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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages.

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  • The Gummiphone comes with its own social media site that Sora and his friends can use to post comments...complete with hashtags!
  • Sora has basically had enough of dealing with the Organization's shenanigans, and doesn't even make the slightest attempt to entertain their behavior.
    (to Vanitas) This is the part where you spout some mumbo jumbo and disappear, right?
    (about the "New Seven Hearts" backup plan) ...which seems to be code for "let's go bother more princesses".
  • Even in the New Organization, Demyx is still a No Respect Guy.
    • Larxene says that a cereal bowl would make a better vessel than Demyx.
  • The cooking Mini-Game has Sora and co collecting ingredients for Little Chef who is working a Bistro for Uncle Scrooge. A major source of ingredients to forage are chinese takeout boxes.
  • One of the Flantastic Seven minigames involves piloting a teacup, stacking Flan Heartless into a tower. For no reason whatsoever.
  • The Keyblade you obtain from The Hundred Acre Wood... becomes a honey shooting bazooka! When you use its more powerful attacks, your enemies can become frozen in honey as well!
  • Chip and Dale spend most of the game shouting on the Gummi Phone... for each other... because they're *never* on the screen at the same time we answer the phone! First it's Chip shouting for Dale, then it's flipped on its head and it's Dale shouting for Chip.
  • Xion is teeny-weeny, no-one has (or can) ever denied this; she's so teeny-weeny in fact that literally every human person ever is taller than she is. How teeny-weeny is Namine? Xion is taller than she is.
  • Using the Gummiphone will make party members react by posing for a picture, but it's even more amusing when you whip it out in worlds where such a device hasn't been invented yet in the time periods they're set in, leading to native characters like Anna or Jack Sparrow react with bemusement or fascination.

  • Kingdom Hearts lampshades its own Exponential Plot Delay at the very beginning, with a title card that says "Kingdom Hearts II.9" popping up right as Sora and company head off to Olympus, simultaneously lampshading the Prolonged Prologue of Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Early on, Goofy manages to pull a Stealth Insult on Sora, who doesn't even remotely get it.
    Goofy: It never hurts to have your head in the clouds!
    Sora: Exactly!
  • Sora has absolutely no respect whatsoever for Hades right from the get-go, and he doesn't even bother with fighting him or his friends off, having more important things to do.
  • Hades sarcastically asks if Sora is from Sparta when Sora gets ready to fight him. Apparently yes, even in the relatively light Disney setting, the Spartans still are a group of Blood Knights.
  • Sora refers to Hades as "The H-Ster".
  • Hades is really annoyed that Maleficent and Pete have returned to Olympus Coliseum and immediately tries to shoo them out the door, noting they haven't really done him any favors, so why should he do any for them?
  • In general, Hades is shown as at best an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, with absolutely nobody taking him seriously unless he has the complete upper hand. Better yet, Hades himself is almost in on it, acting pretty almost tired of Sora and crew showing up when they do.
  • When Hades summons the Titans to knock Sora’s group off of Olympus, the gang looks up in terror, and Donald shamelessly hides behind Sora all the way to when they’re blasted off!
    • When they land in Thebes, Herc manages to catch Sora and Goofy and happily reunite with them. Donald, however, gets caught by his collar on a statue and is stuck quacking furiously for Herc to get him down too.
  • Just like in the film, once Zeus gets free of his prison, the Titans turn tail and run for their lives!
  • At the end of Olympus; Maleficent has Pete digging up a box that Hades mentioned. Pete gets it out of the ground, and it's Pandora's box. Maleficent squints at it; and then quickly tells Pete to drop it because it's not the MacGuffin they want. Either that or even she knows that messing with Pandora's box is not something you do.
  • The group lampshading the lack of fanfare when they first enter Olympus.

    Dark World 
  • A bit of funny dialogue between Riku and Mickey in the Dark World. Riku is reluctant to leave while Aqua is still trapped somewhere in that world, but Mickey tries to reassure him, only for Riku to get the wrong idea about who Aqua really is.
    Mickey: But Aqua... she's like Sora.
    Riku: [completely horrified] Whaaat?!
    Mickey: No, no, no... Strong like Sora.
    [Riku gives a sigh of relief]
  • Anti-Aqua attempts to intimidate Riku. It doesn't go well for her.
    Anti-Aqua: All that is left in my heart is misery and despair...and now, you can share it!

    Mysterious Tower 
  • In the Mysterious Tower, Donald tells Mickey that Sora still hasn't gotten back his power of waking. Mickey's respond is a rather dull "Oh.... what a shame." that sounds like "Aw, so Sora still hasn't succeeded yet. It's okay, we're chill, take your time."
  • After a few times of Sora saying he will go for the rescue mission to get Aqua, Yen Sid has become wise to the fact that he would offer to do so again before he was ready. According to Riku, he knew Sora would stage a "half-baked rescue".

    Twilight Town 
  • Sora and the gang arrive at Twilight Town, only for Hayner, Pence, and Olette to run by, as it turns out a huge wave of Heartless attack. The look on the group's face sells it.
  • Sora freaking out when Remy first takes control of him.
  • The group point out the Fridge Logic of how Scrooge is able to attract enough customers to maintain a restaurant in Twilight Town when he is a fairly shrewd (though not evil) business man. Donald can only sigh and question what his uncle is planning. Scrooge is basically running Twilight Town now!
  • When you visit the alley where the movie screening takes place, Donald and Goofy quickly get involved with the movie and begin crying for Movie! Sora and Mickey to watch out and what not.
  • Xigbar asks Xemnas and Ansem why they’re laying it on so thick to Sora, and Ansem, ever the petty villain, sneers that he’d never get far from the looks of him.
  • When Pence tries to distract Ansem SOD, the latter actually stutters and just tells him to leave. Not attack, but bark like a dog. Kinda takes away all intimidation when one of your main villains suddenly acts like a old man chasing kids off his lawn.
  • Hayner attempting to dropkick Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. It... doesn't end well...
  • While Pence and Ienzo are setting up a network between Ansem the Wise's computers in Twilight Town and Radiant Garden, Sora, holding the Gummiphone so the two can communicate, ends up falling asleep while standing.

    Kingdom of Corona 
  • Rapunzel spins around the tree exclaiming that this is "the best day ever!" Flynn looks annoyed with it. Sora? He's got his hands behind his head, a foot against the tree trunks and just seems to be rolling with it — he's been that hyperactive nutjob himself once upon a time.
  • We get the scene of Rapunzel rolling down the hill and cocooning herself in her hair that appears in the movie.
  • Sora takes a moment to reflect on his first time away from home, and how grateful he was to have Donald and Goofy with him, and says with them it’s been unforgettable. Donald is touched... but Sora ruins the moment by saying it’s unforgettable just like his face! Donald reacts with horror, then pure rage as he curses Sora for roasting him.
  • Rapunzel and Flynn’s Combination Attack involves them lassoing Sora, Donald and Goofy with Rapunzel’s hair and swinging them around like a wrecking ball.

    Toy Box 
  • Sora giving a Lampshade Hanging on how difficult Donald is to understand:
    Donald: We have to protect the world order.
    Sora: Border?
    Donald: I said order!
    • Doubly funny because it serves as a Call-Back to the first game, where Goofy made the exact same mistake.
  • Woody and his friends mention a "huge thing" that happened in their world. Rex, being Rex, has no idea what they're talking about.
  • Rex mistakes Sora for a toy based on a video game character, similarly named Yozora. Meta humor ensues. Apparently, even in-universe the characters aren't safe from the series' tradition for hosting a lot of hellishly hard boss fights.
    Rex: I've been playing your game for months now! And I've already gotten you all the way up to Level 47! But that Bahamut boss is really tough. Slinky and I can't figure out how to beat him!
    • Later on in the world, while they're in the games store, Rex, once again, looks at the strategy guides to try and find out how to beat a boss he's stuck on.
  • From the cutscenes in Toy Box, Buzz Lightyear, the sentient Space Ranger Toy, is displaying skepticism at Sora's claims of the worlds being split apart, responding that might work in their video game, but "in reality" things don't work like that. So to reiterate; Buzz Lightyear, a living toy, from a movie, in a Kingdom Hearts video game, is telling Sora, the hero of the Kingdom Hearts video games, that his video game logic doesn't work in the real world. INSIDE a Kingdom Hearts video game. Now THAT is meta, especially since Dream Drop Distance involved split worlds.
  • When Goofy is trying to convince Buzz to trust them, he claims that even though Sora is reckless and Donald grumbles a lot, they can be trusted. Sora can be heard agreeing with Goofy on the latter, and when Donald reminds Goofy he isn't trusted either, he is confused and surprised. Sora just laughs.
  • Woody runs on a record to help play the band and find the soldier, but after a while he starts getting tired. After the soldiers retreat and the fight is over, Woody is still running with Buzz telling him the mission was a success, to Woody's annoyance.
    Woody: Why didn't you tell me sooner?!
  • In Toy Box, the group need to stack a bunch of blocks in order to reach a high place. What shape do the blocks stack themselves into? A Cactuar! Cue Final Fantasy victory fanfare.
    • And just to add to it, Donald and Goofy apparently recognise the Cactuar from somewhere...
  • Woody and the other toys were about to stage an attack on the Heartless until Sora and his friends came along. Buzz stops them right in the middle by popping out his wings. Rex almost falls off the bed.
  • Buzz being skeptical of Sora's claims about Kingdom Hearts lore and thinking that he and his lackeys are another bunch of delusional toys like he was in the past.
  • If you hit a canister of helium or pop a balloon in Galaxy Toys, this will cause everyone to have high-pitched voices- except Donald.
    Sora: Whoa! Hey, what happened to my voice?
    Goofy: Hey, you sound funny... Gawrsh, so do I!
    Buzz: What?! Well, this is rather embarrassing. Who said that?
    Woody: Get a load of me, Buzz! I sound like an alien!
    Donald: So do I! *squawks in confusion*...Hey.
  • Rex's video game is apparently Verum Rex, which is totally not a fictitious counterpart of Final Fantasy XV (or perhaps Final Fantasy Versus XIII?). You even watch a commercial of it when you first enter the world, where it shows Yozora, Aegis, and Magia. Yozora is a Noctis expy, Aegis is an Ignis expy, and Magia is... an Ardyn expy?
    • What's better is that Yozora looks more like Riku than he does Sora. Which Donald and Goofy point out. Now, remember how everyone was comparing Riku's new design to Noctis?
    • In one of the social media-like loading screens, Sora comments on how Yozora looks like Riku and is excited to play Verum Rex.
  • Sora, having reached the end of his rope with Xehanorts showing up to monologue at him, deciding to just try and attack Young Xehanort mid-monologue. And it still doesn't work, as Xehanort keeps teleporting around, without even breaking stride, or showing any sign of noticing at all.
  • In what is arguably the most absurd scene of the game, in the middle of the dramatic confrontation with Young Xehanort, he is told in no uncertain terms that he's an asshole and nobody loves him... by Woody.
    Woody: (pissed) Whatever you're talking about, I don't care.

  • Upon encountering Sully, Mike and Boo in the lobby of Monsters Inc., Boo immediately spots Donald's one-eyed monster form... and calls him Mike Wazowski, much to the actual Mike's chagrin. Topped off when Sully introduces himself and Mike, only for Sora to name Mike based off the earlier exchange.
  • One of Mike Wazowski’s attacks includes Sora rolling him into enemies like a bowling ball. Made even funnier when one remembers this particular line from the movie:
    Mike: But I loved sports! Dodgeball was the best. Oh yeah, I was the fastest one out there! 'Course, I was the ball...
  • When Sora, Donald and Goofy first enter Monstropolis, they look at each other and take a few steps forward before realizing they’ve been turned into monsters.
    • Sometimes, the loading screen will show an image of that moment, with Sora's post stating that he's still not used to his monster transformation.
  • Sulley scaring Vanitas from behind and grabbing him, then throwing him through a door, just like with Randall... except he then takes that door and throws it behind another door, then another door, and another door, then shreds it just to be sure.

  • Immediately on arriving in Arendelle, Sora, who comes from a tropical island, learns something: Mountains covered in snow? They're cold. He immediately starts complaining about his magic not giving him a coat.
    • Go to the foothills area after the story's over, and Donald will point out he's got it worse. Sora's taller than he is, and he's wearing pants. Donald isn't.
      • Even funnier when you realize that Donald, being a bird, has a full body covering of feathers.
  • On meeting Larxene again, aside from her being mildly offended that the trio don't remember her before realizing why, they all turn their backs on her to talk about how they should know her and what to ask.
    Larxene: Excuse me? I'm right here!
  • Olaf, of course, is Olaf:
    Sora: A walking talking snowman? You really are alive!
    Anna: Hello! Olaf, are these your friends?
    Olaf: Nope! Never met 'em! Don't know anyone who's blue, green, or who's oddly spiky.
    • And then Sora takes offense at being called "spiky".
  • You can add Let it Go to the game's sound track. And no, not as music in the background, the full sequence plays out with the camera occasionally cutting back to Sora, Donald and Goofy during the scene. The scene itself isn't funny, but more so the fact they put the song in is.
    Sora: Wow. I don't know what we just saw but... wow.
  • At least half of Arendelle is Sora, Donald, and Goofy climbing up the mountain to get to Elsa, only to be thrown back down, let it be by avalanche or Marshmallow. This happens three times.
    Sora: (most tired/annoyed voice to ever come out of Sora) Good thing snow's so soft. We could do this a hundred times.
    Donald: NO! Let's not!
    Goofy: You sure you don't wanna go again?
    Sora: Nooo, thank youuu!
    • And when they are first blown off the mountain, we hear the Classic Goofy Scream.
  • Getting the wrong body part for Olaf leads to some hilarious results. Getting a long one makes Olaf tip over, a big one makes Olaf taller and he thinks that the others are smaller, and for a rock Olaf thinks he has a summer tan, though Kristoff wanted to tell him otherwise, before Anna stopped him.
    • On that subject, at least the rock and pointy snow piece sort of look like Olaf's body; not only is Sora that willing to believe a giant mound of snow is a part of Olaf, but he also finds it behind the top of a waterfall. Meaning he had to either push it down or carry it all the way there.
  • During the snow storm sequence, Donald will often say "Phew! The snow storm can't get us here!" while you're taking cover from the violent winds whenever they kick up. Sometimes, however, right after saying this line, Donald will then immediately walk right into said violent winds and thus get carried off by them (often letting out a surprised squawk as it happens). Exhibit A!

  • In the Caribbean, Sora is ecstatic that he, Donald and Goofy get to be pirates on a ship again, complete with him and Goofy talking in pirate-like terms to play up the role-play of a pirate captain and his crew. Zoom out to reveal that their "ship" is a tiny raft. Bit of a double Mythology Gag too, as it's more or less how Jack Sparrow was originally introduced in the first movie, and it also references the raft from the first KH.
    • Then, when joking around, Goofy points out they're going to fall off the edge of the world. Sora and Donald, quite rightly, freak out as they fall off! Sora commands them to go hard to starboard, but as Goofy and Donald paddle hard, the ship is actually turning to port.
    • Upon ending up in Davy Jones' Locker, a desert in the middle of nowhere, after having fallen off said end of the world, Sora is so exasperated by everything he has gone through that he just sighs in spite of the sheer ridiculousness of it.
    • Then, they see the Black Pearl somehow sailing across the desert. They begin chasing after it, at which point THIS exchange happens out of nowhere...
    Jack Sparrow: (sprinting past the trio) Hail, Sora!
    Sora: (gasp) Jack Sparrow!
    Jack: (stops dead and turns around, despite also chasing after the Pearl) Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • Luxord confronting Jack and trying to invoke one of the pirate laws during the climatic battle against Davy Jones, only for Jack to basically tell him to shut up and breathing on his face, ending with Luxord falling over into the massive whirlpool while leaning away from Jack's bad breath.
    • Which even causes Jack himself to gag.
    Jack: Yup, still works.
    • Luxord's expression during this scene is what truly sells the moment. It's difficult to see him without his usual controlled expression and calm voice, but Jack's interruption and pushing him back completely throws him off his game and he can only watch stupefied until the captain makes him fall off the Flying Dutchman.
  • Vexen's reaction to seeing that the Dead Man's Chest contains an actual heart rather than the metaphysical heart.
    Vexen: Disappointing. So this is what they meant when they said "heart". We've been chasing the wrong box this whole time.
  • On one of the islands in the Caribbean has Power Wild Heartless which spawn, which in turn leads to this line from Donald:
    Donald: Oh no! Not more monkey business!
  • When entering the Caribbean and chatting to the crew who came to rescue Jack at the world's end, one might remember the scene going along the lines of Jack stating how everyone currently there tried to kill him at one point or another. Which makes his immediate willingness to take Sora and his crew along funny because, well, they're the only ones who've NEVER tried killing him. They even yell they're on team Jack.
  • Visit the Caribbean after finishing its storyline, and the trio will wonder whether the Captain Jack they're with is made of crabs. Sora states it doesn't matter, and Jack will agree, then ask Sora what he's talking about. Yep, Sora, Donald and Goofy managed to confuse Jack Sparrow.
    Goofy: Uh, say, Jack. You are the real Jack, aren't ya?
    Donald: And not a bunch of crabs?
    Jack: Crabs? Did you hit your heads, mates?
    Sora: Hey, Jack is Jack, and that's all that matters.
    Jack: Precisely. What?
  • Luxord loses the race to the heroes and agrees to uphold his end of the bargain, only to then ask what Jack actually wants. Jack, not even thinking about it, blurts out he wants "the chest that's aboard the Dutchman." The trio all give their own "Oh come on Jack!" reaction at how he just told Luxord what he wanted to know. Jack even tries to backpedal and say that he didn't specify which Dutchman.
  • The fact that Davy Jones, asks Sora of all people what he could possibly know about the heart.

    Gummi Ship 
  • As soon as they see Mickey on the Gummiphone, Donald and Goofy face plant Sora backwards into the captain's chair and almost choke him with Goofy's gloved hand.
  • While on the Gummi Ship, Sora gets a phone call. Thinking it's Riku, he excitedly answers.
    Ienzo: Is this a bad time?
    [Sora, Donald, and Goofy all sag in their seats]

    San Fransokyo 
  • After meeting Big Hero 6, Sora dubs himself, Donald, and Goofy "Keyblade Hero 3." Big Hero 6 give them strange looks.
  • Fred is just as much of a Large Ham Ascended Fanboy as he was in the movie.
    Fred: [On getting inspired by Sora's Ice/Fire combo] Ice and fire, diametrically opposed! ...Or so we thought!
  • Baymax teaching Sora his signature fist bump.
    • Later in one of the loading screens for San Fransokyo, Sora uses "Balalalalalala" as one of his hashtags.
  • Fred names the new Heartless microbot threat "the Darkubes". The others protest at first but decide to just go with it.
    • When the Darkubes are first sighted in the city, Hiro briefly believes them to be microbots and tries to explain what those are to Sora and company. Cue Sora and Goofy tilting their heads quizzically, forcing Hiro to re-explain in simpler terms.
  • Baymax brings two of his signature phrases into battle: "Oh no!" (When he's attacked) and "You require assistance" (when healing someone). Sometimes he might get attacked as he's healing, leading him to say "You require Oh no!"
  • Sora begging Hiro to let him have his own Baymax.

    Radiant Garden 
  • Demyx and Vexen's interaction with each other, considering they didn't know each other much as Nobodies and Demyx says he didn't even know Vexen's old life. Even when they said that they were benched.

    Land of Departure 
  • When the group arrives at Castle Oblivion, Aqua is pondering at her former home for a long time before she finally uses Eraqus' Keyblade to restore it to its former glory (understandable, since she hasn't been there for over a decade). Donald starts getting impatient and tries to talk, only for Goofy to shut his mouth with his hands.
  • Vanitas calling Ventus "Venty-Wenty".

  • Before the final battle the initial players are brought to the Mysterious Tower (Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Mickey, Aqua, Ven, Kairi, and Lea). While the characters are catching up revealing just how they know each other, Lea proceeds to hang this massive lampshade.
    Lea: (Clears his throat audibly) This is all very touching, guys, but where do I fit in? Ven looks just like Roxas - or is it Roxas looks just like Ven? ... And now I have to explain it all to him - which is in itself a crazy long story - and, apparently everybody already knows everyone, and this is an insane amount to get memorized!
    • His point is further proven by Sora’s confusion as to how Ven knows Axel and Ven being confused as to who "Axel" is. Lea himself is practically spent by the time Jiminy pops out of Sora’s hood, because since him and Jiminy have never met until this point, when Axel, to him, it's as if ANOTHER brand new person he's never heard of just showed up. His frustration and confusion is palpable in his following lines.
    Sora: Axel, you know Ven?
    Ventus: "Axel" ? Who's "Axel" ?"
    Lea: See, see, see? Major brain-ache.
    (Jiminy pops out of Sora's hoodie and stands on his head)
    Lea: Huh?! Now who?!
    • Instead of trying to catch everyone up on screen, Jiminy just tells everyone to read the information in the Gummiphone if they're confused.
  • The scene right before the final battle has a very brief moment where Ven and Roxas both glance at each other and go "Huh?"
  • Donald casting Zettaflare is indisputably a Moment of Awesome, but there is something indisputably hilarious about the fact that- as determined by on the game's Awesome page- Donald Duck is now canonically the most powerful magic user in the entire Square Enix library!
  • The mere fact that one of the last worlds you go to is called "The Final World". Bonus points for that world not actually being the last world you go to.
  • Many of Chirithy's lines to Sora in the Final World. Even after all these years, Chirithy doesn't lose his snarky side at all. It's even amusing when you realize that he is Ven's Chirithy. He says that Sora went to the Final World more than once in his Station of Awakening moments, and that while the edges of sleep and death are close, one can't help the occasional crossover.
    Chirithy: You have to piece yourself together in this world first.
    Sora: Why am I in pieces?!
    Chirithy: What? No, not literally, of course. You're conceptually in pieces.
  • At the end of Sora's conversation with Naminé in the Final World, she says she will try to trace Terra's connection to the Realm of Light in order to bring him back. When Sora is predictably confused by the terminology, she dumbs it down to "I've got your back".
    • Furthermore, when they part ways, Sora thanks Namine for her help in explaining the situation and for tracking down Terra. He then hastily clarifies that it doesn't count as the "real" thank you that he still owes her from Jiminy's journal.
  • Sora's comment on the Final World when he's collecting him is rather funny because it really feels like an Understatement for the sheer level of Mind Screw in-effect.
    Sora: What a weird place. note 
  • Before the Boss Rush, Axel is annoyed, and it appears he's been reading TV Tropes itself.
    Axel: Just send out the Big Bad.note 
  • Two of Lea's lines to Xemnas. "How about, 'You were never my superior.'" and "You kidding? Do you know how popular I am? I got loads of people rootin' for me."
    Lea: No one axes Axel. Got it memorized?
    • Bonus points for it having the rare honor of being the second of only two big fourth-wall breaking jokes in the series, the last one being all the way back in Kingdom Hearts I, when Donald physically pulled the camera down to his level so he could continue talking.
    • When Lea weakly tries to stop Xemnas from killing Xion, Xemnas makes it a point to step on his hand out of spite.
  • In his "dying" speech when he defiantly claims to Sora and Riku that he's worthy to wield a keyblade, Xigbar insists that why else he would ever put up with Master Xehanort and all of his non-sense. With The Reveal in the epilogue, this means even he admits that Master Xehanort's whole Evil Plan is non-sensical, but his secret agenda obligates him to play along with it.

  • There are several during the ending:
    • Riku, Terra, and Roxas racing across the beach with Mickey and Aqua cheering them. Riku wins, Roxas comes in a close second, and Terra is in the last place and can be seen exhausted after he arrives at the finish.
    • Unlike Ven and Lea, Isa takes the frisbee-throwing game very seriously and continues to put a stoic face when he’s throwing the frisbee to Lea.
      • As a Call-Back, they’re playing with Lea’s old frisbee. That thing sure is very durable. One wonders just where it's been for the last twelve years!
    • Hayner, Pence, and Olette are making a Mickey Mouse emblem.
    • Donald and Goofy are building a very detailed sand sculpture of the former. Donald is bragging around about his masterpiece...only for the sculpture to be ruined by a misaimed frisbee thrown by Ven.

  • We get yet another Self-Deprecation to the series' infamous Kudzu Plot when Luxu/Xigbar, asked about what his role over the last several centuries has been, sighs and replies, "I hope you guys like long stories."
  • The Reveal that Xigbar is Luxu puts his remark from Kingdom Hearts II about being "not just any old dude" in another light: not only is he indeed an "old dude", he's quite possibly the oldest "dude" in the series by that point.
    • There's also the fact that Luxu has been biding his time, watching an old man try to start the Keyblade War with his Keyblade, listening to him get his facts wrong throughout the entire time he was Xigbar, and allow himself to become "half-Xehanort" while waiting for his "master" to bite the dust. Dude's got a lot of patience.
  • In the Secret Ending, we get our first glimpse of the Master of Masters in the present day, as confirmed by Nomura. Keep in mind that all evidence currently points to this guy being the Big Bad of the next story arc, serving as the Greater-Scope Villain to Luxu and the other Foretellers. And in his first present-day appearance, what do we see him doing? Holding up his hands in a heart-shape to make the shape of Kingdom Hearts on the moon! Clearly the intervening centuries haven't made him any less of a Manchild.



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