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Being around for a few decades, Nintendo remains to be a very popular and long-running video game company. So of course, it only makes sense that a lot of their games create popular jokes around the internet.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Animal Crossing

CD-i Games

Donkey Kong:

  • Expand Dong Explanation 
  • His coconut gun can fire in spurts! CG! Coconut Gun!Explanation 
  • HE Explanation 
    • HAS
    • NO
    • STYLE
    • HE
    • HAS
    • NO
    • GRACE
    • THIS
    • KONG
    • IS A FUCKING DISGRACE Explanation 
  • It's on like [redacted]Explanation 
  • Dankey KangExplanation 
    • Gotta go "Ook!"
  • And Then There's Chunky...he's dead!Explanation 
  • New Funky ModeExplanation 
  • Disappointed KongsExplanation 
  • Donkey Kong supports trans rights.Explanation 
    • How do I beat Beaver Bother?Explanation 
  • From the cartoon:
    • BANANA SLAMMA!Explanation 
    • "I'll shower you with coconut cream pies." Explanation 
    • "I don't know what's happening to me"/"OH MY GOD DK WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!" Explanation 
    • "You may spank it... once."Explanation 
    • FEATURE LENGTH Explanation 

Duck Hunt:

  • That dog's laugh.
    • When he was introduced as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros., people began guessing what the dog was laughing at. Explanation 

EarthBound/Mother series

  • EarthBound: You Cannot Grasp the True Form of Giygas's attack! Explanation 
    • Giygas is often mentioned in the comments section of mind screwy YouTube videos. Mostly the ones that add frames every second or change the audio to G-Major.
    • "Earthbolind" Explanation 
    • Zoom! Boing! Explanation 
    • "Jeff does not exist" and "Who's Jeff?" Explanation 
      • "So, when do you get your third party member?" and "Who's this guy following your only party members?" Explanation 
      • Jimmy, James, Jack, Jeb, Jorge, Jerry, Jared, Jessica, Jigglypuff... Explanation 
      • "The gang's all here! Ness, Paula, and....Bulbasaur?" Explanation 
      • Ness, Paula, and Bimmy.
  • The most notable bug during the making of the Mother 3 Fan Translation:
    Welcome to th
  • The Flint used Swing!
  • C'MON REGGIE GIVE US MOTHER 3! Explanation 
  • Cursed Images with EarthBound musicExplanation 
  • "X won't bring Claus back" Explanation (spoilers) 
  • It started with a lamp and ended with a dragon/your brother Explanation (spoilers) 

Eternal Darkness

  • "This... can't be happening!" Explanation 
    • "CHARLEMAAAGNE!!" Explanation 
  • "MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR EYES!" Explanation 
  • Needs more Pargon. Explanation 


  • "Too bad! You lost your machine."Explanation 
  • "YOU GOT BOOST POWER!"Explanation 

Golden Sun

  • "Pow pow Picard!" Explanation 
  • Making Kraden a playable character. Explanation 
  • "The Wheat Sword lets out a howl! Dutch Farmer!" Explanation 
  • Star Magician's balls. Explanation 
  • Golden Sun 3 Explanation 
    • Golden Sun 4 Explanation 
  • Isaac's sexy beard. Explanation 

Kid Icarus (primarily from Uprising)

  • In general, the sheer speed with which what should have been major spoilers became It Was His Sled. Explanation 
  • Touhou: Uprising Explanation  Editor's note 
  • Offbeat lines:
    • Ask Auntie Pandora Hour Explanation 
    • Pit's singing Lyrics  Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Magnus for Smash Bros 4! Explanation 
    • Palutena confirmed for Smash!
    • Dark Pit confirmed for Smash!
  • Dark Lord Gaol is a girl! Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Palutena is a good girl. Explanation 
  • The Reaper theme is now awesome. Explanation (long) 
  • Hamazing! Explanation 
  • Shazammitylam! Explanation (spoilers) 
    • I'm now a level infinity ultra epic supergod-plus! Explanation (spoilers) 
  • "Hey look! A Kid Icarus meme!" "Hey look! Who cares?"Explanation 
  • Viridi is Tsundere for Pit. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • "What's wrong! All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—" Explanation 
  • "Pit!" "Hades!" "Pit!" "HADES!" "PIT!" It's on!Explanation 
  • Floor ice cream gives you health! Explanation 
  • Super Bash Sisters! Explanation 

Mario Party

  • Mario Party destroys friendships.Explanation 
  • CHANCE TIME!Explanation 
  • Luigi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing.Explanation 
  • "DOH! I MISSED!"Explanation 
  • Stupid Sexy Bowser.Explanation 
  • Bowser is a filthy commie/Bowser Communism.Explanation 


  • Metroid: The Wood Beam and Pipe Boots, supposedly items from the hidden level of Warfair. Actually just an Urban Legend of Zelda used to Troll new players, which sounds plausible due to the huge number of hidden, optional items in Metroid games. With websites like GameFAQs around the fact that this is a hoax is pretty out in the open, but it's still an in-joke among older Metroid fans.
    • JUSTIN BAILEY Explanation 
    • The Wood Beam is also explicitly referenced in non-Nintendo game Enter the Gungeon, where it is a literal wooden beam.
  • Super Metroid: Noob BridgeExplanation 
  • "Save/Kill the animals!"Explanation 
  • Metroid Fusion:
    • "EMERGENCY IN SECTOR 3!"Explanation 
      • "EMERGENCY IN FRANKERZ!"Explanation 
    • Ridley's scream.Explanation 
  • Metroid Prime: "Science Team has vapor for brains" Explanation 
    • "Metroid feeding is strictly prohibited." Explanation 
    • Unless Admiral Dane approves of it. Explanation 
    • Soon, everything will be written as a meme, including YOU! Explanation 
    • Hear the words of O-Lir, last Sentinel of the Fortress Temple. May they serve you well. Explanation 
  • Metroid: Other M: "Remember me?" Explanation 
    • Manthony Higgs. Explanation 
    • Oh, and: "any objections, lady?" Explanation 
    • Mother... Time to go. Explanation 
    • Adam hasn't authorized me to edit this page yet. Explanation 
    • The baby the baby the baby the baby the baby the baby the baby the baby the baby... Explanation 
    • "The word he so obviously chose... outsider... pierced my heart." Explanation 
  • Ridley's too big. Explanation 
  • "IT'S A LIVIN'!" Explanation 
    • "I'm still fallin'!" "WUUUUAAAAHHHUUUAAAAHHHH!!"
  • Sad SamusExplanation 
  • Yet Another Metroid 2 Remake Explanation 

Nintendo Wars

  • What's an airport, again?Explanation 
  • Really? Continents? Explanation 
  • Flakalakalakalakalaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
  • Battleship. In. A. Lake.


  • "Nigga stole my bike!" Explanation 
    • Nigga earn your bike!
  • RELEASE THE BOGUS! Explanation 
    • This video seems to have permanently associated Super Macho Man with buses, of all things.
  • "Give zem ZE UPPERCUT!" Explanation 

Rhythm Heaven

  • "Tekitekiteki desu ka?" "Eh!"Explanation 
    • "Wubadubaduba s'at true?" "Yeah!" Explanation 
  • BA-BOM BOM BOM Explanation 
  • In the comments sections of Rhythm Heaven-related media (mostly Custom Remixes on YouTube), you're bound to see at least one comment based upon the rating screens of the minigames.
  • It's become popular to make custom Remixes by using the sound effects from the games. Particularly popular picks are music tracks from other video games, or any of the games' Final Exam Bosses.
  • The infamous Rule 34 parody of Fever's Remix 10 (by Minus8, called "Fever X", if you're curious).

Sin and Punishment

Star Fox

  • Star Fox 64 brings us Peppy Hare's various over-eager "hints": "Do a barrel roll!", "Use the brake!", "Try a somersault!"
  • Mostly for furries only and does not appear in any game, but Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich. Explanation 
  • Five Nights at Slippy'sExplanation 

The Wonderful 101

  • UNITE X Explanation 
  • Wonder-eyes, X Explanation 
  • "If it isn't the heir to the throne of the Roaming Rhullo, leader of the Space Pirate band known across the universe as the Guyzoch.. Prince Vorkken!" Explanation 
  • Mash A to Protect Earth Explanation (SPOILERS) 
  • Watch Saur's videos Explanation 
  • Diplomacy has failed! Explanation 
  • #WonderRed4Smash Explanation 
  • So when's Bayonetta 2 coming to PC? Explanation 
  • "It's happening again, Immorta." Explanation 


  • Nintendo Hardware in general:
    • Made of Nintendium Explanation 
  • Nintendo Entertainment System:
    • SET SIDE B Explanation 
      • "B men o setto shite kudasai" Explanation 
    • W A I T Explanation 
      • "Omachi kudasai".Explanation 
    • Now you're playing with power! Explanation 
    • Blowing on the cartridgeExplanation 
    • I love the Power Glove. It's so bad. Explanation 
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System: "WARNING! It is a serious crime to copy video games according to copyright law. Please refer to your Nintendo game instruction booklet for more information.Explanation 
  • Nintendo 64:
    • It's a Nintendo SIXTY-FOOOUUUR! Explanation 
  • The Nintendo GameCube startup intro Explanation 
  • What Nintendo fanboys have said about the Nintendo DS: "It prints money!"
    • Someone else made a hilarious picture of this meme in a different light for the PlayStation 3: "IT EATS MONEY!" Explanation 
    • On the Wii: "It still prints money!"
    • On the Nintendo 3DS: "It prints money! IN 3D!"
    • On the Wii U: "It prints money! In HD!"
      • Subverted during the first few years of the Wii U's life due to poor sales (It took them more than 2 and a half years to sell 10 millions units, Sony sold 10 million PS4s in nine months.) Images started to appear depicting the Wii U eating money. This ended once Wii U sales began to pick up after games like Sm4sh were released.
  • Wii
    • Two GameCubes duct-taped togetherExplanation 
    • Wii Shop Channel musicExplanation 
    • The Wii crash noiseExplanation 
  • Wii U:
  • The Nintendo Switch:
    • ______ is cool and all, but I want to hear more about the NX.Explanation 
    • The very day the first preview trailer for the Switch came out, people began comparing the look of the console's Joy-Cons when attached to the controller bridge to a dog's face; this has led to a lot of jokes and fanart revolving around the Switch being a cute little puppy. The "Switch dog" is an unofficial mascot for the system.
    • Awkward translatorExplanation 
    • The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls trailer, which shows Bowser monitoring his son's video games, has also been making rounds.
    • Click!Explanation 
    • Counting ice cubes.Explanation 
    • There are a number of jokes about how expensive the console's accessories (and some of its games, and online play) are.
      • BOY, THIS IS REALLY EXPENSIVE!Explanation 
    • Nintendo added the bittering agent denatonium benzoate to Switch carts to discourage young children from eating them. Approximately everyone who hears this feels an irresistible urge to perform an immediate taste test.
    • Kimishima, what are your plans to save Nintendo? note 
    • "Perfect for the Switch" Explanation 
    • The Nintendo Switch Tax! Explanation 
    • Mixing with the Avengers: Infinity War meme of Thanos snapping his fingers, killing half of the life in the universe, somehow this included the Wii U dying and that the Switch clicking noises was something ominous.
    • Nintendo Switch has games Explanation 
      • Nintendo Switch HAD games Explanation 
    • Where's EarthBound? Explanation 
  • Nintendo of America's Reggie uttered "My body is ready" during an early showing of Wii Fit. It didn't resurface until three years later, when it would become a huge fad.
    • At E3 2012, he mentioned it. He was talking about the opportunity for fitness with the Wii U, and said that "People laughed, my body was ready" to a chorus of cheers.
    • As of recently, he seems to have turned it into his own Catchphrase of sorts. He mentioned it under the Wii U release at Nintendo Land, and later during an Animal Crossing video showing a tour of his in-game home in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
    • And again during an interview aired on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. After being asked on Twitter whether or not he would be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U, Reggie explained that the decision was not his to make, before coyly adding "But, if Sakurai wants... my body is ready.”
    • In fact, this meme is even referenced in several Nintendo games, including Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokémon X and Y, Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.
    • This phrase is common when Nintendo fans get hyped before, say, a Nintendo Direct livestream.
  • At E3 2008, a Nintendo employee named Cammie left a pretty bad taste in all the gamers' mouths due to her overenthusiastic personality about casual games. She even told a personal story on how she broke her wrist when she tried to snowboard. Literally, within seconds, her and and the word "wrist" became memes on several forums.
  • A lot of the Nintendo E3 2012 stuff and related events:
    • Non-Specific Action Figure Explanation 
    • Zombified Reggie Explanation 
    • Iwata holding bananas Explanation 
      • The fruit/food-holding itself seems to have been made into Nintendo's own joke as of recently: it was later that year referenced by a Nintendo Direct, where Bill Trinen would stare at a tangerine, and in yet another Nintendo Direct, a Lego version of Iwata was holding a carrot. And now it has happened again in the recent 3DS Nintendo Direct for Europe, whilst there is no holding, Satoru Shibata does promote the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game by scanning an apple.
    • "I feel just like a purple Pikmin." Explanation 
  • "Please understand." Explanation 
    • "Please underStand." Explanation 
  • All hail the Virtual Boy. Explanation 
  • "My uncle works at Nintendo".Explanation 
  • Don YamauchiExplanation 
  • "Lonk from Pennsylvania"Explanation 
  • "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience." Explanation 
  • Nintendo HardExplanation 
  • Nintendo ninjasExplanation 
  • Nintendo Therapy Explanation 
  • Nintendo Direct pranks Explanation 
  • Bowser Taking Over Nintendo Explanation 
  • Virgin Ninja vs Chad Reggie Explanation 
  • NINTENDO, HIRE THIS MAN!Explanation 
  • Nintendo killed Rush Limbaugh.Explanation 
  • "50 dollars to play Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games?" "With Animal Crossing DLC, Mr. Squidward, with Animal Crossing DLC." Explanation 
  • "Fall Guys was my favorite Capcom fighting game", or similar comments.Explanation 
  • Farm Direct. Explanation