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Video Game / Kirby: Revenge of Dream Land

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Who says Kirby games have to be easy?

"This is the most advanced rom hack I've ever seen."
YouTube user WantedAsylum in this video

Kirby: Revenge of Dream Land is an ambitious hack of Kirby's Return to Dream Land created by Shay that seeks to reimagine the pink puffball's return to form in an unexpectedly brutal new way.

The hack features the return of old enemies, revamped boss fights, more complex puzzles, and the addition of a dangerous time loop with brand-new Brutal Bonus Levels inside — all the while keeping the plot of the original.

Development of Kirby: Revenge of Dream Land began in 2018 as "Kirby's Return to Dream Land: Hard Mode" before evolving into a more elaborate project. Version 1.0 was released on October 31, 2021, and while the mod is currently in hiatus, future updates will include Extra Mode and other new content exclusive to it.

Tropes include: