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Funny / Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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Come on, you guys. Meta Knight's trying to read.

All spoilers are unamrked!

  • The title screen has a hilarious detail: wait a short while, and King Dedede will get the rest of the group's attention and pull a stupid face. The priceless part is their reactions. (Bandana) Waddle Dee laughs, Kirby is confused, and Meta Knight just looks plain embarrassed and shakes his head.
  • In Multiplayer mode, every character can fly. Kirby and Dedede inflate themselves, Meta Knight has wings... So logically, Waddle Dee flies by awkwardly squatting repeatedly in what can only be described as "Infinite Double Jumps". It truly is a sight to behold.
  • In the last cutscene, Kirby and his friends are on Planet Popstar. Kirby wakes up and sees Waddle Dee and Meta Knight nearby. They find Dedede stuck in the ground headfirst. He spends the rest of the scene with a flower stuck to his head.
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  • The Grand Doomer's entrance, where Kirby grabs the mast, with the proper Item Get! theme, then it flies away in the process and it appears.
  • Ultra Sword occasionally pulls out a paper fan and a huge fish. The fish being a Visual Pun just makes it even funnier.
  • In the cutscene after defeating Landia, while Magolor is explaining his betrayal, Dedede keeps a hilarious Jaw Drop throughout the whole scene.
  • The opening cutscene, mainly for Meta Knight as he attempts to ignore Kirby and King Dedede's antics and read a book.
    • When Kirby and co turn to look at the bright light in the intro, you can see Kirby quickly turn back to the slice of strawberry shortcake that Dedede was chasing him for.
  • Everyone being played does the Kirby Dance in this game when the time comes. You get to see Meta Knight moonwalk.
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  • Meta Knight, quite possibly the rawest force of badassery in the Kirby universe, dog paddling around on the surface of the water in a cute purple inner tube. And wearing a scuba mask over his regular mask when swimming underwater. This is retained in Planet Robobot and Star Allies, too.
  • Sometimes when beating a boss and collecting the a piece of the Lor, Dedede will pull the most sour of faces at Kirby after the dance.
  • The Puzzle Swap picture for this game involves Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and King Dedede (in that order) jumping onto Kirby like a tower as he runs past them, only for Magolor to appear from his ship, jump onto King Dedede, and cause them all to fall. Kirby can apparently only balance three other beings on top of him at a time.
  • The instructions for Bomb Kirby. In particular, the Self-Destruct one, in a morbid way. "Bomb Prep... do.. nothing."
  • It's possible to kill your friends with Sleep.
  • For something that was probably hidden from the general public for years, when Kirby talks to Magolor in his ship more times than what would normally be necessary (presumably about 8-10 times), Magolor starts getting... a bit impatient with him.
    Magolor: Kirby! Dude. Seriously. Hurry up and finish your quest already. If you don't actually help me out, your offer to help me out is kind of mean... SO HURRY UP AND HELP ME OUT, KIRBY!
    Magolor: Kirby, it may seem like I'm just hanging out here, but I'm pretty busy. I'm way behind on my chores, and I really need a haircut. So please stop distracting me and get on with your adventure!
  • One of the pictures shown in the special credits unlocked by completing Extra Mode is King Dedede looking, well... Very high.

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