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Awesome Music / Kingdom Hearts III

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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Music pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

  • As is tradition for the series, the series' real theme song, Dearly Beloved returns with a new rendition. With the piano building into something grand, alongside intersecting major and minor keys, it gives the feeling of a journey coming to a close.
  • The developers are clearly Frozen fans, and didn't resist the urge to include the entirety of "Let It Go"in the game, unedited, and completely re-animated in their own FMV style. And perhaps deservingly.
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  • Continuing the tradition of borrowing classic Disney music, KH3 introduces "You've Got a Friend In Me" as Toy Box's field theme.
  • The Attraction Flow music, Hand in Hand, is an improved and bombastic version of the original battle theme of Traverse Town. Some people have been activating Attraction Flow only to hear this theme.
  • The classic boss battle theme dating all the way back to the first Kingdom Hearts, "Shrouding Dark Cloud", returns in full force with a modern remix. It is wonderful to hear again.
  • "The Deep End", a battle theme from the first game, is returning in an amazing modern form.
  • The first encounter with Marluxia's Nobodies in the Kingdom of Corona, the Reapers, is accompanied by a sinister and haunting arrange of "Tension Rising" from KH2.
  • For the battle against Dark Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, the music is a fittingly haunting remix of Aqua's theme, mixed with "Fate of the Unknown".
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  • The fight against Saïx is accompanied by a remix of "Vector to the Heavens" and "The Other Promise", the themes of your party members for the fight: Xion and Roxas. But while the original versions of these themes were slow and sad, this is a Triumphant Reprise, given great weight and power, and it's played tempo and key of "Sora", which is also liberally sprinkled in there. The end result is like He's Back in musical form, underscoring the awesomeness of Roxas' return and the ass-kicking he and Xion are about to dish out on Saïx.
  • The Japanese version of the entire main theme has officially been released, and it's beautiful...
  • While for a vocal minority it's proven divisive, most can agree that "Face My Fears" is a great track, the combination of Utada Hikaru and Skrillex working even better than anticipated. Some feel it's even better than "Don't Think Twice"!
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  • In addition to numerous remixes for several of the bosses (including the return of "Unforgettable" for the final boss of Monstropolis in the game), we also get a brand-new piece that is very foreboding and emotional in tone, used for fights against a few particularly huge, powerful, and emotionally meaningful climactic foes: Mother Gothel's Heartless "Grim Guardianess", and Hans Westegaard's Heartless "Sköll".
  • "Oscurità di Xehanort", the penultimate boss theme, is a breathtaking medley of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness's, Xemnas's, and Young Xehanort's battle themes from past games. A fitting tune for their final battle.
  • The Final Boss Theme is a mix of "Guardando Nel Buio", calling all the way back to the very first fight against Xehanort from the first game and "Rage Awakened", a theme that's all about unending hatred and rage for the man that has built up over an entire series. Putting them together sums up the nostalgia, catharsis and sense of finality that this game has to the Dark Seeker Saga and wanting to stop Xehanort once and for all. Destati is also mixed in there for good measure.
  • When Ephemer summons the Keyblades of fallen Dandelions to aid Sora against the Demon Tide, a truly epic rendition of "Dearly Beloved", mixed with "The Key of Light", accompanies the following battle.
  • It sadly only plays twice, in the Rock Troll fight in Olympus and the Metal Troll fight in San Fransokyo, but the new version of "The Encounter", like all the other versions, kicks huge amounts of ass.
  • While the average player will only hear it for a few seconds since walking just a little bit into the world will trigger the final boss, the field theme for Scala Ad Caelum might very well be one of Yoko Shimomura's best works yet.
  • The theme for Aqua vs. Vanitas, a remake of Vanitas' theme "Enter the Darkness". Ishimoto took clear inspiration from his work on Final Fantasy Type 0 and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, turning one of his best works into one of the best in series history.
  • The Kingdom of Corona is pure, distilled joy and wonder in musical form.

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