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Music has always been a high point for the Klonoa series, no matter which game or console.

Door to Phantomile & the Wiimake
  • The Inquisitive Waltz sounds just like something out of a real circus, and earns the title of "Awesome Music" simply because of how bright and joyful it is.
  • The jaunty, catchy Windmill Song captures Klonoa's childish innocence at the start of the adventure, while also establishing his perennial association with pan flutes.
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  • Grandpa's Chair is a beautiful Nostalgic Music Box tune with a melody similar to the old song "My Grandfather's Clock".
  • Jugpot Falls. The sweeping strings create a lush atmosphere for the Water Kingdom!
  • Cursed Pamela utilizes elegant, watery synths and intense piano hits to create a distressing piece for the titular boss, who, unlike Rongo Lango beforehand, is an ally-turned-foe.
  • Joker Mood is Joka's catchy leitmotif, which makes excellent use of Freaky Electronic Music!
  • Forlock Twist is a rich tune with many sounds and instruments.
  • Blue Cave Echo is fast and frantic, but still beautiful.
  • Baladium's Drive is quite possibly one of the best boss themes ever. It's not just epic and fast-paced, it's beautiful and majestic, absolutely fitting for the closest thing this game has to a dragon.
  • Red Heat Coronia. With its catchy rhythm!
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  • Nevertheless is a powerful, hymn-like tune that is absolutely fitting for the Sun Temple.
  • By the time you fight him, Joka wants you dead, and it shows in his boss themes. Presenting: Facade & Blade. "Facade" is an uncharacteristically focused dark circus music piece for the character, and "Blade" takes its predecessor and gives it a nightmarish choir and instrumentation.
  • Untamed Heart cements the game's tonal shift with its quiet, introspective melodies. Many regard it as one of the most beautiful songs in the soundtrack.
  • The Closing Encounter is perfect for the final level. The rapid bass notes and "thud" sounds create a tense mood, while the beautiful, sparkling melody is a constant reminder that you're at the gorgeously designed Moon Kingdom.
  • The Ring highlights Nahatomb's final phase, taking "The Instrumentality's" melody and making it much more frantic to match the monster's desperation.
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  • Resurrection is an absolutely heartwrenching capstone for Klonoa's first adventure. The soft singing, piano keys, and violins do an excellent job representing the devastation Klonoa feels upon learning his life was a lie.
  • Staff Roll is such a simple, yet emotional piece. And the game's Bittersweet Ending makes it even more of a Tear Jerker.
  • The Tower of Balue is a catchy, extended take on Balue's theme. It's quite an uplifting tune for the game's Brutal Bonus Level, as if it is cordially inviting players to keep trying their best to complete the challenge.

Lunatea's Veil

  • Welcome To Lunatea is a Spiritual Successor of sorts to the Inquisitive Waltz from the first game, being a happy circus tune that sets the tone for the game. It's quite possibly even happier than the Inquisitive Waltz.
  • Going to Lunatea. Nothing's better to start an adventure.
  • Path of Goddess Claire is an incredibly calming and atmosphere tune that fits the level really well.
  • Joilant. Anyone who loves the circus will feel very nostalgic listening to this.
  • Jungle Cruise and its remix are fast-paced and fun songs for your first slide level, packing in a beautiful flute solo.
  • Stepping Wind is one of the best fictional-language songs ever. It is interesting to note that an English translation of this theme exists!
  • The Sorrow Revives. You know that the world is in danger.
  • Hyuponia. It would be difficult not to include that eight-minutes masterpiece.
  • The King of Sorrow's theme, another absolutely beautiful song. It perfectly captures how tragic the character is. Its Battle version is even more awesome.
  • Ark Ver. 2 is an exciting theme that hits the ground running for one of the most action-packed levels in the game.
  • Mirage is a ridiculously intense and badass theme befitting your final slide level, with one of the most epic pan-flute solos in any track ever.
  • Cursed Leorina is one of the most epic boss themes ever.
  • The haunted house gets some deliciously creepy music. There's also Make Believe in the same mood.

Empire of Dreams

  • The opening theme is overall amazing, but the part that really stands out (at 0:53 in the linked video) is the pipe organ music that plays when Klonoa is brought before Emperor Jillius. It's somewhere between Ominous Pipe Organ and regal-sounding.
  • The boss theme is rather upbeat, yet still fitting for a boss fight.
  • It's not an exaggeration to say that the real final battle has one of the most epic BGMs to have ever graced the Game Boy Advance. Have a listen.

Moonlight Museum

  • World Intro is equal parts mysterious and catchy.
  • World 1 combines upbeat 8-bit music with the magical, awe-inspiring music the series is known for.

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