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NOTICE: Per wiki policy, ALL spoilers below will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Hyness' name is a meaningful pun. It's spelled closer to Highness (with the y replacing the last three letters) which is a word often associated with leaders and royalty, which, to the members of the Jamba Cult, he likely is. However, it can also be interpreted/pronounced as Heinous, a descriptor meaning, in Layman's Terms, really evil.
  • Morpho Knight acts as a bit of a Foil to the friends:
    • One attack is to make friends evil, where the friends make enemies...friends.
    • His Turns Red animation acts resembles one of the elemental boost animations.
    • The butterfly is given a new purpose in this game, much like some helpers like Plugg, Como, and Broom Hatter.
    • His former status as an Anti-Climax Boss accidentally reflects how most friends are common enemies.
  • Why does Void Termina's core take the shape of a sphere? Because it's the same shape of a single cell, which is the most basic unit of life - much like how Void is stated to be the origin of all kinds of Matter.
  • Ever wonder why Void Termina's body resembles Dark Star? One of its descriptions notes that it is composed of "dark energy". Perhaps, the same type of "dark energy" as a planet-sized mass of Dark Matter? It's even more significant when you consider that in its true form, its core resembles Zero, who (along with its angelic counterpart) lurked in the center of the clouds.
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  • Why does Void Termina's Soul and Morpho Knight's attack that turns your friends against you only cause chip damage to Kirby? Because he has the Friend Heart from the Heart Scepter within him.
  • Hyness's plan in Guest Star ????/Heroes in Another Dimension was always doomed to fail. Void exists in all universes, and Hyness was said to have taken the Jamba Heart FROM Another Dimension to begin with. His logic was that he could pull another out when in actuality, he wasted the incarnation of Void from Another Dimension in the main story. To add onto this, why not go for the incarnation of Void in the main universe? Well if 0 really was the main universe's incarnation of Void, Kirby already took care of him. And for good measure, Kirby's also taken out Dark Mind, which seems to be Void's incarnation in the Mirror World. Kirby's already wiped out all of Hyness's options.
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  • Why did Hyness grant the Mage-Sisters power based on what had previously nearly ended their lives? Because the ability to control your exposure to the things that have harmed you is one of the most important steps towards overcoming trauma and phobias.
  • Bandana Waddle Dee's Dream Friend jingle is kinda clever. For one, it's a remix of the Wii Channel jingle for Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Bandana Dee's first starring role. However, that jingle was itself based on "Welcome to Dream Land," the title theme of Kirby's Dream Land. This choice both honors Bandana Waddle Dee's personal history and, as his pause description says, "represent(s) the Waddle Dees as they accept their perfect attendance award for the Kirby series."

Fridge Horror

  • Galacta Knight is strong enough to have been sealed away for being too strong. Then a mysterious butterfly just seemingly "vaporizes" him into light, which transforms into Morpho Knight. Whatever this could mean, it's likely a bad thing.
  • During Hyness' rant, he claims that the Ancients tried to erase his and the Mage-Sisters' existence from history. Just more crazy delusions, right? Well, during the final battle, Void Termina summons a copy of the Master Crown. The same Master Crown that Magolor previously credited to the Ancients.
  • As more and more Dream Friends are added to the game, Hyness' altar has steadily gotten worse and worse. But what seems most disturbing is that it looks to be referencing both Dark Matter and Queen Sectonia, the two cruelest villains in the entire Kirby franchise.
    • It's not just Dark Matter: Based on how the floor of the altar is changing (Hyper Zone and then Dark Star), Zero might be involved...
    • Soul Melter EX reveals what these hints were building up to: the purest form of Void Termina, simply just called Void. Considering the enormous amount of hintsnote , it is very likely that Void Termina is in fact, none other than Zero itself, a reincarnation of the being, or even its Monster Progenitor.
  • Pause screen descriptions for each of the Three Mage-Sisters in Soul Melter EX reveals their backstories about how they were on the brink of death and how Hyness saved them. Zan Partizanne, in particular, was struck by lightning at the stormy time when she desperately climbed the tower. In the Japanese texts, it was stated that prior to that, Zan Partizanne had lost everything. With that in mind, it seems like Zan had...unpleasant reasons to climb that tower.
  • Heroes in Another Dimension isn't the first game to use Parallel bosses; Team Kirby Clash Deluxe had Parallel Susie and Parallel Landia, Parallel versions of characters who are associated with Another Dimension. Now considering what we know about how Parallel bosses are formed via the pause descriptions in this game, is it a sign that Susie and Landia had a run-in with Void Termina or a Jamba Heart? Is it a sign that their past defeats could have formed a parallel counterpart in the first place? Or is it a sign that there's more than two ways for a Parallel counterpart to form? And if that's the case, what else may have a Parallel counterpart?

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