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Kirby's Dream Land

  • When you deal the final blow to Dedede, he gets launched out of his castle... and the castle's menacing "eye windows" turn into a sad-looking one. This reappears in Spring Breeze and Revenge of the King (in Super Star (Ultra)) and in Triple Deluxe's opening.

Kirby's Adventure

  • Most of the cutscenes consist of Kirby in misfortune, to the point where a Waddle Doo in an Imagine Spot conks him on the head while daydreaming about food.
  • Admit it, the first time you saw Meta Knight's Dramatic Unmask when you defeated him was hilarious. He looks just like Kirby, except dark blue, and immediately flees as if he's embarrassed.

Kirby's Dream Land 3

  • Several of the level introductions are funny as well.
    • The first one for Grass Land is similar to the first area intro in Kirby's Dream Land 2, with Rick and Parasol Kirby walking towards each other. Instead of him riding on top of Rick, though, he passes by him and Chuchu comes and joins him instead. Rick just does a Jaw Drop and looks all dejected as they ride away on the spinning parasol.
    • The second one for Ripple Field has Chuchu and Kine fighting over who gets to be with Kirby, until Kine just swallows him to keep him out of Chuchu's reach. She's not amused.
    • For Sandy Canyon, Coo, Rick and Kirby are playing with Gooey like a ball while Chuchu is gazing at a nearby flower. When Coo causes Gooey to land on the flower and crush it, Chuchu turns to scold the others, when Gooey gets up and licks her from behind. She freaks out a bit and then punches him hard into the wall. Realizing the others watched this, she tries to put on an innocent face while the others just stare with Sweat Drops.
    • In Cloudy Park, Nago is playing with Kirby until Pitch comes by. Nago then loses interest in Kirby and starts rolling Pitch around while Kirby is still rolling around. When he realizes Nago has left, he angrily chases after them.
    • Iceberg has the group making a snowman. In the middle of making it, Gooey gets covered in snow and gets used as the head. When they come to put the finishing touches on the snowman, Gooey sticks his tongue out and freaks everyone out.
  • Some of the Boss Butch failure screens can be rather amusing, if not in a rather twisted fashion. Lose to Whispy Woods, and you'll end up seeing Kirby looking overly sad with a fruit on his head. Another one occurs when you lose any phase of the final battle against Dark Matter and Zero, showing the two of them squishing Kirby by just sitting on top of him like a tower.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  • In Kirby 64, several of the combined copy abilities are hilarious in how strange they are.
    • If you mix Fire with Spark, the resulting power involves Kirby rubbing a shiny solar panel on top of his head, and proceeds to light himself on fire, running around frantically with a hilarious expression.
    • Combining Spark with Ice turns Kirby into a refrigerator that can spew food that can then be used to to heal yourself. Not only this, but by throwing the food at enemies hard enough, this means that you can kill enemies with healing items.
    • Combining Fire with Ice results in Kirby turning into an ice cube that then anticlimactically immediately melts. It's the weakest combination in the entire game.
    • Combining Needle with Needle turns Kirby into a swiss army knife, with a ton of bizarre impractical utensils such as as a potted cactus and a bee stinger.
  • Losing a life in Waddle Dee's rides results in the ride comically flipping over. You'd have to go out of your way to do this, though.
  • The level transition cutscenes after you beat every boss tend to be this. When you defeat Acro, Kirby and co. are playing skipping stones at the ocean and on Kirby's turn, a tidal wave washes over the poor thing. After clearing Neo Star, the party runs from an erupting volcano while entering the portal to Shiver Star. Dedede pulls Adeleine in and Kirby jumps right after as Waddle Dee struggles to catch up and Kirby comes out to help Waddle Dee in... by sucking him into his mouth. It stops being funny when you clear Shiver Star, though... at least, until Kirby trips on the ice and is used as a trampoline by his friends.
  • In the levels where you control Dedede, there's something quite hilarious about how, when they reach the end of the section, Kirby motions Dedede forward before Dedede grabs Kirby and chucks him through the entrance before waving goodbye. Even more hilarious is the fact Dedede is willing to let Kirby ride on his back. Also, whenever you lose a life while riding Dedede, he faints... and Kirby steals his pompom. By accident. And then he gives the camera an Aside Glance right before the Fade to Black: you can easily picture him thinking "Wait, what just happened?" or "Oh, Crap!".
  • While the majority of things that revolve around Zero Two are creepy to a large degree, there's something oddly comical about the fact that it has a cartoony band-aid on top of him. It makes it seem less like the location Zero's eye got ripped out in Dream Land 3 and more like the horrifying Eldritch Abomination bumped its head and got a boo-boo and needed an over-sized band-aid to cover it.
  • Just... the true ending. Ribbon steals a kiss from Kirby, giving him a Crush Blush to the extent that he starts dancing around in a giddy stupor, loses his balance, and falls down the stairs.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

  • A minor one: One of the Idle Animations Kirby has in this game is him sleeping on the spot, then dreaming about his missing cake. Then he wakes up, sees his own thought bubble that contains his cake, and proceeds to inhale it.
  • After you beat Dedede, the titular Squeak Squad makes their first formal appearance as they steal some treasures. An angry Dedede then goes to chuck Kirby towards the Squeaks like a bowling ball, bowling them over to the next area.
  • What kicks off the game's plot. Kirby was about to eat a slice of cake. Then someone steals it. Kirby's first reaction is that Dedede is responsible. Silly, but considering that Dedede has stolen all of Dream Land's food, twice, there is some logic in Kirby's assumption.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Kirby Battle Royale

  • HAL Laboratory and Nintendo put up two polls for an ability the fans wanted to have added to the game. In the second poll, the fans voted for Sleep. The devs took this suggestion and ran with it.

Kirby Fighters 2

  • The opening narration of the story mode says that King Dedede and Meta Knight send a letter to Kirby telling him to come to the Buddy Tower. As it turns out, Kirby couldn't understand the letter but he came anyways.
    • To reiterate: for all his awesome talents, power, skills and accomplishments across nearly thirty years' worth of games… Kirby still doesn't know how to read. Seems like any of the tidbits revealed in the series' numerous pause-screen Flavor Text descriptions would be utterly lost on him anyways, as would something like an invitation to Smash.


  • A meta example: at a con, Meta Knight's anime voice actor, Eric Stuart, said this. In case the video doesn't load or is taken down, it's Meta Knight confessing his love for Galacta Knight. And it's utterly hilarious to hear a badass warrior in a romantic tone.
  • Late November 2017, Japanese toy maker Panda Ana announced the "Shakurel Kirby" toy line, which features Kirby and various other characters, but with massive, manly chins.note