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"You are going to learn something from life every day. And make mistakes. And you'll make good friends, and Mr. Feeny will probably teach you every grade you're ever in."
Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World

Works set in schools rarely create characters the show isn't going to focus on anyway. If the protagonists are any of the students, then expect about two staff members to be consistent characters, representing all of the administration, educators, and various staff positions that a school would need, even a very small school. Background adults may be replaced from a large pool of single-episode actors, or simply used a couple of times with no lines whatsoever.

Actual teachers may be limited to the homeroom, English, health, and gym (Possibly taking Economy Cast to an extreme by using the same teacher for every role). Education will occur with off-screen staff — even when the action takes place in and during a class, where the teacher should be present (probably because the production crew figures that unless the subject matter of the class is somehow relevant to the actual story, the audience won't be interested in watching kids listen to a teacher lecture). Like Parental Abandonment, this prevents adults who would otherwise have an interest in (or at least influence) the main characters from interfering with the plot.

This may be handwaved by the presence of an Absurdly Powerful Student Council running things, or the pragmatic view that even when screentime is spent on characters actually being in class, it's not the lessons that are important to the plot.

Truth in Television – there have been times and places where this was the rule rather than the exception (see Schoolmarm). Parochial schools based in smaller churches often only have four or five teachers, and in a few it's only two or three. A lot of Irish primary schools were this in the past, due to having small schoolhouses, particularly in rural areas. Still happens today, but is less and less common.

See also Oddly Small Organization (which is for cases of small staff in workplaces and organizations outside of schools) and The Main Characters Do Everything (where everyone else is offscreen and therefore cannot act). Compare to the Schoolmarm, who usually really is the only teacher at the school due to its small size and having to mix grades.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Katori-sensei from Amanchu! seems to be the only teacher dwelling in that rather large high school building — perhaps justified since the school also appears to have a suspicious lack of students. Sure, there are two other adults shown shortly, but it's not clear what their function is.
  • In Anne Happy the only teachers seen are Kodaira and Saginomiya, the later of which is only around for one episode of the anime. Then again, the only class we see of that school is class 1-7, and the only students of this class with a face, or a name, are the five main characters.
  • In Assassination Classroom, Class 3-E begins with Koro-sensei as their only teacher, though this is justified by the fact that their class is forced to study at an underfunded satellite campus away from the rest of the school, along with possible confidentiality issues about the tentacled monster who decided he wants to teach the ninth grade. Early in the year, they also get Irina Jelavic, a Femme Fatale assassin who decides to stick around to teach English; and Karasuma, who's sent by the government to be the P.E. teacher but is really only there to spy on Koro-sensei and teach the kids how to kill him.
  • Apart from Endou, the only other named faculty member in Asteroid in Love is a teacher named Araya.
  • Azumanga Daioh shows at least three teachers, and even shows them teaching in class. But then again, they're as much part of the core cast as the students are. We also get the occasional cameo by a different teacher. Their homeroom teacher doesn't change, either, but that's only because she doesn't want to memorize any new names (except for Kagura, whom she took for her athletic prowess).
    • When one looks at the anime, at least two other teachers are seen (albeit briefly). One is the stern teacher in the very first episode who made Chiyo cry, and the other is a music teacher who shows up for all of 5-10 seconds in the second episode. Neither of them are seen again.
  • Beastars: Or more precisely two (or more) subjects with no teachers. While the school is shown to have a large faculty consisting of Gon the headmaster, Rokume the security guard, Housemother the housemother for male carnivores with it being implied that there are at least three more for each gender consumer combination, at least one unnamed school nurse with possibly more who are not shown, multiple cafeteria workers serving food to the student body at the registers, but absolutely no teachers are shown on screen. This is especially noticeable as no adult is seen overseeing the students of the drama or gardening clubs and whenever a classroom is shown the front of the room remain off camera only focusing on the students sitting at the rows of university-like desks, with the biggest example being the episode that focuses on Legom with her shown intently watching the front of the class until she notices Legoshi eating egg sandwiches next to her. However, while some of the focus remain on the clubs, hints at to what classes are taken are shown throughtout the series, such as the fifth image showing that Legoshi takes geology and seaspeak writing, a math test is mentioned by the 701 canines in the second episode, and the first episode shows a powerpoint discussing herbivore and carnivore relations.
  • Beelzebub and Ishiyama High with its "120% delinquency rate". Actually a no-teacher school, except for the lunch lady and the principal who doubles as the school janitor(!) Well, since all of the classrooms have actually been turned into individual gang headquarters, the marked absence of teachers is pretty understandable. Lampshaded in the anime.
    Furuichi: "I've been wondering about this for awhile, but what do the teachers in this school actually do?"
  • Bleach has Ochi-sensei, the main teacher of the teenage human characters, and the gym teacher Kagine-sensei, plus the principal. They all kind of fade out of the series after a while.
  • In Boruto the only teacher in the ninja academy seems to be Shino.
  • In the manga version of Cardcaptor Sakura, most subjects have a teacher with a name and character profile in the manga, though they rarely show up. In the anime, however, Terada-sensei and Mizuki-sensei are pretty much the only two teachers, and the rest don't even have profiles.
  • Code Geass only gives us one named teacher (in the second season), and in that case she's a Britannian spy keeping an eye on Lelouch. In the first season we see one teacher getting Geassed, and again we see a conference where teachers are apparently lining up to chew out Lelouch and Suzaku for chronic truancy and dump make-up work on them.
  • Corrector Yui had one undefined teacher, Manami-sensei who also happened to be a sentient computer program and teach from a TV screen mounted in the class.
  • Taken to the extreme in Cromartie High School, where no teachers are introduced until Volume 11.
  • In Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, the only teachers at Hope's Peak who are regularly shown in the Despair Arc are Kizakura and Yukizome.
  • Avoided in all incarnations of Digimon. While only one or two teachers were ever prominent, shots of schools made the presence of teachers, lunch ladies, etc. clear. No sign whatsoever of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council that replaces any faculty in most anime.
  • The school in Fruits Basket seems to have only two teachers, one of whom in Mayuko (who has plot significance), while the other is a man who appears to teach gym and possibly other subjects.
  • Girls und Panzer only has one teacher as a character, the Sensha-Do instructor, with the only other faculty member even being mentioned is the headmaster (because the students recognized that the car the Sensha-Do instructor totaled with her tank is his). Justified by the fact that the anime is about the Sensha-Do club and an inter-school Sensha-Do competition, so actual classes are rarely shown.
  • In GTO: The Early Years, there are at least 4 named teachers (Mariko Izumo, Ayumi Murakoshi, Yoko Minamino (the only male teacher), and Nao Kadena), but only 2 are working at the school at any one time. Minamino only appears after Ayumi leaves town, and Kadena doesn't start working until after Minamino is presumably arrested and fired. Somewhat justified, since most of the story takes place outside the classroom. Completely averted in the sequel Great Teacher Onizuka.
  • There's only one teacher at Haré+Guu's school. And he's always sleeping.
  • The teaching staff at Yamabuki High of Hidamari Sketch seems to consist only of Yoshinoya-sensei and the principal. (The manga has a lot more unnamed teachers; Yoshinoya teaches studio arts and basic art theories.)
  • Hikaru no Go, being largely a Go-related series, doesn't show any school teachers unless they have something to do with said game.
    • Sports anime in general tends to focus on the team's practice sessions and tournament play, so regular school time doesn't get the spotlight often.
  • Despite all of the action in Ikki Tousen taking place in or around several high schools, there are absolutely no teachers or staff members visible ever. Perhaps they all got tired of being under attack by supernatural fighters all the time — or maybe they just have been killed already. Of course, one wonders why the police never shows up either despite the regular highly visible outbursts of violence, but maybe they just don't care.
  • Inuyasha: Whenever Kagome makes it to school in the modern era, the teachers (or anyone else in the modern era save Kagome's friends and immediate family) seldom have face time.
  • The only known school staff in Junsui Adolescence are the school nurse Matsumoto and a teacher named Hanada.
  • Kaitou Saint Tail has a (pretty much) one nun school. Said nun embodies the sister-teacher stereotype, being very strict and not afraid to punish anyone, much less the main characters.
  • Lucky Star only has Nanako Kuroi as the homeroom/history teacher of the main cast (except for Kagami) and the biology teacher (mostly in the manga). Other teachers do appear at times, though. The manga however, has the school nurse (we have an ill girl in the cast, after all).
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, the only teacher we see in Nanoha's school is Nanoha's homeroom teacher. There was another male math teacher that appears in one episode of the first season, but that was in Cram School.
  • Although it is set in a very large private school, there are no visible teachers anywhere in My-HiME aside from Midori (who is part of the core cast) and Sakomizu (who acts a supporting character and is almost never seen teaching). We do get to see the headmistress ( who is Really 700 Years Old, and by the end of the series she passes the title and responsibilities to her assistant), although the nurse happened to be a cute lady.
  • My Monster Secret: At the start of the series, the only two staff members at Morobare High appear to be Principal Akane and Akari-Sensei. Eventually they're joined by Ryokuenzaka-Sensei ( actually Youko's father Disguised in Drag) and Shirayuki, who forcibly takes control of the school.
  • Garderobe Academy in My-Otome has exactly two teachers shown onscreen (Miss Maria and Yukariko), plus the principal and a scientist taking care of all the Lost Technology stored there.
    • In My-HiME various unnamed teachers make brief appearances, but only Midori and Ishigami are significant characters.
  • The most recent Negima! Magister Negi Magi anime, Negima!? plays with this. In the previous anime, we never saw many teachers but lots of nondescript students on the enormous campus, of which the main cast is only class 2-A. The manga shows a larger number of teachers a bit in (past the point the anime drift off on their own), but most of them are also mages, and we never see them do any actual teaching, although, of course, we don't see the main character, ostensibly a teacher, teaching much past the first few volumes, so presumably it's in there somewhere offscreen. Probably. Unless it isn't. Thats the thing about stuff offscreen, you can't see it.
    • Negi has been seen giving quizzes and making the "Baka Rangers" stay after class, and gives various efforts to help them learn. (the whole Library Island arc)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion only ever shows a single teacher, who endlessly drones through the same lecture, episode after episode, about Second Impact, and, based on episode 3, horribly sucks at math. Pause at the point they focus on the chalkboard... (Given that it's eventually revealed the school is also a repository for the potential EVA pilots, one wonders how qualified this teacher actually is.)
  • Omamori Himari has one teacher, and even she barely gets any spotlight. It helps that most important stuff happens outside of school.
  • The entire Ouran High School Host Club Anime passes without any classroom teachers being seen at all. Somewhat surprisingly for Ouran, nobody hangs a lampshade on it.
    • It would explain how Tamaki managed to be second in his class.
  • In Pani Poni Dash!, Peach Moon Academy is a four teacher school, and we see all of them teach at various points (even though Becky gets the most attention).
  • In Persona 5: The Animation, the only teachers who show up more than a handful of times are Kawakami and Kamoshida. By comparison, the game had several other teachers who regularly appeared to give lectures and ask questions on their respective subjects.
  • Only one teacher appears in Please Tell Me! Galko-chan. That's Abe-sensei, their class teacher who also teaches modern Japanese literature.
  • Please Twins! has a bit of Lampshade Hanging when a student mentions that it seems like the school only has two teachers (Kazami Mizuho and Yamada Masaomi).
  • Pokémon: During the Sun & Moon saga, Professor Kukui and maybe Samson Oak are the only teachers shown at the school. Strangely enough, the school itself is huge with a student body to match it, but this could be explained as while there are students attending it, their classrooms aren’t shown except for the sweet one doubling as a terrace on the highest floor.
  • Pretty Cure examples:
  • It takes nine episodes for Puella Magi Madoka Magica to get a second teacher. Before that it's just Saotome-sensei.
    • There is a PE teacher who was impressed by Homura's high jump ability in the first episode. There aren't all that many scenes set in the school overall.
  • In Ranma ˝, the teachers (except for Hinako) are seldom shown (because most of the stuff that happens is not at the school or not during class) and he only knows about Principal Kuno because of the latter's crazy antics. The anime does actually show the existence of more teachers, but they are never named and do so little (only a few speaking lines throughout all seven seasons, and are usually just shown on screen as, at most, Principal Kuno's unwilling goons) that it still manages to qualify for this trope. Well, it's a Three Teacher School if one counts minor character Higuma Torajiro, a temporary teacher for Ranma's homeroom who is functionally a parody of the Well-Intentioned Extremist serving as a Villain of the Week.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena, only two staff members appear in more than one episode: a shrewish guidance councilor, who spends all her screen time disapproving of something Utena did (usually her creative interpretation of the school uniform policy), and Anthy's brother, the deputy chairman, who ends up being the show's Big Bad.
  • Sailor Moon also suffers from this. In fact it gets progressively worse as the five seasons go on. There was one teacher, Sakurada Haruna in the first season. By the end of the first arc of season two, she had vanished. (A bit understandable in the fifth season since the girls had moved on to high school, but really...)
  • Sakura Trick has two teachers appear. This is actually fairly reasonable, given how little the teachers actually show up.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei has only Itoshiki-sensei and Chie-sensei, who is introduced as the school's guidance counselor but also teaches classes on occasion (read: when Itoshiki-sensei is too in despair to care about his class.) Also, Jinroku — what he teaches is unclear — is shown for a few seconds in one episode, then disappears until season two with a weird tattoo on his back.
  • School-Live! has a school that literally only has one teacher. The rest of the facility is either a zombie by now or has evacuated the school. Considering the fact Megu-nee is really a Posthumous Character the school is a "Zero Teacher School" in actuality.
  • In Shugo Chara!, the only adults we see at Seiyo Academy are Nikaidou-sensei and Tsukasa. And Tsukasa isn't even a teacher. Not only does Nikaidou teach Amu both years, but he also teaches her in gym and seems to be the only person seen in charge during assemblies.
  • Kasugano-sensei from Sketchbook is the only teacher who is ever visible during the course of the show. She is also nearly indistinguishable from her students, both in looks and behavior.
    • In the manga she gets assisted by Soyogi-sensei, who stirs things up quite a bit with her love for magic tricks.
  • Soul Eater has more than two teachers at DWMA, but only Sid and Stein are ever seen actually teaching.
  • Strawberry Panic! has one faculty member shown infrequently and takes the Absurdly Powerful Student Council to the Nth degree.
  • Aya of Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note supposedly has to attend two classes in her Cram School — Class B and the Special Class. However, the anime only shows Egawa, her instructor in Class B.
  • In Urusei Yatsura, the only teacher that gets any major screen time is Onsen Mark, and the only other staff visible is the principal and Sakura, the school nurse.
  • Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest has approximately two teachers, one female and one male (guess which one tries to make a stand). There's also the principal and vice-principal, but everyone is too terrified of the delinquents' leader, yakuza heir Haguro, to do anything about the violence Haguro's gang causes. Oh, and this is a middle school.
  • In Yo-Kai Watch, we only ever see Nate's teacher.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime almost never showed teachers in the scenes that took place at school. The main characters would just be sitting in a classroom and talking or something. In one episode, there was a brief glimpse of a highly emotional P.E. teacher... and then Anzu and co. ditched him and that was it.
  • Though the students can be seen in different classes from time to time, Ms. Matsumoto is the only teacher with any plot relevance in Yuyushiki.

    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • The Bash Street Kids plays this trope straight. Their school seems to contain only one teacher, a headmaster, a janitor and a school cook. The Bash Street Kids themselves seem to be the only students in the entire school.
    • At least, that was the case until the 2000s. Now a retcon has been done (a school called Beano High was built, and the old Bash Street School destroyed, but the name was erroneous due to the kids not being of high school age - most of them are 10 years old — so they changed the new school's name to Bash Street!), and most Beano characters attend the school. Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, and a few others are taught by Mrs Creecher, who originates from the 2009 Dennis and Gnasher cartoon. Tricky Dicky's nemesis is another teacher, Mr Throbb, who was originally nicknamed Terminator. He is now shown to be the teacher for Calamity James and a few others, as well as, of course, Dicky's supporting cast. Also, because the Dennis cartoon's second season in 2013 established former Mayor Mr De Testa as the headmaster of the school, the old Bash Street Head was reassigned to PE teacher, an ironic job for someone consistently portrayed as lazy.
  • Robin: A couple of the schools Tim goes to suffer from this, with Brentwood Academy seeming to only have a dean, lit teacher, and gym teacher and Louis E. Grieve Memorial High's only apparent staff member is the football coach. Tim doesn't even play football.
  • This trope occurs a lot in superhero comics. For instance, in the original comics, Peter Parker had just one named teacher in high school, and at university things were not much better, at least if you discount those lecturers who, like Professors Warren (the Jackal) and Lansky (the Light-Master), turn out to be supervillains. The most extreme case was probably Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, which started out with a teaching staff of one (Professor Charles Xavier) and which would have to wait twenty years to hire a second teacher (dance and gymnastics instructor Stevie Hunter).

    Fan Works 
  • Crosslands High School in Power Rangers AVX only has the Principal Miles Gorman and the home room teacher Mrs. Collins make regular appearances. The second chapter features another teacher, but she quickly ceases to play any role beyond exposition.
  • Justified in Shinji and the Doctor. The Doctor winds up teaching the class multiple subjects because the other teachers are either dead or in recovery from being converted into zombies.
    • One of the other named teachers is the same boring expositor from Shinji's parent series. The fanfic writer explains his less-than-stellar math skills by making him secretly a NERV employee and part of the school's security detail.

  • This is justified in Le Boucher by the setting being a remote rural village in central France where there must be a village school, but the pupil numbers justify only two teachers. And after one of them is murdered this leaves only one.
  • 5ive Girls: The only staff at St. Mark's are Headmistress Pierce, Father Drake, and Virgil the caretaker. But, then again, there are only five students.
  • The school in The Children's Hour where most of the film takes place literally has two teachers, being that it's a small all-girls school in the 1960s. Quickly however, the school closes down due to parents disliking the rumors the two teachers are involved in.
  • Handwaved in the Kim Possible. Mr. Barkin is the only teacher depicted. When Kim questions this, he mentions that he's filling in for a teacher that went on "eternity leave".
  • Mean Girls: Only Ms Norbury (the homeroom and maths teacher) and Mr Duvall (the principal) appear as major characters, and only one other teacher (Coach Carr) appears at all, in a few, mostly joke-focused, scenes.
  • Never Been Kissed contains the kooky French/Spanish/Social Studies teacher and the English/Sex Ed teacher.
  • Our Shining Days shows only one unnamed Dean Bitterman (whose only role seems to stand in the main characters' way to gain recognition and publicly rebuke them in formal addresses whenever they misbehave) and a custodian/security guard who helps the heroes with a place to practice.
  • Revenge of the Nerds is set at a college that seems to only have two staff members — the Big Bad Coach, and the Dean, who seemed to exist mostly for the Coach to Kick the Dog.
  • Although a large number of students are seen in When Evil Calls, the only teachers seen are Mr. Dale, who teaches English, and Miss Nibbs, who teaches science and maths. The only other staff seen are the headmaster and the janitor.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School: Mrs. Grimwood employs a few monster servants but seemingly teaches everything at her finishing school besides Gym, which she hires Shaggy to teach (with Scooby and Scrappy being his assistants). To be fair, she only has five students, and it isn't shown exactly how many classes the school has.
  • In Turning Red, the only teacher with any lines at Mei's school is Mr. Kieslowski who teaches math and gym. The only other teachers even seen are the music teacher and the French teacher both only for a few seconds. The only other staff member seen is the school security guard, Mr. Malik.

  • Is used in The Candy Shop War, but it's pretty justified considering that the students are in an elementary school and only need one teacher.
  • Elemental Masters: The Wizard of London: The Harton School's exact size isn't given, but seems to be a bit short in the teacher department. note  Justified in that the Harton School for Boys and Girls is being run on very little money.
  • The Familiar Of Zero only ever shows two teachers: Mrs. Chevreuse, who simply exists so we can have a demonstration of what happens when Louise tries to cast a spell and to explain the basics of magic, and Mr. Colbert, who actually has plot relevance. This isn't counting the principal, Old Osmond.
  • Yukari-sensei is the only teacher in Haruka Nogizaka's Secret.
  • Maya and Chifuyu are the only teachers in Infinite Stratos.
  • The Jennings books by Anthony Buckeridge, a series set in a boys' boarding school. The school is said to have five teachers plus the Head, but only Mr Carter and Mr Wilkins appear in the stories, aside from occasional appearances by art and music teacher Mr Hind.
  • Ladies versus Butlers! has the principal, Kaede Tenjouji and Mikan (no last name given) as the only faculty members that ever appear.
  • By the end of These Happy Golden Years, the population of DeSmet has grown so much that a two-room school is built, with the younger students downstairs and the older ones upstairs. In the Rose Wilder sequels, Rose attends a school with a similar format; one classroom holds the first through third readers and another has the fourth and fifth readers, with each classroom having its own teacher.
  • The high school in Maria Watches Over Us appears to have a dire lack of teachers for the number of students. There are a few nuns who apparently are staff members, but it is unclear whether they are also teachers.
  • As befits a parody of classic school story tropes, the molesworth books occasionally mention teachers in such subjects as history, geography, French, and Latin at St Custard’s, their setting, but the only masters who are ever named are Grimes (or rather GRIMES), the headmaster, and Sigismund Arbuthnot, the mad maths master.
  • Prufrock Prep's teaching staff seems to consist of only Mr. Remora, Mrs. Bass, and later Coach Genghis. The only other adults working at the school are Vice Principal Nero and two cafeteria workers.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Season 1 of Alias, one running subplot was how Sydney's spy duties were affecting her grades in college. Though apparently it wasn't that much of a problem since she only seemed to be taking one class.
  • Mr. Feeny and Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World. Mr. Feeny actually followed Cory and Shawn from middle school to high school due to a promotion, to Cory's horror. He eventually follows Cory to college, with suitable lampshade hanging. Mr. Feeny is qualified to teach elementary school, English, history, geography, math, literature, psychology, sociology, and quantum mechanics. And he's Cory's next-door neighbor.
    • Turner was actually introduced in the second season, when the kids moved to high school; the first season took place in elementary school, where it would make sense for the kids to have only one teacher. Because Feeny (the principal of John Adams High) and Turner had a lot of scenes together, we did get to see other teachers sometimes, even though we never actually saw them teach. During the third season, when Shawn moved in with Turner (giving Turner a bigger role in the show), a third teacher, Turner's best friend Eli Williams, was introduced. He only lasted one season, and then Turner disappeared at the end of the fourth. In the fifth season and last year of high school, Feeny was their only teacher again.
    • Boy Meets World even has a Two Teacher College: the only recurring professors we see at Pennbrook are Mr. Feeny (who else?) and Dean Bollander.
    • So far in Girl Meets World Other than an art and a gym teacher, Cory is the only teacher we've seen. This example is played straighter as Cory seems to be in charge of all the school's extracurricular activities
      • The show does a significant amount of Lampshade Hanging on the subject, including the fact that Cory, while nominally a History/Social Studies teacher will teach other subjects like Math and Science.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer — in high-school, Buffy's teachers came in and out of the plot to serve as victims or monsters, but by the time she gets to college, the only lecturer we ever see more than once is the plot-important Professor Walsh.
  • The various incarnations of Degrassi lean this way — especially Degrassi Junior High, where pretty much the only teachers on offer were Miss Avery and franchise pillar Mr. Raditch.
  • Drake & Josh had only one recurring teacher, but few minor ones were shown occasionally.
  • The only authority figures that have been seen at Hester High School in Faking It are Principal Penelope and Margot the drama teacher.
  • The teenagers in Family Matters never spent all that much screen-time at school, but there were enough such episodes to demonstrate the sparse faculty. It was briefly a recurring joke for Urkel to land in Ms. Steuben's class every semester, in spite of her best efforts to avoid him. And yet the show-stealer among the school staff was the janitor Mr. Looney. (That's Lou-NÉit's French.)
  • The only faculty typically featured on Glee are Will, guidance counselor Emma, Principal Figgins, Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester and either football coach. Other faculty appear frequently in the teacher's lounge, but both teachers and students are rarely shown in class, giving the impression that virtually all of the day's activities are football, cheerleading or Glee-related. It got jarring in Gwyneth Paltrow's episode as a substitute teacher, reminding us that Will does, in fact, teach Spanish at some point every day.
    • Massively obvious in the episode featuring Karovsky's suicide attempt. Figgins gravely calls the faculty together to deliver the grim news...To four people.
    • Also played very straight with Dalton Academy, were there appear to be no teachers whatsoever. Dalton is introduced in the sixth episode of season two, but no teachers turn up until the fifth episode of season three, and the only reason she is even assumed by the vieweer to be a teacher is because she's the only female in a school for boys.
  • The Goldbergs has the William Penn Academy, where the two teachers seen most often are the hapless Principal Ball and the manic PE coach Rick Mellor. However, as the show progresses, drama teacher Ms Susan Cinnamon becomes a regular character and others, such as Spanish teacher Miss Taraborelli, make single-episode appearances.
  • Henry Danger: Mrs Shapen was the only teacher ever shown. She started as their Junior High History teacher but stayed their teacher into high school. The school was even the same throughout the series.
  • Hollyoaks, despite having a high school and community college as important locations in the show, usually has only three or four teachers maximum and sometimes fewer than that.
  • The Inbetweeners has this. Mr Gilbert, Mr Kennedy and Ms Timms are the only teachers to have appeared in the series (though the principal turns up in a deleted scene). Somewhat justified in that, while the boys are frequently shown at school, it's generally only at the start of the day, at lunchtime or at the end of the day.
  • Amanogawa High from Kamen Rider Fourze, whose staff body seems to consist entirely of Ohsugi and Sonoda. Two other teachers are briefly seen for two episodes each and return in the finale; and Hayami, Libra Zodiarts is the headmaster, but is never shown to actually teach anyone.
  • In the Leverage episode The Fairy Godmother Job, the team literally turns the private school of the mark's stepson into this, with Eliot as the gym teacher and Sophie teaching everything else. (Though it can be assumed that other teachers are still there, but as they are unnecessary to the plot, we simply never see the kids in their classes.)
  • Refreshingly averted by Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, where there are many different teachers for many different subjects (though some are basically extras, others are one-shots played by guest stars) and are just as important to the plots as their students are. Even the faculty and administration get in on it — when the old principal retires, one of the teachers becomes principal, and the old principal becomes a teacher instead. It's more like a Two-Janitor School — there's only Gordy, and the never-seen "night guy", when logic suggests that there should be an entire janitorial staff.
  • For the most part, main characters Rachel Culgrin and Fiona Brake are all we see of the faculty at Night and Day's Kingshurst School –- and they both seem to spend more of their time lusting after the pupils than actually teaching. Arguably lampshaded by the occasional appearances of Mr Truelove the headmaster, who’s always shrouded in darkness when we see him.
  • Harbour High on The O.C. was essentially a no teacher school. The only staff member we saw was the Dean (and her infrequently). Oh and the Dean of Discipline for a few episodes late in the series.
    • There was also a history teacher who assigned Ryan and Luke a project.
  • Our Miss Brooks: Miss Brooks, English teacher and protagonist, and Mr. Boynton, biology teacher and Miss Brooks' Love Interest, are the only two teachers who are regulars. Miss Enright, Miss Brooks' romantic and professional rival, and Mr. Leblanc, a French teacher, are the only other teachers seen on a repeat basis.
  • Popular originally subverted this, but eventually the school's instructors shown on camera pretty much boiled down to Bobbi Glass, who taught biology and then got upgraded to chemistry. Did I mention that her twin sister was the school nurse in Season 1, and her brother also got brought in for an episode?
  • Power Rangers: The first six series involved the same school, and only two faculty tended to be shown: principal Mr. Caplan and teacher Ms. Appleby. Series twelve (Dino Thunder) featured a high school again, making one of the students from the Caplan/Appleby years the only teacher seen at the new Rangers' school, with the principal the only other member of the faculty seen. Of course, this teacher is Mission Control and the principal is The Mole. When the teacher had to take a leave of absence due to getting stuck in his Ranger outfit, they had to go far outside the usual channels for a substitute: the businessman who happened to be the Sixth Ranger's dad and the Big Bad's Secret Identity. It seems the Power Rangers universe has exactly four people who are qualified to teach.
    • Another one of their substitutes was a volcanologist (who was made into that episode's Monster of the Week), so five people.
    • This is, of course, pretty reasonable in the previous season, when the setting is a secret ninja school with a student body of maybe 30.
  • Only two teachers are shown in Radio Active; Ms. Noelle Atoll and Vice Principal Angus B. Noseworthy. Lampshaded in one episode where the students realize they can't name off any teachers other than those two.
  • The only teachers ever seen to teach in Round the Twist are Mr Snapper and Ms James. The principal appears in one episode, and then never appears again. Mostly because he was de-aged into a baby.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch had Mr. Pool and the infrequently seen Westbridge High Principal. After Mr. Pool left he was replaced by Sadist Teacher Vice Principal (and later Principal) Mr. Kraft, and Hippy Teacher Mrs. Quick.
  • Semi-avoided in the various incarnations of Saved by the Bell, with the one recurring teacher changed every so often, and the occasional substitute teacher/new teacher/horrible teacher as a one-shot guest.
  • They don't even get teachers on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but they do get a football coach and a guidance counselor.
  • The Steve Harvey Show Ced was the gym/health teacher/football/basketball coach and Steve was the music/art/drama teacher and later, vice principal. There was a dance teacher, an English teacher, and a social studies teacher as well as other faculty members, but they only showed up when the plot demanded it, so Ced and Steve were pretty much it at Booker T. Washington High School.
  • In Strangers with Candy, Flatpoint High has Mr. Noblet, the history teacher, Mr. Jellineck, the art teacher and Principal Onyx Blackman. The gym teacher is around sometimes, and other members of the faculty make cameos, but most of the time, those two seem to be the only ones around.
  • The Vampire Diaries only features the recurring teacher Mr. Tanner and later his replacement main character Alaric Saltzman. Both teach history which is the only class anyone ever attends. However, a math teacher and football coach appear in single episodes
    • By Season 4, Alaric is dead so it's a no-teacher school.
  • Downplayed in Waterloo Road, where, as the top billing cast is the staff of the eponymous comprehensive, we get over half a dozen teachers featured at any one time. This only represents a small number of the total staff, and we do in fact see plenty of unnamed extras in the background, particularly during morning briefings. Nevertheless, an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of the teachers in focus teach English, and the imbalance is particularly noticeable when you realise that only two full-time named teachers have ever taught maths, and around the same number have covered the entirety of humanities.
  • In Wizards of Waverly Place, the only teacher shown regularly is the principal Mr. Laritate. One episode centered around the art teacher Ms. Majorheely, but she was actually not a teacher but rather a student who was age-progressed by a spell that was later fixed.
  • The television series of The Worst Witch only ever featured 4 teachers. By the third season, Mildred and her class didn't seem to have a form tutor for their year. (There was mention of a Form 2 teacher at the start of Series 2 who'd gone off to live in the Outer Hebridies though).
  • The Zack Files Season 1 had Mr. Killerby and Ms. Coleman-Levin while Season Two had Mr. Munk and Ms. Arlington.

  • The school in the video for Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure seems to be exactly like this — which lead to a friend agreeing that even a school populated only by members of The Cure and a past version of yourself would be better than our school.

    Video Games 
  • Deltarune: The high school there has only two teachers, one doubling as principal, and one class seems more fit for an elementary school. Two other classrooms exist, but one is locked off, and the other has a bunch of toys/an alternate dimension instead of students.
  • Eagle Eye Mysteries: In the first game, you only ever meet three teachers from Kennedy School in Richview—Mr. Minas, the math teacher; Buck Morrow, the school's football coach; and Ms. Skerzo, the music teacher.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: The Magic College of Winterhold, the only institution in all of Skyrim to teach and subsequently learn magic, has a grand total of 6 teachers. This may be justified because the Nords are notoriously antimagic, but considering how many subsidiaries the Mages Guild had in the previous game, it does come across rather silly.
  • In Ensemble Stars! we're probably meant to assume that there is a full faculty, just as there is implied to exist full classes of students beyond the 35 main characters, but the only ones we ever see are the school nurse Jin Sagami and homeroom teacher Akiomi Kunugi.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Byleth is one of three teachers at the Gareg Mach Officers Academy. Strangely, the other two are recruitable, and will sit in on your classes if they join you. Who's teaching their students remains a mystery.
  • The only school personnel you see in Growing Up are the teacher and the coach, the latter who lets you take up sports as one of your careers.
  • Specific teachers are never mentioned in High School Story, despite it being about building a High School. Of course, really There Are No Adults and Adults Are Useless anyway; the only ones who matter are your fellow students, who may occasionally claim to know something about an adult that you'll never see.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, Thors Military Academy's branch campus has a grand total of three instructors, with the principal also stepping in to teach the occassional class. They also don't initially start out with staff for critical academy functions, such as a nurse, a groundskeeper, or someone for equipment maintanence, having students or the instructors fill those positions until they eventually hire permanent employees.
  • The Knight Academy in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has only Gaepora (headmaster), Owlan and Horwell (instructors) and Henya (lunch lady). Then again, there are only eight students.
  • In Life Is Strange, exactly two teachers are ever seen in person at Blackwell Academy; Mr. Jefferson, who teaches photography, and Ms. Grant, who teaches science. Since Mr. Jefferson is the Big Bad, the principal has to accompany Max to the Everyday Heroes display in San Francisco after he gets arrested.
  • Seen in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, in which there are literally two teachers. Semi-justified in which it's a school for Pokemon Rangers. Until one of the teachers mysteriously leaves... and they bring in a SUBSTITUTE teacher. Where'd he come from?
  • Pico: In the Tom Fulp games that take place at school, only two teachers were ever seen, and neither at the same time: Pico's original teacher in Pico's School, and Mr. Flacit, the teacher who replaced her after she died.
  • In Puyo Puyo, Ms. Accord is the only person ever seen teaching at Primp Town's magic school.
  • Rival Schools naturally falls into this trope, as only a handful of faculty from a few schools are ever shown in the games. Taiyo High has gym teacher Hayato as a playable character, with science instructor Hyoe and office clerk Shizuku showing up in the Japan-only character creation modes. Justice High's only known faculty are Japanese teacher Hideo, School Nurse / Chemistry teacher Kyoko, and principal Raizo. Gorin High also has volleyball coach Kohtaro and sumo instructor Kinzan, but they only show up in character creation modes.
  • Rule of Rose features an orphanage with over 20 children, but it only has one teacher / headmaster, a cleaning lady who doubles as a cook and one orphan who is sixteen years old and acts as a makeshift nurse. They all disappear in the course of the story, leaving the orphanage entirely in the control of the Aristocrat Club.
  • In The Secret World, the current staff of Innsmouth Academy consists of Headmaster Hayden Montag and one of the teachers, Annabel Usher. However, a little bit of digging reveals that this is justified: when the Zombie Apocalypse hit Solomon Island, most of the staff fled the academy in an attempt to escape the island by boat... only to end up getting slaughtered by various monsters.
  • Tears to Tiara 2 has Kademia. It has exactly two teachers. Veteran Instructor Monomachus teach combat, while Enneads teach magic, and history & language as a cover for bureaucracy, leadership, tactics, and strategy. It is after all a Military School ran by La Résistance in the shadows of The Empire.
  • Twisted Wonderland: There are only three teachers seen in the whole game, four if the headmaster is counted. This is despite the school's being a large, prestigious magic academy.
  • In Yandere Simulator there are only seven teachers total at Akademi High (one gym teacher, two teachers for each grade). Justified because after Akademi was at the center of a murder scandal, enrollment dropped severely, dipping below 100 during the year the game takes place in. The teachers also don't play much role in the story other than to be obstacles for Yan-chan to avoid, with the exception of substitute teacher Mida Rana, in the week she must be eliminated.

    Visual Novels 
  • Being A DIK, in Season 1, has only two teachers on screen at B&R, with Cathy teaching Gen Ed (English and Math) and Jade teaching Gender Studies. A few more teachers do show up in subsequent seasons, however: after Cathy has to leave following the leaked nude photo scandal, her class is split up among Prof. Philip Hoff (Math) and, of all people, Isabella (who reveals early on that as a librarian, she is also qualified as a teacher, having studied English in college). Professors unrelated to the MC's classes often show up as well (such as Tybalt's dissertation mentor Dr. Schmidt), along with other B&R faculty such as Stephen. Few non-teaching staff are seen on screen, though; the closest we see is the tri-Betas and the MC working in the library for fraternity money.
  • Danganronpa:
    • Hope's Peak Academy from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is suspiciously lacking in faculty, aside from the "headmaster", Monokuma. And he's a psychopathic robot teddy bear who's more interested in getting the students to kill each other than any sort of education. There actually were more teachers (and students) in the school at first, but it's implied they were all killed before the game started.
    • The sequel, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, adds Monomi to the faculty list. She appears to be more benign than Monokuma, but is ineffectual in stopping him from starting a new killing game.
  • Double Homework:
    • Justified with the summer school program run by Dr. Mosely. There are only seven students, so even the two staff members (Dr. Mosely and Ms. Walsh) are a bit much.
    • The real summer school program is also like this. Mr. Adler and Daniela are the only staff members mentioned.
  • Fate/stay night has Fujimura and Kuzuki, and only them — justified in that very little of the action actually happens at school.
    • Fate/hollow ataraxia reveals a little background info on the teachers. They have some of a carrot and stick approach between them that makes the pair highly effective: Everyone loves Taiga and fears Kuzuki, though they tend to think he's an excellent teacher by the time they graduate.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: The school in Hinamizawa is explicitly staffed only by the teacher Chie-sensei and the director because it is so small there is only one room for all grades.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, the only teachers who appear are Hisao's homeroom teacher Akio Mutou, and the art teacher Shinichi Nomiya, the latter of whom only appears in Rin's route and the scenes in Act 1 that lead to it. There are at least four classes in the third year alone, though, and Miyagi, who is Lilly and Kenji's homeroom teacher, is once mentioned in passing.
  • In Magical Diary, the only two teachers you ever see in the entire school are Professor Hieronymous Grabiner and Professor Petunia Potsdam, who each take half of the year's classes.
  • Nameless has two teachers with actual sprites and names, plus the principal. The music teacher, Yuri, is a Love Interest and rather inappropriate for a teacher. The other, Yujin, is the school nurse, but sometimes moonlights as a science teacher... although all he teaches during these segments is skeleton anatomy.
  • In Shall We Date?: Wizardess Heart, the only faculty the player can reliably expect to meet at Gedonelune Royal Academy are Headmaster Randolph and Professor Schuyler. One other teacher, Professor Merkulova, appears in some routes, but aside from these, the only other staff member the protagonist meets at the school is her dorm mother, a woman not important enough to have a name or sprite. On some occasions, Prefect Klaus Goldstein even steps in to teach classes in place of any of the actual teachers.
  • SHUFFLE! takes this concept a step further by introducing the one teacher school.
  • Tsukihime plays it functionally straight in that the only teacher ever mentioned is Shiki's homeroom teacher. He has virtually no speaking lines and the only reason for him to exist is to shoo off Arihiko in the mornings, save for a Bad End in Hisui's route where he is turned into a thrall by Satsuki and used to lure in Shiki.
    • Surprisingly, the meta "Teach me, Ciel-sensei" segment does one better. Besides Ciel-sensei herself, there is also "Professor Roa" and "Professor Nrvnqsr" who pop in to make comments every now and then.

  • Precocious There are two teachers who make regular appearances, along with the principal, vice principal, and guidance councilor. It's implied that there are other teachers, but they're only ever mentioned in references to the occasional Noodle Incident. Students outside the main cast only appear when a scene calls for a large crowd of extras.
  • Scalie Schoolie: The only staff seen in the titular school are Ms. Lily (teacher), Sally (lunch lady) and Esmerelda (guidance councilor).

    Web Original 
  • In Greek Ninja, the only teacher in Ariadnio that recurs is Aspa. Yamuchi-sensei may also count.
  • The only professors out of the dozens in Harry Potter that make it into A Very Potter Musical are Dumbledore, Quirrell and Snape. And all leave the school by the end of the show.
    Harry: Well looks like all the professors are dead so...butterbeer's on me!
    • The prequel, A Very Potter Sequel, replaces Quirrell with Lupin (with Umbridge given an Adaptational Job Change, so she is no longer a teacher), while A Very Potter Senior Year replaces Dumbledore with McGonagall and brings in Gilderoy Lockhart for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, with a cameo by Mad-Eye Moody/Barty Crouch Jr..
  • Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story has Ichabod Crane as the new middle school science teacher in Sleepy Hollow (a slight Adaptational Job Change since he was the only teacher of a one-room school in the original 1790-set short story), while Brom Bones is the Phys Ed. teacher (and the one who filled in for the missing science teacher the previous year, despite knowing nothing about science).
  • No Boys Dorm doesn't seem to have any teachers (or classes, for that matter). A professor is mentioned once, but no teachers are ever actually shown.
  • RWBY has two teachers — Port and Oobleck. We also see Headmaster Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch, who seems to be in charge of combat classes. A Professor Peach is also mentioned.

    Western Animation 
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Monster Academy is run only by the Gromble. He's both the teacher and headmaster of the academy, while The Snorch is in charge of administering unusual punishments to students who break the rules.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius only has Principal Willoughby and Ms. Fowl as the recurring staff members of Lindbergh Elementary School, with Coach Gruber and Hilgo the lunch lady briefly appearing in a few episodes.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: In the early seasons, Principal Brown, Ms. Simian, Rocky, Mr. Small, and Nurse Joan Markham were the entire visible school staff. Lampshaded in one episode where all of them went missing or were injured in some way, and it was pointed out that there are no teachers left in the entire Jr. High. Season three added Coach Russo, and season four added a geography teacher called Mr. Corneille. "The Others" also showed a bulldog teacher in the background, but he doesn't show up again. Most likely justified because Gumball and Darwin didn't even acknowledge the existence of other classes or teachers.
  • American Dragon: Jake Long: The junior high school attended by Jake and his friends appears to have exactly one teacher in season 1, Professor Rotwood. There is a director, and in season 2, home economics teacher Sun Park joins the cast, but that's all the school staff we ever see.
  • The school staff in Angelo Rules is composed of only three teachers: Miss Pearla, the art teacher, Coach Zonka, the sports coach, and Mr. Foot, who teaches anything else and is also the principal.
  • Beavis And Butthead: While the earlier seasons featured multiple teachers, Mr. Van Driessen and Coach Buzzcut eventually became the only ones ever shown teaching anything. The subjects they covered included math, science, history, physical education, sex, health, and art.
  • Big City Greens: So far, only two staff members of the community center have been seen to date: Community Sue and Juan Pablo.
  • Blinky Bill: Well, one teacher, anyway: Miss Magpie. Justified since it's a one-classroom school in Greenpatch.
  • Clone High: The only staff of the titular school are Scudworth (principal), Mr. Butlertron (vice principal), Mr. Sheepman (history/homeroom teacher), Eleanor Roosevelt (gym teacher) and Glen the Janitor.
    • The second season gives the school two new staff members: Superintendant Candide Sampson, who mostly just sticks around to give P.A. announcements and keep an eye on Scudworth; and Mrs. Grumble, who teaches sex ed for a single episode before keeling over dead.
  • Danny Phantom, first Lancer's the vice principal, then English teacher, then the biology, then the astronomy teacher, then basically whatever the plot calls for in the future. It wasn't until the second season that enough focus was put on another teacher long enough to actually get to speak.
    • Principal Ishiyama had brief speaking roles in season 1, and there was a short balding teacher we only ever saw twice (Mr. Faluca). Coach Tetslaff, though, could be seen as the second teacher for this trope. Lancer never takes up the PE position, and Tetslaff has been featured quite a few times throughout the show ("Fright Night" and "Micro-Management" come to mind).
  • Played With on Daria — there are several important teachers with their own developed personalities (i.e., unique neuroses), and they often have screen time away from their classes and often drive the plot (probably without some external force Daria and Jane would be too lazy to ever do anything). However, even counting background characters the school's staff seems to only be about a dozen people, and they all seem to teach multiple grades or even subjects. This makes sense, given Ms. Li's penchant for using school money on nothing but sports and security.
  • The Fairly Oddparents: Basically Dimmsdale Elementary's teaching staff is composed of Principal Waxalplax, Mr. Crocker, Mr. Birkenbake, and Mr Bickles.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: The only staff of Galaxy Hills Elementary School seen to date are Mr. Mufflin, Janitor Poopatine and Lunch Lady Cram. The school's principal was mentioned in one episode, but that's about it.
  • On Fangbone!, only two teachers (Bill and Fangbone's classroom teacher Ms. Gillian, as well as the gym teacher) and Principal Bruce are ever seen in the show.
  • Four Eyes!: The staff seen so far have been the headmaster, Emma's teacher Miss Dowager, and Coach Stebbins.
  • Gravedale High: Aside from Max Schneider, the staff of the titular school are Headmistress Crone, Boneyard (school bus driver), Coach Cadaver (gym teacher), Chef Sal Monella (cafeteria worker), Mr. Tutner (history teacher), Miss Dirge and Miss Webner (teachers) and Mr. Gross and Miss Burns (substitute teachers who only appeared in one episode).
  • Growing Up Creepie: Dr. Pappas (homeroom/science teacher) and Ms. Monseratte (principal) are the only teachers we see.
  • High Guardian Spice: Despite being a big school, High Guardian Academy has only a handful of teachers: the Triad (headmistresses), Professor Caraway (languages), Professor Redbud (potions), Hakone Civet (fighting), Moss Phlox (blacksmithing), Wyverna Dretch (ethics, though she says she's also the guidance counselor) and an unnamed centaur teacher.
  • Invader Zim: Miss Bitters seems to run most of the important things at the Skool, and while there are other named faculty and staff, they don't show up nearly enough for what one would expect of a school.
  • Kim Possible takes this trope and runs with it; with the exception of one episode, every class, field trip, and extracurricular activity we see is headed by Steve Barkin. It's implied that he's the regular teacher for at least a few of these classes, but more often he's portrayed as an emergency substitute.
    • Lampshaded further in an episode where the students visit Mr. Barkin's father at a Living History (early American History, where every character has an Identical Grandfather to be precise) community where he too implausibly performs every single job in town.
    • Steve Barkin generally drops some reason for the absence of the regular teacher; just enough to give us the idea that had they given us the full story, it would be hilarious, and a whole show could be built based solely on the things that incapacitate the teachers Barkin covers for.
  • Making Fiends: Mr. Milk and Mrs. Millet are the only known staff at Mu Elementary School, alongside the substitute teacher Mrs. Minty. There are other classrooms and buildings seen in the school alongside the ones where they work at, but we never get to see if they have any staff inside.
  • ˇMucha Lucha!: The Foremost World Renowned International School of Lucha has only three teachers: the Headmistress, Señor Hasbeena and Mr. Midcarda. Four, if you want to include the Founder.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Tremorton High has a fair amount of teachers, but the principal is never seen. Vice Principal Razinski seems to be the head of the school.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette and her class only have two consistent teachers: Ms. Bustier, the homeroom one, and Ms. Mendeleiev, who's in charge of the exact sciences. There's also Mr. D'Argencourt, who teaches P.E., but sometimes is Adrien's fencing instructor as well. This is ignoring Mr. Damocles, the principal who's rarely shown doing his job. The second season introduces the art teacher Mr. Monlatang, but he’s never seen teaching, so much as running a club.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Canterlot High's only known faculty besides Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna are Cheerilee (who doubles as the librarian), Cranky Doodle (the math teacher), Granny Smith (the lunchlady), and Nurse Redheart (the School Nurse). The comics include Ms. Harshwhinny as the social studies teacher.
  • My Little Pony Tales: Besides Miss Hackney, the only other known members of the staff are Mr. Tidwell, who works as a janitor/groundskeeper, and the coach, who is briefly mentioned but never seen. And Miss Hackney's area of teaching seems to cover fields as diverse as math, literature, physics, economy and law. When she fell ill and had to leave early, she assigned one of her own students for the role of a temporary substitute, suggesting there are no other teachers.
  • Oswaldo: The title character's school seemed to only be composed of Principal Marylee, Oswaldo's homeroom teacher Mr. Gibraltar, art teacher Mr. Joubert, and Ozzy the cafeteria worker.
  • The Owl House: The only known staff members of Hexside are Principal Bump, Professor Hermonculus (Abominations), an unnamed illusions professor, the spider kindergarten teacher, an unseen teacher named Miss Jenkinmeyer and the school guards.
  • School for Vampires: Oxblood and Kryptina are the only two teachers at the school. Justified since there are only six students attending.
  • Similarly, in recent years the teaching faculty of Springfield Elementary on The Simpsons seems to consist entirely of Miss Krabappel, Ms. Hoover, Mr. Largo, and Ms. Pommelhorst (who later became Mr. Pummelhorst due to a sex-change operation). The small size of the faculty is subject of a Lampshade Hanging in one episode where it is revealed that Lunch Lady Doris is also the school nurse (due to the fact that she likes getting two paychecks working as a lunchlady and a school nurse) and another where, due to school budget cuts, Lunchlady Doris is now the school nurse while Groundskeeper Willie has been hired out as a French teacher ("Bonjourrrrrrrr, ya cheese-eating surrender monkeys!"). It should be noted that in a later episode, Willie was replaced as a French teacher by a man with a New York accent (and no experience in speaking or teaching French) named Mr. Kufferberg. And in the earlier episodes, Springfield Elementary had two additional teachers: one named Mr. Glasscock, who almost quit because the kids kept making fun of his name and an unnamed hippie teacher who once started his class by saying, "Did I ever tell you kids about the '60s"? We've also seen Bart's kindergarten teacher in a flashback episode, and when Bart and Lisa get respectively demoted/promoted to third grade, they have a new teacher for that episode as well. This trope really took hold in the later years of the show, due to Maggie Roswell's (temporary) departure and Marcia Wallace's death leading the show to do fewer school-centric stories.
    • Principal Skinner has also taught a few classes as a substitute to otherwise detained teachers. And of course in one episode there was the near-perfect Mr. Bergstrom...
    • Justified since this is an elementary school in a world where the kids don't grow up, so Bart and Lisa's classes are always going to have the same teachers. Plus elementary school teachers tend to cover all of the core subjects — kids Bart and Lisa's age would really only see other teachers for specialty subjects like gym or music.
    • In a few episodes some more unnamed teachers can be seen in the faculty room. Particularly "The PTA Disbands" shows several more unnamed teacher filling out the striking teachers' ranks.
  • South Park, the only teachers ever seen are Mr. Garrison and Ms. Chokesondick for a few seasons. Even the non-teacher staff is lacking, just showing Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria, and Chef in the earlier seasons.
    • Mr. Adler, the woodshop teacher who still has flashbacks of his wife dying in a plane crash, has been shown in a few episodes (such as the "Tweek vs. Craig" episode from season three and a couple of the later episode). Also, "Elementary School Musical" and "W.T.F." reveal that the school has a basketball coach and a wrestling coach.
  • Speed Racer: The Next Generation: Aside from Headmaster Spritle and guest teachers, Professors Aniskov and Winn are the only instructors ever shown.
  • Shown in W.I.T.C.H., where generally only two teachers, their principal and history teachers, are shown. Lampshaded during a nightmares sequence, where one character has a bad dream involving an unsolvable math problem, presented by the teacher, to which she responds, "But you're a history teacher!"
    • In the original comic, the girls do get other teachers too, the principal and the history teacher just show up more often than others. Early on the match teacher temporarily leaving because she was from Metamoor and feared the girls would mistake her for a monster and kill her was actually a plot point, as it was her leaving for good.