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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The final battle. After being tossed around mostly at Sectonia's mercy throughout the first and second phases, Dedede and Taranza come to the rescue with the final Miracle Fruit. Cue Kirby's Hypernova transformation as a golden sunrise forms on the horizon just to drive the point home, and Sectonia roars in clear displeasure. From here it's smooth sailing as Kirby's all-powerful inhalation tears through every one of her defenses.
    • When she's finally flipped her lid and is down to nearly no health, Sectonia moves to the end of the stage and unleashes a Wave-Motion Gun on the rainbowy puffball. Cue a beam struggle between her own attack and Kirby's inhalation of it. Not only does he inhale the laser, he cranks his inhaling Up to Eleven beyond anything seen in the series before, by inhaling the aforementioned huge laser, the giant flower her body fused to, nearly all of the platform he's fighting on, and her health bar right off the screen. He then returns it all in an even larger beam (with little stars and hearts inside) following one of the only instances we ever see him do a Death Glare at a foe. Needless to say, Sectonia is vaporized. OOC Is Serious Business, indeed.
    • Considering all the horrid crap that Sectonia put Floralia through, the fact that Kirby gave her said Death Glare and blasted her away with her own beam was very satisfying.
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    • The in-game description of Queen Sectonia's second form.
    Sectonia has unleashed her terrible beauty! She has combined her form with that of the Dreamstalk, and, in her madness, seeks rulership of not only Floralia, but all of Popstar! Grant unto the wicked queen the eternal beauty sleep she so desires!
    • In the True Arena, she has a form beyond that, where she, wait for it... detaches her own head from her body to continue fighting.
  • In Stage 6-1, you're constantly hounded by a huge side-scrolling tank in the background. Later on, right before the end of Stage 6-3, where Kirby is Hypernova the entire time, you tear off part of a curtain to reveal the tank once more. This time, it's on a stationary platform so it can't follow you, but it will fire off its ammo at you. The solution? Take the 3D Warp Star into the background, then inhale that beast! It takes the longest to destroy, and Kirby even spits out the exit door!
  • Masked Dedede coming at you with an AXE.
  • Dedede sending Dark Meta Knight back to the Dimension Mirror and destroying both with his Hammer at the end of his mode.
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  • By extension, the fact that King Dedede finally gets his own solo game modes (Dedede's Drum Dash and Dededetour) after twenty-two years and proving he's just as good at the whole "world-saving" business as Kirby and Meta Knight is awesome to see as well. Nicely summed up in the Dededetour flavour text-
    At long last— Dededetour! This land will not be ruled by Queen Sectonia. No! It will be ruled by the king! The self-proclaimed Great King of Dream Land embarks on his own adventure!
  • The game was released in North America and Europe on May 2, 2014. Two days later, The True Arena is done without using abilities, healing items, or even blocking. Despite the bosses being harder than the ones in Return to Dream Land.
  • The last four key chains are all of 3D characters (specifically, Yin-Yarn, Magolor, Taranza, and Sectonia) all redone in 2D, and they look really good.
  • The 100% video. Sure, it's pretty much the same as it was in Super Star Ultra and Return to Dream Land, but it's still awesome. The audience in particular - the People of the Sky and Dark Meta Knight are flying around and a few other characters (namely Meta Knight, Marx, Galacta Knight, and Magolor) are also in the audience.
  • The Hypernova ability itself.
  • Using Hypernova on Flowery Woods late in the game. You start by inhaling all of the flowers off, then you pull the life bar off of the screen and swallow that, followed by uprooting Flowery Woods and swallowing it. All in one breath.
  • In the second extra stage for Royal Road, you get a Hypernova, but instead of the usual music, the Kirby Air Ride Fountain of Dreams version of the Gourmet Race music kicks up, and it is amazing.

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