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Music has always been a high point for the Klonoa series, no matter which game or console.

Door to Phantomile & the Wiimake
  • The Inquisitive Waltz sounds just like something out of a real circus, and earns the title of "Awesome Music" simply because of how bright and joyful it is.
  • The Windmill Song. A classic one.
  • Grandpa's Chair is a beautiful Nostalgic Music Box tune with a melody similar to the old song "My Grandfather's Clock".
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  • Jugpot Falls. The sweeping strings create a lush atmosphere for the Water Kingdom!
  • Cursed Pamela. And that's just the second boss.
  • Joker Mood is Joka's catchy leitmotif, which makes excellent use of Freaky Electronic Music!
  • Forlock Twist is a rich tune with many sounds and instruments.
  • Blue Cave Echo is fast and frantic, but still beautiful.
  • Baladium's Drive is quite possibly one of the best boss themes ever. It's not just epic and fast-paced, it's beautiful and majestic, absolutely fitting for the closest thing this game has to a dragon.
  • Red Heat Coronia. With its catchy rhythm!
  • Nevertheless is a powerful, hymn-like tune that is absolutely fitting for the Sun Temple.
  • By the time you fight him, Joka wants you dead, and it shows in his boss theme. Presenting: Facade & Blade. It's even more impressive when the choir part kicks in.
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  • Maybe not "awesome" in the traditional sense, but Untamed Heart is one of the most beautiful songs ever heard.
  • The Closing Encounter is perfect for the final level. The rapid bass notes and "thud" sounds create a tense mood, while the beautiful, sparkling melody is a constant reminder that you're at the gorgeously designed Moon Kingdom.
  • The Ring is excellent Final Boss music.
  • Resurrection probably isn't something someone would expect to hear in the end of a game. Still memorable though.
  • Staff Roll is such a simple, yet emotional piece. And the game's Bittersweet Ending makes it even more of a Tear Jerker.
  • The Tower of Balue is oddly catchy.

Lunatea's Veil

  • Welcome To Lunatea is a Spiritual Successor of sorts to the Inquisitive Waltz from the first game, being a happy circus tune that sets the tone for the game. It's quite possibly even happier than the Inquisitive Waltz.
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  • Going to Lunatea. Nothing's better to start an adventure.
  • Joilant. Anyone who loves the circus will feel very nostalgic listening to this.
  • Stepping Wind is one of the best fictional-language songs ever. It is interesting to note that an English translation of this theme exists!
  • The Sorrow Revives. You know that the world is in danger.
  • Hyuponia. It would be difficult not to include that eight-minutes masterpiece.
  • The King of Sorrow's theme, another absolutely beautiful song. It perfectly captures how tragic the character is. Of course, its Battle version is even more awesome.

Empire of Dreams

  • The opening theme is overall amazing, but the part that really stands out (at 0:53 in the linked video) is the pipe organ music that plays when Klonoa is brought before Emperor Jillius. It's somewhere between Ominous Pipe Organ and regal-sounding.
  • The boss theme is rather upbeat, yet still fitting for a boss fight.
  • It's not an exaggeration to say that the real final battle has one of the most epic BGMs to have ever graced the Game Boy Advance. Have a listen.

Moonlight Museum

  • World Intro is equal parts mysterious and catchy.
  • World 1 combines upbeat 8-bit music with the magical, awe-inspiring music the series is known for.

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