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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
It's been twenty years, yet it feels like forever...
"So, Kirby saved the galaxy, and proved himself to be the greatest Star Warrior of all! And life in Dream Land went back to normal! But I suppose with Kirby around, life will always be an adventure!"
Tiff, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, "Fright to the Finish"

It's a colorful series starring an adorable pink Waddling Head who, despite his powers, is one of the nicest guys in all of video games. Your hearts will melt from the heat when you see all these Heartwarming Moments.

  • Dedede's friendship with Kirby in general. Compare how he treats Kirby in most other games as anywhere between an acquaintance to close friend to the first game where he attacks Kirby after the latter tried to stop him from hoarding all the food in Dream Land. It's clear that their friendship has grown since their first quarrel as every other boss fight against Dedede is either a misunderstanding, a test by Dedede to see who of the two is more powerful, a friendly competition between him and Kirby, or him being Brainwashed and Crazy by the games' respective Big Bads.
  • The Game Over screens are pretty awww-worthy, as a majority of them depict Kirby sleeping.
    • Even more awww-worthy in Kirby Super Star. If you choose "Game End" after getting a game over, the hand pointing to the two options will then carry Kirby up to the moon and tuck him in.
  • In Kirby's Dream Land 3, your Copy Ability changes when it's used with one of Kirby's animal friends. Using Parasol with ChuChu the octopus results with her and Kirby sitting in the parasol holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. The parasol, by the way, is spinning in the direction that you're holding the D-Pad in, decimating anything in its way. Of course, Gooey can also do this.
    • Also, if watching all of it, the true ending.
  • In fact, playing any Kirby game, especially the old ones, qualify as a heartwarming moment because of the sheer amount of nostalgia fuel within them.
  • The part of Kirby Super Star where Meta Knight orders his followers to evacuate the Halberd. When they insist on staying to fight Kirby, Meta Knight praises his crew for being that loyal, though admitting that the likelihood of the plan succeeding is extremely slim.
    Meta Knight: ...It's dangerous, but it's worth a try! Thank you, guys.
    • This is changed in the remake, where he instead acts like he doesn't care what happens to them, and it sounds like he's trying to get them mad enough to leave so they won't get hurt. Then he apologizes under his breath, either for snapping at them, getting them in danger in the first place, or said faking of indifference towards their fate.
    Meta Knight: ...You are all about to perish. Do as you please. (...I'm sorry.)
    • The end of Revenge of Meta Knight where after stopping his hostile takeover, Kirby and his newly befriended Wheelie witness the Halberd sinking into a sunset sea before riding off through the desert. Meanwhile the song “My Friend and the Sunset” plays. This image invoked the end of a great quest. The hero riding his faithful steed off into the distance towards their next adventure.
    • Kirby and his Helpers sharing food. Ho Yay aside, they're both replenishing each other's health. How sweet.
    • If you beat Computer Virus with a Helper, the fake EXP counter will say "Your Friendship went up by [X]!"
    • The ending for the Dyna Blade subgame shows Kirby feeding the titular antagonist's baby chicks with Whispy Woods' apples. Later, he is shown teaching them how to fly. Afterwards, Kirby waves goodbye to Dyna Blade and her chicks as they fly off into the sunset. This also leads to an awesome moment in Revenge of Meta Knight where Dyna Blade allows Kirby to hitch a ride on her to get to the Halberd.
    • After finishing Milky Way Wishes, we cut to the closing credits that begins with Kirby sleeping peacefully in his bed.
  • A minor one, but after collecting all of the treasure chests and defeating the final boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad, we find out that the Squeaks sent Kirby's cake back as an apology for causing so much trouble. It's such a nice thing to do, especially after Kirby endlessly beat them all up just for that cake slice.
  • The ending to Revenge of the King from Kirby Super Star Ultra. It begins with King Dedede sadly walking home on his own against a sunset after being defeated by Kirby once again... and then one by one, his Waddle Dees begin to follow and walk alongside him, until practically all of them are accompanying him. Despite everything that transpired, Dedede losing doesn't matter one bit to them. He's still their beloved king, through-and-through.
  • A more minor one, but in the New Challenge Stages of Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, Magolor states that after the events of Return to Dream Land, he wanted to apologize to Kirby by building him a theme park. He actually means this, and that the only action that even closely resembles maliciousness is attacking you when you race.
    • It gets more heartwarming after remembering one of Magolor's quotes from Return to Dream Land. He thanks Kirby for helping him and hopes that they can be friends forever, which is originally implied just to be Magolor sucking up to Kirby to help him get the Master Crown. But Magolor's actions after returning prove that this wasn't a lie. After all, he did say he was legitimately thankful for Kirby's help after getting the crown.
    • The credits for that section of the game is another one with the music alone, if you're a longtime fan of the series: all the regular enemies and recurring characters clapping for Kirby while 8-bit music plays.
  • If you beat the extra mode of Kirby's Dream Land; there's a short scene of Kirby consoling King Dedede after defeating him.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Kirby Air Ride was the last game that Masahiro Sakurai was personally involved in before he left Nintendo to found his own company. At the time, there were rumors floating around that he considered Air Ride to be an Old Shame due to the amount of Executive Meddling involved during development. However, every project Sakurai has worked on since then has had at least one thing in common with Air Ride: Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Kid Icarus: Uprising borrowed the way that certain features were unlocked via a large grid that slowly revealed more objectives the more you unlocked, along with a tool to bypass certain objectives that the player found too challenging. Not to mention the concept of the Dragoon and the Hydra; a potentially game-breaking ability that's divided into three parts that players have to collect or fight over before it can be used. Not only did the Dragoon appear as an item in Brawl, but this is also how Daybreak works in Uprising's multiplayer mode. And finally, the Smash Run mode from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was explicitly stated during a Nintendo Direct to have been inspired by Air Ride's City Trial mode. Looks like Sakurai doesn't hate Air Ride after all!
  • Speaking of Sakurai, this short video which features Sakurai moving to the beat of past and present games of the series. Special mention goes to the moment where Kirby and King Dedede are moving their arms the same way their creator is doing it. It was also made to celebrate Sakurai's 44th birthday which was released on that exact day.
    Sakurai Directs forever
  • One of Elline's diary pages from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse bears mentioning-
    Elline: I wonder if Claycia and I will be friends again. I have my doubts... but when I'm with Kirby, I can do anything!
    • By extension, just the whole Secret Diary — with all its references to previous Kirby games (with cameos from long-missing characters such as Rick, Coo, Kine, Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, Pon, Con, and Chef Kawasaki), funny and charming paintings and drawings showing the level of friendship between Kirby, Waddle Dee and Elline, with a lovely guitar and flute remix of "Green Greens" in the background. Even better? The last page shows a photograph of the three together with Claycia, friends with Elline again.
    • After you defeat Claycia, she and Elline quickly go back to being friends and share a heartfelt hug. Awww.
  • The Reveal of what Haltmann really wanted to use Star Dream for in Kirby: Planet Robobot: he wanted to revive his seemingly dead daughter. Of course, it turns into a Tear Jerker after what happens to him...
  • In Kirby Fighters 2, the main theme is two-man teams and the bonds they share, and they go out of their way to emphasize something laid out all the way back in Kirby's Adventure; that King Dedede and Meta Knight are great friends. Their dual fights go above and beyond to show that the two have not only known each other for a long time, but can be even more ferocious together than they ever are apart; seemingly just to take down Kirby. At the very end of the story mode however, after Dedede stumbles from a lack of energy to make it back to his castle, Meta Knight immediately swoops down and offers him a helping hand, further emphasizing that their bonds don't just come from mutual grudges towards one pink puffball; they'll always have each other's backs.
    • One especially heartwarming and awesome moment between the two occurs in their second — or third, if you count the Waddle Dee impostors in Chapter 2 — boss fight together. After knocking the duo's health down all the way, Meta Knight and Dedede both collapse to the ground, exhausted. Just as it seems their defeat is inevitable, King Dedede pulls out a Maxim Tomato, chows down on half to recover his strength, and then tosses the other to Meta Knight to help him heal as well. Reinvigorated, the two then become even stronger than before and use more combination attacks.
    • In their final battle, when Meta Knight's mask is broken, Dedede has a replacement on-hand and throws it to him so that they can continue battling. Whether it counts as an Artifact of Doom or not, it's very nice that he was prepared for such a possibility.
    • And then Fridge Brilliance adds another level to this friendship: Meta Knight is, well, a knight, and Dedede is his liege-lord. They have their disagreements, and Meta Knight had once previously decided Dedede needed to be dethroned for the good of Dream Land. But when it comes down to brass tacks, Meta Knight has his king's back, and Dedede knows it. No one other than perhaps Bandana Waddle Dee has that sort of loyalty to the pompous penguin.
  • The It's Kirby Time stories, a series of short, sweet little read-alongs of Kirby's life outside of the games.
    • The first story, Kirby's Tiny World, is a simple story of Kirby playing with all the other Dream Land residents, most of them who would usually be enemies in the games. It really shows the idyllic peace in Dream Land without the constant threats.
    • The second story, Take Courage, features Kirby making a perilous journey to find the Heart Fruit, a mysterious fruit that fills the heart with courage from a single bite, except Kirby just wants to know how it tastes. Kirby successfully gets the fruit, but just before eating, he notices a travelling Waddle Dee too afraid to take another step forward. Without hesitation, Kirby gives the fruit to the Waddle Dee, and tells him "Take courage." Turns out Kirby didn't need a fruit to become courageous, because he already got courage in his quest.

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