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Nightmare Fuel / Klonoa

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Considering that the games take place in dream worlds, it should come as no surprise that they are loaded with this. Don't let the beautiful soundtracks, Scenery Porn, and Animesque protagonist fool you.

Door to Phantomile and the Wiimake

  • Ghadius:
    • His loud, microphone-clipping, baritone voice in the original is downright terrifying. It definitely renders him one of the most intimidating villains in the series.
    • His appearance in the first game, due to early hardware limitations, make him look quite unnerving. His face is much more slanted and pale, and looks far less human compared to the Wii remake.
  • Joka:
    • If you happen to have coulrophobia, chances are, he is NOT going to be your favorite character. First of all, there's his design, with star-shaped Black Eyes of Evil and a big Cheshire Cat Grin with More Teeth than the Osmond Family. Then there's his personality. He usually acts silly, which can be seen as either dissonant with his creepy design, or Nightmare Retardant. However, in the first game, he eventually becomes dead serious about aiding Ghadius in his Evil Plan, going so far as to murder Klonoa's grandpa in cold blood.
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    • Even if you don't like Joka, his death is still very intense and disturbing. After defeating him in his boss battle, he gives an uncharacteristically calm speech about how the world will sink into darkness. He then dies in a fiery explosion, screaming in agony, calling Ghadius' name. And thanks to his Frozen Face, he's still smiling while this happens! Despite his crossing the Moral Event Horizon earlier, it's easy to feel sorry for him in this scene. It's even worse in the original version, where instead of the screen fading to white as he explodes, it actually shows him falling over dead, with that horrid smile still on his face!
  • Vision 5-2 is pretty scary. It takes place in the Sun Temple, where Ghadius' dark magic is causing frequent solar eclipses. Klonoa must get to the top of the temple, all while dealing with the enemies, who undergo scary-looking transformations when it gets dark. It doesn't help that they're invincible when this happens. The scariest by far is a pink flying creature that doesn't transform from another enemy, it just suddenly appears when the sky gets dark. It has emotionless, soulless eyes, and it relentlessly pursues you (It does move slowly, though). The level also ends with a boss battle against Joka, who is plenty of Nightmare Fuel on his own.
  • Nahatomb.
    • An Eldritch Abomination born from nightmares. Out of his 3 forms, the last 2 are especially scary. The first of these is a living Nightmare Face, and the second is darker and has exposed bones, making it look very zombie-like.
    • After the second phase, there are some details implying that Nahatomb's stomach exploded from the inside. Nahatomb's ribcage is exposed, and its bottom is almost completely obliterated, leaving behind only a frayed hole and the tail's bone structure. It all comes together to form a surprisingly violent sight for the series. Tellingly, Nahatomb's appearance in the third phase was toned down in Door to Phantomile's remake.
    • The fact that according to Ghadius, Nahatomb has taken over Lephise's body. It's unclear whether that means Demonic Possession that transformed her body into this atrocity, or he's using her as a living battery, but either option is unpleasant.

Lunatea's Veil

  • Before making their way through the theme park's haunted house section of Joilant, a cutscene shows a host introducing the group to the area (shown above in the picture). Perhaps just as disturbing as his face, the host practically blips in Klonoa's (and the player's) with no absolutely warning, making this a jump scare. It's no wonder Lolo was terrified.
  • Volk City suffers from perpetual civil war, with Klonoa forced to travel through the carnage before approaching the resident bell tower. Civilians run in panic as explosives destroy their homes and other public properties, and factories pollute the area as they create more weaponry, making for an oppressive atmosphere.
  • "Volkan Inferno" takes place after Lolo urges Klonoa to return to Volk City and prevent a reactor meltdown. By the time the heroes return to town, its skyline has become a deep red and no one else seems to be around. Worse still, the boss of Volk City, the Mobile Tank Biskarsh, returns from its initial defeat to pursue Klonoa throughout the ruined city, making for an even more terrifying retread through the city's ruins. The machine is invincible until the very end, where it is ultimately hit by an oncoming train. Until then, the player will have to endure the frantic chase and hellish landscape.
  • The Maze of Memories is perhaps the freakiest level in the game, perhaps even more than the Kingdom of Sorrow's Hyuponia. Everything is literally abstract and you'll feel more lost than anything. The ending cutscene with the mirror is also quite ominous, with the masked figures that keep humiliating and teasing Lolo.
  • Leorina gets overwhelmed by the Element of Sorrow when she tries to use it, and it transforms her into Cursed Leorina, a monstrosity that's a cross between a flightless bird and a large insect, completely unlike her original form. Cursed Leorina's roar twists from the roar of a mighty beast into a chilling, distorted scream of pain.
  • When the heroes meet the King of Sorrow, there's one point where the camera gradually cuts closer to the king's face. Not just his face, either — his eyes. Eyes that have been crying for an untold amount of time and have become blood-red. They're complemented by his pinprick irises that are just barely visible among the redness. Evidently, the poor guy's gone mad from his depression, and he looks ready to lash out against whoever draws near.

Empire of Dreams

  • The Final Boss. Holy crap, the final boss:
    • Klonoa and Huepow enter the castle to find Emperor Jillius, who gives them quite a Nightmare Face as he yells at them about how unfair his plight - specifically, his being unable to dream - is. A freaky-looking eyeball comes right the hell out of nowhere and attaches itself to his face. Klonoa proceeds to fight Jillius and the eyeball. The fight itself isn't so bad, but that cutscene before it was downright unnerving!
    • After destroying the eyeball, Jillius comes back to his senses, and despite being in immense pain, tells Klonoa that he wanted him to come back to the castle. Klonoa is confused, but then a dark figure approaches from behind - it's Bagoo, who reveals his plan to take over the world, and declares himself the King of Despair before giving this very chilling line:
    Bagoo:: I will turn all dreamers into monsters! And you're next!
    • While this is happening, Bagoo's shadow - complete with an Evil Laugh - rises up from the ground, towering over everyone and glaring at Klonoa - or maybe even the player - with Glowing Eyes of Doom!
    • Then there's the final battle itself. Bagoo transforms into an enormous, ghostly dragon/bird monster so detailed that it falls right into the Uncanny Valley! And after Klonoa defeats it, it turns into a horrifying dark cloud with tentacles and a Nightmare Face before finally fading away. Yikes.

Klonoa Heroes

  • The main characters' "poisoned" status images. Not the one used for Klonoa during that cutscene (that one was surprisingly tame), but the ones used for gameplay. The characters being depicted in that state, with purple faces and looking like they can’t breathe, comes off as rather unsettling. Heck, Pango's image depicts him with his eyes crossed and his tongue out, and Klonoa's image depicts him clutching his throat and reaching out to the camera!
  • Janga. An anthropomorphic cat with Hellish Pupils, a big Slasher Smile, and poison claws. He's also perhaps the most Ax-Crazy and irredeemably evil character in the series.
  • Nahatomb looks more human-like in this game but is still just as nightmare-inducing with the way he absorbs Garlen and Lolo. Phase two of his fight is more horrifying as it takes place inside his body where you have to fight his heart within a background of multiple eyes. Phase three cranks it up to eleven by having him transform into a monster with several eyes around it's body and all over the room!


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