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The man himself.

Jeremy Chinshue, also known as TerminalMontage, is a web animator who specializes in animated parodies of video games. His more well known works include:

Tropes associated with Jeremy:

  • Author Appeal: Jeremy is a fairly big fan of Siiva Gunner, and has used many of their rips in his animations.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Such as:
    • In Pokémon Battle Royale, among the many Poké Balls being sent out, a Voltorb can be seen and heard among them.
    • Something About Super Mario Speedrun has Peach say the beginning of the letter like normal, but what it reads is very different:
    Dear Mario: Please come to the castle. The police are waiting, I told them you murdered your brother. You have to turn yourself in.
  • Holy Burns Evil: A bit of a Running Gag among Something About... is that a demonic or eldritch enemy is defeated by a simple cross.
  • Running Gag: Many:
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  • Sensory Abuse: A common tactic of his is to employ a very loud version of Screams Like a Little Girl to convey extreme pain.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Jeremy seems to be incredibly fond of this trope, with it appearing in almost every video of his.

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In "Something About Kirby's Adventure", Kirby uses a chainsaw to defeat Whispy Woods, and the two part ways before leaving Vegetable Valley. The chainsaw later shows up at Yogurt Yard, although very briefly on the left.

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