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Kinetic Novel

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A sub-category of Visual Novels that avert the tradition of having Multiple Endings and instead focusing on a singular, linear plot. There are no choices whatsoever, nor is there any form of interactivity involved. In other words, it's basically a single, linear story accompanied by visuals and audio. Originally used to describe certain visual novels by Key/Visual Arts (notably Planetarian), it has since then been used to encompass other visual novels.

07th Expansion refers to their work as "sound novels," the vast majority of which have no real gameplay options or choices. The name refers to the greater emphasis on using music and sound effects to establish setting and "punctuate" key scenes. Although the first episode of Higurashi: When They Cry was released two years before Planetarian, the name has not caught on outside of 07th Expansion's own work.

Examples of this genre: