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With all the wait and excitement that Kingdom Hearts III has built up these years, then it's only obvious that it has all brought in some truly awesome moments!

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moment of Awesome pages. All spoilers will be unmarked!

  • Among the many highlights of the E3 trailer, we have Sora running up a vertical wall toward Lythos, the Rock Titan. When he reaches the top, we find that Lythos is much bigger than he's been in previous games, and Sora effortlessly takes several huge flying leaps up his body. Scaling a mountain and battling a Titan at the top? The whole thing has the air of a faster-paced Shadow of the Colossus or a less-bloody God of War. These kinds of maneuvers were semi-regular in previous games with the Reaction Commands of Kingdom Hearts II and the Flowmotion of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and the trailer seems to indicate that these two systems have been combined to give Kingdom Hearts III the wildest combat system we've seen yet. And the kicker? Lythos is the first real boss in the game!
    • And that's not even the tip of the iceberg: Transforming keyblades like the BBS trio used, seeming special attacks, Shotlocks, Flowmotion, Drive Forms, Dream Eaters, Summons... you name it!
    • The game proper actually TOPS the Lythos fight because you finally, finally, FINALLY get to fight the other Titans in a Kingdom Hearts game. No, not JUST the Ice Titan Hydros—but the Fire Titan Pyros and the Wind Titan Stratos as well. And you fight all three simultaneously. And this is the end of just the first world.
  • Another from the trailer, in the subtleties of the environment. Enemies burst out of a river and create splashes. Sora casts a wind spell, and the surrounding grass gets blown around. Anyone who knows how difficult that sort of thing is to render in CGI can surely appreciate it, and even though most video games have that much detail these days, it's an extremely satisfying art upgrade for the series. It's also a nice and sneaky way to reassure us that the game engine will be able to handle one of the most difficult pieces of CGI artistry in history: Rapunzel's hair.
    • And the D23 2018 trailers reveal that they were, in real time gameplay, no less.
  • This artwork of Sora flying on Baymax to fight a Heartless-possessed version of Baymax's original body.
    • The entire premise of the Big Hero 6 world - ever since Kingdom Hearts II, new worlds in the series have had a tendency of following their movie's plot exactly, making this brilliant original story a very pleasant surprise.
  • The Jump Festa 2015 Trailer. Nothing short of amazing in the gameplay department. As for 2.8, new story, and Riku, Kairi, and Mickey are rendered in the new style!
  • The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra 2017 trailer that debuted at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, June 11, 2017, all but shook the entire place down. A lot more showing off of Sora in combat in Olympus Coliseum, such as a Tag Team moment with Goofy, the return of Maleficent and Pete, now searching for a mysterious black box, and Xemnas daring Sora to use the darkness to bring back Roxas!
    • Another point is that following the end of 0.2, Sora is going to Olympus. So everything we see in the trailer is going to be at the start of the game.
    • The trailer starts with a catchy tagline. Come next scene, Sora exemplifies this tagline by literally skydiving into the fight, giving a breathtaking skyview of the Mount Olympus along the way. Oh, the wonderful things you'll be able to do in this game...
    Tagline: Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it... and dive in.
    • During the battle, Sora is accompanied by Donald, Goofy, and Hercules, with Herc having his own Guest-Star Party Member emblem. No more Arbitrary Headcount Limit! It's hard to say whether it's cooler that we'll have three allies active onscreen at once... or that Sora's fighting is so high-flying and fast-paced that we barely see his allies at all. Now that's combat!
    • Sora uses a Shotlock command, basically solidifying the notion that this combat system uses every combat mechanic the series has ever had and then some.
    • Sora's new Drive Form, Countershield (also referred to as Guard Form), displayed some incredibly awesome moves, including summoning giant golden fists to pummel Heartless and raining down large bolts of electricity.
    • The fact that Hades has decided that he's not having any of Maleficent and Pete's meddling and tries to shoo them out the door as soon as they arrive.
    • In general, next-gen versions of "Ansem" and Xemnas being Back-to-Back Badasses!
  • If these trailers and Word of God are anything to go by, this game will see Sora not only as a Keyblade Master, but watch him have powers and moves worthy of his new title.
  • The D23 2017 trailer reveals a brand new world, which is none other than Toy Story!! And it features an all-new story written by some of the original staff in the film! And you get to fight with both Buzz and Woody (that's right—five party members at once)!
    • You also get to take control of giant (well, giant to a toy) mechs!
      • When Sora is fighting in the Mechs, check the background. He causes at least one display to TOPPLE.
    • Character animation that looks like the cast stepped right out of Toy Story 3. Yes, 3.
    • The events of Kingdom Hearts 3 are set after Toy Story 2. Not an Alternate Continuity, not a Broad Strokes retelling with Sora and friends shoehorned in. No, the events of the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts III are set within the same continuity as the original films.
    • In a minor note, the trailer is in Japanese and at one point we get a close up of Andy's bulletin board. If you pause, the English is surprisingly good and the prices for the toys are fairly accurate, though this could be explained by the fact that parts of the Toy Story production team helped with the writing and art design for the world.
    • Woody and Sora shaking hands. It’s a small little moment, but considering how long Nomura has wanted Toy Story, how long fans have wanted Pixar in general, with it all finally coming together, its a nice warm and fuzzy moment for those that have really followed the series' production history.
    • The Toy Story world goes a step further from the original story of the Big Hero 6 world—much of it is set in a toy store which has never been seen in any Toy Story film, a totally original location.
  • After all the years the game was anticipated, the fans can rejoice in finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, for the release year is FINALLY announced to be on 2018.
  • A bit more subjective, but just the fact that the game was somehow able to out-hype Avengers: Infinity War and The Last Jedi at the D23 expo.
    • Take it from someone that was there; Kingdom Hearts 3's presence was extremely palpable. Whenever the game was mentioned, the crowd sent nuts, there was a almost literal sea of cosplayers, and it could all even be considered a CMOA or CMOH depending how you look at it, because Nomura and the Disney executives got to hear and feel the love. Add onto that the passionate reactions to the stream, and by the people that were there, its good feelings all around. Only Kingdom Hearts could elicit so many feels from a Goddamn TRAILER.
  • Just the sheer fact that Donald and Goofy are back in the party. The original trio are back together, travelling worlds, kicking ass, and generally fucking up all of Xehanort's shit…
  • Goofy figuring out to use his shield to sled through flames and stun Marshmallow might be minor, but the last or first time we've seen Goofy have these kinds of ideas were back in the Musketeer world. Seems like waking those worlds did more than bring them back to the light.
  • In Corona, you team up with Rapunzel. Yes, Rapunzel is officially taking on Heartless… armed with just a frying pan. She'll still probably win.
    • With the D23 2018 trailer we now know the truth - Flynn has the frying pan. Rapunzel? Rapunzel uses her seventy foot long hair as a weapon!
      • As revealed by the most recent trailer, when she isn't using her hair as a whip or a lasso, she uses it to swing around a tree and kicks Heartless in the face with her bare feet.
  • The February D23 trailer revealing not only more details of the Toy Story and Tangled worlds, the reveal of the Monsters Inc. world, but the return of Vanitas and Marluxia!
    • Alongside this, the reveal of the new theme song, sung by none other than Utada Hikaru! The trailer shows off the new song (Chikai/Oath in Japanese, Don't Think Twice in English), as well as Riku and Mickey's new outfits in a cutscene in the Realm of Darkness and hinting at the return of the Riku Replica!
    • This is the first trailer that really shows off not only the design of the Disney characters, but also the animation as well. The characters move and act so naturally, you could swear you were watching the movies!
    • If you look in the background of the Scare floor in Monsters Inc, you’ll see that it’s filled with balloons, which indicates it’s taking place after the film when Mike and Sulley are running the factory and Boo is returning.
    • In Monsters Inc, Sora takes to using a door as a Keyblade. He's officially getting inventive now...And unleashes a metric tonne of Dream Eaters at some enemies. And uses Mike Wazowski as a bowling ball!
    • Ariel is a summon, y'all!
    • One of Toy Story’s boss battles has them fighting a giant spaceship Heartless inside a toy city in an alternate dimension.
    • Buzz and Woody’s Limit Break includes them riding on top of a rocket.
    • The sheer size of Monstropolis and inside the factory shows how dedicated Nomura and his team were dedicated to recreating Disney worlds just like in their own movies.
    • We only get a few glimpses of Rapunzel's hair, but it looks fantastic. In fact, they said the reason why we didn't see her in the first trailer is they wanted to get her hair right. AND IT SHOWS. We see her carrying it, using it to whirl around a tree, a (leaked) photo has it in the braids, and an interview discussed other ways it works too. Someone spent 3 years making sure they got the hair right. And it has paid off.
    • When we see Vanitas confronting Sora and company in the Monsters Inc. world, he wears a black coat similar to that of the Organization, implying Xehanort brought him Back from the Dead to serve as one of his Recusants.
      • The trailer takes it one step further for Vanitas' grand reveal. An orchestrated remix of Unbreakable Chains (from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Character Medley Heroes and Heroines) plays and it is glorious!
    • We are also getting background character NPCs instead of just empty towns and invisible crowds.
    • When Sora and company are facing Vanitas in Monsters Inc., Mike Wazowski of all people stands up him. He has to get held back by Sulley in order to keep him from getting too close to Vanitas.
    • In an interview, Nomura mentioned that each world is the size of one of the older games! Even if it's one of the 'smaller' ones, like say, 358/2 Days or Birth By Sleep, that's still positively immense, especially considering that the worlds in previous games tended to max out at an hour or so for Disney worlds and maybe a few hours for plot-critical worlds.
  • The Classic Kingdom trailer revealed LCD, Game and Watch style minigames for Kingdom Hearts 3! Nomura said there will be twenty of them, and what's more amazing is they are all old school Mickey Mouse cartoons, but turned into video games!
    • Also of note; we FINALLY see Hayner, Pence and Olette again! Their new outfits look great and keep up with Nomura's new plaid kick.
  • Wreck-It Ralph game-jumps from his own game to the world of Kingdom Hearts as a summon!
  • The main theme for the Toy Story world? None other than “You Got a Friend in Me”!
  • A boss fight against three giant dinosaur toys has them moving and attacking in stiff jerky bouncy ways, both because they're articulation-limited and to look like a child is playing with them. Now THAT is attention to detail!
  • Hearing Woody; from the cutscenes, joining the club of saying Sora, Donald, Goofy, in the order we all remember in English finally, is incredibly satisfying.
    • Woody standing up to Young Xehanort.
  • And if all of the above wasn't enough to put a smile on your face, we are all but confirmed to get a release date at E3 2018.
    • Speaking of which, we finally get one at the 2018 Orchestra event before E3: January 29, 2019.
  • The E3 2018 trailer gives us the next new world to be introduced: The legendary blockbuster hit, Frozen!
    • The trailer also confirms that like Ariel, Simba - the very first summon Sora ever got - is returning.
    • Larxene is back and is the main antagonist for the Frozen world, now having her eyes on Elsa.
    • Marshmallow is a boss fight!
    • You can snowboard on top of Goofy's shield!
    • Hercules gets a chance to be a hero and save people from being crushed under rubble!
    • Gummi Ship missions are back and looking better than ever!
    • Combined with Nightmare Fuel and Tearjerker, Xehanort successfully possessing Aqua is a big one just for how unexpected it was.
  • The Sony E3 trailer brings us yet another world reveal: Captain Jack Sparrow returns! Along with his entire crew!
    • Three words: Pirate ship battles!
      • In one of the gameplay clips, Sora is able to destroy a ship with 12 bars of HP in a single volley!
      • There's apparently even underwater battles as well.
      • And Sora uses Shotlock to instantly close in and ride one of the flying Heartless as a mount.
    • Luxord is back as well!
    • The end of the trailer reveals Riku Replica is alive and well!
    • When Vanitas remarks on how he's been using his Unversed to terrify children (so as to harness their scream energy), and wrecking Monstropolis in the process, Mike is so furious that it takes Sully to hold him back from charging at the Humanoid Abomination.
    • If they didn't get Johnny Depp to return as Captain Jack Sparrow, then they got a pretty good impersonator for him.
    • The graphics for the world has also vastly improved since Kingdom Hearts II, and as such, the original characters's now are not as differently as II. In fact, they barely look any different!
  • Kingdom Hearts is confirmed to have a presence at 2018 Comic Con. A pretty BIG presence by the look of it.
  • After being announced at D23 2015, 3 years ago, the PlayStation Lineup Tour 2018 trailer finally shows off San Fransokyo! And the full version of the trailer shown off at Tokyo Game Show has even more exciting story and gameplay details!
    • While he was shown off in the release date trailer shown privately at the 2018 Orchestra event, this trailer has now publicly confirmed that Randall will be in the game!
    • Both Vexen and Demyx have returned.
    • Ansem the Wise reuniting with Ienzo.
    • Master Xehanort is finally shown confronting Sora and co.
    • You get to confront the Kraken and Davy Jones in the maelstrom battle!
    • Guys... guys... the box art. It's here it's wonderful. It's beautiful.
    • We now know what one of the major boss fights is going to be: Sora versus Darkness-corrupted Aqua.
  • One of the Nobodies in The Kingdom of Corona attacks Sora - he dodge rolls aside and lands right by Donald and Goofy and all three are in perfect synch. They're back, folks!
  • The X018 trailer has given us more goodies:
    • Terra's Lingering Will has returned, and he's finally going to fight Terra-Xehanort again!
    • 100 Acre Wood is back again, with new puzzle minigames.
    • To cap it off, Sora and company (meaning Sora, Donald and Goofy plus Riku, Kairi, Mickey and Lea) will fight a gigantic army of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed—from the looks of it, even bigger than in the Battle of 1000 Heartless.
    • Riku races into battle and Mickey is barely a foot fall behind him. You've screwed their lives, Xehanort, and now they are here to kick all the ass! And, don't forget, Xehanort, that Riku is deadly and Mickey is the Kingdom Hearts version of Yoda!
    • Don't forget Hayner attempting to attack Ansem from behind. Sure it's likely he'll get beaten up, but good for him!
  • This. The development has wrapped. The game is locked in. It cannot be delayed. IT IS HAPPENING!
  • Organization XIII? Check. The Keyblade Graveyard? Double check! XEHANORT ON A MASSIVE GODDAMN PLINTH WITH SCARY MUSIC? Triple check!
  • An aspect not quite mentioned, but deserves to be brought up; the extent Square has gone to bring in the original actors for Tangled, Frozen, Hercules and Big Hero 6. And for Mr. Gibbs.
  • The opening cinematic has dropped and it. is. glorious!

  • A meta example in the casting department. It was quite a sad moment to hear that both actors for Master Xehanort had passed away within months of each other back in 2015. His replacements on both sides of the ocean are awesome in different ways. In Japanese, Akio Ohtsuka (yes, Solid Snake) takes up his father's role. In English, who was chosen to replace sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy? None other than a sci-fi legend from a different franchise: Rutger Hauer of Blade Runner fame!
  • The entire "Let It Go" sequence is a pitch perfect recreation of the scene from Frozen, and it's all rendered in engine. The fact that the game can be on par with a big budget film without having to pre-render the scene is truly a herculean feat of technical engineering.
    • On the subject of Arendelle, all of your options are rendered moot (Anna and Kristoff aren't fighters, the former's heart is frozen, Olaf's too easily taken apart, Elsa's reluctant to fight and has been detained by Hans, and Sven is a reindeer). So who ends up joining the party? MARSHMALLOW, who only recently lost fights against Sora and (presumably, based on the movie's events) Hans, struts on over to Arendelle to save Elsa and ends up becoming your Guest-Star Party Member. That is Undying Loyalty.
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  • The two Pixar worlds in particular stand out from the crowdnote  and it's all to the tune of the better. Not only do both tell original stories, whereas nearly all of the Disney worlds retell their film's plot, but the Pixar worlds both have some of the most memorable moments from the supporting cast lineupnote  but they get to contribute to the greater story. Young Xehanort comes to the Toy Box because the way empty toys take on hearts via connections is essential to completing their work on the replicasnote , and Monsters Inc.'s previous work in extracting Scream from children is key to reviving Vanitas.
  • Just as Donald and Goofy are defeated and Vanitas is about to take Ven’s heart, Sulley comes in to pick him up and throw him in a door. Then he throws that door through another, and repeats half a dozen times that ends with shredding the last one. Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?
    • It can't be overstated how awe-inspiring the moment is. Before tossing Vanitas through the first door, Sulley shows off just why he was the top-scoring scarer back in the day, roaring with such ferocity that Vanitas drops his Keyblade out of sheer terror. You heard right: Sulley made a tough as nails warrior who is literally negative emotion incarnate feel overwhelming fear.
  • The very first moment when Hercules joins you alone is badass enough, yet there is something else much more awesome about seeing four characters in your party at once.
    • Hercules can throw a building-sized statue across the city and walk out of a fallen building without a scratch, though him punching Hades in the face is probably his best moment.
  • Ascending Mount Olympus in one continuous location, with no having to change rooms, is a remarkable and stunning achievement for the series. In past games due to technical limitations, Olympus likely would’ve been broken up into three rooms or so with loadtimes between each one. Olympus is one big location until you enter the Realm of the Gods!
    • Towards the top, the Rock Titan attacks, and you have your first major Disney Villain Boss of the game. The behemoth is massive and powerful, and while he’s still not that difficult, especially since he’s fought so early in the game, he’s not the mostly static boss he was in the first game, either. He even gets back up from falling down the mountain and makes his way up to Olympus by himself!
    • The clash with the rest of the Titans. In the first stage you’re fighting the Ice and Lava Titans with the occasional assist from the Tornado Titan. Pay close attention, and you can see the Ice Titan (which just like the Rock Titan is far larger than in any previous game) using the same moves he used in his past appearances, albeit on a more palatable level. The Lava Titan also makes a good show in his debut appearance, often able to keep you away from the spire where Zeus is imprisoned due to his constant barrage of lava.
    • The final phase is facing off with the Tornado Titan. He picks up the slack for having sat out the series until now, as due to his speed and high level of mobility, he’s definitely the Final Boss of the Titans for a reason. He shoots debris at you from his hands, can quickly zoom away from you, and assaults you with matter from his downed cohorts, siphoning lava and ice from them and weaponizing their very bodies against you.
    • To top it all off, all four Titans get back up from their beatings unfazed and ready to keep going. Herc answers this by freeing Zeus, who like in the films, sends the Titans scurrying for their lives after tasting a bit of Zeus’s lightning. Not having this, Herc grabs the Tornado Titan, uses him to vacuum up the other Titans, and flings them all into the cosmos, where they spectacularly explode. All in all, it was worth the wait to get this showdown adapted for the series.
  • It’s small, but Buzz’s Armor-Piercing Response to Woody when he says every toy deserves a fair shot (referring to Sora and company) - “tell that to that toy over there”, pointing at the Gigas toy they just attacked. Woody has to pause and think about this.
  • Woody's verbal beatdown of Young Xehanort before the boss battle in Toy Box, claiming Xehanort is "hollower than any toy".
    • This cannot be understated, Woody shows right there why he's in charge. It's clear Xehanort's speech has gotten to Sora (he recoils and looks upset) when Woody puts a hand on Sora's shoulder, steps in front of him protectively, and SHUTS XEHANORT DOWN. Woody tells him he doesn't care what Xehanort's saying and to fix Buzz and get lost. When Xehanort dismisses him for being a toy, Woody acknowledges that he's a toy, and that he's also a friend. He then begins to advance on Xehanort, saying that no one must have ever loved Xehanort (BURN!), because he knows nothing about love and hearts. And when Woody steps forward, the darkenss surrounding them pulls away from him. Xehanort is actually taken aback, and finally gets off his ass to confront them by hand.
    • This may be Jim Hanks' all-time best performance as Woody. Proof that he's not just in the cast because his voice sounds a lot like his brother's.
  • The climactic battles against the "Grim Guardianess" and "Sköll", the Heartless of Mother Gothel and Hans Westergaard, respectively, are awe-inspiring battles that cap off their respective worlds with a bang. Both involve taking on each world's respective main baddie in the form of especially huge and frightening Heartless. Gothel becomes an enormous plant-based Gorgon creature, assailing you with seed-bombs, toxic pollen, and stabbing vines, and at some points it climbs up Rapunzel's Tower and you get to free-run up the tower after it, knock it back down, and hit it with a diving strike for massive damage. Hans, meanwhile, becomes a huge ghostly/demonic wolf called Sköll that hits like a speeding truck, soaks up hits like a sponge, and moves & attacks in the blink of an eye, summons entire packs of ghostly wolf packmates, and for a desperation move can summon a titanic orb of darkness big enough to blot out the sky, and if you don't build up charge and reaction-command it in time, it's instant death for you. And, of course, these two epic bosses share a powerful new battle soundtrack that perfectly conveys the power, fright, and emotional impact of the battles.
  • Aqua fights Ansem unarmed in the Realm of Darkness in an attempt to protect Ansem the Wise. Although she loses after falling into the abyss, she manages to land not one but two dropkicks on him.
    Ansem: Where's your Keyblade?
    Aqua: Don't need it!
  • A bit of Fridge Awesome, but the Caribbean world is already awesome enough for transitioning to being a mini-Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in that you get to pilot a ship (The Leviathan) around a small section of the open waters. How do you learn the ship controls in this game? From Jack Sparrow after escaping Davy Jones' Locker. Before you land on another island. Longtime Pirates of the Caribbean fans...let that sink in for a moment. That's right: You get. To pilot. THE BLACK F###ING PEARL.
  • After Pence distracts Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Olette is able to rescue Ansem the Wise from under his nose.
  • All of Sora's interactions with the cast of Big Hero 6. Not only does Sora strike up a fast friendship with the superheroes, but they actually take an interest in the Keyblade and what it can do, using it to develop their own powers in new ways based on the skills Sora demonstrates. The plot of the world itself develops naturally as a sequel to the film and leads to several visually spectacular boss fights. Appropriately, the Keyblade Sora gets from this world is one of the flashiest the game has to offer, with its unique transformation combining all the best aspects of all the previous transformations.
    • Notably as well, after spending majority of the game being the butt of the joke up to this point, the story of this world actually portrays Sora as The Ace completely straight.
    • Not to mention that music from Olympus plays a bit here. Sora's heroism is not limited to one world.
  • While facing off against Anti-Aqua, Riku gets a pretty spectacular one-liner (which also doubles as a funny moment for how jarring it is).
    Anti-Aqua: All that's left in my heart is misery and despair...and now, you can share it!
    (long, dramatic beat)
    Riku: There's no need. Got my own.
  • While controlling Riku you get a rematch with the Demon Tide, only this time it's being backed up by Anti-Aqua. You can reduce the boss to 1 HP, but in order to end the fight you have to use the command provided. What's the command called? "Sora". And sure enough, activating it causes Sora to air drop in through a door of light and help Riku finish off the Demon Pillar using the same Combination Attack they had access to at the end of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.
  • Aqua's battle with Vanitas in The Land of Departure. It's been over ten years since she's been in the Realm of Light, and in trying to rescue her friend she comes across one of the same monstrous villains that caused her and her friends so much grief so many years ago. The emotion and catharsis he is incredibly palpable. You play as Aqua in this fight, complete with an epic rendition of Enter The Darkness.
    • In addition, let's not forget that she's only recently recovered her corruption and subsequent battle with Sora and is likely in no condition to fight. And yet she still fights Vanitas, only losing when he forces her into Taking the Bullet for Ventus, who gets one of his own upon awakening.
  • The entire Keyblade Graveyard finale.
    • The World kicks off with a bang, by throwing you into a massive Multi-Mook Melee, similar to the 1000 Heartless Battle from Kingdom Hearts 2, only this time, not only are there giant Heartless among the small fry, but the Nobodies and some of the Unversed want a piece of you too. It becomes such an insurmountable melee, that Sora, Donald, and Goofy summon, for the second time in the game Big Magic Mountain to mow down the titanic horde.
    • "Zettaflare!" - cue the ear splintering, Earth shattering, bone rattling Kaboom, and Donald literally burning out his life energy to save his friends and using a spell so powerful that it singlehandedly sends Terra-Xehanort flying away. Unfortunately, he passes out from the strain and is useless against the giant wave of Heartless that follows. Still, Lingering Will’s own Wave Motion Gun just sends him flying, and they need to continue the duel off screen. Donald one shot the final boss of Birth By Sleep!
      • This needs to be elaborated even more. When Terra-Xehanort starts fighting he knocks out Ventus immediately, disarms Sora, knocks out Lea who was protecting Kairi. The only person able to even stop him is Goofy and the two of them knock each other back. Throughout this entire scene everyone else is either staring in disbelief or useless, maybe Cutscene Incompetence or stuff happening too fast. Not Donald, the second Terra-Xehanort is disabled by Goofy he brings out the biggest spell he's got and ends it. Scrooge would be proud, you Bad Ass Duck.
        • Even more impressive? Scrooge raised Donald and Donald has a furious temper... which he has learned how to weaponize! Scrooge Mc Duck really can do anything - he managed to get Donald to channel his anger instead of letting it run rampant!
      • And if the above wasn't enough awesome, Zettaflare is one of the most powerful spells in the entire Final Fantasy series, both in gameplay (being a spell capable of easily party-wiping you if you're unprepared), and in the lore. However, despite its existence in FF's lore, it has only been used once in the entire series, and it was from a Final Boss that was superpowered and in their final form. And Donald cast it without any sort of outside power increasing his own, even if casting it made him pass out from the strain. This means that, as funny as it sounds, Donald Duck is currently, and canonically, the most powerful red mage in all of Square Enix's games.
      • Goofy's reaction to the above also implies that Donald's done it before.
      • Mickey's reaction implies he's never seen Donald do it before. One can't help but wonder just what Donald and Goofy have been up too in their many years of life.
      • Even better? He and Goofy are working in synch; Goofy knocks Terranort off balance and into the air and is out of the way of Donald's attack due to recoil... and then Donald obliterates Terranort. And, just to top it off, when we see the symbol appear on the floor, Sora and Kairi are inside it. Donald is so sufficient at controlling his rage that his best friend was completely unharmed...
    • Ephemer sending the keyblades of the dead keyblade wielders of the past to help Sora. What's more if people who completed the contest of Union X that lets you get your username in the game, the usernames and the union they belong to, at the point of time when they played the contest, appears in the situation commands. Luckily it's different for Japanese and Global versions of both games, since they are separate, so the players still get their names of either or both, depending if the person plays both versions of Kingdom Hearts 3.
      • It's even more awesome if your name - either your username or your real life name - appears in the list. A surprising number of the names, despite being obvious internet usernames, are common first names like Alex, Jay, Tony, Katie, or Jen.
    • Before that, Sora single handedly charging a tornado of Heartless the size of a mountain. Suicidal Overconfidence? Maybe, but a far cry from his Heroic BSoD last time. And it’s implied that his Heroic Spirit is what summoned Ephemer in the first place.
    • Thanks to Namine's help from the final world, Lingering Will swoops in to clash with Terra-Xehanort, Save Ventus and other guardians from him. When Terra-Xehanort is finally aware who Lingering Will is, he can only utter "This is Impossible!". Terra's Lingering Will fights Terra-Xehanort in the cutscene, complete with his signature Whip Key-Transformation, before pushing him to the point where Terra-Xehanort is forced to flee after hitting him directly with his Ultima Cannon Key-Transformation. Also, he talks for the first time. All this while Rage Awakened is played.
    • Yen Sid shows us what happens when he gets out of that chair. He holds back a massive swarm of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed by himself. Then he, Donald and Goofy hold them off while the others go fight the Xehanorts. Though Yen Sid has to resend his magical barriers to hold back the horde, and insists the Guardians hurry, he doesn’t show any true strain in holding them off. The retired Keyblade Master can part the sea with just a wave of his two hands!
      • Mickey survived training under this man. Explains why he's so powerful - Yen Sid can do that when he's angry. Would you defy him? I wouldn't, but Mickey has and he's still alive...
    • After nearly two decades out of universe and a decade of suffering and misery In-Universe, the moment when, at the crossroads of the Keyblade Graveyard, the Guardians of Light and the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness face each other. Sora sees the large group of foes appear on the horizon, and they walk in a perfect wedge formation, with Master Xehanort at the back and center of the group, and a hooded Xemnas and Ansem at his left and right. Master Xehanort makes no bones about what they are about to do, acknowledging that their clash will go down in history and openly declares the start of the Keyblade War. He then plunges No Name into the ground, creating a massive labyrinth of earth for the battle.
    • Having to fight through all of Xehanort's incarnations, and not one by one, but in groups. It's as difficult and high-tension as it sounds, but it brings about pure cathartic vengeance for all the times they were That One Boss, as you finally put them in the ground for good.
    • Mickey is found facing off with Luxord, Larxene, Marluxia, and Xemnas himself, and not appearing to be in any trouble when you first find him!
    • Kairi and Lea managing to hold their own against Saix and Xion until Sora arrives. The two of them have only started training with Keyblades (in a controlled environment, no less) and now they're facing against two hardened fighters, one of whom has been a Keyblade wielder for as long as she has lived. Kairi, especially, as she never received combat training before III and has only been in a battle once previously, while Lea at least has plenty of experiences during his time in the Organization XIII.
      • Seeing Kairi fight alongside Sora, complete with HP and MP bars. The fight gets cut short early and Kairi resumes being a Damsel in Distress, but it's still mildly awesome seeing her actually be in a battle after more than 16 years seeing her as a static NPC.
    • It's revealed that one of the True Organization XIII members is none other than Xion. She stops Xemnas from killing Lea by grabbing his Ethereal Blade with her bare hands, while still under the Organization's control. Thankfully, with the help of Sora, she manages to break free from their hold. And just as Xemnas is about to kill her and Lea, who comes to save the two of them? Roxas. Who beams down from the sky and saves his two best friends while "The Other Promise" plays in the background. Then, Sora, Roxas and Xion get to go to town on Saix. On that note, your presence is only required to deal the finishing blow to Saix, as Roxas will beat the crap out of him for you with incredible ease, flash-stepping everywhere on the battlefield and delivering a continuous barrage of attacks that will melt Saix's very big health points bar in no time. Special mention goes to Lea, who tried to stop Xemnas from killing Xion, despite deep injuries Xemnas had given him, which bought precious seconds Xion needed. And before said injuries, giving Xemnas the verbal middle-finger when for all he knew he was going to die.
      Xemnas: There was a time when I trusted you to deal with traitors. And now, your betrayal outstrips them all. What final words do you have for your superior?
      Lea: Well, let me think about it. How about, "You were never my superior."
      Xemnas: Ah, ever the rogue pawn. Knocked from the board early in the game. Utterly useless and forgotten.
      Lea: You kidding? Do you know how popular I am? I got loads of people rootin' for me. Sorry boss, no one axes Axel. Got it memorized?
      • Roxas and Xion returning deserves special mention: one is Sora's Nobody and the other is crafted through Sora's memories. Saix is standing up against three Soras. No wonder this turned into a total Curb-Stomp Battle!
    • Terra-Xehanort manages to chain Sora, Aqua and Ventus, using the bonds Terra had with them to make the chains unbreakable. When he drops Aqua and Ventus to kill them, The Heartless Guardian swoops in, and catch them before they fall, while Terra's theme starts to play. He breaks the chains like nothing, and procceds to put Aqua and Ven gently down on the ground, before facing Terra-Xehanort with a Death Glare. Terra-Xehanort can only ask in utter horror "HOW?! You fell to the dar-" before The Guardian grabs him, then rips off the bindings on his face, and starts to finally speak "One day... I... will... set... this... right...", the last speech of the Lingering Will in Birth By Sleep, showing that Terra's heart is inside of the Guardian. With Sora's help, Terra's heart and mind finally return to his body removing the Xehanort part inside of him once and for all.
    • The penultimate fight before dealing with Xehanort. You're dealing with Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort at the same time. Two final bosses and one Climax Boss. And at your side is Riku and Mickey, providing all the assistance they can to keep them from kicking Sora's butt. It also shows how far the gang's come, having barely held their own against these incarnations in the past, but now being able to go toe-to-toe with them with little issue.
      • Just seeing the sight of, besides Aqua, the three strongest Guardians of Light being confronted by Xemnas, Ansem, and Young Xehanort, who clearly have been saved for last by Master Xehanort given how the former two exited the fights they were aiding in previously. You’re facing off with the lions of the Thirteen Darknesses, and it’s a long, grueling fight indeed.
      • Whenever Master Xehanort, who is observing the battle from his perch (which itself is a pretty awesome detail), summons the storms of Keyblades, his three henchmen attack you, one after the other. Young Xehanort declares “checkmate”, Xemnas mockingly asks if you’re ready, and Ansem gets some truly awesome evil laughter in. This triple attack is damn near impossible to avoid.
      • Riku and King Mickey are arguably the most competent guest party members you get besides Roxas and Xion. Riku’s Dark Firaga can ferociously deplete the Xehanort’s health, and Mickey proves to be a much more competent healer than Donald has ever been as he routinely keeps you and Riku’s health in check. Their AI is also to be commended as not just practical but cool, as when you lock onto a single foe, they usually end up targeting another one, making it really look like you’re all taking on one each.
      • Young Xehanort also gets one when he's defeated; instead of having a tragic, heartfelt moment like the others, he's perfectly content with continuing his plans in the past and just leaves while verbally flipping the trio off. Give the man points for tenacity.
      • It’s small, but Xemnas finally offers praise to Sora, acknowledging that he is much stronger than him for being able to withstand the pains of having a heart.
      • Ansem, the first major villain Sora and Riku faced, also congratulates the latter (and the former by extension) for having grown far stronger than his darkness. He also genuinely wishes them well and instructs them to move on with their lives and seek new things after he dies.
      • And all the while you're fighting, the most incredible arrangement of their three final boss themes "Oscurità di Xehanort" plays in the background, which truly adds a layer of awe and tension.
  • The final fight itself. It's done in the home, or seat of power, of all the keyblade users before the world. Xehanort has every version of his incarnations back and fuses back into him. Which is basically every major boss you just fought plus himself, who was enough to stop Mickey using Ultima with one hand. He also shows the ability to use Light and Dark magic, as well as other elements, with skill and ability unseen in the series. And to add to this monster of a final boss is that he has the ability to reshape the very world around him Inception style and the cream on the top he has a completed χ-blade. The first, strongest, and only keyblade capable of opening the way to kingdom hearts. And the only thing standing in his way is Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Through falling cities, underwater conflicts, and a tower battle to end it all. And. They. Win! Bonus points for the very last moment, just when it seemed like Xehanort had won, despite all of Sora's effort, thanks to the overwhelming power of the X-Blade, but you are given one last command, one last attack, one last effort to stop Xehanort for good, that attack? Trinity.
    • The fact that Donald and Goofy fight alongside Sora through the entire Xehanort fight (sans for a very brief moment towards the end of the second phase) instead of being subjected to Shoo Out the Clowns again. This is especially sweet if you take into account the fact that they were Demoted to Extra for most of the saga, excluding the main trilogy.
  • After this, Sora is finally subject to the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, officially acknowledging him as a true Keyblade master. Who does it? Yen Sid seems reasonable, but he's out. Mickey Mouse is another possibility, but in truth he's only witness to the ceremony. No, Master Xehanort, of all people, recognizes Sora's worth and passes down the X-Blade to the boy he originally dismissed. Talk about Defeat Means Respect!
  • Riku is utterly awesome during the battle, understated though it may be. During the battle in the Keyblade Graveyard he is the only guardian to meet the heartless swarm (that sends Sora to the Final World and tears the rest of the Guardian's (sans Kairi) hearts from their bodies) head on. He also pulls Sora out of despair, stops Mickey from casting a spell that would drain him too much to continue the fight later on and explains the plan to defeat Xehanort to the others. In many ways Riku is LEADING the guardians. Not bad for the youngest known Keyblade Master in the series.
    • When facing off with the final four Xehanort’s, Riku steps up when Sora is beginning to become upset over Kairi’s abduction. He acknowledges that Master Xehanort has a very real chance of achieving his goal, but vows that the Guardians of Light will not take it lying down and will undo his victory as they already done in the past.
      Riku: If you do summon Kingdom Hearts, we will defeat you, and we will close it again.
  • May we mention Even and his acting skills? He fooled just about EVERYONE into thinking he honestly cared more about his experiments than atonement by pretending to be Vexen, and using that to make proper, working bodies for Nobodies that have gained Hearts of their own. He's one hell of a good guy.
    • Even better, when Roxas comes onto the scene and explains how he came back, Xemnas correctly deduces that Ienzo and Ansem the Wise were behind it. Who doesn't he mention? VEXEN! Even when it's being spelled out for him, Xemnas doesn't suspect Vexen's betrayal for a second!
  • For a corresponding villainous example of the previous example, there's Xigbar, otherwise known as Luxu. The reveal of his identity in the Epilogue is utterly chilling, and the fact that he's managed to play Master Xehanort like a fiddle for over a decade drives home just how skilled a manipulator he really is under all that snark. The best part? Even though Xehanort was defeated, Luxu still got exactly what he wanted; no matter what happened, he knew that the Second Keyblade War would occur, allowing him to summon back the Foretellers as planned, perfectly setting him up to take the stage as the Big Bad for the next game.
  • By the end of its launch week alone, the game sold over five million copies worldwide.note  It now holds the title of the fastest selling game in the series. After the Troubled Production the game went through, it is almost cathartic.
    • This remarkable achievement in turn fueled the fandom's hopes that the higher-ups of Square Enix would start paying much more attention to the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Demyx gets a minor one. After being "benched" in favor of a replica, he's mocked by the other three original Organization XIII members. But Vexen asks for his help and so Demyx ends up being the one to not only bring Ansem back to Radiant Garden but get a replica to Ienzo to use for Roxas, which makes it possible for Roxas's own moment of awesome later.
  • The Dark Inferno battle. After tearing through the other Battle Gates and obtaining the Secret Reports, you have one last foe to fight: a Heartless with a Scarf Of Asskicking that dual-wields BFSes that Sora has to fight by his lonesome. You'll have to use every attack at your disposal to beat him, appropriately using your preferred Keyblade's Formchange, any spells you have at your disposal, and the ever-swift Rage Form when your health is low. Let's just say that a Kupo Coin is practically mandatory for this fight, and beating it will make you feel like a badass.
  • Maleficent and Pete spend the entire game searching for a box and not really fighting the heroes... in the epilogue we see that they have found that box. The gruesome twosome are back in business and, this time, it seems they may be with us, at least as far as stopping the Foretellers goes anyway. Perhaps Maleficent's channeling her other self?

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