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Heartwarming / Kira-Kira

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  • When Chie's Dad's lover goes to Chie's house to give her money as an apology for messing up her family, and Chie refuses it.
  • In Sarina's route, when her grandfather finally accepts her relationship with Shikanosuke as well as when Shikanosuke goes fishing with him.
  • Handa playing guitar at night for Chie is almost this, until it's revealed he was trying to seduce her.
  • During the later part of Chie's route, when they are at her house during the rain, and she confesses to him.
    • And afterward, when they both go to see her father at the very end of the route.
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  • Shika and Sarina on the beach at night in her path.
  • Their Darkest Hour, when Shika drags Kirari into the mud together to cool off after their van broke down & tells her how silly she is for keeping all her frustrations & sadness inside instead of telling them all.
  • After the band's Darkest Hour, when they're given another chance to perform in Osaka, and they do spectacularly. Made even better by the friendly yakuza.
  • Kirari's confession to Shikanosuke after their awesome play of the biggest live show in their tour, BY KISSING SHIKA ON STAGE IN FRONT OF 3000 PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE!! Doubles as Moment of Awesome too! Also a week later after the events when Shika returns the favor when Kirari visits his room.
  • Kirari's True End, especially after playing her Normal End.
  • When the band plus Murakami and Tonoya are lectured by Yoshizawa-sensei, and she lets out a Single Tear when they thank her for their three years at Oubi Academy.
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  • Sarina's confession to Shikanosuke on the beach, their conversation on the way back home, and their phone call at midnight, in which Shika admits(Finally!) his feelings.

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