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Tear Jerker / Kirby

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  • The Bad Ending music from Kirby's Block Ball. Listen to it, I dare you.
  • Kirby's Dream Land 2 has a Sad Ending if you did not collect all the Rainbow Drops. Although Kirby succeeds in defeating King Dedede, there is no indication that Dark Matter has left the possessed Dedede, nor is he able to form the Rainbow Sword without all the Rainbow Drops. With that, Parasol Kirby and his friends are shown walking back in the rain with very downbeat music playing throughout, ending with Kine looking to the sky and sensing that something is not right.
  • Kirby Super Star — in Revenge Of Meta Knight, after the heavily-damaged Halberd begins to crash and the former captain abandons ship, Meta Knight tells the rest to leave for their own sake. But they refuse, saying they will try to finish off Kirby and then all escape together afterward. In the non-Japanese SNES version, Meta Knight thinks about it and agrees, thanking them for their loyalty.
    Meta Knight: Hmm... it's dangerous, but it's worth a try. Thank you, guys.
    • In the Japanese version and the DS/Virtual Console localization, however:
    Meta Knight: are all about to perish. Do as you please.
    Meta Knight: (...I'm sorry.)
    King Dedede: (...we're done for... only one option...) ...O-Ok then. I guess it's your turn.
    Bandana Waddle Dee: B-but, Great King, I can't do it alone!
    King Dedede: ...fine, you can go. You've been spared.
    Bandana Waddle Dee: Don't go, King!
    King Dedede: (...I'm sorry.)
    • Despite this fact, Bandana Waddle Dee still chooses to battle Kirby. Sure, he's super easy, but it's a sure sign of loyalty.
    • In Meta Knightmare Ultra, it's pretty hard to get a game over with Meta Knight because of his strength and healing abilities, but if you do... he's got his back to you, the player. If you select "Quit", he doesn't even move as the hand lifts him and places him on the Moon, and he gives off this aura of shame and anger, that he was too weak. It's pretty guilt-inducing, especially if you're a MK fan.
  • In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, your Fairy Companion, Ribbon, ends up going through a lot; she loses her home planet of Ripple Star to Dark Matter, who also ends up destroying the very MacGuffin that can defeat them. When she wakes up, all she sees for a brief moment is a single small Crystal Shard, with the remaining ones scattered across the galaxy. Until Kirby offers to help, as far as Ribbon was concerned, she'd most likely failed.
    • This hits hardest as the group is finally about to head to Ripple Star; the entire place is engulfed in Dark Matter, which sends Ribbon to the brink of crying. Sure, it's immediately followed by a heartwarming moment, but that doesn't change the fact that she saw her entire planet in such a sorry state. Poor girl...
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    • Shiver Star. Just... everything about it. The overview somewhat resembles Earth, complete with a single, solitary moon orbiting it. The place is perpetually covered in snow, the clouds are thick enough to be their own level, and there's an abandoned city with a still-operating shopping mall and factory, the latter of which comes with very somber music compared to the rest of the planet. This could draw the tragic conclusion that Shiver Star suffered from a nuclear winter due to its over-reliance on technology, and this is the result.
      • The only inhabitant of Shiver Star that isn't a standard enemy is the HR-H/HR-E, a giant robot that serves as the world's boss. Due to the implications that Dark Matter can't possess inorganic beings, it's likely that it was just protecting its city from any intruders, even after it's long since been forgotten. It's almost a mercy for Kirby to absolve the poor thing of its now-pointless programming.
    • The encounter against 02. Even though it's the big bad behind the entire game, the music, combined with its constant Bloody Tears, makes you feel like it's sad about something - but we'll never know what.
  • The ending of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. It's a Happy Ending, as in all the other Kirby games, since the Big Bad Dark Mind has been defeated and the four Kirbys go home, but the music...
    • It's much more melancholic than anything. Sure, we could say it's showing the sadness that the adventure is over, but... it isn't really over... is it? It's not, as elements from this game return in Triple Deluxe and Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. It goes to show that there really is a buried story, here.
  • Kirby Mass Attack:
  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land — Landia's battle theme already gives off the vibe of a battle that shouldn't happen, but just try to listen to it without context.
    • It's even worse when you're fighting Metal General EX. As he busts out HR-D3's second form, this music plays. Metal General's job is to protect Egg Engines. This song gives a vibe that says he knows he'll eventually fall to Kirby, but he desperately won't give up until one of them goes down. And Kirby just won't die.
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has a quick but powerful one. After defeating Claycia, she is released from her possession by Dark Crafter and collapses to the ground, and as Kirby moves in to take a closer look, Elline appears and cries over her body. Fortunately, Claycia wakes up a few seconds later.
    • Kirby doesn't look particularly happy when he finds that his beloved apple has been drained of all its color and life in its opening.
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot:
    • The ending. After defeating the Final Boss for good by drilling through it with his Robobot Armor, Kirby is unconscious and his own mech moves its arm to grab Kirby and throw him back to Pop Star, while it floats aimlessly in space and sheds tears. It sacrificed itself for the safety of its driver.
    • What ends up happening to President Haltmann doubles up as both this and Nightmare Fuel:
      Haltmann: Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh, I remember... I wanted to see her just one last time. How foolish! I should have known that no machine could make such a dream come true.
    • Perhaps the worst part? The problem wasn't with Susie. She wasn't dead, merely trapped in Another Dimension. Star Dream may have had limited capability to recreate life, but it can teleport things just fine. The problem was that Haltmann had tried wishing on Star Dream so much that his own memories were being wiped out, to the point where when she actually does return, he doesn't even remember having a daughter.
    • It gets a lot worse when you battle Star Dream Soul OS in the True Arena. If you listen closely when each of the pillars holding its "heart" is destroyed, you can hear Haltmann wail in pain. Not only is he fully aware of what is happening, but he feels the pain the Mother Computer is feeling. And at this point, he has no control of dodging or blocking the shots fired, so he just has to sit there and die painfully, as part of Star Dream's Operating System.
    • Alternatively, Star Dream's fate is tragic since it was all for nothing. Upon gaining Haltmann's soul, it becomes sentient and tries to accomplish its goal in the way that its system can understand. Once it inhales Kirby during its Soul OS fight, it eventually loses its new-found sentience and regresses back into a mindless killing machine.
  • The ending image from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. While Bandana Dee, Magolor, and the Kirbys are happily waving to the player, Taranza is sadly looking at and holding a flower from the Dreamstalk in his hand — as if he's contemplating how nice it would've been if things had been different between himself and Queen Sectonia.

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