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YMMV / Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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  • Awesome Music:
    • The Super Ability theme does a fantastic job of getting you in the mood for tons and tons of asskicking using super versions of Sword, Beam, Hammer, and more.
    • The remix of the Grape Garden theme is absolutely beautiful.
    • The music that plays against the final boss Magolor's first form is pretty awesome in itself. It is then followed by the second phase theme, CROWNED. The violins just make it so intense.
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    • The final level theme is truly inspiring.
  • 8.8:
    • IGN and Gamespot's scores of 7.5 got this reaction.
    • Also, a fan review on gaming site Negative World gave the game the Trope Name's score... but, oddly enough, it was written by Matthew "Brawl in the Family" Taranto, of all people.
  • Breather Boss: Plot-wise, Metal General, who comes in between the climactic fights against the Grand Doomer and Landia. This was made up for in Extra Mode, where he got the greatest changes, becoming a Sequential Boss with HR-D3. Its appearence pretty much strips him of his Breather boss status in Extra Mode.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Spark ability in this game combines the classic Spark (hold down attack to erect an electric force-field) with the Plasma's charged-shot mechanic from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Air Ride. However, this time you can charge Spark by shaking the Wii Remote, which can quickly and easily fully charge the shot. Combined with the fact that the fully charged blast deals ludicrous damage to just about anything, it can take down even the Final Boss in less than a minute. As a bonus, hitting the attack button while holding up or down will fire a lightning bolt to the edge of the screen in that direction, instantly hitting everything either above or below you regardless of your charge level.
      To make it even better, when fully charged it generates a barrier around Kirby that does decent damage and protects him from most attacks: it either repels enemies who attack at close range, or destroys projectiles that touch the barrier. And if Spark Kirby is riding on another Kirby's back, the barrier is large enough to protect them both.
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    • Ice is great for people who never want to risk getting hit. The dash-down-B attack does as much damage as a fully charged Spark ball, can be spammed faster, and gives invincibility frames, meaning you can just ram into bosses at your leisure. Dash-B is also good for stationary bosses you can hug up against, or bosses that just don't move much. The other main reason why Ice is good is that its guard state leaves you completely invincible, making Ice great as both a rushdown and stone wall ability.
    • Water's dash attack makes Kirby literally invincible during the entire attack, meaning you can just coast through anything, from giant boulders to the final bosses' huge lasers. It's great for speedrunning levels, but what really makes the ability break the game is its Rainbow Rain attack. Not only does it deal a good amount of damage, but it can be chained infinitely and also leaves Kirby invincible the whole time.
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    • The Leaf ability's guard renders you completely intangible to almost all attacks. The ability also offers some great offensive tools, such as a Leaf Uppercut that has absurd range and is very easy to spam, and a Leaf Swirl that does insane damage over a short period of time.
    • The Tornado ability makes Kirby completely invincible until he stops spinning, making it easy to avoid damage and punish enemy assaults. Not only that, but it now has a charging attack that is used by shaking the Wii Remote while Kirby is spinning. When he stops, the tornado spreads out as it dissipates, causing a ton of constant damage and covering Kirby as he recovers.
    • Meta Knight can use his Shuttle Loop from Super Smash Bros. Brawl in this game. It eats at boss HP like crazy and it's very spammable. Wing Kirby has the same ability and several air dashes that let him blow through stages nearly completely invincible, although Some Dexterity Required.
    • Hammer's infamy carries on into this game. It's made worse with Dedede, who naturally keeps his Hammer even after using Hammer Throw, meaning he can just spam the powerful attack as much as he wants.
  • Ho Yay: Face-to-Face, a returning ability which allows you to heal your teammates immediately after eating a health item by touching them. In game, the characters vomit some of the recently eaten food into each others' mouths, but the act is censored in a way that makes it look as if the teammates were kissing each other... and they are all male. This is made funnier by the fact that the manual shows a picture of Kirby and Meta Knight doing this.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Many critics claim that making the game too much like Super Star and Adventure brought it down. This is mainly because this game didn't do anything new, compared to the visual breakthrough that was Epic Yarn, despite the game being made as an intentional throwback to Kirby's roots.
  • It Was His Sled: Magolor is evil and has been manipulating Kirby from the very beginning to get his hands on Landia's crown.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Upon crash landing in Dream Land, Magolor plays the innocent victim to persuade Kirby and his friends into repairing his ship, traveling with him to Halcandra, and defeating the dragon Landia, whereupon he seizes the Master Crown and sets his sights in conquering the rest of the universe, starting with Pop Star. What separates Magolor from the other one-shot villains of the series is his personable and talkative personality, going so far as to earnestly thank Kirby for his help even as he betrays him. Future games would have Magolor change for the better, and ever since his introduction most of the franchise's antagonists have dropped the Generic Doomsday Villain shtick just to meet the bar he set.
  • Squick: The Face-to-Face mechanic allows you to share the food you just ate with up to three of your allies, by regurgitating it straight into their mouths.


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