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NOTICE: Per wiki policy, ALL spoilers below will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
  • The game's now-defining feature, the Dream Friends, certainly counts. At launch, it's the characters you'd expect: Bandana Waddle Dee at the start and King Dedede and Meta Knight after their respective defeats. Come each update, however, and the roster expands to include three more characters representing each main series installment: Rick, Kine and Coo, Marx and Gooey for Wave 1, Adeleine and Ribbon, Dark Meta Knight and Daroach for Wave 2, and Magolor, Taranza and Susie for Wave 3 with the Mage-Sisters being introduced as an Infinity +1 Sword. Many of these characters are either returning to playable status after years of absence, or they're made playable for the first time. Either way, it's pretty dang awesome.
  • Star Allies gives us the final battle. Kirby and his friends, christened the Star Allies, ride aboard a special wingpack called the Star Allies Sparkler, made from the Friend Star, the four Heart Spears that sealed away the Jamba Heart that Hyness and his followers worshipped, and The Power of Friendship. They ride off on the Star Allies Sparkler to chase the entity that emerged from the said heart; the Destroyer of Worlds and implied origin of Dark Matter and the Master Crown, Void Termina. What follows is a long struggle that ends with Kirby and his friends getting into a Beam-O-War with Void Termina's essence, overwhelming it with a scream of triumph and finishing it off with a final volley using the power of all the friends Kirby has made along the way, including Meta Knight, Dedede and even Marx and Dark Meta Knight. If you've beaten Heroes in Another Dimension, even the Mage-Sisters will join you.
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  • The final battle of Heroes in Another Dimension is this in spades! After a much harder battle against Hyness, having become corrupted by the effects of Another Dimension, the Mage-Sisters arrive, and honouring their promise to their leader, challenge Kirby and friends all at once. At first, the battle theme is just the same as that heard when battling Francisca and Flamberge ("Song of Supplication"), but once the battle enters its second phase, this pumped-up remix medley of "Twinkle☆Traveler," the main theme and the "Song of Supplication" kicks in as the three gain access to their second weapons; that's right, this is a upbeat and rocking Theme Music Power-Up sequence, but not just for you - it's for everyone involved! Once the beams begin flying, the battle gets so intense that even the Switch itself has trouble displaying it all and might begin lagging and stuttering, but this does little to dampen the effect when you're facing quite possibly the most hectic battle in the game thus far. The reward for completing the battle with more than 100 Hearts obtained in the four stages beforehand is definitely worth the challenge, to say the least.
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  • Star Slam Heroes is this from a conceptual standpoint. What do you do in it? Hit a falling meteor back to space with a baseball bat, and as you do, it busts through several planets until finally stopping. What Planet Robobot was to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Star Allies is to the fourth episode of FLCL. Someone over at HAL Labs must be a huge fan of Studio Gainax's work.
  • When Ribbon is carrying Adeleine, the two of them use the Crystal as a weapon like what Kirby did against 02. Overkill? Nah, we don't think so.
  • Daroach's Guest Star description has one. He and his fellow Squeaks have just heard of the Jamba Heart pieces and decided to go searching for them simply because they feel up to the challenge. Saving the world is just a bonus.
  • The Picture Gallery may seem like a weird place for awesome moments, but there are two pictures that are undeniably cool. The first one is the anniversary picture that represents Kirby Super Star, titled "Super Ultra Battle!", which depicts a 3-way fight between Kirby, Meta Knight, and Dedede with Marx, Masked Dedede, and Galacta Knight in the background. The second image was added during Wave 2 of the Dream Friends updates and is titled "Shadowy Partners", which depicts Dark Meta Knight and Daroach as Back-to-Back Badasses as they're surrounded by various enemies from the Jamba Heart cult, with the Jambandra Base looming ominously in the background.
  • Each of the Dream Friend battles against Morpho Knight, even if their canonicity is debatable, have their own themes that take on a different meaning depending on who's fighting.
    • All of the Dream Friends available at launch (Bandanna Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Meta Knight) get a techno remix of Nightmare's theme. We've seen how much of a threat Nightmare is, so this music playing implies that Morpho Knight is every bit as much of a threat as Nightmare, possibly even more so. This battle is one the heroes can't afford to lose, so they'll make sure to win it.
    • Rick & Kine & Coo, Gooey and Adeleine & Ribbon each get a remix of their respective Final Bosses. This ends up being a moment of awesome for Morpho Knight, as if he's not stopped here and now, he'll become just as big a threat to the galaxy as Dark Matter. At the same time, it quickly turns into one for the respective Dream Friends when the music turns triumphant, reminding us that it doesn't matter if Morpho becomes as threatening as the Dark Matter invaders - because Kirby's allies still defeated them, and Morpho is next on their list.
    • Marx gets a remix of his theme, as if he's reminding Morpho Knight just who the real final boss is. And according to the Guest Star flavor text, he actually sensed the danger and fought on his own accord, supposedly cementing a Heel–Face Turn in the process.
    • Dark Meta Knight gets a remix of his game's boss theme and Dark Mind's themes. To him, Morpho Knight is just another boss, yet it's abundantly clear that he could become just as bad as Dark Mind if left unchecked. And unlike Marx, Dark Meta Knight's motives are still unquestionably shady, meaning he's the only former antagonist so far who hasn't turned good.
    • Daroach, meanwhile, gains a remix of his own squad's theme. To the Squeaks, Morpho Knight is just the last obstacle in obtaining a legendary treasure, and Daroach is more than confident in his ability to take him down.
    • Magolor gets a medley of songs from Return to Dream Land, most prominently featuring his final boss theme, "C-R-O-W-N-E-D". As with Marx, it's like Magolor is reminding Morpho Knight just who the real final boss is here. Unlike Marx, though, not even the game itself is sure he's on your side or not. Either way, he's here to pay his debt to his friends, and he isn't letting anyone get in his way.
    • Taranza's fight with Morpho Knight is set to a medley of his debut game's final battle themes. Which means all of Queen Sectonia's battle themes. What's the significance of this besides the fact that it's his debut game's Final Boss theme? Well, in the past, Taranza and Queen Sectonia had a very good friendship. In fact, his Weapon description in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe states that he even had feelings for her, but never admitted them. However, Queen Sectonia became evil after being corrupted by the Dimension Mirror that Taranza presented to her. She used her beauty to intoxicate Taranza into doing her bidding. This influence was seemingly broken when Sectonia attacked Taranza. Realizing Sectonia was a danger to everyone; servants, subjects, opposers, and bystanders alike, Taranza aided in taking down his former queen. He later tried to call out to help Sectonia, but his voice didn't reach her due to her insanity and desire for power. His pause screen description in this game states that he hopes for a miracle, presumably meaning he wishes to to see Sectonia sane again, even though his heart already knows the answer to that question. That apparently won't stop him from trying, even if he has to go through Morpho Knight to do so. Uh, like, wow.
    • Susie also gets an orchestral cover of the final battle theme(s) from her game of origin, in her case, Planet Robobot during the battle with Star Dream. Her pause screen description implies that her goal is to rebuild the Haltmann Works Co. after the Star Dream incident. She probably just sees Morpho Knight as the final hurdle in the way of making that goal a reality. And just like Daroach, she's certain she can handle it.
  • Speaking of Morpho Knight, remember how pathetic he was in Guest Star ???? and the Ultimate Choice from Fiery Showdown to Soul Melter? Yeah. Try fighting him in the Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter EX, or in Guest Star The Three Mage Sisters, where he is the only final boss, having replaced Hyness. Instead of the normal Morpho Knight, you face Morpho Knight EX. Now he's faster, stronger, and way more aggressive than he was back then. On top of that, his attacks have less startup time, he warps across the battlefield, he blocks attacks more often and his Signature Moves have been amped Up to Eleven. Good luck getting to the True Final Boss.
  • An even bigger surprise is the True Final Boss itself, being an even stronger version of Void Termina; more so than even the Soul variation that came before it. If you so happen to enter the fourth and final phase, it introduces itself as Void: and, judging by the visual cues and references that it takes, it is very apparent that Void Termina is not just a new force of darkness that reached its zenith. It might just be Zero itself, returning after 18 years of absence!!


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