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Awesome / Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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Now the fun begins.

Unmarked spoilers below.

  • During the final battle, Magolor attempts to actually block Kirby's Ultra Sword. Kirby wins the power struggle as before...and then hits Magolor. And again. And again. AND AGAIN. And then, to finish him off, Kirby lifts up the regular ultra sword, makes it grow HUGE, and swings it in slow motion as the screen whites out...before floating to the ground, twirling his sword like a badass, and striking a pose. And then Magolor BLOWS UP.
    • Then Magolor gets back up because of Master Crown. Now with even more power in his repertoire, he showcases many destructive moves, including a giant laser and his version of the Super Abilities. Kirby and co eventually beats him, after a hard struggle... but Kirby's Dream Collection later shows that he even survived that, too! That is one tough Halcandran.
  • The "Final Battle" cutscene. Magolor is throwing energy spheres at the crew as they ride Landia through space, and Meta Knight just bats them away with his sword like they're nothing. He even flies in front of Kirby to protect him before getting shot down.
  • In the last leg of the last level, you're given an Ultra Sword in a room filled with minibosses. As if effortlessly destroying almost every miniboss in the game wasn't awesome enough, to reach the Sphere Doomer dimension portal, you get to split a volcano in half. It also doubles as a Funny Moment if you're lucky enough for Kirby to use the giant fish or, to a lesser extent, the Paper Fan of Doom for it. Nothing is more glorious than seeing Kirby cut a volcano in half with a giant tuna or flimsy fan.
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  • A minor example of nostalgia from the last level: at the very end of the stage, you can find a secret area containing stars by flying up above the level exit door and entering the background planetoid as a door - exactly the same secret used in Bubbly Clouds, from the original Kirby's Dream Land.
  • You also get to destroy a spacecraft while riding a dragon and destroy a giant mecha piloted by a smaller mecha. Really, the second half of the game is just filled with moments of awesome.
  • The first Disc-One Final Boss Grand Doomer. This guy doesn't appear until after a Victory Fakeout and gets his own boss theme that is nothing short of epic. You beat down the usual two phases each boss has had up to this point when he shields himself and starts summoning enemies. In the second set of them he spawns, you can get the Ultra Sword. Get it, and a fast paced remix of the Super Ability theme starts playing as you destroy the rock shield, slowly cracking it until it's completely gone. After four hits, you use the Ultra Sword one last time to finish him off in a five hit combo.
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  • In Extra Mode, the bosses are all upgraded by having more health and stronger, upgraded attacks, but are relatively unchanged. Except for the Metal General, who starts out this way... then reveals that he found Dedede's Humongous Mecha HR-D3 from Kirby GCN, at which point you fight two more health bars to take them down in a very impressive reference to Kirby 64.
  • The Bonus Boss: You get to fight Galacta Knight, the most powerful warrior in the galaxy, again, and he's more powerful than before. Even better, if you have three friends, you can gang up on him with a four-on-one.
    • Even more than that, the start of the battle uses Landia's theme. Then, once you halve his health, the familiar Epic Riff begins and Galacta Knight comes at you with everything he has.

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