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Several funny events happen in Klonoa's games and comics:

Door to Phantomile and the Wiimake

  • In Vision 1-2, there's one section where Klonoa rides a minecart. It's so short and unexpected that it could qualify as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. At the end of the ride, the minecart crashes into a wall and explodes! The best part is the music.
  • Joka is a walking goldmine of funny moments:
    • In Door to Phantomile, he has a very Creepy Child-esque voice. However, in the Wii remake (in both the English and Phantomilian versions), he has a high-pitched voice somewhat reminiscent of Spongebob Squarepants. Just the thought of such a scary-looking character being so incompetent and having such a silly voice is hilarious!
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    • When Klonoa first meets Ghadius and Joka in DtP and the remake, there is one part where it zooms in on Ghadius' face as he does his epic Evil Laugh... then it cuts to Joka giggling like a preschooler. The Mood Whiplash may or may not have been intentional, but it's still really funny.
    • When Ghadius confronts Joka to scold him for failing to kill Klonoa:
    Ghadius: You've failed me, Joker.
    Joka: My lord! It's just that these kids are stronger than they seem, even though they're so weak! Though I did try...
    • The best thing about Dave Mallow's performance as Joka in the English dub of the Wii game is that he takes lines that should be terrifying and makes them sound hilarious. And the crazy thing is, it works! For example, in one scene, he tells Klonoa and Huepow "Now all that's left is to get rid of you two!" The way he says "get rid of you two" makes it sound like that's a good thing, like he's an announcer on a kid's show!


Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

  • In the haunted house in Joilant, when Klonoa learns that Lolo is afraid of ghosts, he does an Aside Glance, giving a sort of exasperated smile as if to say "Can you believe this?"
  • After Klonoa defeats Leptio, Lolo promises to do a better job protecting the Elements, having just recovered the Element of Tranquility from Tat. Immediately afterwards, the same element drops out of her pocket, and everyone stares at it in an awkward silence.


Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

  • The Ghazzaland residents greet Klonoa by punching him in the face.
  • The transformed Muzika is terrorizing Priamill... with terrible singing. Admittedly, she sings so loudly that it's disorienting for everyone nearby, but compared to the other cities' plights, the situation is rather goofy.

Klonoa Heroes

  • While trying to get Guntz to give up his loner ways to work with him and Pango he states that "If we lose then we can't win." This actually gets Guntz to burst out in laughter and decide to join them.
  • Guntz showing his sea sickness is hilarious. Its funny seeing the once cocky, strong loner have a very interesting weakness. Bonus points because this does not just limit itself to boats but anything that bobs back and forth like a boat on the ocean.
  • Guntz geeking out over a gun he found while looking for treasure with Klonoa. Guess his name refers to his weapon of choice as well as his interests and hobbies. Bonus for showing a fan boy tendency of getting mad at Klonoa for not understanding the rarity of his new gun and how fragile it apparently is.

Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol

  • The webcomic has some funny moments as well. One example is the strip “Paper Scissors Stupid” where a Knighty-Knight decides to play "Paper-Scissors-Rock" to determine who tells Tenebrae Hue that they failed to capture Klonoa... even though none of them have fingers. Two of the Knights argue over who's dumb, at which point, another Knighty-Knight yells at them saying their both dumb. Even Klonoa seemingly can't help but laugh.
    Klonoa: Well, we should be able to outsmart these guys, anyways...


  • The manga has plenty of funny moments, and is a comedy-based version of an otherwise heartwarming and heart-wrenching series that's actually both done well and is extremely entertaining. The best way to describe it is imagine slapstick and humor similar to the likes of Looney Tunes mixed with the fun-filled and action packed elements of other magical mangas.
    • Volume 1:
      • The first episode is hilarious: Klonoa tries to retrieve a stolen Mailbox from Garlen by infiltrating his fortress, but the fortress is full of cartoonish traps that Klonoa unwittingly activates, Hilarity Ensues. The fact Klonoa accidentally inflated the mailbox and lost it, thus making him a Criminal makes this even funnier.
      • The second chapter has a scene where Klonoa takes off the armor of an Armored Moo... only to discover it's wearing ANOTHER set of armor, with another set of armor beneath it, and another, and another, and another, to the point where the actual Moo is ant sized.
      • The same chapter later has Moo and Klonoa trying to catch said Moo, causing all sorts of havoc and mayhem in the process.
      • C3 has Klonoa trying to fly because an Airborne Mook told him "Heroes have to be able to fly". It's very Wile E. Coyote-esque, as IT has him trying to be a bird, an eagle, then a penguin, then using a propeller cap, a cannon (which somehow ends with the cannon launching away), followed by using a bomb, and then training the muscles in his long ears to help him glide on the wind. And the last one actually does work... at least, until the wind stops. Klonoa's last solution? Inflating himself with a wind bullet so he can float in the air... and it works.
      • C4 has Klonoa and Moo trying to earn money.... but it involves capturing a Boomie for Garlen. Not only does every single Boomie they find explode (ash faces included), but Klonoa then decides to paint Moo to look like a Boomie... only to discover Garlen's Boomie loves to do a variety of crazy stunts. Hilarity Ensues. Oh, and the whole thing was a prank by Garlen just to mess with Klonoa.... and then his house explodes.
      • C5 has Klonoa trying to cure Emperor Jillius of his insomnia, where he later reveals that every night, his castle starts shaking for some mysterious reason. Turns out, it was because of Klonoa's snoring, which was so loud it destroyed the castle.
      • C6 can be summed up as "Guntz mistakes Moo for a criminal. Klonoa tries to stop him. Hilarity Ensues."
      • C7 is based on the Klonoa Beach Vollyball spinoff. Garlen tries to help Klonoa win his tournament (due to the fact that Klonoa really sucks at it) via a remote controller. As the game gets more hectic, Guntz "accidentally" breaks the controller, and things get crazy.
    • Volume 2:
      • Special mentions to the first chapter: "Take Off that Hat" or "Crucial times and a Hat", which in it of itself is hilarious, and as mentioned before, is basically a Japanese version of a Looney Tunes cartoon. The main premise is that Klonoa gets hit on the head with a fridge, but when Lolo tries to stop the bleeding, Klonoa absolutely refuses to remove his hat. The rest of the comic is Lolo, Moo, and Garlen going through several Looney Tunes-like schemes to figure out why the hell Klonoa refuses to remove his trademark hat. The climax, however, has Klonoa turning into a "realistic" version of himself, complete with loud attack commands, more action packed art, and explosions galore! Oh, and the reveal? Klonoa has a massive afro. Yeah.
      • Then we have "Search for the One" (C2), where Klonoa and the gang chase down Popka to find "The One" (Which turns out to be Nahatomb). However, he's actually a Gentle Giant, which Klonoa tries to help him let his evil side out. You all know what's going to happen next. They later find a missle that targets The One and decide to fire it. It aims for Klonoa, revealing the Springs.
      • Then ending is actually a Brick Joke, considering "Take off that Hat" reveals that Klonoa has the mark of The One on his rear.
      • C3 has Klonoa and Guntz try to capture a fish-like robber. Of course, neither of them can swim.
      • C4 can be summed up as "Don't call Pango a turtle".
      • C5, loosely based on Klonoa Heroes, involves a special medal that becomes shinier the more you do good things. Knowing the Klonoa of this comic, it goes as well as you'd expect. In fact, it goes so badly that HIS MEDAL TURNS PITCH BLACK, and remains that way throughout. Poor guy can't catch a break.
      • C6 inolves Garlen and Moo trying to cheer up a suicidally-depressed Klonoa following the ending of the previous chapter (and both of them failing horribly). This in itself isn't the hilarious part; no, things get hilarious when Klonoa decides to go home... where a violent prison escapee has taken refuge. Turns out, Klonoa became so depressed that he cooks the baddy's bazooka, hugs and plays with him like a stuffed animal, and feeds him said bazooka. And to top it all off, he now wants to become a heroine, complete with heels, skirt, and cute eyes. Yes, all of this happened.
      • The final chapter is surprisingly tame, as it has Klonoa attempt to stop a giant monster devouring the town. Outside of the usual goofy antics (Klonoa's head becoming massive, Garlen accidentally sending the giant robots to Egypt, the usual), Klonoa has to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to stop the monster. He survives... but is chased off becuase he didn't pay for the snack he bought.
    • The relationship between Klonoa and Moo; the former being a lovable goof ball who wants to be a hero, and the latter being a short-tempered Straight Man who tries to keep Klonoa in line.
    • Anytime Guntz is involved, Klonoa and Moo will get at least one bullet lodged in their faces.


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