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Tear Jerker / Kirby Star Allies

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Perhaps due to being a game with high emphasis on emotions. It has its sad moments.

NOTICE: Per wiki policy, ALL spoilers below will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
She's never coming back...
  • If you play The Ultimate Choice in Soul Melter difficulty, go read the Flavor Text for Void Termina's 2nd phase and then Void Soul. The former says that the darkness that Hyness gathered conflicts with Void Termina's newly forged soul, while the latter says that Void Soul can potentially be reborn as a friend. So it's likely that while Void Termina has always been a chaotic, destructive being, it's not always an evil one — but Hyness is (currently) forcing him to be one. It at least helps that Kirby understands the friend potential... but whenever he throws a Friend Heart at Void Termina's core (or Void Soul), it'll take damage instead. There are many ways this can be interpreted, but it likely isn't pretty.
    The tragedy is that Void is just another Kirby who wasn't as lucky as the Kirby we know. He wasn't lucky enough to be born into a world full of colorful friends and happy times and love. Instead, he was born a being of darkness doomed to never be loved or cared about and unable to feel love or happiness.
    And as he dies, he smiles, knowing the next life will be better.
    Perhaps, that's why all these Dark Matter forms seek out Kirby. They know they can't win, but they don't want to. They want another chance at happiness.
  • Francisca and Flamberge's rematch pause screens focus on how much they miss the other.
  • The way the Three Mage-Sisters, Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne, are treated by their boss can really make you feel sorry for them. Hyness is shown kicking Zan Par out of the way after she begs for help, on-screen, with utter coldness. Later in his own fight, Hyness absorbs their life energy and uses their bodies as clubs and a shield. Then after Kirby beats him, he throws their unconscious bodies to power up the Jamba Heart. And yet, in spite of everything, all three are completely loyal to him. The only arguable consolation is that you do at least last see them alive when you free them from Void Termina's core, and you see them again at the end of "Heroes in Another Dimension".
    • The Ultimate Choice contains the "Song of Supplication" hidden in the last few bosses' pause info and paints a sad picture of the Mage-Sisters.
      VS Fransisca: In spite of all, cold as ice! In spite of all, hard as stone! in spite of all, hear our plea! In spite of all, all alone! In spite of all, we reconcile! In spite of all, we pass the trial! In spite of all, hear us three! We beg of thee! We beg of thee!
      VS Flamberge: In spite of all, we sing to you! Please hear our plea and help us too! In spite of all, sadness rose! In spite of all, yearning grows! We call to you! We dream of you! In spite of all, this is true!
      VS Zan Partizanne: In spite of all, cold as ice! In spite of all, hard as stone! In spite of all, it would seem... In spite of all, we're but a dream. Hear our plea, you must! (You must!) Please return our hearts to us!
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    • They also have new pause text in Soul Melter EX difficulty describing their desperate last moments before Hyness came and awakened their mage powers. Zan Par in particular was young, broken, and near-death as she scaled a tower while a lightning storm raged around her. Why was she climbing to the top? She wanted to be killed by the lightning. No wonder she follows Hyness like a lost puppy, he was the one who turned her back from the brink of actual suicide.
  • At the end of Taranza's trailer, he jumps up to the Sectonia illusion he attacks with, only for it to disappear right before he reaches her. Taranza then appears to wipe a tear away, still depressed over what happened to her.
    • The worst part is that Taranza can potentially be partnered up with Dark Meta Knight, the one responsible for Sectonia's corruption.
    • His description on Guest Star ???? also further implies that he still wishes to see his friend again.
      “No doubt. A miracle will happen for sure!” Hoping for a true miracle, the boy with silver hair from Kirby: Triple Deluxe is making a bid for the altar. Deep in his heart, he already knows the outcome. But if he could just reach that bright light...
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    • Every Dream Friend aside from the Return to Dream Land player charcters gets a unique boss theme for Morpho Knight. Taranza's is a cover of Fatal Blooms in Moonlight and The World to Win... with interjections from a partial, almost half-remembered refrain from Sullied Grace's guitars even as it tries to swell to a more hopeful resolution. It's as if the music is encapsulating Taranza's guilt and desperation.
  • When you play Guest Star ???? as Chilly, take a look at his description: he's still essentially living snow, meaning he's eventually going to melt. All he wants is to see the world before his final moments. It's like the last scene of "Dedede's Snow Job", except now it's an entire game!
    This snowman wishes to travel far before it gets too warm... and he disappears. He sets out from his home, sure that he can achieve his dream!
    • Not to mention, you're still required to go through the various Lethal Lava Lands throughout the game. If anything, the melting process is happening faster.
  • After the Wave 3 update, the final Celebration picture unlocked after playing "Heroes of Another Dimension" is "A Farewell to Kirby", which depicts Kirby waving goodbye with a traveler's sack over his arm, and a tear in his eye. It plays the game's main theme in a beautiful yet tearful music box cover that continuously gets slower and eventually stops. Give it a listen. If you want someone's perspective, well, see the quote below from a YouTube comment.
    I can already see it now:
    Kirby is all ready to leave and all of his friends are with him to wish him luck on his departure.

    Bandana Waddle Dee: “I’m gonna miss you friend.” He gives Kirby a handshake.

    King Dedede: “I’m gonna miss our grand rivalry!” He gives Kirby a hug.

    Meta Knight: “You have trained well. I’m happy to see you grew up.” He tips Kirby’s shoulder areas with his Galaxia.

    Rick & Kine & Coo: “We are gonna miss our times we teamed up.” They give Kirby a last Animal Buddy ride.

    Marx: “I’m sorry I attempted world control. But I hope I’m all forgiven. Right?” Kirby gives Marx a hug for all is forgiven.

    Gooey: “Leaving? You? Now?” Gooey tosses Kirby in the air with his tongue.

    Adeleine: “I’m gonna miss the picnic moments.” Adeleine quickly paints Kirby a tomato for his departure.

    Ribbon: “I’M GONNA MISS YOU MY SWEETHEART.” Kirby and Ribbon hug each other with Ribbon crying and giving Kirby a kiss on the cheek and Kirby blushing again.

    Dark Meta Knight: “... You were alright.” Kirby and Dark Meta Knight just share a nod.

    Daroach: “It was fun finding treasures with you.” Daroach tips his hat and passes Kirby a strawberry shortcake.

    Magolor: “I shall remember me and you racing in our little theme park.” Magolor gives Kirby a Gem Apple as a reminder of him.

    Taranza: “I shall find a new queen, then tell her your stories.” Taranza hands Kirby a flower petal as well as the phantom of Sectonia giving Kirby a bow and Kirby doing the same.

    Susie: “I may not like the idea you killed my father, but I’m glad you saved the entire galaxy from destruction.” She letted Kirby control her Business Suit for some time.

    Kirby soon approaches his last 4 new friends...
    Francisca: “... Thank you...”
    Flamberge: “For setting our lives back.”
    Zan Partizanne: “To the way it was.”
    Hyness: “GROUP HUG!”
    They all hug Kirby as a thanks for the big help from the other dimension.
    Kirby was about to leave, but then looks behind them to see a pink puffball sitting looking down. Kirby approaches the little pink one. The puffball stands up, wiping his tears away.

    Kirb (Void Reincarnated): “Thank you Kirby. For giving me the life I’ve always dreamed about.” Kirby and Kirb hug each other with Kirby now tearing up.

    With all their goodbyes said, Kirby finally picks up his things and gifts and waves back to his friends, then wanders off into the sunset with a spring breeze blowing, now Kirby moving onto his next phase of life.

    (I’m sorry. It’s just this song makes me cry every time I look at the celebration picture.)

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