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Heartwarming / Klonoa

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Klonoa games have several heartwarming moments in between the stories despite the several Tearjerkers.

  • Klonoa Heroes in General is a heart warmer for Klonoa seeing how in this interpretation he avoids his Blessed with Suck destiny and having to leave his friends behind. He actually lives in the same world with his True companions and occasionally goes on Bounty Hunter jobs with Guntz who in this interpretation is like a brother to him.
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  • Also in Klonoa Heroes Guntz asking Klonoa to be his partner seeing how he is impressed with his skills. This also comes to subvert his Rival status that was present in other games and unbeknownst to him that he just gained the one person who he is going to consider family.
  • Another one comes from Namco × Capcom which builds on Klonoa and Guntz's Klonoa Heroes Interpretation. Seeing Guntz being on the fence about taking Klonoa on this particular mission because he is concerned for his safety is really sweet coming from the former Loner and seeing how those two interact throughout the game really shows how far Guntz has come to view him as Rival turned Partner turned Friend turned Little Brother figure.

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