclusive theme to close out the whole game with, considering what you're fighting, and that the entire universe is at high stakes.
  • King Dedede's theme is, like always, awesome as hell - and it now incorporates an all-new original motif before transitioning into the classic melody.
  • Even the music to King Dedede's castle is awesome. It incorporates both his theme with a handful of the Halberd themes from Kirby Super Star and Ultra as well as the ending theme to Kirby's Dream Land.
  • To the Land Where Grass Doesn't Grow, first played in the Jambastion stages, is an awesome tune that gives you the feel that you're actually infiltrating the Jambastion base, just like a later tune played in the game. It later gets remixed as the music for the world map for Far-Flung Starlight Heroes gives it a slightly calmer variation of it that tells you that you can't back up now to save the world while another variation played for it when you're near the Jambandra Base gives it a more eerie and ominous but at the same time, relaxing vibe.
  • Blowing Wind on Earthfall is an absolutely beautiful and majestic track that has the autumn vibe that the entire planet uses. It's an extremely calming and peaceful track that temporarily releases your tension from saving the world.
  • Caverna's Great Maze, despite Planet Caverna just being a mini-boss rush and mainly using the Friend Star on the Grott Moon, is a catchy tune that like Planet Earthfall, wouldn't sound out of place in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.
  • Butterfly of Judgement: Morpho Knight, the battle theme for the true Final Boss of Guest Star ????, Morpho Knight. When you finish off Hyness, Galacta Knight is summoned and a familiar butterfly flies to him, "creating" Morpho Knight as he proceeds to battle you. It's a very intensely fast paced song, just like Meta Knight's battle theme from Kirby Super Star and Ultranote  with a deeply menacing tone to it, letting you know that you're fighting against a very powerful warrior made from the strongest warrior in the galaxy and a new foe.
  • As part of the 2.0.0 update, the new Dream Friends have their own unique themes when you face off against Morpho Knight:
    • When playing as Marx in Guest Star mode, you face Morpho Knight for the Final Boss as usual. Only, instead of the latter's theme playing throughout the fight, you get to hear a remix of Marx's theme from Kirby Super Star in all of its glory. The song is just as badass as before, but this time it includes a full orchestra as per usual Kirby games! Combined with the situation, it hypes you up for the fight and gives you the feeling that you are the boss fight instead!
    • Get to the end of Guest Star with Rick, Coo and Kine and you'll be greeted with this absurdly epic remix of Dark Matter and Cloudy Park, both from Dream Land 2, as the final boss song. Worth the effort alone.
    • Fight to the end of Guest Star with Gooey and you'll hear a remix of the Dark Matter fight from Dream Land 3, but thanks to the use of real instruments, it somehow sounds even more frantic!
  • The 3.0.0 update adds even more awesomeness to Morpho Knight:
  • The 4.0.0 update keeps adding more awesomeness for Morpho Knight:
  • The second puzzle room theme in the game, played in the final world, is an 8-bit version of The Road to Victory, the arena battle music from Kirby's Return to Dream Land (and the trailer for the cancelled Kirby GCN) which, while despite being mostly a battling theme, also doesn't sound too out of place at the same time for a puzzle theme.
  • Kirby's Curtain Call, the staff roll theme for the normal game, is a sweet sounding ending tune that lets you know that Kirby's big journey has came to an end, but it's not all quite over for you yet.
  • Friends' Curtain Call, the staff roll theme song for Guest Star ??? arranges the ending themes to Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star into a beautiful sounding song.
  • The Minigame results screen music is extremely upbeat and cheerful and will likely make you smile if you listen to it.
  • The fanfare for collecting a Rare Picture Piece is an extremely short but triumphant piece of music that definitely feels rewarding to obtain it.
  • The results screen at the end of each level where the puzzle pieces get placed into the gallery is a calm and relaxing tune with a rewarding vibe that shows you're one step closer to finishing those gallery images. In addition, if you listen closely to it, it's actually an arrangement of Castle Lololo and the big boss theme for Kirby Super Star (Ultra)!
  • On the topic of the gallery, the music for it is also pretty peaceful but cheery song. It's also played (and more well known) for the fake-out credits in both the main game and Guest Star ???.
  • When fighting the parallel bosses in Heroes in Another Dimension, the normal boss music plays...until you deplete their health bar down to half. After that, this remix of A Battle of Friends and Bonds 2 plays which sounds awesome, and gives the great feeling that the parallel bosses really aren't fooling around this time. This version plays during the second half of the battles against both Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede, which sounds almost like the above version, except that during most of the composition, some snippets of Masked Dedede's theme and the ending music for Meta Knight's Revenge can be heard alongside the melody for the original piece.

    Spinoffs/Other Games 
  • Check out this song from a Japanese exclusive game called Kirby's Super Star Stacker (Kirby no Kirakira Kids). Note how it anticipates the Masked Dedede theme.
  • The theme for the final two Magolor races in Kirby's Dream Collection, which was later used in Dedede's Drum Dash.
  • The credits for Kirby's Dream Collection is an amazing remix of the original credits of Kirby's Dream Land with a bit of Sky Tower thrown in. When the 8-bit part fades in, you'll be overwhelmed with the nostalgia.
  • Kirby's Block Ball has a few hidden gems, such as Poppy Bro Sr.'s Stage and Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright's Stage.
  • King Dedede's theme in Kirby Fighters Deluxe, which is a medley of his various boss themes from across the series. Most notably, it includes his theme from Kirby's Dream Course of all games!
  • Dedede's theme from Kirby's Blowout Blast, which, after 20+ years, finally restores the theme to its original E-flat pitch and melody from the original Dream Land, and it's awesome. Even better is the Revenge variation, which takes the newer second half of Dedede's theme and puts it in as well, and it simply serves to make the song sound even more climactic, even a bit sad. The True Final Boss theme, for Giant Masked Dedede, is even better, combining Dyna Blade and Wham Bam Rock's theme from Super Star with Masked Dedede's theme from Ultra, creating a glorious theme, perfectly fitting the game's final battle.
  • Kirby Battle Royale gives us the final boss theme, used for the battle with King Dedede in his Dededestroyer Z. It's an amazing remix of his theme, both normal and masked, the game's main theme and even samples Kirby's Triumphant Return.

    Kirby of the Stars/Kirby: Right Back at Ya! 

  • The Kirby Dance. You know you love it, and not just because of Kirby's crazy breakdancing skills.
  • Some of the best remixes can be found in the fan albums Concert of the Starry Sky and The Large Concert of the Starry Sky by doujin group salvation by faith records. One in particular is a full fledged original arrangement of the intro to Kirby Super Star: Magical Cosmic Tour by Yamajet.
  • One of the contributing artists for salvation by faith records' albums also created this rendition of Zero-Two's theme, which manages to be equal parts frantic and yet majestic.
  • A pretty well-known Kirby arrange album, Rise of the Star, has been around since 2005. It's loaded with tons of nostalgia fuel, and every single track is well worth a listen.
  • Smash 64's version of Gourmet Race + Drop it Like it's Hot = this awesomeness. Stand back, someone did science to it.
  • Dark Matter From Dream Land 2 + Dark Matter from Kirby Planet Robobot = this. If you think that's intense, somebody mixed in the Star Allies version and even extended it to 15 minutes to boot.
  • DJ the S's remixes, in particular Ultra Heavy Lobster and Battle Over Mt. Dedede and just go listen to all of them, okay?
  • Kirby's Dream Band, while being the only Kirby cover band in existence, makes some pretty kickass covers. Check out their version of Gourmet Race and King Dedede's theme.
  • Someone took Zero's theme from Dream Land 3 and Zero-Two's theme from 64, and combined them into one beautiful remix.
  • Someone also took Galacta Knight's theme from Kirby Super Star Ultra, and the remix from 'Kirby's Return to Dream Land'', combined them, and extended the end result to a full half-hour. It's just as amazing as it sounds.
  • Fly! Kirby of the Stars!, a remix of "Another Dimension" from Return to Dream Land, is an upbeat piece made and sung by Bomubomu.
  • Dreamland Offensive, a medley of various Kirby themes, including Masked Dedede and Galacta Knight.
  • How can you make Moonstruck Blossom even more beautiful? This is how you do that.
  • Mash Miracle Matter's theme with either Galacta Knight or Grand Doomer's theme and you get these two awesome pieces.
  • It's hard to go on about the topic of great remixes without mentioning Green Night Parade. The lyrics sounding like a direct message or even prayer to Kirby certainly helps.
  • In 2016, Nintendo opened a Kirby themed cafe in Osaka. They also composed a soundtrack or remixes to play as ambient noise at the location (CDs of said soundtrack are available for sale at the location). This includes amazing, relaxing remixes of Green Greens, Ripple Field, Sky Tower, C-R-O-W-N-E-D, and 02.
  • Light MetaS made a remix medley of all the songs played during Star Dream's multi phase songs, including his Soul OS theme, and it. Sounds. GLORIOUS!
  • Somebody took most of the final boss themes throughout the series, and made a massive medley. All of it, especially the Dedede finale, are all done spectacularly. Another person had created their own iteration, which includes later games released after the previous video: such as Star Allies, Planet Robobot and Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. It not only ends with a Dedede finale, but does it using the legendary Fountain of Dreams theme.
  • VS. Miracle Matter Clone, a remix so good that it accidentally tricked people into thinking Miracle Matter was in Planet Robobot.
  • Some commercials for the games come with some really catchy tunes, such as the one for Nightmare in Dream Land and Star Allies.
  • A Japanese Youtuber has made a couple of awesome Kirby medleys which are both really catchy.
    • In 2012, he made one for Kirby's 20th anniversary, and it is wholesome to listen to. It plays every first level from each game that was included. One might wonder why Super Star isn't shown ... until it's shown at the very end representing Green Greens, technically the first level in that game alongside Dream Land as well.
    • In 2018, he made a roughly 30 minute one that includes at least one song from every major Kirby game up to Star Allies. It even includes a final boss medley that includes Marx, Nightmare, Dark Matter, Zero, Zero Two, Star Dream (first and third phase), Magolor (both phases), Hyness, Void Termina, and Sectonia (Second phase and Soul Battle).
  • Another Japanese YouTuber took pretty much every single version of King Dedede's theme (even a few fan renditions!), mashed them all together, and extended it to 10 minutes. The end result? Pure dededeliciousness!
  • Mixing Zero and Miracle Matter's themes surprisingly results in a perfectly harmonized, intense mix that would befit the return of Zero - or, indeed, him and Miracle Matter together battling against Kirby.


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