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Kirby Star Allies is literally all about making new friends. How can that be more adorable?

NOTICE: Per wiki policy, ALL spoilers below will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
And all it took to get this complete ending to "Heroes in Another Dimension" was to endure those grueling puzzles and bosses to get 100 hearts. Totally worth it.
  • The first time Kirby makes a friend, a Poppy Bros. Jr., the new friend quickly runs over to Kirby and lovingly nuzzles him, before giving a hi-five, and going on their way. Now that's just too darn cute.
  • After beating Whispy Woods, you can throw a Friend Heart at him, and his sad face turns happy and he gives you lots of Point Stars, food and puzzle pieces in return.
  • Kirby's ultimately friendly nature is seemingly immovable in the face of being wronged. Even the incarnation of chaos and destruction does not earn his ire in the end, and he hopes when it comes back, they can be on better terms.
  • What is the big reason Flamberge is so mad at Kirby? Because he just beat Francisca.
    • Adding onto that is that fact that during the second fights with both Francisca and Flamberge, it focuses on how much one misses the other. Evil as they may be, they still love each other.
  • After spending a decade having to fight her sisters, it's really sweet that you can finally make friends with a sister of Drawcia and Paintra. Even better, in the artwork that follows after the battle with Hyness, one of the characters riding off to face the Eldritch Abomination of the week with Kirby is Vividria.
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  • Remember Kirby's friends from Dream Land 2 and Dream Land 3? HAL Labs still does, despite their lack of playability for years. Nago, Pitch, and ChuChu show up to help Kirby when he has the Cleaning Ability, and that was before Rick, Kine, Coo, and Gooey all returned as Dream Friends. They're back and ready to help Kirby in any way they can.
  • Marx from Super Star and its remake seems to have turned over a new leaf and started helping Kirby as yet another Dream Friend (though it is confirmed that it's more of a case of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, it's still nice that he's willing to help). And as of Wave 2, Dark Meta Knight is joining him.
  • Both Ribbon and Adeleine have made only the most basic appearances in future Kirby games in the form of collectibles taking their likeness, despite fan desire to see them again; the latter being an adorable recurring character in the early games before Artist became a full-fledged Copy Ability, the former being Kirby's Implied Love Interest thanks to that one kiss. In what must be a gift from HAL, both of them are making an appearance as Dream Friends together!
    • Adeleine and Ribbon's official trailer has the two of them traveling alongside Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee, and King Dedede as a nod to their game. The gang's all here!
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    • One of Adeleine and Ribbon's Idle Animations has them high-fiving each other.
  • In addition to that, Daroach is returning as well. Not only is he making his first appearance since Mass Attack, and with his fellow Squeaks, but he's more than capable of helping his enemy-turned-friend. He's not the only one, either; other characters with a once rocky past with Kirby came back for Wave 3, including Magolor, Taranza, Susie, and the apparently-surviving Three Mage-Sisters. It seems like Kirby's able to make anyone his friend.
  • The final bonus level in Star Allies deserves a mention. After parading through with the Friend Star, Kirby and friends arrive at a recreation of Green Greens, complete with the original Gameboy green colors. After hitting a switch, the color gradually returns as a statue of Kirby and all his Dream Friends unearths itself. Your controller's HD Rumble even plays the Green Greens theme. You did it. Kirby and his friends have all come a long way.
    • Even better, the statue got an update every time more Dream Friends were added into the game. Just because they came late, doesn't mean they have to sit out!
  • Some of the special Stone statues this time around contain a few touching nods.
    • Captain Vul can be seen next to Meta Knight's statue. After only appearing in Super Star and its remake, it's good to see him again.
    • Gryll from Star Stacker and Brobo from Block Ball aren't forgotten. After each only appearing in one game, seeing them return would be a welcoming sight for hardcore fans.
    • One might be confused as to why Ribbon and Susie share a statue together, considering the two seem so out-of-place when side by side. But considering Ribbon is Kirby's Implied Love Interest, and Susie also has an Artist Sculpture of her in stunning Greek-inspired garb, it's safe to assume that Kirby has some sort of soft spot for her as well.
  • The image that shows after beating the Guest Star mode with Adeleine & Ribbon, Dark Meta Knight or Daroach shows the four of them drawing pictures together with crayons. The smile on Adeleine's face just tops it off.
  • Speaking of Guest Star ???? mode, watching the crowd fill up with each friend you beat the game with is nothing short of heartwarming. It certainly feels like everyone is congratulating every new hero on a job well done, even if that character was/still is a villain.
  • Switching between the Three Mage-Sisters after unlocking them will have the new one give a high-five to her sister as the latter leaves the field, as if saying, "You did great! Leave this one to me."
  • The fact that one of Taranza's strongest moves is calling out to Sectonia with a tear in his eye, only for her to answer from beyond the grave to protect him for however long she can at a time.
  • The final battle against the Three Mage-Sisters becomes this come phase two. A heartwarming remix of the Star Allies Sparkler theme at the end of the Void Termina battle plays with the sister's theme ("Song of Supplication") as a recurring leitmotif, giving the impression that, no, this isn't just another battle to beat the bad guys. It's the battle to make them see the light of friendship!
  • The happy ending of "Heroes In Another Dimension" shows Kirby using the Friend Hearts he's been gathering to revive the Mage-Sisters, who proceed to summon a Warp Star in thanks. And as Kirby and friends leave, a tiny Friend Heart drops off them and lands on Hyness, who is revived himself. The Mage-Sisters immediately run over to him.
    • The fact that achieving this ending unlocks the Mage-Sisters as Dream Friends implies they underwent a Heel–Face Turn of sorts after Kirby helped them.
    • The past two mainline games have had similar story beats in regards to its characters. Taranza and Susie were The Dragon to a hidden Big Bad (Sectonia and Haltmann, respectively), who end up surviving after their bosses met tragic fates due to outside forces corrupting their minds and costing them their lives. Star Allies seems to follow the same pattern with the Mages and Hyness, tragic backstories and all... and by the end it's completely subverted. Hyness and the Mages both survive thanks to the actions of Kirby and friends, and it seems that Hyness is on the way to recovering from his insanity as well. The game goes so far as to say Kirby had performed an outright miracle.
  • The image shown at the end of Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters has Francisca and Flamberge having a nice conversation together while a cheerful Zan Partizanne helps Hyness to his feet (or lack thereof). It's very sweet that the sisters are willing to give Hyness a second chance, despite his abusive treatment of them before.
  • Surprisingly enough, Void himself gets one of these moments as he's seemingly destroyed, and the last bit of him that you see is none other than Kirby's smile... looking at you. It looks like Dark Matter finally found the friends it was deprived of for so long.
  • After the Wave 3 update, the final Celebration picture unlocked after playing Heroes of Another Dimension is "A Farewell to Kirby", which depicts Kirby waving goodbye with a traveler's sack over his arm, and a tear in his eye. Which plays the main menu's theme in a beautiful yet tearful music box cover. Give it a listen.

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