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  • This commercial uses a fake Latin choir by having them end every line with "-A", all to the melody of Verdi's Requiem, Dies irae.
  • New to this game (and carried over to Planet Robobot) are obstacles coming from the background that pushes to the foreground. If they hit Kirby or Dedede, they're launched straight to the screen and then splat on it before reappearing back on the arena. A good number of bosses also have attacks with similar properties.
    • Many of the Hypernova-exclusive minibosses also went smack to the screen as they're defeated. As a bonus, the Gigant Chicks also lose their feathers. Meanwhile, the third Mowlee Bros. is launched to a big rock in the background, cracking it open and revealing the exit door, while in the last Secret Level, the fourth Mowlee Bros. gets launched to the pile of Winged Eggers in the background that Kirby beat earlier. The Winged Eggers themselves are also defeated by being launched towards the volcano in the background, which erupts in the end, launching them high and away.
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  • The pre-battle cutscenes for Pyribbit in both modes. For Kirby, Taranza throws a rock at it and blames Kirby, enraging it to fight. For King Dedede, he trips over the same rock and ends up throwing his hammer at Pyribbit's face as he loses his balance. Both Kirby/Dedede's and Pyribbit's reactions are priceless.
  • King Dedede provides some giggles in the endgame.
    • After Kirby defeats Masked Dedede, the king is knocked out for a while. During the first Queen Sectonia fight, after she blows Kirby away for the second time, Kirby uses his chubby stomach to break his fall.
    • After Dedede wakes up, he nearly collapses on Kirby, and confusingly shakes his hand.
    • In the ending, Dedede falls down with eyes bulging. Taranza barely grabs him, by the foot. Taranza's even shown visibly struggling!
  • Right before the mini-boss of 4-5, you are given a time bomb. What can you do with that time bomb? Destroy two blocks in the arena and watch the mini-boss jump into the pit!
  • Level 3-5 has a Waddle Dee in a straw house. You inhale it with Hypernova and the Waddle Dee runs off. Shortly after, you see two Waddle Dees in a log cabin, and of course, you inhale it and they run off. By the third house, they don't have a brick house... They have a MASSIVE metal tower with a missile cannon!
    • The Waddle Dees' expressions are great too. At first they seem confident with their tower, but once Kirby damages it, they start to look down at the damaged parts with worried looks on their faces. Once the tower is almost destroyed, the Waddle Dees are running around in circles, adorably panicking.
    • The Waddle Dees in this game in general. Several of them operate machines and projectiles in the background that hit you in the foreground, and the ones that cut down trees look pleased as punch doing it. There's a part in a level where Kirby is in the background and a loooooooong line of huge and little Waddle Dees in the foreground; at the end of the line a Waddle Dee is sleeping. If you press a switch they all fall to their doom.
  • At the end of every level, you have a chance to earn extra stars and regain health by shooting Kirby out of a cannon and onto one of seven clouds (seven being the closest, one being the farthest). No matter which cloud you land him on, Kirby will dance, but if you land on cloud seven (the closest one), he'll have a bored/disappointed expression after doing his little dance. Even better, while he's dancing, he'll have that same neutral expression he had throughout the gameplay.
  • In World 3 Stage 7 (aka the EX stage of Odyssey), several of the igloos can actually be entered. Do so, and you'll encounter a few Waddle Dees that are fast asleep. Awake them, and they start running around panicking since you've just barged into their homes uninvited.
    • Later in the stage, you can enter another igloo, which has a Noddy fast asleep below a ringing Ringle (the enemy that grants Bell), giving the impression of somebody sleeping through their alarm.
  • At the end of 6-5, Flowery Woods comes back to fight one last time. Unfortunately, Kirby has Hypernova. He is quickly inhaled, along with his health bar. How is that not hilarious?
  • It is very amusing how Kirby sucks in not only Queen Sectonia's laser, but also the the HUD elements and most of her leaves and petals, before engaging into a Staring Contest contest with her and giving a familiar angry stare, followed by a devastating beam bursting out of his mouth.

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