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Helper to Hero will return
Seems like a no-brainer, with the return of helpers.
  • Confirmed, though closer to the Dedede Tour or Meta Knightmare mode from previous Kirby games as a speedrun through all the levels.

HR-D3 will return
It would make a great Mythology Gag, for obvious reasons.
  • Jossed.

The Power of Love will be a motif in this game
Much like how flowers and nature were for Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and how robots and machines were for Kirby: Planet Robobot, hearts will be the motif of this game. This could also indicate the long-awaited return of Ribbon, who hasn't appeared since a decade and a half, and will finally reveal her true feelings for Kirby.
  • Maybe, since Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot focused on nature and technology respectively, this game will focus on magic. It'll probably treat love as such.
    • As revealed in the January 11 Nintendo Direct, the plot will indeed involve hearts. Apparently, there happens to be a heart-like plant which might be the basis of this game's entire plot.
    • Not to mention that the Famitsu magazine scans state that there are "Three Mage Generals". Mage, as in magician. The mysterious hooded villain might even be a mage themselves.
      • Mostly confirmed - however Ribbon only makes a cameo...until a certain update, that is.

amiibo support
There will be amiibos of all the helpers Kirby recruits in his adventure. Similar to Kirby: Planet Robobot, scanning these amiibos will grant Kirby the Copy Ability they possess. This may also work for already-existing amiibos. A collection of all of these could be a potential Game-Breaker.
  • Mostly jossed. There is indeed amiibo functionality in this game, but instead of granting you powers, they give you puzzle pieces and life refills. There are also no new amiibos. Sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to using the Jigglypuff amiibo to blast bosses to submission.

The main villains will at least be given a Last-Second Chance, if not a full Heel–Face Turn.
Considering the theme of redeeming enemies that seems to be present in this game, it would be strange if Kirby just killed the Big Bad like usual. In this game, he'll probably at least try to convince the villain to turn back. The villain may or may not accept.
  • Maybe the Big Bad will refuse to change their ways, but The Dragon will. Or maybe the other way around.
    • Nope.
      • Actually Confirmed, in a sense. Collecting 100 or more Friend Hearts before defeating the Three Mage-Sisters at the end of Heroes in Another Dimension has Kirby restore the Sisters with a massive Friend Heart, and they are unlocked as playable characters. Heck, even Hyness gets redeemed (or at least freed from his corrupted state).

World name acronyms
They've been in almost every Kirby game recently, so let's guess what the first letters of each world in this game will spell.
  • A-L-L-I-E-S: Admittedly, the world name acronyms aren't usually Title Drops, but guesses like this are what WMG pages are for.
  • H-E-A-R-T
  • F-R-I-E-N-D
  • F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P: Imagine if the game was long, and the levels spelled out this?
  • T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K: This could be especially interesting if the villain has their own team.
  • D-A-R-K-N-E-S-S: The first level is stated to be Dream Land (Pupupu Land in Japan), so probably the other planets will spell out this word.
    • In the end, their is no acronym for the worlds. Instead, world 2 of Popstar has its levels spell out F-R-I-E-N-D-S.

Zero will become a Bonus Boss in the True Arena.
Since Dark Matter somewhat returned in Planet Robobot, chances are that that bloody white blob will show up here, whether it be in his original form or Zero-Two. Or both.
  • Or maybe it'll be Zero-Three.
    • Sadly jossed. Though the final boss does seem to be connected to it.
      • Nope. It's finally confirmed (sort of), as Void takes on a palette that directly mimics the creature itself - even including the Boss Butch variation of the Hyper Zone on his splash screen.

Dark Matter/Zero is back.
The purple-smoke-possession thing definitely seems to be following their previous modus operandi, and it's been established that the race isn't totally wiped out with the Clone from the previous game. Plus, it IS a big milestone for the series, so why not bring back their most iconic villan?
  • Alternatively, an Expy of Dark Matter(like Dark Nebula or Dark Crafter) will be the main antagonist.
    • Jossed. As revealed in the January 11 Direct, it is a brand new antagonist. However, their connection to the Dark Matter clan remains uncertain for now.
      • Actually, it's now Confirmed; Void Termina is an Eldritch Abomination worshiped as a god and its worshipers refer to themselves as "masters of a matter most dark". The final phase of its fight reveals it to in fact be related to Dark Matter, and when you face it in Soul Melter EX, it mimics Zero's color and attack patterns.

The new villain is related to Magolor.
With their robe and glowing eyes, they do look similar to Magolor, and in the Jan. 11 Nintendo Direct, they are stated to be a "deep space threat".
  • Confirmed, for the most part. Void Termina uses the Master Crown as one of its last attacks in its giant form. Hyness also has ears that look near-identical to Magolor's.

Alternate modes and minigames
Given HAL's tradition of including bonus challenges in their Kirby games these days, let's see if we can determine which ones will show up for this game and which ones won't.
  • The Arena: Pretty standard, really.
  • Helper to Hero: Already mentioned above.
  • Meta-Knightmare Times Four: With Blade Knight already an available helper, it's safe to say that he and Sword Knight will come back as Meta Knight's helpers for this fourth Meta-Knightmare mode. And of course, Galacta Knight will be waiting for you as the final boss.
  • The Second Coming of Dededetour: King Dedede once again journeys Dream Land after being freed from the villain's control. Unlike Kirby: Triple Deluxe, he will be given tools to play with that will be similar to Meta Knight's — being the abilities to call in a helper (in this case being Bandanna Waddle Dee, fighting similarly to how he does in Kirbys Return To Dreamland), run fast, and heal, and the expensive Game-Breaker attack. Though, unlike Meta-Knightmare, where the final boss is pretty obvious, we have no idea who the final boss for this mode could be if it becomes a reality, especially after the surprise of the last one. For all we know, Tiff could be the final boss, given how she hated Dedede's dictatorship for years.
  • Bandana Dee's Quest: A mode similar to the ones listed above, but you play the game as Bandana Dee. Instead of having screen clearing moves, you can either spawn a helper or use an ability, like hammer or sword.
  • Nintendo Switch MG5: Nobody's saying there wouldn't be minigames to play as you progress through the levels, or that they will come back for this throwback to Super NES MG5. Let's hope they don't make you tear your hair out like the last ones did.
  • The TRUE Arena: Again, pretty standard. But since Dededetour and Meta-Knightmare Returns featured much tougher bosses in the last two games, HAL is going to have to pick and choose which of these two modes will be acceptable for this game's TRUE arena to borrow from...unless there's an even TRUER arena in the works...
    • If there is both Dededetour and Meta-Knightmare in this game and if they're unlocked at the same time, then they will most likely share many bosses while still having a few exclusives. The TRUE Arena will include them all, from the shared bosses to the exclusives. Plus a True Final Boss exclusive to the TRUE Arena.
      • All of these names are Jossed. The extra modes include some small minigames, the Guest Star mode (similar to Helper to Hero, but structured like the more recent extra modes) and the Arena, renamed the Ultimate Choice. The difficulty in this mode can be adjusted as well.

The new girl Francisca is either...
  • A former member of the new clan who is corrupted by the dark force
  • A soldier who went rogue and wanting to get revenge on her clan
  • A member of the clan who is following their orders and turns her sights on Kirby
It can be either of these three options. Feel free to add in another guess.
  • Turns out she's the third option along with the other 2 members of her team.

Plot theories...
Francisca is an artificial being created by her boss. The staff is her main mind and her body is a physical representation of herself. Initially, she's created to be an underling of her leader, but eventually, she learns of love for her boss and herself...which causes her downfall, as her body cannot handle those feelings, and would melt into nothingness, but would suffer only a Disney Death.

The Galaxy Heart (tentative name) is the galaxy's emotional core that the Boss will abuse for some ulterior motive, turning his sights towards Pop Star. After corrupting the populace with self-indulgent love (most cases, warping their bodies, in the case of King Dedede), Kirby will be immune; in fact, he'll assume the power for himself, which will provide the game's core mechanic. Eventually, it turns out that Francisca's boss is the last Halcandran or some other race, and will lose control of the Heart. you'll probably go through stages, befriending characters Kirby's Dream Land 3-style to breach into the main boss' own warped form. If the game has a True Arena, I could see Drawcia and Paintra coming back as a dual boss, to expand on the theme of love, even if it's just familial love (and to confirm again, that they are sisters). Maybe Paintcia Soul? Or Marx for some reason...

  • Pretty much all jossed.

About The New Characters...
Francisca and that other character will be connected to the Ancients in some way. Not only does the hooded character have symbols around their hands resembling those in the Lor Starcutter, but the "Dark Heart" resembles the heart of Nova and Star Dream.
  • Seemingly confirmed; Hyness's backstory exposition hints at being banished to the edge of the galaxy in ancient times, and Void Termina uses what appears to be the Master Crown in his final form. Hyness himself also has ears that look similar to those of Magolor.

The magic beams shooting out of the Heart were meant to corrupt everyone on Dream World, but something went wrong and some of the beams ended up granting good powers instead — or vice versa.
The Heart is shown shooting out both pink and purple beams towards Dreamland. One of the pink beams hits Kirby, and that might be what gives him the friends ability. Meanwhile, the corrupted Dedede and Meta Knight both have purple auras, so they were presumably hit with the purple beams. But it doesn't make sense for someone to want both of those effects to happen at the same time, so either someone was trying to corrupt everyone but something went wrong, or someone was trying to give everyone heart powers but something went wrong.
  • It's revealed that Hyness (the hooded villain) botched the ritual to summon a God of Evil, Void Termina. The result scattered the hearts across the galaxy, and it is these hearts that gave Kirby his friends ability and corrupted Dedede and Meta Knight.

Francisca won't betray the true antagonist.
Her role in the game seems similar to that of Taranza and Susie before her, thus setting up expectations that she would betray her leader. Just for the sake of subverting expectations, she may instead show Undying Loyalty towards her leader.
  • Going even further, maybe in the battle against the Big Bad after they have been beaten, Francisca will then absorb the remaining power of her master simply so she can carry out their plan, with the true final battle being against Francisca herself. The "Soul" equivalent could even be her after she's gone mad with power.
    • Alternatively... it won't actually be Francisca, but... Kirby himself. Bear with me. One of the hearts went inside Kirby, giving him the power to create new friends by tossing them hearts. What if the corruption effect takes about 24 hours before Kirby can fully be corrupted, becoming power-hungry and evil? Sounds ridiculous, I know. But we've already had a he/she/it before as final bosses, now's the time for Kirby to become Brainwashed and Crazy. It would be awesome if it did happen.
      • Problem is, if Kirby is Brainwashed and Crazy, then who will we play as?
      • Easy. You will take control of one of the Helpers. If this trailer wasn't enough; you will take control of the second player Helper to fight against Kirby in his corrupted state. If no Helper is present; then you will take control of a randomly-generated Helper who comes to the rescue in a Big Damn Heroes moment.
      • Taking this further, perhaps which Helper you play as could be dependent on which Ability Kirby beat the boss with (Waddle Doo for Beam, Blade Knight for Sword, Sir Kibble for Cutter, etc.). Or if Kirby doesn't beat the boss with an Ability, either a) the Helper will be randomized, or b) you will be able to choose which Helper to play as.
      • Judging from the recent gameplay footage, the game has doors that require a minimum number of Helpers at Kirby's side to open. So if the whole "Kirby gets brainwashed and a Helper takes the lead" thing happen, it will involve that type of door.
      • The first point is confirmed: Francisca doesn't betray her leader. However, the final battle is against Void Termina rather than Francisca. In fact, Hyness (said leader) sacrifices her to Void Termina. As for the second point, Void Termina's core does take an appearance similar to Kirby, but Kirby himself isn't brainwashed.

The Three Mage Generals
In the recent Famitsu scans, it is mentioned that Francisca is one of the Three Mage Generals. It's probable that they will first be fought separately, with the latter two likely being masters of Fire and Plasma, for obvious reasons. However, after the initial fights, there could be a fight against all three at once, with them using combo attacks similar to Kirby's friend abilities, perhaps with the help of the hooded character.
  • Apparently, official artwork has revealed that the other 2 generals have yellow and red hair; so it's obvious the red-haired general will have Fire powers, and as for the yellow one? Probably Plasma, but it's green in color, so...
    • Confirmed. Francisca is the first of the Jambastion mages to be fought; with Flamberge (the fire mage) as the second and Zan Partizanne (the lightning mage) as the last. Also, Hyness (the hooded character) uses combination attacks with them in his boss fight.
      • And then you actually DO fight all three at once at the end of Heroes in Another Dimension.

The game won't entirely take place on Planet Popstar
The level format could be similar to Super Star's Milky Way Wishes mode and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Kirby would need to travel to different planets before reaching the "Demon Heart" at the center of the universe.
  • Confirmed. World 4 is entirely about Kirby traveling to different planets.

There will be an extra mode like Dededetour and Meta Knightmare Returns and the final boss will be a form of Zero.
Going by the patterns with the last two regular Kirby games, it makes sense. Dedede tour's final boss was Dark Meta Knight and Triple Deluxe came out 10 years after Amazing Mirror. While Meta Knightmare Returns didn't have a final boss that was in a game 10 years prior, the final boss Star Dream is basically a recreation of Nova, who made his first appearance 20 years prior in Kirby Super Star. Zero made his first appearance in Kirby Dream Land 3 which came out 20 years ago in March in Japan.
  • Half-confirmed. There is an extra mode, but Zero does not appear at all. Instead, the boss is Morpho Knight: the unused butterfly Meta-Knight design. Void Termina IS implied to be connected to Zero somehow, however, and eventually dons its color palette.

The "Friend Heart" might be more than what it seems...
What I can point out from the story; the Friend Heart is pink in color and went inside Kirby's body. It can give him the power to toss hearts at enemies, befriending them. Perhaps there's more to this heart; maybe even an 11th-Hour Superpower. Do you get my point?

The new hooded villain will turn out to be really cute.
Notice how their sleeves are way too big for their arms? This dude is obviously smol.

Going off the above theory, the new hooded villain is one of Kirby's species.
We were all shocked the first time we saw Meta Knight's face, so maybe they'll use a similar twist for this new character.
  • Jossed.

As an alternative to the above two theories, the hooded villain will actually be ugly.
That's why they hide their face. And maybe, because of their unattractive face, nobody wants to be friends with them, and that's why they turned evil.
  • Confirmed, but since this is a Kirby game, it could also be seen the other way. However, him seeking friendship is jossed — he desires to revive the god of darkness, Void Termina.

Adeleine will be the one playable in the Extra Mode.
As this video points out, Spear has yet to be confirmed to be in the game (which is, btw, Bandana Waddle Dee's weapon) and the extra playable character always has a moveset based on one of Kirby's Abilities. Since there's the Artist Ability (which can do Adeleine's signature "send what you paint at your enemies" attack), this means that, so far, Adeleine is, as of now, actually more likely to be the Extra Character than Bandana Waddle Dee.
  • We haven't seen her for almost 2 decades, so I wouldn't be surprised if she came back as the Extra Mode's playable character.
  • Expanding upon this, maybe the Extra mode will be a 4 player co-op mode featuring side characters from Kirby's history, where they all 4 make an alliance to beat the big bad. For example, Taranza could also be one of the player characters, using a more powerful version of Spider.
    • Jossed. Adeleine isn't playable in the extra mode. She may become playable in a later update, though.
      • Unjossed as of the latest news. Both Adeleine and Ribbon are confirmed to be part of the second wave of Dream Friends, thereby confirming this WMG.

King Dedede and Meta Knight's EX forms
Perhaps King Dedede will become Masked Dedede in the Extra Mode of the game, while Meta Knight will be replaced with Galacta Knight.
  • Jossed. Neither Dedede nor Meta Knight change for their EX boss fights (though the sky in the background of Dedede's fight changes to night/cloudy.

The Final Boss
The final boss is whatever is on the Generals' hats. From the looks of it, it will be in the shape of a heart with wings, horns, and a giant eye in the center. So it could be Zero again or another member of the Dark Matter Forces like Dark Nebula.
  • Confirmed!
    • More like kinda confirmed: It's unclear exactly how Void Termina is connected to Dark Matter.

The third General will have a spear.
Francisca has an axe while Flamberge has a sword. In a trio with each having a Weapon of Choice, the classic Weapon Triangle of Fire Emblem is the most natural conclusion here.
  • Confirmed. Zan Partizanne wields a partisan, which is shaped like a spear.

Where else do we see a giant purple heart?
  • Jossed. Void Termina is far beyond Star Dream.

The acronym will be spelled out by level names, instead of world names.
The first 3 worlds are Dream Land, Popstar,and the Jabastion. There aren't any words that start with "Dpj". So, if they're going to continue having an acronym, it will have to be spelled by the levels.
  • Confirmed for World 2 (FRIENDS), Jossed everywhere else.

Sleep will be useful in some way.
I know Kirby Battle Royale is a spinoff, but hey, it worked there.
  • Jossed.

Other Dream Allies will appear
With Marx, the animal friends, Gooey, King Dedede, and Meta Knight playable with some abilities as a base, I just want to add my guess for future allies and what ability they could use for a base
  • Adeleine (Artist)
    • Confirmed.
  • Ribbon (Wing/Beam)
    • Confirmed.
  • Taranza (Spider)
  • Susie (ESP, UFO, Yo-yo)
    • Confirmed, though she uses a blaster and her Business Suit in place of other abilities.
  • Galacta Knight (Sword)
  • Prince Fluff (Whip)
  • The Squeaks
    • Or alternatively, just singular members on their own like Daroach (Ice), Spinni (Ninja), Doc (UFO), and Storo (Suplex).
      • Mostly confirmed for Daroach. It is unknown if the other members will appear, though.
  • Magolor (ESP)
    • Confirmed (though he does summon Lor Starcutter and use Ultra Abilities too).
  • Shadow Kirby(Smash Bros or copy)
  • Claycia & Elline (Staff or Artist)
  • Gryll (From Kirby's Super Star Stacker, Clean)
  • Necrodeus
  • Nightmare
  • Nago, ChuChu, and Pitch (clean)
  • King D-Mind (Hammer)
  • Drawcia (Artist)
  • Wheelie Bike (Wheel)
  • Wheelie Scooter (Wheel)
  • Rex Wheelie (Wheel)
  • Escargoon
  • Queen Sectonia (sword)
    • Jossed, though she makes a cameo as part of Taranza's moveset.
  • Landia
  • Oohroo (Suplex)
  • Yin-Yarn
  • Battle Royale Sleep Kirby
  • Mega Titan
  • Francisca (Ice/Hammer)
  • Flamberge (Fire/Sword)
  • Zan Partizanne (Plasma/Spear or Staff)
    • Confirmed for the above three, though they act as one character when playable.
  • Hyness
  • Qbby
  • King Egger
  • Rooks
  • Chao (From Famicom Mukashibanashi: Yūyūki, Fighter)
  • Robobot Armor (sized down to about the same size as the miniboss friends, with attacks based on its various Modes)
    • We’ve seen footage of the animal friends, Marx, and Gooey in action. They don’t seem to be based around a specific ability, but instead attacks they could do in their home games, reworked and combined into a single moveset. This will likely be the case for future Dream Friends as well.
      • True - all Dream Friends use moves that they could do in their home games, but some moves are already part of an ability to begin with. Bandana Dee uses the Spear ability which isn't in Star Allies, Marx’s balls are similar to Bomb, and Gooey’s tongue attacks are like the Whip ability. From a design perspective, it would be easier to use data from an existing ability and match it to a new character instead of making a completely new move set. Of course, this may not apply to all Dream Friends and all their moves, but HAL could use that as a base and expand from there.

Kirby starts the game thinking Dedede is stealing food again
In the intro (shown on GameXplain), Kirby gets started on his quest when he sees Waddle Dees bringing food to Dedede's castle. He starts the game believing that Dedede is stealing all the food once more, but this quickly changes.
  • Confirmed by Dream Land's descriptions and the fake-out ending.

    Post-release guesses 
Void Termina
isn't Dark Matter, but has been influenced by it in the past.Void Termina's final form switches between looking like Kirby and looking like Dark Matter. Considering that Void Termina is affected by the energy surrounding it, the reason it looks like Kirby is obvious; the pink puffball literally radiates friendship in this game. And if Kirby's influence makes it look like him, intense negative energy from Dark Matter would also do the same. Something had to make Void Termina incarnate into an evil form in the first place if the description given by the ancient texts mentioned in-game are telling the truth.

Dream Friends that join Kirby aren't the real versions of the character.
Rather, they are created by some combination of the powers of the Dream Palace, and Kirby's own dreams. This explains how, among other things:
  • There can be two or more King Dededes or Meta Knights, etc. in a team.
  • The aforementioned characters are able to battle themselves as bosses.
  • Rick, Coo, and Kine seem to exist as a single, form-changing entity.
  • Marx is an ally of Kirby, despite not becoming a good guy, and being seemingly Killed Off for Real.
    • You have to unlock Dedede and Meta Knight by befriending them though. The "fighting themselves/multiple on one team" thing is probably just Gameplay and Story Segregation.
    • In regard to Marx, the Japanese website implies that Marx is only teaming up with Kirby because he knows the oncoming threat it stronger than he is, and he's fearing for his own safety.

Kirby is a part of Dark Matter that came out wrong, like Gooey.
Between Void Termina being implied to be Dark Matter (and by extension Zero)'s Monster Progenitor and the fact that Void's core essence has Kirby's face on it, and also has a very deep version of Kirby's voice, it is possible that Kirby might be another rebellious piece of Dark Matter, taking form of a Kirby...while his true form is not unveiled yet.

Yes, I do know this is stupid.

Void Termina is the original Dark Matter... and tying in with above, the original Kirby.
The way that Void Termina may have reincarnated over the centuries was by creating certain "offspring" from itself. One half of these offspring turned into Zero, his Dark Matter lackeys, the Master Crown, and possibly Dark Nebula. The other half, however, is the half that had more positive energies, creating the Kirby race. The reason its design has certain traits from all of these different factions is because they were designed with subconscious influence from itself. It likely didn't intend on their moralities ending up the way they did, however, as it probably hadn't gained sentience yet when all of this happened. It might've simply been acting on survival instinct. Everything that happened afterward was either coincidence... or fate.
  • Seemingly confirmed, or at the very least, implied - The JP description for its true form, Void, says that it is the origin of "Matters of Dream, Dark, Soul, and Heart." Note the Dream and Dark Matters.

Morpho Knight is the Kirby version of Anankos.
I know this sounds pretty stupid, but hear me out. In Fire Emblem Fates, Anankos creates a Puppet version of Garon with most of his power. Only at the end of Revelation, does Anankos get most of his power back by absorbing Puppet!Garon's. Maybe Morpho Knight did something similar with Galacta Knight? note 

The reason Void Termina looks like both Kirby and Dark Matter... because it's attempting to live up to the part of "destroyer of worlds". Dark Matter is an obvious choice for that, being one of the relatively few Kirby villains that was a threat for more than one game and to more places than Pop Star, while Kirby himself... well, he's taken down his fair share of baddies, many of which were world-threatening entities, themselves, so it's not surprising that Void Termina would take his form on, with the logic being that Kirby is more terrifying than the villains.

Hyness and the Mage Generals
are the heroes who originally defeated and sealed away Void Termina. In his ranting before his boss fight, Hyness states that he and the other Jambastion Mages were responsible for averting a "galactic crisis" only to be banished by the ancients and have their names erased from history. Now, in one of Hyness' boss descriptions, it states that Void Termina was defeated by "four heroes of yore". It also states that the four heroes were never seen again after defeating Void Termina.

Now, together, Hyness and the three Mage Generals are four people. Perhaps, out of anger for not receiving the credit they deserve for beating Void Termina, Hyness and the Mage Generals decided to release Void Termina as revenge. It's pretty disproportionate, but Hyness is shown to have a few screws loose. Perhaps being sealed and banished to the edges of the galaxy drove him insane.

Void Termina is Zero.
Instead of retconning Zero (the original creator of all Dark Matter), Void could be explained as either being Zero's true and most powerful form. So in a way we finally get to face 03.
  • Both his overseas name and Japanese name (End-Nil) can also be synonymous with Final-Zero, possibly adding further support to this theory.
    • His final form, Void, is also colored to directly reference Zero - making this theory incredibly likely.

Void Termina is Popopo, the prototype Kirby.
There is a theory from Pixiv Dictionary suggesting that Void Termina might be Popopo, the prototype Kirby during the development stage. Void Soul has a white colour scheme resembling the white Kirby on the cover of Kirbys Dreamland, and prior to settling for the name as "Kirby", Kirby was known as "Popopo" during the development stage. Since the prototype Meta Knight has been brought back in the form of Morpho Knight, it is also possible that Popopo is also brought back as a standalone character, but in the form of Void Termina after being corrupted by Hyness.

Why Hyness couldn't complete the Jamba Heart
Though it appears several pieces are lost forever when Hyness can't complete the ritual, this isn't the case. They were hidden right under everyone's noses in the form of Kirby's Friend Hearts, out of the mages' reach and likely off their radar.
  • Counting Hyness, it took four sacrifices to complete the Jamba Heart. Counting Kirby, there are four people opposing him. Seems to check out.

Hyness and the mages were banished for crossing the Godzilla Threshold.
During his speech prior to the boss battle, Hyness claims that he and the others were singlehandedly responsible for ending a "galactic crisis". Now, it's easy to chalk this up to Self-Serving Memory, but what if it isn't? Perhaps Hyness and the others actually did stop this crisis...but their methods for doing so were so horrifying (possibly involving the summoning of Void Termina or the creation of the Master Crown) that the Ancients felt they had no choice but to banish them.

The Jambastion cult will return in future installments as major antagonists
Hyness and the mages’ fate is left unknown after Void Termina, so they could be alive and plotting their next move. If they don’t make appearances, they’ll at least be mentioned as Greater-Scope Villains.
  • Sort of. They reappear in "Heroes In Another Dimension" with Hyness becoming corrupted and (even more) insane while the Mage-Sisters seek revenge on Kirby. The happy ending shows Kirby reviving all four and implicitly granting a Heel–Face Turn for at least the Mages.

Morpho Knight is every butterfly in Dream Land, and has something to do with the Ancients.
Nearly nothing is known about the Ancients - though since the butterfly seems to be very significant, it could be an incarnation of one of the Ancients, one of their creations or otherwise. It's implied that it may have been around at least since Return to Dream Land, but Dream Land 1 showed one butterfly at the start of the game, which implies that, when the events Dream Land 1 began, the butterfly first showed up there - or was even existing for a long time already - and at an unspecified time, it may have recently learned how to copy itself, as Planet Robobot's ending shows. This could also give a new meaning towards Morpho's theme and moveset changing when squaring off against Marx, Gooey or the Animal Friends - it very likely foresaw the events of Dream Land 2, 3 and Super Star at the very least, and as a result remembers them.
  • The butterfly from Dream Land may not be the same as Return To Dreamland's.

Galacta Knight and the butterfly were halves of the same being.
Well, okay, "halves" is a misnomer considering what the ultimate distribution would be, but regardless, what if rather than the Butterfly just absorbing Galacta Knight on a whim, it was merely reclaiming a part of itself? It is said that Morpho Knight is 'a pure being, twisted by a dark past,' which would imply that he'd done something to consider him a lost cause and would demand punishment. Since Hyness claims his people had helped with a Galactic Crisis of some kind, and their specialty seems to be the manipulation of the mind and the heart, it's likely that as punishment, Morpho Knight was stripped of his body, confined into the form of a small, harmless butterfly while his body was sealed away. When Meta Knight summons him via NOVA, the resulting fight is likely either against a being running on pure instinct, or against a creature that's angry for reasons that he can't understand or remember. Meanwhile, Morpho Knight's mind was forced to watch from the sidelines as countless tragedies befell the world, and yet were stopped by a single young warrior and his friends. Sensing an opportunity to at least fade away in his prime, he followed Kirby and his friends, hoping at some point they would lead him to his body. A hope that was ultimately rewarded. With that, he engages in one last fight with them, and after his defeat, quietly resigns himself to a warrior's death.

Potiential future wave predictions
Feel free to post your predictions down below, here are mine.
  • Wave 2: Adeleine, Ribbon, and Gryll
    • Mostly confirmed; except Gryll is replaced by Daroach and Dark Meta Knight; and Ribbon and Adeleine are two playables at once (like Rick & Kine & Coo).
  • Wave 3: Galacta Knight, Daroach, Prince Fluff
    • Jossed, see below.
  • Wave 4: Magalor, Taranza, and Susie
    • Mostly confirmed; except they all three appear at Wave 3 instead, and the Three Mage-Sisters become unlockable as a Dream Friend.
  • Dark Matter, Zero and Miracle Matter. Any one of them could make for very interesting additions in a future wave (though of course they would have to be scaled down quite a bit); especially with all of their different forms note . Like Rick, Kine and Coo being all in one character, they could potentially do the same with the Dark Matters with their multiple forms (for example, Dark Matter can change into either his swordsman or orb forms at will, and Zero can turn into Zero-Two after having his health depleted once). Though it would also be confusing and humorous to see any of the three up against Void Termina, which seems to be their originator.
  • Using some of the stone transformations as inspiration: Captain Vul and Qbby. Captain Vul could somewhat be based on flying, but primarily have powerful attacks based off the various machinery on the Battleship Halberd. Maybe a playable Heavy Lobster could even be worked in to him. Qbby's moveset sort of writes itself, extending out boxes for attacks and his own personal movement, as well as tossing out different sized boxes as a projectile and stepping stool for allies. Different elements could give him access to the different powers from the third BoxBoy! game.
  • Drawcia, Landia, Elline & Claycia as a pair
  • A rather wild one: Shadow Kirby with Super Smash Bros. moveset, or Silica
  • Why stop at just Kirby characters? Ever wanted to beat up Void Termina as a Pikachu, Captain Toad, Toon Link, Villager... or perhaps even Captain Falcon?
  • Queen Sectonia, President Haltmann and Hyness

This game confirms that Kirby is a pure being
During the second half of the Void Termina fight in the Ultimate Choice it's pause info mentions that Hyness' negative emotions have had a corrupting effect on "his (Void Termina's) newly forged soul". The negative emotions named are hatred, obsession, jealousy, and greed. Traits that Kirby seemingly lacks due to his simple and carefree life. Even after being stabbed in the back or otherwise slighted, Kirby forgave most of the offending parties rather than hate them. The only thing he can be considered obsessed with is food, which is incredibly abundant in Dreamland to the point he and King Dedede often have eating-contest-races. He's always content with what he has and only uses his copy powers once a threat has appeared. And finally, he's willing to share his food, the thing that makes him the happiest, with all of his friends. By lacking these negative traits, Kirby has remained an innocent and pure being to this day.

Another Exclusive Performance Video
In Kirby: Planet Robobot, reaching 100% Completion will earn you a special final cutscene with Susie singing "The Noble Haltmann" for President Haltmann. So who's to say there won't be a similar occurrence with the Jambastion Mages and Hyness singing the Song of Supplication for Void Termina? Although there's been no mention of an extra cutscene yet, it's safe to assume that one will show up later when the DLC updates are all done. And if it won't be the Song of Supplication, then it will hopefully be something. That extra empty square in the list of cutscenes is quite an eyesore, after all.

The Jambandra Cult are from Halcandra.
First off, there are a fair few similarities between Hyness, the mages, and Magolor. They all float in the air and seem to lack legs and torsos. Magolor and Hyness both wear hoods that cover everything but their glowing eyes, and they have similar ears. Magolor and the mages all have floating mitten-like hands, which Hyness may also have, but we never see his hands from under his cloak. Secondly, the word “Jambandra” is similar to “Halcandra”, having the same last five letters. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the former is derived from the latter, just with the first four letters removed and replaced with the “Jam” (plus a “b”) that the Jambandrans use so much in their own language.
  • The Japanese name of Jambandra is "Majhalgaroa", so I don't think the connection (if there's any) come from the name.

Various potential Dream Friends and their movesets.
So far, the Dream Friends' Friend Abilities can be sorted into two categories: those that can give their Allies an element and those that can have elements applied to their weapons. Most of these characters will be sorted into these two categories, but since there are plenty of abilities in Star Allies that can't be applied to either category, there will be exceptions.
  • Adeleine
    • Ignoring HAL's original intentions to make her a playable character, Adeleine's attacks could potentially be based on the various copy abilities from Kirby 64. She could summon Exploding Ninja Stars with a splash of black and green paint (referencing the colors use to represent Bomb and Cutter). Given that the Artist ability cannot have elements applied to its paintbrush, it's safe to assume this will be the case for Adeleine. Instead, she could inherit Rock Painter and be able to apply elements with her attacks. And of course, the placements of the different color palettes should be easy, taking the minigames into account.
  • Ribbon
    • It's unlikely that both Adeleine and Ribbon will be Dream Friends. Assuming this is the case, Ribbon can take the role as the 64 representative. Since her only fighting role is in the fight against Zero-Two, her attacks will mostly be based on the Ribbon+Crystal Shard ability. Because of the Crystal Shard's appearance, other 64 abilities that are represented could be based on Ice or Needle abilities like Ice+Needle or Needle+Spark. Her shard could also have elements applied to it, giving her electric or fire-based bullets.
  • Susie
    • There are multiple possibilities for Susie's moveset that we can see. She could fight by using remote controlled robots to fight for her, as she does in the various boss fights in Planet Robobot. She could also represent Planet Robobot in general by utilizing her own Robobot Armor and reusing its standard moveset (This is especially likely, as the reused animations would save time and money). In the case of the former moveset idea, Susie could give her Allies the Zap element. The latter could have elements applied to it, referencing the Robobot armor's copy abilities. There's also the possibility of Mic being used as a powerful attack against enemies, used after each cooldown period, similar to some of Chef Kawasaki's attacks.
  • Robobot
    • Again, it's unlikely that both Susie and the Robobot armor would be represented. The Robobot armor would move on its own, using its standard moveset from Planet Robobot. At the end of the game, it's implied the Robobot armor is sentient, so this is possible. It's Friend Ability would consist of Allies jumping into the Robobot armor and controlling it. The armor would gain the copy ability of whoever is controlling it.
      • Alternatively, it could transform into other modes for certain attacks. It’s standard move is the regular punches from its default mode, it turns into Wheel Mode for the dash attack, its down air is Sword Mode’s downward spiral move, etc.
  • Magolor
    • Looking at his moveset in Kirby's Dream Collection, his main four abilities include nonstop floating, materializing enemies, creating magical blasts, and teleportation. All four of these abilities could easily make him broken beyond all belief, so his moveset would have to be toned down for the sake of a fair battle. He can still float while moving on the ground (like NESP and Vividra), and the latter two moves are right on par with ESP, but we can't say too much for the enemy-materializing move—it potentially would make the game so broken or chaotic that it may have to go. On a side note, it's not unreasonable to expect his green-and-white Palette Swap from Team Kirby Clash Deluxenote  to represent the second Magolor.
  • Taranza
    • With both Spider and floating characters already in, incorporating this master of puppetry shouldn't be too hard. The real puzzing aspect lies within his purple Palette Swap from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. While it can easily be used to represent the second Taranza, we find out later that it was his Brainwashed and Crazy attire, so it's unknown if this coloration will make it in or not. And let's not even get started on Dark Taranza. Another thing to note is Taranza's hypnosis. Could this make a fun ability, or would it make the game too broken?

Piggybacking off of the above, we may see one Dream Friend representative per game.
Each post-release dream friend seems to be the representative of one game, and in Rick, Kine, & Coo's case multiple characters can represent one collective entity. Adding to that, their abilities seem to reference what they could do in their games and may take inspiration from a copy ability in this game (Rick, Kine, & Coo mimic their abilities from Kirby's Dream Land 2, Marx is partially based off of Bomb and contains some moves from his boss form especially when imbued with any element that is not fire, and Gooey incorporates some of Whip's basic moves while utilizing both abilities he utilized in Kirby's Dream Land 3 Proper and pays homage to his Dark Matter heritage with his flight form and dark lasers). Since the aforementioned three already seem to represent Kirby's Dream Land 2, Marx represents Kirby Super Star (Ultra), and Gooey represents Kirby's Dream Land 3 (especially since Nago, Chuchu, & Pitch have been integrated into Cleaning's moveset much like Rick, kine, & Coo representing one character), we can scratch those three games off the list. In the highly unlikely event that they decide to do ALL of the games, we'll tackle some of the main games (and each game's most likely representative(s)).
  • Adeleine & Ribbon
    • If both of them were to make it, it wouldn't be a stretch to see them representing Kirby 64 as a whole. Adeline would most likely be extensively based off of Artist (in a vein similar to King Dedede to Hammer, Meta Knight to Sword & Wing, and Bandana Dee to Spear) though her paintings may instead use the drawings she (and maybe even Ado) sketched up in her mini-boss fight. She might even be able to use the Animal Statues ability given how similar it is to Sculpture+Creative Destruction and Rock Painter. As for Ribbon, she may end up getting relegated to playing support to Adeline when she "takes flight" and grant her the Crystal Gun for use, similar to how Ribbon helped Kirby against 02, and in this vein this would also make the pair similar to the other post-release Dream Friends in how they have different movesets for non-flight mode and for flight mode.
      • Confirmed! Adeleine & Ribbon are the third Dream Friends revealed for Wave 2.
  • Shadow Kirby
    • Shadow Kirby could prove to be quite an interesting choice and probably the safest choice between him, Dark Meta Knight (who would be very liable to become a palette swap of Meta Knight), and Dark Mind (who might be considered too eldritch and hostile even when compared to the likes of fellow final boss Marx). His game is notable in that it introduced the Smash Bros. copy ability which is absent in this game, and Shadow Kirby himself was a recurring enemy who had access to a wide variety of other copy abilities (though not all at once mind you). Thus, he could likely end up as having one of two movesets: the first would be the Smash Bros. copy ability that could never be dropped, or perhaps he could mix and match the moves of copy abilities that were present in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror into one single moveset (also making him similar to the KDL 2 trio and Gooey). This may come at the cost of him being unable to use inhale and by extension the ability to copy other abilities like the normal Kirby. As for his friend ability, he could function similarly to Cleaning's vaccuum and inhale his allies for a Friend Throw.
      • Jossed. Dark Meta Knight is the second Dream Friend revealed for Wave 2.
  • Daroach
    • Daroach of the squeaks also seems to be a potentially interesting and safe choice between him and the other squeaks (namely Spinni, Storo, and Doc). With Squeak Squad being the other Kirby game that significantly stressed the three classic elements of Sizzle, Blizzard, and Zap, Daroach would be a perfect candidate to give out both sizzle (through his bombs) and blizzard (through his scepter), though he lacks an electric attack (although even that could be supplemented by the Triple Star Cane he wields if only to give him a zap-infused attack). As an additive, maybe he could even borrow some of Dark Nebula's moves given that he was possessed by the thing. Though this would make his moveset limited, this wouldn't be a problem given that even Chef Kawasaki can have a limited moveset and still be interesting to play with. Or perhaps that rather than him having his own elements to give, he could be another character to have elements infused onto him and thus giving him the ability to replicate some of his boss moves ala Marx.
      • Confirmed! Daroach was the first new dream friend revealed for Wave 2.
  • Magolor
    • Magolor looks highly fitting to have a moveset based around ESP, being a floating, Raymaian Limbs kind of character whose main method of attack is conjuring harmful orbs to launch and attack with. It might be a bit of a stretch to see any of his boss forms appear given that they explicitly were the result of the Master Crown (and unlike Marx his appearances change quite drastically at that as well), but it wouldn't be so far out to give him moves that resemble that of his boss forms' attacks. Much like Daroach above, Magolor's game puts heavy emphasis on five particular abilities: Sword, Hammer, Beam, Fire, and Ice (also simultaneously placing emphasis on the three main elements). In his second phase as a final boss (as well as Magolor Soul), he actually uses the Super Copy Abilities against Kirby (Ultra Sword, Monster Flame, Flare Beam, and a strange cross between Snow Bowl and Grand Hammer), and they could be great additions to his moveset and represent the main draw of the game. Given how utterly overpowering the Super Copy Abilities are, they may have to be toned down quite a bit.
      • Confirmed! Magolor was the first new dream friend revealed for Wave 3, although he also uses the Lor Starcutter to attack, as well as the Ultra Sword and some of his moves from his races in Kirby Dream Collection.
  • Taranza
    • Taranza, being a spider-like creature, could very likely inherit some moves from the new Spider ability, and he—if he's going the extra mile— might even borrow some cues from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Also, he could pay homage to an oft underused copy ability to which he has a very similar power to: Ghost. Both the ability and Taranza have the power to control their hosts, and he's shown that he could even empower those he controls. Unlike a few examples listed above, Taranza doesn't change form or switch to another character for fight, in which case he's likely to retain some of his moves while in flight-mode.
      • Confirmed! Taranza was the second new dream friend revealed for Wave 3. He does take cues from Spider, but he also uses some moves from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, plant-like attacks, and even a shadowy version of Sectonia.
  • Susie
    • Susie pilots her own Business Suit much like Kirby to his Robobot Armor and Haltmann to his Executive Suit. With no Copy Ability present in Star Allies that could act as a base for Susie's moveset, as stated much earlier she could end up reusing the Robobot's assets and mix them in with her own attacks from Planet Robobot proper. On this note, her fighting style is (intentionally) similar to Haltmann's so she could also end up borrowing some of his moves. The main shtick of Planet Robobot being that of the titular mini mech being able to copy the abilities of enemies when Kirby pilots it, so perhaps Susie implementing some of the Robobot's copy abilities' moves would be a neat little nod.
      • Confirmed! Susie was the third new dream friend revealed for Wave 3. She uses a laser pistol, as well as her escape drone for attacks. It is confirmed she can summon her Business Suit, and, although not being able to use copy abilities herself, she is able to be infused with elements like Sizzle.

Hyness and Void Termina are based on BEN.
Final bosses in Kirby are always based in some way on nightmares. Hyness and Void Termina have too much of a Majora's Mask vibe to be a coincidence.
  • Unlikely. First off, Ben Drowned was not from Japan, so it's less likely that anyone heard of it, especially since it's a fan work. Second, the Majora's Mask stuff in the game (use of the Wicked Heart Symbol, one example of such being either a mask or part of the final boss' body, "Termina" being in said boss' name (and even then, only in English)) is more relevant to Majora's Mask itself than to Ben Drowned. Third, Majora's Mask is considered one of the scariest Zelda games anyway. And fourth, Nintendo has a tendency to reference their previous works, so any Majora's Mask stuff in a Nintendo game is more likely to be a Majora's Mask reference than a Ben Drowned reference.

Void Termina was once one of Kirby's race.
It was a baby, injured and nursed back to health by Hyness. Hyness began to think of this Kirby as their child, and that Kirby thought of him as their parent. Then, something happened to draw him away. Maybe some drama. Hyness loses a friend. Void!Kirby saw him hurt but couldn't do anything to help. Because of how this affected Hyness, making him bitter and negative, they began to drift apart. His negative emotions began to influence Void!Kirby.

Worried it would forever lose its beloved caretaker, Void!Kirby decides there's only one way to make sure he's with it forever. A dark force (Zero) grew in its heart, manipulating it to do what it was about to do.

Void!Kirby transforms into a literal black hole which becomes so huge that it threatens the galaxy. Hyness is tasked with sealing it forever. He does so very reluctantly and is banished to the edge of the galaxy for his part in raising Void!Kirby. Hoping to bring him back and make up for what he did, as well as get back at the people who exiled him, Hyness plans to revive Void Termina on the day he found it as a baby Kirby. Void's hatred of the galaxy for what they made Hyness do became Dark Matter. Hyness worships Void Termina out of fear and because he sees it as an opportunity to use Void's power to get back at a galaxy that wronged him.

Jamba Hearts can resurrect people
  • More specifically, one Jamba Heart resurrected Marx. Technically Void Termina might count too, assuming it wasn't imprisoned in the heart, instead.
    • In "Heroes In Another Dimension," Kirby uses Friend Hearts to revive the Mage-Sisters and Hyness (though it's unclear if any of them were dead, all are returned to their normal states after showing up in corrupted/altered forms.

The three Jambastion mages will be playable as three separate characters in the final wave of Dream Friends.
While their movesets are similar, Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne have several special moves that set them apart from each other during their boss battles. Therefore, it doesn't make much sense for these three to be a three-in-one ally like Rick, Kine, and Coo. Instead, they'll be released as three separate characters, with each one providing other allies with a particular element. Francisca will give allies Blizzard, Flamberge will provide them Sizzle, and Zan Partizanne will give them Zap. Some of their stronger moves will be toned down when made playable. Francisca's ice gun will behave similar to Daroach's ice attack, having to be charged in order to reach its full power.
  • Jossed. They are all one character.
    • Well, kinda. They work a bit like Pokèmon Trainer does in Smash, so you can technically play as just one of them if you just never switch.

Void Termina is an ultimate evil/chaos across almost every Nintendo (and affiliated) franchise

(Kinda sorta going off of previous theories in the previous Kirby WMG threads)

The Destroyer of Worlds is said to reincarnate from positive or negative energy and is implied to have done so numerous times. With that in mind, as well as Kirby’s numerous connections with Smash Bros., I present to you a Hyness-like insane theory: Void Termina is not a character exclusive to the Kirby franchise. In fact, he is more of a Smash Bros. or general Nintendo character. He has appeared numerous times throughout most of Nintendo’s franchises. Sometimes he may not have much power in one universe. Other times, he may even be benevolent. Most of the time, though, not so much.

(As always, feel free to clarify, edit, or add to this!)

  • Possibly confirmed. If looking at the description for Void Termina's heart from Soul Melter EX, it says, "Void exists in all dimensions." But whether this means that this includes dimensions other than those in the Kirby multiverse is left vague.

Star Allies is relatively early in the Kirby timeline
We know that the Mario and Zelda franchises don't go in release order, so why would Kirby? I think Star Allies comes before at least Super Star Ultra, because the heart could reasonably give Kirby the friend-making power he has in that game-and Kirby's powers definitely evolve over time, given the copy ability changes, how he couldn't copy at all in the first game, and how in Crystal Stars he can combine abilities. It's also possible that the missing pieces of the heart could be the source of the Dark Matter in some other games, since Void Termina is closely connected with, and seemingly more powerful than, Dark Matter (possibly excluding Zero). Also, Marx exists, somehow, so the explanation could be that he hasn't betrayed Kirby and died yet. I personally think that Milky Way Wishes is still the latest game in-universe, since Kirby gained the ability to take on several abilities at will.
  • Though this contradicts Marx himself, due to the fact that Marx still has his powers from when he was powered up by Nova.

For Susie's fight against Morpho Knight...
She will sing the Noble Haltmann in the background. Only this time, we will hear actual lyrics, with the language depending on the region you live in. We may get to hear Susie's actual singing voice.
  • Jossed, it's a mixture of Star Dream's first and third phase themes.

Taranza's Idle Animation
...will consist of him looking sadly at a single flower.
  • His reveal trailer doesn't appear to show this...though he does shed a tear after summoning Sectonia's shadow to attack.

What we can expect from future reveal trailers
  • The Jambastion Mages will be shown fighting their individual duplicates in their boss fights, then Hyness.
  • Footage of an all-girl team: Adeleine & Ribbon, Vividria, Susie, and the Jambastion Mages, all in one place.
    • Jossed for both guesses.

Star Allies is at the end of the Kirby timeline.
With Void purified by Kirby in the absolute definite true final boss battle, nothing is around to create darkness anymore. Dark Matter is exterminated, most of the Ancients' relics have been either blown up or sealed away, and thanks to Morpho, there's no more Galacta Knight, either. At this point, Kirby has nothing else left to do but kick back and enjoy Dream Land with his friends. This would also explain the final picture in the updated gallery - it's Kirby saying his goodbyes to the player as he heads up to wherever life takes him next.

Void, Zero, and Kirby are all the same being, or possibly alternate timeline versions of Kirby
The pause screen for Void (who may I add in his final form looks almost identical to Zero save for having a much bigger eye) states that he is stepping into a new age once this final battle is over, an age of potential nap time, gentle breezes, treats, and dreams of uniting with friends, all traits heavily associated with Kirby himself. Plus, upon his ultimate defeat, he smiles happily as if he is anticipating his rebirth as another Kirby. This implies that perhaps he is reborn as either another Kirby who will repeat the journey of the one we know and love from the beginning in another AU (potentially facing off against other versions of himself, ALA Zero / Void), another timeline, or it is possible that the series is a Stable Time Loop in which this being starts off his life as Zero / Void, is confronted by Kirby (his future self) several times throughout his life before being finished off to restart his cycle, this time as the same Kirby we've played as, starting from Kirbys Dreamland. All this time, Kirby's biggest enemy (and ultimately friend) has been himself, working to (whether or not he remembers his past life) undo the destruction he once spread across the universe as Zero / Void, the creator of Dark Matter. Of course, this will never be confirmed unless somehow the final boss of Soul Melter EX is eventually stated to be canon, and time travel is a subject very easy to screw up, so perhaps there is another, much easier explanation for how these three (possibly two if you think Zero is Void) characters are connected.

Star Allies is the final Kirby game
The final picture in the updated gallery shows Kirby leaving, with a tear in his eye. This may be the last game, and Kirby is saying goodbye to us for good.

I really really don't want to be right.

  • Edit: Oh thank god this is Jossed.

The Kirby in the final celebration picture is Void's reincarnation.
  • Alternately, the "retro" Kirby you unlock via Soul Melter EX is Void's reincarnation.

Void is a canonization of the "Zero's emotions" theories and cements Zero as an Evil Counterpart to Kirby.
  • So, it's been a common fan theory in the Kirby fandom that Zero cannot feel positive emotions (whether it's just positive emotions or emotions in general varies, but that's beside the point) and the game gives various hints ranging from "subtle" to "nailing to a board" that Void is Zero, or that Zero (and most likely Kirby) is an incarnation of Void. However, Kirby's influences Void both in terms of looks and personality where as Zero seems to only be in terms of looks. Or does it?
    • Void Termina's exterior forms seem to have a clear theme of sadness. The song lyrics have such uplifting phrases like "Dark Lord of Despair", "cover the land in sorrows" and "Symphony of Tragedy". In addition, it's official attack names follow similar motifs: outside of "Spears of Love", it has negative-emotional words such as "Lonely", "Fury" "Evil" and "Obsession". One of the two moves its heart has is "Red Tears" which is already suspected to be a reference to Zero Two.
    • This one is an obvious one: Kirby's friend hearts can damage Void, this being one of few, if not the only time this happens.
    • Finally, it's known that the description for Void's final phase are references to Kirby, but what about the descriptions before that?
      Void Termina (Heart): Born from the total absence of care and composed of dark energy, he has awakened from a state of mere existence to that of true sentience. He now desires only one thing… to CRUSH all opposition!
      Void Soul (Heart): Hatred, obsession, jealousy, greed… The darkness gathered by Hyness has transformed into a corrupt power within Void Termina that conflicts with his newly forged soul.
      Void Soul (Core): No telling if it’s true, but according to the ancient scrolls, Void Termina may rise again in other forms depending on whether positive or negative energy is gathered.
      Void: The final battle at hand, Void takes his first steps toward a new age. In place of tyrannical rage...
    • And if Kirby's interest shine through in Void, same might be true for Zero. Void might not just be a throwback to Zero or even Zero outright: It would establish that Zero and Kirby have a dichotomy.

Tying in with the previous Popopo as Void theory, Popopo was made during the birth of the Kirby universe - and is also a Tragic Monster.
As the "prehistoric/prototype" Kirby, Popopo was an unexpected byproduct of the universe's Big Bang - but this comes at a cost. Because Popopo wasn't even supposed to be made, his biology is incredibly unstable even if he seems normal on the outside. Having managed to exist for ages, he was eventually found and adopted by Hyness. Sometime later, however, Popopo finally suffers a catastrophic Heroic RRoD, his body collapsing into itself and remorphing into Void Termina. As the four heroes of yore, Hyness and the Mages manage to defeat what was once their child. After its defeat and its intense corrupting influence destroying Hyness' sanity, Popo-Void exploded; giving birth to all of the Kirby species, none of which retaining Popopo's fragile physiology. On the flipside, it had also given birth to the Dark Matter race. Ever since, Popo-Void had remained dormant as an omniversal force - outside of incarnating in Kirby's world and the Mirror World as Zero/Zero-Two and Dark Mind, respectively - before reforming in its original state as Void. The only thing of Popopo remaining is its mind, being only a small facet of Void Termina's slowly developing personality. As much as it wants to destroy and conquer everything in darkness - at first by instinct, but later on by intent, it also seeks final release. It wants an afterlife where it can have naptime, feel gentle breezes, have treats...or even just have a dream. After Void's final defeat, Popopo regains full control of the soul for a brief moment, smiling happily one last time before it dies forever - and with it, all of Dark Matter. If any form of Dark Matter is shown again, that would mean that only Popopo himself died - as there would only be Void's omniversal presence left, slowly redeveloping.

Void is Porky Minch, and this game is an extremely metaphorical true ending to the Mother series.
In Earthbound, Giygas, who was a humanoid alien in the first game, is disintegrated and turned into a powerful abomination. At the end of Mother 3, Porky is sealed in the Absolutely Safe Capsule, presumably forever. Considering Porky has similar inexplicable attacks to Giygas near the end, it's possible that some time after his sealing, his powers got the better of him, and his mind and body was destroyed by his own powers just like Giygas, turning him into the abomination known as Void Termina. It is worth mentioning that Hyness' pause screen mentions four heroes that previously defeated Void, and Ness' party (or possibly Lucas') are four people that fought Porky before. In addition, Hyness is actually a member of Giegue's race. Hyness looks vaguely similar to Giegue's appearance in Mother, and he talks about stopping a crisis of sorts in his rant, which could be interpreted as humanity gaining knowledge of PSI. And considering the hints, Giegue and Hyness may very well be Ancients.

Void reincarnated "as a friend" will become a mainstay character in later games.
He will be a member of Kirby's species, be colored either purple or white, and be named something like "Terry", "Ender", "Boyd", or "Nils".

Void is Kirby, and his purification sent him back in time to the beginning of the series.
Basically, Void was defeated, purified, and sent back in time to start a new life, becoming the Kirby of the past who eventually becomes the very individual who defeated, purified, and sent him back in time in the first place. It would also explain why, despite generally a very kind and innocent being who always tries to help others, Kirby has a VERY destructive side to him: It's leftover from his time as quite possibly the biggest bad in the entire universe.



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