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Tear Jerker / Kingdom of Loathing

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  • The cold ghost story in the Tales of Dread storybook — especially notable in a comedic game.
  • One of the stench skeletons in Dreadsylvania is described as smelling the way it does because it's jamming garbage into itself in a desperate attempt to replace its flesh. That's just... pathetic.
  • Characters between Levels 4 and 6 can visit a point in the Kingdom's past when Dyspepsi-Cola and Cloaca-Cola were at war (a literal cola war). Cloaca-Cola lost, and in the "modern day" of the kingdom they no longer exist. The thing is, you're visiting after the point where they realized they were finished. Talking to Cloaca-Cola soldiers can get depressing. Even when it's over cola, War Is Hell.
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  • The ending of Crimbo 2016. Uncle Crimbo ascends to a higher plane of existence.
    "Thank you, my friend," he says. "With this final obstacle overcome, you have helped me reach my true potential."
    "True potential?" you ask. "Did you give up on the Crimbuddha thing?"
    "I've gone even beyond that," he says. "I am no longer merely the personification of Crimbo, or even the Spirit of Crimbo. I am now the pure spiritual essence of Crimbo itself, as it exists in the hearts of all the people of the world."
    "I have no idea what that means," you say.
    "I have transcended mortal form," Uncle Crimbo explains. "I'm the pure energy of charity and goodwill to all, now. Where ever someone feels the spirit of Crimbo, I am there."
    "Still don't really get it," you say. "But cool? Way to go! What's that mean for the actual event, though? The sleigh and chimneys, and so on?"
    "Oh, don't worry about that. The elves have pretty much been working around me for a number of years now, to my embarrassment. They'll get on fine. And I'll always be there for them in spirit. In a quite literal way, though not exactly."
    "Still makes no sense," you say.
    Uncle Crimbo lays a finger alongside his nose, and with a "Ho ho ho!", he fades away into the white light.


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