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NOTICE: Per wiki policy, ALL spoilers below will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

What the hell became of Hyness and the generals? They disappear for no reason after thrown out of Void Termina. Did they intentionally leave it unknown, or did they just forget about them? Not even shown in the ending.
  • The answer likely goes to the realm of WMG. Yeah, it's likely the devs intentionally leave it open-ended.
    • I've heard that according to the datamine, the three Mages (and to a greater extent, possibly Hyness as well) will be made playable in Wave 3. So by the time this update arrives, their "fate" will probably be followed up on by making them available in Dream Palaces after clearing story mode once.
  • Francisca and Flamberge have the appropriate Color Motifs for their elements, but Zan Partizanne is colored yellow, despite electricity mainly being represented by the color green. Why? Just to give them the primary colors?
    • Technically speaking, Green is also a primary color. Red, Blue and Green are the primary colors of LIGHT.
      • While it is electricity (aka SPARK) in this game, Green is primary the color for PLASMA in which is what based ability is mainly based off of.
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    • The element of lightning has never been represented by just one color. I've seen it symbolized by yellow, green, or blue.
  • What happened to Hyness and the mages at the end of Heroes in Another Dimension? Are they all good guys now? Is Hyness not abusive anymore?
    • I think that's meant to be up to your imagination. Personally, after all this I'm willing to bet Hyness has amnesia or something.

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