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Mega Man stands as a shining example of classic Nintendo Hard. These guys are the reason why. It doesn't matter if you've got the Time Barrage glitch or a folder full of Program advances, these mechanized murder Masters are coming for you.

Please keep in mind that if there's an easy method to take out a boss, they're not this trope. Remember as well that this is not the place to tell people how to defeat the bosses; your example shouldn't read, "Unless you do..." or "But if you have..." If there is a trick to defeating the boss, it's probably not an example in the first place. This being Mega Man, every boss has a weapon that they're weak tonote . If that weapon turns out to be impossibly frustrating to use, that boss probably belongs here.


Also, remember that not every Mega Man game needs to have an entry on this page. Even in a series known for its old-school difficulty, it is entirely possible for a game's bosses to conform to a smooth, well-balanced difficulty curve.

Bonus Boss is now banned from being That One Boss. It's optional and you know it's overpowered; nothing prevents you from not fighting it.

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     Mega Man (Classic series) 

Mega Man

  • Elec Man is fairly quick and aggressive, and his weapon, the Thunder Beam, deals a staggering 10 damage, enough to take you out in just 3 hits. It doesn't help that his weakness, the Rolling Cutter, fires a somewhat slow boomerang projectile with an unorthodox firing arc, meaning you might have to risk getting close to Elec Man to hit him with it (it does at least kill him quite quickly, though). The hate on him has lessened in more hardcore communities, though, since there are ways to trap him in a loop by exploiting his rudimentary AI.
  • The Yellow Devil from Wily Stage 1. As lamented in this song, many gamers have lost a good chunk of their childhood trying to get past this shining example of Nintendo Hard. Unless they cheated. The Yellow Devil's difficulty stems from his attack pattern; he splits apart and flies across the room one piece at a time, and you have to have crazy good reflexes — or have to have memorized his pattern — to dodge him without getting hit. Once he's fully formed, his eye opens and fires a fast-moving projectile at you, then it closes and he starts flying across the room again. You only get a couple of seconds before the eye closes, and if you're trying to kill him with the Buster, the eye sometimes opens too high to hit. Not only that, but he takes forever and a day to die. And when he changes sides, you have much less reaction time to dodge with because he's already on screen, and less room to move.

Mega Man 2

  • Quick Man, right after his own hair-pulling level. He is incredibly fast, but can still deal a respectable 4 damage per hit both with his body and his homing spread of Quick Boomerangs. While Flash Man's Time Stopper can take half his life in one shotnote , the player will probably need it to get past the daunting laser barrage right before his door. The Crash Bomber, his other weakness, is notoriously slow, inefficient, and cumbersome (and probably not available at all in the rematch). This was enforced by the dev team, who initially conceived Quick Man as a rival character and thus made him extra difficult to beat, to the point that the boomerang on his head sticking out of his mugshot frame on the stage select screen is meant to be indicative of his high difficulty compared to the other seven Robot Masters. What isn't intentional, though, is that on top of all of the above, Quick Man's attack pattern is bugged; he's intended to make three jumps and throw his boomerangs during the second jump, but if he gets stuck on a wall, which he tends to do, he often skips one or more of his jumps and goes straight to the boomerangs.
  • Wily 4's boss, the Boobeam Trap, the five turrets with blindingly fast shots from the walls heading straight for you every five seconds or so. It's one of two bosses in the Wily Castle that is only vulnerable to one weapon, the Crash Bomber, which has a maximum of seven uses, and every single one must be used to defeat both the turrets themselves and the destructible barriers protecting them. If you misuse a single shot, then you will not be able to defeat this boss. And since you don't get energy refills after death, you either need to take forever restocking energy off the few enemies in the pre-boss hallway or just Game Over entirely and restart the stage, which will strip you of all your E-Tanks. The only mercy you're given is that the barriers you destroy don't respawn if you die.

Mega Man 3

  • Shadow Man is a difficult fight, mainly due to how much he operates on the Random Number God. His pattern is that he will jump at a random height either two or three times in your direction, and then either throw two shurikens (one directly at you and one into the air at a 45° angle) or very quickly slide at you before starting again. While the shurikens take about half a second to charge up, the slide is instant, and actually does more Collision Damage than being hit by him regularly. Although his weakness, Top Spin, can kill him in only four hits, it requires you to get very close to him (which will often get you hit, making this more of a battle of trading blows), and due to Top Spin's Hitbox Dissonance, it's entirely possible to accidentally use all of its energy in a single attack.
  • The Doc Robot that mimics Quick Man is just as fast and unpredictable as the original Robot Master, but is also larger and more resilient. He also deals far more Collision Damage (8, as opposed to the original Quick Man dealing 4), and due to the way that he runs and jumps all over the place, it's extremely difficult to avoid bumping into him. This is such a deadly threat that a common strategy is to get hit by his Quick Boomerangs on purpose; they deal far less damage, and the resulting Mercy Invincibility can be used to avoid a devastating collision.
  • The Doc Robot that mimics Wood Man has a Leaf Shield with a significantly larger hitbox than that of the original Wood Man's to match his larger build—large enough that you'll need to either do a pixel-perfect leap over it, or use Rush Coil (which consequently smacks you into the leaves coming from above). The Leaf Shield also deals a whopping 8 damage, as does direct contact with Doc Wood himself, meaning that he can very easily take you out in just 4 hits.

Mega Man 4

  • Bright Man has two main methods of attack: jumping towards your location and shooting weak pellets either straight at you or upward/downward at slight angles. Seems simple enough, but his third attack is where problems arise. If Bright Man's at specific amounts of health, there is a chance that he will use Flash Stopper, an attack that will freeze Mega Man wherever he is on the screen for several seconds to get a free hit. Sometimes, he'll only shoot aforementioned weak pellets at you, but if you get unlucky, he'll jump right on you. This is especially bad since in Mega Man 4, seven out of the eight Robot Masters do a staggering 8 units of Collision Damage, about a fourth of Mega Man's health. This means that even if you're both at low health, he can easily freeze you and tackle you to steal the win. His weakness, Rain Flush, can kill him in all seven of its uses, but it has a long delay in between, and it won't bypass the health thresholds he can use Flash Stopper at, so the fight is still not free by any means.
  • Ring Man has a highly unorthodox pattern to his ring tosses, employing a Confusion Fu strategy to trick players into dodging into the rings due to how Ring Man jumps to catch them or jumps to toss them and catch them on the ground. Like Shadow Man, the battle requires specific maneuvers to each attack pattern and there is little room for error thanks to Ring Man dealing heavy damage, especially from a body blow. Fighting him without his weakness is especially a "learn or die" experience.

Mega Man 7

Mega Man & Bass

  • Burner Man has a myriad of ferocious attacks - dashing back at forth at high speeds, tossing incendiary grenades, releasing paralyzing snares, a flaming dive tackle that sends shockwaves across the ground, and his Wave Burner, capable of absorbing shots and backing you into a corner while it's active. His weakness, Cold Man's Ice Wall, makes the fight much more different, as you have to use the Wall to push him into the spikes on either side of his arena. However, the Ice Wall requires you to get dangerously close to himnote , and can be only used when he is on the ground; if you use it at any other time, he'll bust right through it, and you'll have wasted your ammo for little damage. If you mess up too many times, it's easy to run out of ammo and lives and be forced to go through his difficult stage all over again.
  • Dynamo Man is a similarly brutal fight. His main attacks are dashing back and forth, deploying durable electric tendrils at three different heights, and jumping across the room while releasing five sparks in a semi-circle that dart towards the player in a random order. What really makes this battle particularly nasty are both that a lot of his attacks shield him, and his two Special Attacks. One is his Lightning Bolt, where he sends 3 orbs that orbit around him into the air and then brings down 3 fast, deadly sets of lightning strikes.note  The other is when his health gets low, in which case he will sometimes randomly jump into a recharger at the top of the screen and quickly regain health unless it's destroyed. Even his "weakness", Copy Vision, is a pitiful stationary turret that does little damage to him and doesn't give him a special reaction, making for a very hectic and drawn-out battle.
  • Halfway into King Stage 2, the game's first Marathon Level, you'll encounter King Plane, a simultaneous Platform Battle and Autoscrolling Level over a Bottomless Pit. The Plane not only does not have a visible health bar, but will also take any opportunity to send you plummeting to your death with its two main attacks: an unavoidable screen-clearing laser that takes many shots to cancel out and can wipe out nearly a third of your health on hit, and a Rocket Punch that not only homes in on your position, but will destroy any platform it connects with, easily killing you if you're unlucky. While the boss is generous enough to constantly provide power-ups in bubbles during the fight, they are mixed in with flashbangs that white out the screen for about a second, more than enough time to slip into the abyss. Its weakness as Mega Man, Spread Drill, is difficult to hit it with due to how the boss bobs up and down, and its weakness as Bass, Treble Boost, drains energy very quickly during use and has to be bought from the shop for 200 bolts beforehand. If you die, it's back to the beginning of the mini-stage that comes before it as well.

Mega Man 9

  • The final battle against the Wily Machine in this game is an arduous task. It's one of three battles in the main Classic series that are three phases back-to-back with no breaks in-betweennote , technically giving it the status of a Marathon Boss. It also comes directly after the traditional series Boss Rush, so if the player has exhausted all of their weapons' energy on the Robot Master rematches without an M-Tank to spare, things can get ugly. All three of his phases have their own problems as well: the first phase is a Tennis Boss with large, bouncing eggs that take many hits to detonate and can only hurt him in his jaw, the second phase has powerful stomping and ramming attacks as well as a flame jet that can be extremely difficult to avoid, especially at close range, and the third and final phase, the Wily Capsule 9, is a heavy user of Teleport Spam and quick, deadly projectile patterns from anywhere on the screen with a weakness to Plug Ball, a weapon that is nigh useless against airborne targets.

Mega Man 11

  • Torch Man is an extremely intimidating opponent. He is a Lightning Bruiser, capable of unleashing ferocious fiery kicks at close range that require good reaction time to jump over, and quick flaming fist projectiles from a distance that must be jumped over or slid under depending on their height. He's not afraid to follow up either with a devastating flaming dive tackle that homes in, hits hard, and will knock you away from him. Even getting away from him isn't safe, as he will quickly hop towards you to bridge the gap if you do. To make matters worse, when he reaches half health, he gains access to the Power Gear, which gives him a Desperation Attack where he unleashes giant flaming wheels (that are very hard to jump over) from both sides of the screen one after another and finishes it off with a giant flaming column that once again tracks your position. Although his weakness, Tundra Storm, can make quick work of him, you'll have to be close to him to use it unless you use the weapon energy-guzzling Power Gear to make it a screen-clearing weapon, and if you used all of it to freeze the One-Hit Kill Advancing Walls Of Doom in his stage, you're out of luck.

     Mega Man X series 

Mega Man X1/Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

  • Newer players may select Launch Octopus first due to his icon being the default on the Maverick selection screen, only to be blown away due to coming in unprepared for his deadly onslaught. Launch Octopus is a Lightning Bruiser who can attack with a Macross Missile Massacre from the front, piranha missiles from both sides, and also has a powerful whirlpool that sucks you towards him with its current. If he can get ahold of you with it, he'll gladly drain your health and use it to restore his own. Even his weakness, Rolling Shield, is susceptible to being destroyed by his projectiles, and while using Boomerang Cutter to slice off his tentacles gets rid of his piranha missiles, whirlpool, and health-stealing, that still leaves you with his frontwards missiles to deal with.
  • Armored Armadillo on Maverick Hunter X's Hard Mode, where he picks up an attack where he bounces off the walls and fires off bullets in four directions. Even if you use the Electric Spark to take out his armor, it's still hellish. If you're playing as Vile in MHX, you will not have Peace Out Roller (the same thing as Electric Spark, except it's lobbed instead of shot) for when you fight him, because its weapon type is locked until you beat him! That's right, you unlock a boss's weakness by defeating that boss. To make up for this, he's also weak to the fist weapons, which you do get from Spark Mandrill; however, they don't remove his armor.
  • The first boss of Sigma's Palace, the Bospider. This boss has a peculiar movement schemenote  - there are four poles at the center of the screen, and "bridges" appear at random between them to determine what path Bospider will take down to the floor, where it will then briefly expose its weak point (the center of its abdomen) and quickly zip back up to the ceiling to start again. The problem is that you're given a very short time to see where the bridges are laid out and determine what path it will take, and not only does Bospider get faster and faster as its health goes down, but it also occasionally showers down miniature spiders called Petitpiders that can both absorb any shots coming Bospider's way and damage you before you can shoot at it. More often than not, you'll try to get your once-per-pattern shot in only for a Petitpider to get in the way or for Bospider to slam down on you for heavy Collision Damage, making the fight much longer and more difficult.

Mega Man X2

  • Although the second encounter with Violen in the first stage of the X-Hunter Base can be tricky with his unpredictable mace ball, he pales in comparison to the boss of the following stage, the Serges Tank. The entire fight starts on four vertically moving platforms over a floor of One-Hit Kill spikes, and you're only given around half of the screen to fight against it - the rest is taken up by the Tank itself. Its arsenal is fierce: the first phase consists of four durable vertically-placed cannons firing fast projectiles that either go straight forward or bounce along the floor. Once they're all destroyed, Serges reveals himself... but not before inching forward and destroying two of the four platforms, leaving you with even less space and footing. Serges will then start moving up and down erratically while firing projectiles that alternate between exploding into Xs or +s. To make matters worse, not only is Serges only vulnerable on his top half, but he also tends to get very close to the spikes below, so even one mistake can result in a very difficult battle having to be restarted from scratch. The only saving grace is that you can skip the first phase destroying the four cannons with a fully charged Giga Crash at the beginning, leaving Serges exposed to your attacks, but even then, good luck landing hits on him.

Mega Man X3

  • While Sigma himself is very pattern-based and easy to read, the true terror appears in the form of Kaiser Sigma, his gigantic battle body. Kaiser Sigma is so large that he fills up half of the arena you fight him in, and his weak spot is not his head, but rather the small "fins" directly above it. He has two patterns, one when you're behind him and one when you're in front of him. When you're behind him, he shoots many homing missiles that hit extremely hard, and when you're in front of him, he charges and fires a cone-shaped laser either upward or downward that continuously damages and stuns you when you get hit by it. All the while he's spawning tracking bombs. Only two things can damage him: charged X-Buster shots (in a game where the X-Buster upgrade actually makes it more difficult to use), and the Game-Breaking Z-Saber, which can take him down in only two hits, but get hit once while trying to slash him, and it'll be cancelled out. Even after you manage to kill him, it's not over, as you still have one last trial: wall-climbing a long vertical autoscroller with the Sigma Virus trying to knock you into the damaging lava below. If he successfully manages to, it's entirely possible for you to get stuck in hitstun under one of several outcroppings in the shaft, and since the lava is treated as a solid floor, you can get crushed, in which case it's back to the beginning of Sigma's first form.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

  • Isaz and Sowilo, the tank boss at the end of the second fortress stage; it has two faces that must be destroyed to be defeated, and both require the usage of both characters to hit. Sounds awesome, right? WRONG. The tank takes up a good portion of the screen, and spends much of the battle restricting your movement space on the very left edge of the screen on top of the moving platform, and can only be pushed back by using Zero's Saber or if enough time passes. The upper face shoots a set of three energy balls that are almost impossible to dodge, while the lower face shoots a missile upwards that then comes down on your position. Between this, and the fact that the projectiles actually move with the boss when Zero pushes him back, and you have one of the more poorly coded bosses since the Buebeam Trap from Mega Man 2 and Doc Robot's Wood Man form from Mega Man 3.

Mega Man X4

  • Magma Dragoon, the boss of the Volcano stage, has a very aggressive moveset that primarily serves as a Shout-Out to Street Fighter, with his main two attacks being high and low Hadoukens and a long-range Shoryuken. Whenever he's not doing either of those, he has a fast downward kick, a deadly fire blast across the entire arena, a magma ball he can throw into the magma around the arena to create a temporary One-Hit Kill pillar, and when his health gets down to half, he can bring down an unpredictable fiery meteor shower. While X can easily get him stuck in a helpless loop with the Double Cyclone, Zero will have to get dangerously close to attack, and the Saber technique he's weak to, the Raijingeki, is both slow to start and makes Zero a sitting duck. The one mercy that Zero can get is that he can bring the Ride Armor into the fight, but it's slow and only has so much health before it's destroyed. It's also not available at all in the rematch with him during tbe final stage's Boss Rush.
  • Fighting The General as X is an utter cakewalk, as he can easily hug the opposite wall and plug Charge Shots into General's face while dodging generally slow-moving projectiles. The General for Zero, on the other hand, degenerates into this quickly since Zero has no effective long-range attack for a safe option, forcing Zero to close the distance to hit his head. It should also be mentioned the game registers Collision Damage if bodily contact is made with General's Shoulders of Doom or even his body in general, and he hugs the wall he chooses to be by close enough it's suicide to try and Wall Jump behind his back to hit him in the head. The only two options Zero thus has involve either riding on The General's Rocket Punch back to his body while dealing with the previously-mentioned projectiles, which despite their speed require fast reaction times to avoid since Zero is unavoidably coming closer to them, or to hug the opposite wall and wait for The General to charge in close before leaping off and plugging him with a rolling slash. The latter is the safer method, but depending on how General's AI runs it can take a long time to wear him down this way depending on how often he feels like pulling said move off.

Mega Man X5

  • Spiral Pegasus/The Skiver, which is basically a tougher version of Storm Eagle; he boasts the same sort of attacks, but all vastly more difficult, coming from all directions at high speeds. To make up for the fact that he doesn't have similar pushing abilities as Storm Eagle, any contact with him will push X or Zero a lot farther. If you collide into him next to one of the two Bottomless Pits on the sides of the arena, you're probably going in. And making him a standout from every other boss in the entire series, he does not have an actual weakness to a specific power. Instead, he can be frozen with the Dark Hold, which doesn't last long enough to punch off a decent portion of his health.
  • The boss of the first Zero Space stage is the Shadow Devil, a traditional Devil boss from the Classic series turned Up to Eleven. First, The Shadow Devil has six different random patterns it can go across the screen with instead of the usual one, and whenever it does, it leaves behind a green outline that if touched, if it doesn't One-Hit Kill you, it will leave you seriously hurting, greatly restricting your movement range. Secondly, the Shadow Devil can also randomly take the form of Wily Machine 6 at half health, trying to crush you as it moves across the screen. Thirdly, its weakness is Tri-Thunder as X and E-Blade as Zeronote , but while X can shoot from a distance, Zero has to attack up close, making it very risky, and sometimes its eye can appear very high or low, only making damaging it even harder.
  • At the end of the next stage, you'll encounter Rangda Bangda W, a souped up version of the second fortress boss from the first Mega Man X. All three colored eyes it has have different attacks, and none of them are particularly troublesome - it's very similar to the original fight. It's when the boss reaches half health that things get ugly. Starting from that point, the boss is able to deploy One-Hit Kill spikes on the walls as well as the floor, including directly where you are - be in the wrong place at the wrong time and it's all over, sometimes before you can even realize because your character's sprites cover the walls. A common strategy against this is to get to the fight with X's Gaea Armor equipped, as it is invulnerable to spikes, doesn't slide down walls, and has a heavy damage output, in which case the boss becomes no problem... but the inability to dash makes the level one.
  • The final battle against Sigma is a case where both of his forms are difficult to deal with. The first form, Psycho Sigma, has quick Wall Jumps, large electric sparks, giant blue waves that sometimes even need to be air-dashed in between, and can even surround himself with a shield of Sigma Viruses that will make Zero invincible and heal him if he gets infected, but will slowly deplete X's health. Even after he goes down, Final Sigma W is still left. His weak point is the small, red gem on his forehead, but he turns into an invincible wireframe at regular intervals while unleashing powerful hand slams, homing sparks, electricity from his fingers, and extremely damaging purple squares that not only can appear anywhere on the screen, but also can follow you around very quickly. And of course, if you die, it's back to form 1...

Mega Man X6

  • Infinity Mijinion. To start things off, all of his attacks are entirely random, and his main gimmick is being able to create clones upon taking enough damage. The clones are not only completely identical to the real Mijinion, but they are also quite durable, usually taking several charge shots in order to kill. The clones also releases slow-moving homing blobs of goo which take several shots to kill, easily shielding Mijinion himself and flooding the screen. Whenever he's not making clones, he's firing a slow projectile that can change angles at 90°, shooting an 8-way spread, or raining down Ray Arrows at blinding speed. Even his weakness, the Guard Shell, requires a specific attack to be reflected back at him, and he'll instantly create a clone when it hits. The battle is almost a no-win situation: hit him with something too strong and he'll create a clone; hit him with something too weak and he'll be more than happy to even heal himself completely.
  • The Nightmare Mother, the boss of the first stage of Gate's Lab. The boss consists of two large invincible cubes with small eyeballs inside of them that rapidly shift around the room either clockwise or counter-clockwise for a while until they stop at a random place. When they do stop to attack by bringing the eyeballs outside of the cubes (the only time they can be hurt), welcome to Bullet Hell. Each eye can release one of four attacks: shockwave-producing blue orbs, fireball rain, setting the entire floor on fire, and countless amounts of lightning. All of these are extremely difficult to dodge, and they hurtnote , and after they're done with the assault, they retreat back into the cubes and start the pattern again, making this fight more of a battle of endurance than anything. When it reaches half health, the cubes move at double speed, making matters even worse.
  • High Max. When encountered through the side area of a regular Maverick stage, he can easily overwhelm any player with his high speed and wide array of attacks. When he's fought again midway through the second stage of Gate's Lab, he's beefed up even further, including two giant nigh-indestructible shields that you have to wait until he throws to hit him, a very hard to dodge ramming attack, and using the shields to crush you, among others.note  The only way to damage him is to hit him with a charged X-Buster shot and then a Maverick weapon as X, or a saber technique and then regular Z-Saber strikes as Zero. However, it's entirely possible to fight him both times without killing a single Maverick, and if you do, you cannot damage him at all, making your only way out to Game Over and return to the stage select. Even with the proper strategy, he takes very little damage from everything, making for a long, long fight.
  • The fight with Gate is a Tennis Boss and Platform Battle hybrid over a Bottomless Pit while he constantly gives chase and occasionallynote  fires off random colored "gates" that have various detrimental effectsnote . The only way to damage him is to attack the "gates" so they split into smaller projectiles that can hit him, but they can also damage you, so you'll often find the both of you taking damage simultaneously. The red and blue "gates" are by far the most dangerous, as they greatly increase your chances of falling into the pit or getting knocked in. When he gets below half health, he gains an additional attack: breaking the platforms that you need to stand on to survive. Not only can it easily kill you, but it also doesn't allow you to hit him in return. This fight is tedious, dangerous, and overall very frustrating.note 

Mega Man X7

  • Snipe Anteator. His arsenal consists of attacks that can cover good distances, and he gains more as the fight goes on. The battlefield is a large tube that he can move about freely on while you are limited to just the top, but he can send out small drones while staying on the bottom so that he can hurt you while you can't hurt him. On paper, his weakness is the Moving Wheel. In the game, hitting him with his weakness is difficult. Even if you could, it actually does less damage than a fully charged X-Buster. However, X is not available from start. On top of that, he doesn't have a stun animation, meaning that he can counter your attacks as they hit him.
  • Then there is Flame Hyenard. You have to damage a mech traveling over hot lava so you can get to him. This is easier said than done since the camera can screw you over. Then you fight Flame Hyenard on the top of said mech, which you might slide off of if you didn't damage it enough to get it to stop moving. He splits himself into clones that surround you and shoot fireballs at you before the mech fires missiles to rain down upon you during their tri-formation. The weapon he's weak against actually works, but if you're using X or Axl, you'll run out of ammo long before he is dead. And he has a difficult level to boot!
  • And then there is Red. If you don't have Zero, good luck to you. You have to target Red from a distance. Since the camera enjoys screwing you, this becomes a problem. Dodging his attacks is problematic because you're not fighting on solid ground. You're fighting on platforms with a hole in between each one. Fall and you die. Get hit while jumping and you will die. He constantly teleports around on those platforms and there is no way to predict where he will end up. The only way to finish the fight quickly is to use Zero and take contact while slashing him.

Mega Man X8

  • Ravemanta, the miniboss in Avalanche Yeti's stage. It takes a long time to kill, and appears twice in the stage. The first time, it's a fairly tame if not tedious fight, but in the second encounter, it drops bombs that bounce towards you, and has a longer period of time before it becomes vulnerable to attack.
  • Bamboo Pandamonium. He's tall enough that you can't get behind him without taking a hit, and has attacks that take up big chunks of the screen. Also, when he takes enough damage, he will try to lunge at the player, which is almost instant death if it connects if you don't have any Life Ups. It's more bearable with the Ride Armor...if you knew you could take it with you to the boss. And you don't have access to it at all in the Boss Rush, so good luck with that. Oh, and Zero's technique that's strong against him is...a downward stab from the air (which puts you into a big risk).
  • Lumine. He comes after That One Level, and is fought directly after Sigma, who's hard enough to begin with. He has two forms; the first one uses the Overdrives of the first 8 bosses, except some are modified to last longer; when Burn Rooster's attack comes out, it lasts for the duration of the match. In other words, once it happens, the walls are off limits. Additionally, he himself is always moving, making it hard to hit him. Once you've drained his health, he enters the second form, which has a multitude of Bullet Hell-like laser attacks (one of which lasts a long time and then comes back in reverse), has no notable weakness, and is difficult to get a bead on. On his trump card, he triggers Paradise Lost, which will outright finish you off if you don't do the same to him in 30 seconds. And the player has to know they had to have Axl finish him with a Doubleteam as a prerequisite for the secret ending?

     Mega Man Zero series 

Mega Man Zero

  • Aztec Falcon, the first mission boss, is seemingly insurmountable the first time you fight him. You have no charge attack (unless you spent time grinding it out by going back to the Underground Lab; if you're playing on Hard, you're screwed), he isn't vulnerable to combos, and the Z-Buster actually bounces off when the chance to shoot him presents itself, if you're not aiming for the tiny hitbox that is his head. Ah, yes — did we mention he is also a Time-Limit Boss?
  • Phantom is spectacularly cheap compared to his fellow Guardians. Three of the Guardians have an elemental weakness which makes beating them fairly simple. Not Phantom. He's neutral, so it takes longer to kill him. Worse, the other Guardians can have most of their attacks interrupted. Only Phantom's dash attack can be interrupted. It is technically possible to interrupt his Doppleganger Spin technique with a charged blow, but for added cheapness, Phantom will break the technique and strike you should you close in to attempt it. Speaking of the dash attack, he'll often do it until you hit him, and he charges to your position. If you don't hit him right off the bat, he'll get at least one hit in, maybe more if you don't score a knockback hit. Finally, his Desperation Attack makes him invisible, during which he'll throw kunai at you from random points on the screen. What's worse, he may potentially position himself above the reach of your weapons, or just plain above you. To top this, he has a Kaizo Trap ability in the second battle.
  • The Rainbow Devil is just as cheap as previous models. It has an especially annoying attack where it bounces around the room, splits into two parts, then into four before finally reforming. It also has a punch attack that crosses nearly half the arena and a projectile attack that makes nearly the entire ground a danger zone. Good times. Thankfully, the redux in Zero 2 is actually somewhat easier.

Mega Man Zero 2

  • Phoenix Magnion is plain ridiculous. He has an arena which periodically spews fireballs from the floor, for starters. You can arrange it so the floor is blocked the first time you fight him, but not the second time. What's worse, he dodges every attack if he's sitting still. He literally cannot be hit unless he's attacking. And when he dodges, he counterattacks with very wide-area abilities. If he grabs you, he will pull the memories of Zero's past foes out of his head and turn them into flaming specters that deliver four brutal hits to your HP, and you can't break free. Worst of all is his EX Skill, which causes him to turn golden and invincible and teleport a few times before rocketing at you with a flaming tackle.
  • Kuwagust Anchus on Hard Mode is just insane! Not only is he really fast and powerful (two hits = dead, period), but he's the boss of a long and grueling That One Level. And he has an attack which cannot be avoided, meaning you have to get him to change his flight path. The only way to do this is to either shoot him with the buster enough times, which takes better timing than God to pull off, or deflect him with the Chain Rod. As if you're just supposed to know this out of hand. And he'll keep using this attack until you die. When he returns in the Boss Rush, you fight him and his brother Herculious Anchus from the previous game at the same time!
  • Harpuia, due to his insanely difficult to avoid new EX Skill, has become MUCH harder than in the first game, where it was possible to abuse the hit cycle. It is a wide ranged sonic wave that blankets the screen several times as Harpuia zips back and forth, forcing you to weave between each and be careful where you choose to stop moving, or else you may overshoot, undershoot, or outright mistime your dashes to safety, and each wave that hits shreds a BIG bite out of your HP.
  • Fefnir's EX Skill requires immaculate timing and precision and constant movement to keep jumping where flame columns aren't going to erupt. You literally cannot afford to take your eyes off the screen at any moment or you may lose track of where to jump!

Mega Man Zero 3

  • Cubit Foxtar. He's able to fire his fireballs in several intricate ways, and especially if you hit him with a lightning attack, he'll transform into 5 "ghost flames" that will then fly around the screen in a pattern that requires you to time your dashes; he's invulnerable when he does this.

Mega Man Zero 4

  • Kraft from Zero 4 is a nightmare to fight against. The grenades, the laser rifle that requires you to dash underneath it with split second timing, the giant knife that damages you as it throws you across the arena causing damage depending on how far you were flung (which can be heavily reduced with armor that prevents knockback not that the game tells you this), the missiles, and the fact that he's one of the few bosses willing to get right directly up in your face on a non-scrolling single-screen battlefield are awful. Also of note is him having 3 full bars of health. The only enemy with the same amount of health at that point was the huge Background Boss! He's also fought in an open area with no walls, so there's no wall jumping away from him.
  • Heat Genblem, a fire-based turtle Reploid who has invulnerable periods while spinning with a fiery shell and ricochets off walls to hit you. His most damaging move is a laser that circles the entire screen multiple times, the only way out of this being to display extremely fancy footwork and use the walls to loop up and around him.

     Mega Man ZX series 

Mega Man ZX

  • Fistleo is bound to give players a hard time. He has many hard-to-dodge attacks, and whatever time isn't spent using one or warming up for one will likely be spent healing, and he does this quite frequently. And if you are attempting a Level 4 Victory, prepare for hell because his weak point is very large and on the front of his body in a fight where you aren't given many opportunities to get behind him, along with the inherent difficulty present in a fight against a boss who can heal.
  • Serpent's two forms on hard mode. This sounds like a given, but you're lucky to survive more than two hits from much of anything in this mode, which also means just reaching the end of his level is an ordeal. His first form was made eye-poppingly fast, and while the second form is only minimally altered, you'll still need almost a perfect run to win.

Mega Man ZX Advent

  • Basically every boss in this game elevates to this level in Boss Survival mode. You're given only the default-length life and weapon gauges, two sub tanks, and a single life to try and kill 16 bosses in a row. Damage carries over between fights, so for the most part if you get hit more than once before getting to the Enemy Mega Men — and that's 8 full boss fights to that point — you're probably screwed. With such little room for error, suddenly the game's more abuseable techniques (Time Bomb, ZX spinning slash, ect.) don't seem so broken to spam.
  • The Spidrill miniboss! It breaks the floor (which, in addition to removing a quarter of your standing space, can affect whether or not you unlock a vital checkpoint so that you never have to do that again), the walls have got spikes on, it summons miniatures of itself, and it has an irritating tendency to spam a move that spins its legs around. The upgraded Spidrill Neo fight in the Quarry is comparatively easy for nixing the first two aspects and coming right after you unlock Model ZX.
  • Chronoforce on Expert starts the fight with Time Bomb, and it never wears off, so he's always in turbo speed. He also shoots two sets of icicles, the second set covering all the angles the first doesn't, making a roughly 90-degree arc that's really tough to avoid whether you try jumping between them or dashing underneath Chronoforce to get past them entirely. And may God help you if you haven't figured out the trick to dodging his attack where he shoots a whole volley of exploding icicles at you from the background, then rewinds them to un-explode and hit you again. Even worse, he uses Time Bomb again right before he uses that attack.
  • Aeolus. Not for his relatively tame attack pattern, though lightning reflexes might be needed to get out of his slashing attacks (the brief pause between all of his moves can sometimes get you pinned into a corner if you're not careful). No, the issue is his ultimate attack that he loves to use and abuse: he floats up in the corner of the screen and traps you between two lightning pinwheels that spin in the same direction. Once he starts this, you can't stop it, and from the ground, you have little choice but to try and dash between the uneven lightning rotation (good luck). You can certainly trivialize the attack itself if you turn into Queenbee and fly up fast enough (assuming you haven't already burnt up the weapon gauge), but then you still can't even hit Aeolus until he drops to the ground. By extension, this makes Time Bomb unhelpful. All in all, he's a surprisingly savvy bastard.

     Mega Man Legends series 

Mega Man Legends

  • There are two times in the game where you are forced to fight from a slow-moving vehicle and defeat several enemies and then a boss fight, while protecting your vehicle from the attacks. If the vehicle is destroyed, it is an automatic Game Over.
    • The first one is from a boat, and you're fighting several submarines and a few Draches, which can shoot torpedoes at your boat. After that, you fight the Balkon Gerät, a giant frog battleship-mecha, which will merrily chop your boat to pieces if you can't dish out damage fast enough. It's tame enough that you can get by with just your buster in Normal if you know what you're doing, but on Hard the entire thing basically mandates a maxed out Machine Buster and Hyper Cartridge to refresh your ammo for it.
    • The battle against the Gesellschaft takes this Up to Eleven. You have to fight several Draches, the Gesellschaft itself, and then the Humongous Mecha Focke-Wulf, one after another, with no continue points or opportunities to heal. You have to do it from the top of the Flutter, which is a small confined space and offers no defensive cover. The Flutter itself can take damage, there's no way of healing it, if it's shot down it's Game Over, and the enemies specifically target the Flutter over you. You're also cut off from the town and any resources since the boss fight happens as you are leaving the dungeon and returning to town. It is technically possible to sabotage yourself so badly that you have no chance of winning, but fortunately even without being able to go back to town, they are very possible to take down by developing superior firepower.
    • What's especially aggravating about the Focke-Wulf is that if you get hit by one missile, you're pretty much guaranteed to get hit by all the remaining ones as well since they're fired so close together.
  • The Karumuna Bash trio, three doglike Reaverbots in the Sub-gate of the Clozer Wood. Those things are nasty if you're not Crazy-Prepared for them. They all attack you at once and they are FAST. Their primary attack is jumping at you, which knocks Mega Man down and is possibly also a Camera Screw if you land right. Their other attack is to breathe fire, which instantly depletes your life meter's shield so you can take MORE damage from their jump attack.

Mega Man Legends 2

  • The train battle. You have to chase down the enemy train, taking on each independent train car as its own separate boss, all the while protecting your own train from an inane amount of artillery and homing missiles. When you finally reach the engine, even a shot from the most powered up weapon in the game barely drains a slight sliver from its health bar. All in all, the fight takes about two solid hours of holding the fire button and dodging projectiles. And if you die, even at any part, it's back to the beginning of the fight.

     Mega Man Battle Network series 

Mega Man Battle Network

  • In a game with mostly easy bosses, MagicMan.EXE sticks out like a sore thumb. His main attack is a slow-moving flame that hits like a Mack truck, but what truly pushes him into this territory is that he's also a Flunky Boss. He can summon up to two normal viruses at any time, and the types he summons are those that have difficult-to-dodge attack patterns (especially when you've also got MagicMan's attacks thrown into the mix), and because they'll be replaced as soon as they die, destroying them isn't even really an option. If you've been relying on your alphabet soup folder to get you this far in the game, prepare to keep on dying over and over again.

Mega Man Battle Network 2

  • QuickMan.EXE:
    • He is invincible at all times except when moving or attacking, moves like a spastic monkey on crack so that his vulnerability then doesn't even matter, and his attacks are irritating to dodge, because Quick Boomerangs are really, REALLY fast moving. It doesn't help that he's the second boss of the game, the first boss was a complete chump, and the next boss AFTER him isn't exactly threatening either, so he's not even really a Wake-Up Call Boss... Worse yet, it's entirely possible for the game to be Unwinnable by Mistake here, as you can't leave his area (either to recover HP or improve your moveset) once you enter (but nothing stops saving...)
    • Quickman V2 will likely be the first “ghost” boss Navi you fight (a stronger replica of the original that can employ new tactics and gives you a summon chip upon defeat, found on hidden squares in the net), showing up on the way to KotoSquare on a dead end path. Now he can use two boomerangs in rapid succession and, when he gets low on health, will zip over to your side to use a WideSword-esque move. Since you have to know in advance you’re going to fight him, you may not have saved, which can truly screw you if you’re just casually exploring the new area (plus his new tactics can leave you unprepared even if you had a good system on the first bout). Beat Quickman V2 and you’ll have a chance of running into V3 in the same zone (which could be as soon as completing same task that caused you to run into V2), who has even more HP and even more new strategies (among others his boomerang can now be thrown in a wave pattern, making it much harder to dodge).
  • ThunderMan.EXE remains in the back row, and fields 3 thunder clouds that move back and forth the rows. These can fire off paralyzing thunder balls, and attack MegaMan if their movement gets obstructed. This results in the player needing to do some fancy footwork to be able to land hits on ThunderMan while dodging the clouds. And due to plot circumstances, the first time you fight him, you have also lost all your chips with exception to your folder, and you can't access the net to get new chips unless you beat him. In the Virtual Console rerelease, he has the potential to be even worse if the player has relied on the Gospel Breath chips (which can't hit anything in the back row) and hasn't upgraded the chip folder from time to time.

Mega Man Battle Network 3

  • DrillMan.EXE has lower HP than most bosses, but that's compensated by the fact his drill blocks all frontal attacks. Very few chips can bypass his drill, and if the player's folder lacks chips that can damage different rows, defeating him is pretty much impossible.
  • BubbleMan.EXE never leaves the back row; and the center tile on his side is a hole that generates an infinite number of bubbles, which block shots and home in on you. Popping them will just make them spawn again, and may distract the player from BubbleMan's other attacks. And that's not even taking into account BubbleMan v3, who can only be fought if you have less than 1/4 of your max HP remaining.
  • KingMan.EXE hides in the far back row while his nearly invincible, regenerating chess pieces attack you and block your spaces, which means no AreaGrab or powerful direct and melee attacks. If that wasn't annoying enough, if you stay in the back row (the easiest way to avoid his chess pieces), KingMan has a "plan B" attack, where he summons some new chess pieces and permanently steals an entire row of your area. Even if you break the chess pieces with certain chips, they are only incapacitated temporarily, and KingMan can create a different and more vicious set to replace them.
  • When raising your rank to earn the right to face "S", you're forced to rematch with BeastMan way before the endgame Boss Rush. Unlike the Alpha-tier boss rush rematches, you're up against BeastMan Beta, and he moves much faster than his first encounter.
  • FlameMan.EXE has two candles on his back row, each of which have about 20 HP or so, and revive after a short amount of time. They have different effects depending on their color, and if even ONE of them is Green, he's invincible. If one's Red, he recovers HP steadily, and if one's yellow, then fire appears in your area and limits your movement range. Even worse, he can have two varieties of flames lit, which means he can be recovering HP AND invincible at the same time. And his attacks are designed to take advantage of this.
  • You have to fight Bass twice in the storyline, though the first one is just a Hopeless Boss Fight (you can't hurt him, and even you use something that makes you invincible, his attacks ignore it). The second fight, however, is a pain to get through, because he still has his Life Aura, and he attacks ridiculously hard, so it may take you a few tries if you don't have the right chip folder, and he comes right before you fight Alpha, which if you lose to, you'll have to fight Bass AGAIN.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

  • SparkMan.EXE is very difficult to land hits on, as he keeps vanishing off the battlefield, and is vulnerable for very short moments. If the player faces him in the first playthrough, it's also likely a lot of their chips will get blocked by the mines that SparkMan sends out once they line up with him.
  • ThunderMan.EXE returns for Red Sun, trading his three thunder clouds for one that circulates the perimeter of the field. This time, the thunder cloud will fire paralyzing thunder balls whenever MegaMan lines up with it horizontally or vertically, so if you stand in the wrong position it can stunlock you for a short time.

Mega Man Battle Network 5

  • CloudMan.EXE stays in the back row, protected by clouds that periodically shoot paralyzing thunderballs. The clouds don't have much health, but despite this can take infinite punishment from time-stopping Chips. He can also hide in a cloud while summoning a pillar of clouds that chases you around, and the pillar remains even after CloudMan stops hiding. Even in a Liberation Mission, CloudMan's field attack is equally frustrating. Anyone hit by this attack gets paralyzed and will not be usable for the next 2 turns, thereby slowing down your progress on defeating him once you are in position to attack him directly. Even if your Defense Navi can negate the damage done by this attack, it won't negate the paralysis.

Mega Man Battle Network 6

  • CircusMan.EXE can prove to be a very frustrating boss fight, especially in the rematches where he gets stronger and faster. Like many others of his kind, he remains in the back row, forcing a player to use Area Grab to even get close enough for short-range chips. He moves by hopping around, creating many brief moments where any attacks would miss, and his own attacks are pretty fast and execute themselves multiple times in succession. His ultimate attack has a short animation and if it connects, it leaves MegaMan with a status effect that makes it difficult to dodge his other attacks! What this amounts to is the player doing some fancy footwork to dodge all the attacks while desperately trying to land their own.

Mega Man Network Transmission

  • GutsMan.EXE is laughably easy in the main series games, but a complete and utter nightmare in this one. He lumbers around slowly, but his attacks come out fast: he likes to smash the ground with the Guts Hammer which creates a shockwave with an enormous amount of range, and if you try to slide under him when he gets too close he's quick to spin around and nail you with a powerful punch. They're his only attacks, but they deal a horrifying amount of damage and will murder you in no time flat.
  • BrightMan.EXE, the first boss to put up shields to your attacks. Whereas the previous bosses were dodging and slapping the boss hard enough before they got you, BrightMan will murder you if you try the tactics that worked on the previous bosses and, indeed, some of the other bosses you can fight at the same time. And the bosses get craftier, more agile, or with more invincibility shielding from there, making BrightMan a Wake-Up Call Boss.
  • StarMan.EXE isn't one of the bosses that can shield your attacks, but he compensates that by teleporting around and floating out of range most of the time, not only that, but one of his two attacks involves dropping meteors diagonally on the screen, sometimes being even impossible to dodge and he LOVES to spam them, and every time he uses the attack he also teleports. It gets even worse when he's on low health, because he drops A LOT more meteors that fill most of the screen and are almost always undodgeable, and if anything he likes to spam them even more at this point.

     Mega Man Star Force series 

Mega Man Star Force

  • Gemini Spark can be particularly painful to fight, especially if you're playing the Pegasus version where your version's Super Mode becomes weak to their attacks. Despite it looking like a Dual Boss, you have to defeat only the black Gemini Spark to defeat them both. Any attacks on the white Gemini Spark are wasted, and it's entirely possible for him to step in front of black Spark when you're trying to line up an attack. Things get worse with their SP forms, where they move and attack so fast that it's hard to find the split-second opportunity to strike.
  • A battle with three level 3 Jammers happens during the endgame. They have above-average HP and fast attacks. While not too complex, they can overwhelm and quickly end you with their punches and machine guns if you make mistakes. If you die, you may even lose some progress because the battle happens out of nowhere during a long period without Geo asking to save the game.

Mega Man Star Force 2

  • Le Mu is the greatest nightmare of the three Star Force Final Bosses, because the field is a storm of activity. In his first phase, Mega Man has to break open the seal down the front of Le Mu's chest, which is hard when Le Mu is launching giant drills out you, tearing open damaging portals all over the field, summoning Murian soldiers to attack you, or shooting at you with machineguns. Once you break open the seal on its chest, well, then things really get started. You still have to shoot at its core, but now it's moving around, attacking twice as fast and twice as hard, and it even has extra attacks, a pair of Big Fricking Swords and a Wave-Motion Gun! (Have fun!)
  • Plesio Surf, because of all the irritating rocks he uses to block direct attack. It also prevents him from being bubbled by Cancer Bubble's attack, allowing for a super-devastating quadruple damage Elec-element combo (water terrain double damage + bubble double damage). Although, one could argue that this was the programmers' way of leveling the playing field to keep the fight from being too one-sided. Still, it's annoying as heck, especially when you need to beat it fast enough to qualify for its strongest Mega Card.
  • Yeti Blizzard can compete with Le Mu itself in term of activities you need to watch out for. Good luck dodging the snow ball that only left you one square free, the stomp that you can't block and the ultimate attack that become a Giga cards.

Mega Man Star Force 3

  • Acid Ace. He has a huge repertoire of moves, with something to break any Noise, and he doesn't follow a clear pattern with them. Then there's the matter of his R form, which is fought directly after Dread Joker R without a chance for you to heal.
  • Similar to the Jammer fight above, there is a fight with two Noise Wizards, one level 3 and one level 4note . The level 4 one has an attack that cracks panels, so you can easily run out of room to dodge and just get barraged constantly by their sword and gun attacks, which they can combo between and just constantly put the pressure on you. It can be shocking how difficult this fight is, because Noise Wizards aren't usually a threat when fought one-on-one.
  • Although the Crimson Dragon is considered one of the easier bosses in the franchise, the sheer amount of activity on screen can be stunning for newer players. You're always attacking, dodging, or blocking, with little to no breathing room in between. He also has the annoying mechanic of having to destroy his head every once in a while (recycled from Battle Network's Alpha) to damage the core, which can end up soaking an extra 800 or so damage over the course of the fight. His Sigma version drives this up even further with an even larger health pool and even faster attacks, making it hard to get an attack in without recovery chips and Super Armor.
  • Apollo Flame. (He's also in the second game, but he's the final Bonus Boss there as opposed to being fought halfway through the postgame.) He has a lot of HP, a barrier that regenerates, and a lot of attacks that either can't be blocked or keep you from hitting him until his barrier comes back. It's easier if you have Cancer or Virgo Noise, and infinitely harder if you have Ophiuca or Wolf Noise.

    Fan Games 
Due to the myriad of tough bosses it has, Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch has it's own page.

Street Fighter X Mega Man

  • As if his stage and choice of enemies weren't annoying enough, Dhalsim can really give Mega Man a run for his money. His strategy revolves around Teleport Spam, and he loves to either telefrag you outright or catch you at weird angles before assaulting you with long-reaching, lighting-quick punches and teleporting away before you can counter attack. His worst attack though is his fire breath, which has scary range and sends damaging embers flying everywhere in front of him. It's incredibly awkward to dodge, and you're nearly guaranteed to take the hit unless you can anticipate it coming and get out of the way before he lets loose.
  • Vega (Claw) only uses melee attacks, but he's very fast, deals heavy damage, and is only weak to a melee attack. He also has That One Attack where he leaps onto the railing and tries to slash down on you, and it's very hard to dodge if he performs it in the middle of the arena. In fact, the move you want him to use is his Limit Break, which isn't too difficult to dodge and leaves him open in the center after it ends.

Mega Man Unlimited

  • Jet Man. He spends most of the fight out of your reach, and he has lightning-fast missiles and a whole cargo load of bombs in his arsenal that require precision and perfect timing to avoid. Good luck doing a No-Damage Run against this guy!
  • Glue Man fights a lot like Concrete Man from Mega Man 9. He fires Glue Shots at you to freeze you while at the same time sliding all around the arena trying to ram you for MASSIVE Collision Damage.
  • Comet Woman isn't too bad in her first fight, but she becomes exponentially harder in the Boss Rush. Without the low gravity from her stage, she's able to move much faster, her orbiting shield attack becomes harder to avoid, and you'll spend more of the fight with those orbiting balls around you blocking your shots.
  • The Giant Enemy Crab from Occupied Wily Stage 1. It pays homage to the Mecha Dragon from Mega Man 2, but ramps the difficulty Up to Eleven. You have to use the three ladders to avoid the energy balls the crab shoots out, but it also has another attack where it electrifies one of the ladders. If you get hit by anything while you're on the ladders, the knockback will push you right into the pit, and there's no safety platform like the Mecha Dragon fight.
  • The squid boss from Occupied Wily Stage 2 has a One-Hit Kill move where it rams its head (which you have to stand on in order to fight it) into the ceiling, and it requires a precise jump off to the side of the boss gate in order to avoid it. The later you jump, the more likely you will be to hit the ceiling and fall into the pit, but if you jump too early, the squid will be too high to catch you. Even then, you're still fighting it on a small platform with bubbles from its mouth and plasma balls from its tentacles, making it very easy to get hit and even then you could still get knocked into a pit.
  • The Wily Machine is probably the hardest version of Wily since his capsule from Mega Man 7. The first phase has a weak spot that is out of reach of the Mega Buster, so you need an upward-reaching weapon to hit him, and he takes up about three fourths of the screen, giving you little room to dodge his attacks.
    • The second phase is even worse. The Wily Walker's weak spot is only visible for a couple seconds when it jumps, and it's random where it's going to jump next. Each time after it jumps it will charge at you. If it jumps all the way to the other side of the arena, it will dash at you, and you can slow it down with the Mega Buster in that case, but if it lands somewhere in the middle it will just walk at you which can't be slowed down. If you're not behind it when it does this, you need a perfectly-timed Comet Dash or Rush Coil to avoid it.

Mega Man Revolution


  • Saw Man is extremely erratic and unpredictable, due to the lack of a pattern. He jumps around a lot and throws out Iron Saws which are highly damaging. His weakness, Acid Bubble, is extremely tricky to hit him with due to him jumping a lot.
  • The first phase of the Remir Machine. The only way to damage it is to turn on the spikes in the room and get it to step on them, while at the same time avoiding its two massive hitboxes and the bullets it fires from the top of the screen, and also making sure you don't fall into the spikes.

Mega Man Rock Force

  • Virus Man can reverse your controls and disable your charge shot if contact happens with any of his viruses or himself. His attack where he separates from his legs can be particularly bad as unless you dodge it, you're getting infected. Charade Clone, his weakness, also triggers his Mercy Invincibility upon damage, so you can't just spam it.
  • Shock Man's second battle can be annoying due to the battle essentially being an electric jump rope where all of his attacks force you to jump repeatedly, and with good timing to avoid taking damage, and every time he lands on the ground, he shocks the entire floor. One of them even has him jump then bounce three times in succession, each time he lands triggering the conductive floor.
  • While Pulse Man's attacks aren't all that painful, he can make situations where it's nearly impossible to dodge at all if he throws out four bouncing projectiles that take up a good amount of space on the screen, coupled by the fact that all of his jumps are Shockwave Stomps and also having a large projectile that removes whatever dodging space you had left.
  • Charade Man's fighting style revolves around making the player frantically jump and slide around for dear life as he floods his arena with annoying projectiles. The blue balls he throws are annoying enough, since they can't be destroyed and will explode into a few smaller projectiles after a while. But the red ones are where things go from annoying to nightmarish: no matter if the player ignores or destroys them, they release a Charade Man clone upon detonating which will begin hopping around and absorbing shots meant for the actual Charade Man. They take quite a bit of punishment before dying, and if you lose track of the original Charade Man then there's no way to tell him apart from the fakes. Even fighting him with the Crypt Cloak, his weakness, isn't a safe bet since he can easily leap over the shockwaves it creates.
  • The Fusion Masters that you fight is dependent upon which one of the first eight you defeat last; meaning you may or may not have to fight War Man, who fights somewhat like Sigma from the first X game. He has a shield that allows him to deflect any attack other than Crypt Cloak (even his Rock Force weakness, Knight Crush, gets deflected), and this shield is only put down for a second when he attacks (which he will only do if you get within a dangerously close range). He's too big to jump over, and deals ridiculous amounts of damage with his attacks. He also deals a lot of contact damage, and can easily stick you in a corner if you're not ready for a fight against what is basically a giant Sniper Joe. Also, if Crypt Cloak is spammed, he'll jump all over the room and cause quakes, potentially stunning you.
  • If you don't get War Man, the other (original) set of Fusion Masters has a nasty fight in Flare Man. Similar to Stone Man from Mega Man 5, he jumps around the room, stunning you whenever he lands unless you jump. Unlike Stone Man, his other attacks also stun you when he starts them, which can really mess up your timing when dodging them. He's also one of a few bosses who's actually harder to fight with Mega Man than his Rock Force weakness; Crypt Cloak is hard to hit him with because it's ground-based and he jumps around a lot, but Nitro Man can throw the Wheel Cutter in multiple directions.
  • Regardless of which set of Fusion Masters you fight, once you beat all four your next stop is Death Man. He's not a very complex boss but he makes up for it by doing absurd damage with his attacks, which kill from full health in just three hits! To make things worse, he's weak to the Charade Clone which is hard to actually hit him with due to his scythe being capable of destroying it before it even hits him.

Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest

  • The Tier 2 boss in the original version is Dagger Man, who is every bit as hard as he was in Super Fighting Robot. He loves to teleport all over the place and can easily telefrag you for cheap collision damage, his cutting waves come out fast with little to no warning, and his nastiest attack is him shooting daggers to the floor and creating shockwaves like in his game of origin, only at a far greater rate. It's incredibly hard to keep up with all the daggers and shockwaves, and he loves to spam it. He loses this status in the remake where he's easier despite being bumped up a tier.
  • The boss of Tier 4, Justice Man, is a complete inversion from Dagger Man. In the original release he was decently tough but otherwise fair, but he became a lot more annoying in the remake. His attack pattern is still manageable... in his first phase. There's now a second phase to his fight where he heals himself back to full HP and adds a second Justice Man to the mix. While his attack pattern is still the same, fighting two fast, powerful, independently-acting Robot Masters at the same time is frustrating and disorienting and it's easy to run into one Justice Man's attack while dodging the other.

Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2

  • The three bosses of the notorious Yggdrasil level are just as fiendishly difficult as the stage itself for all the wrong reasons: unnecessarily huge health pools, unpredictable AI, and incredibly unfair attacks. It's worth noting that in a game with more than its fair share of difficult bosses, they're among the few outright excluded from the arena challenges due to being so ridiculously annoying to fight.
    • Crator is considered to be the toughest of the three by far. He spends a lot of time deflecting your shots, is incredibly aggressive and loves getting in your face, and has attacks that lop off around half your health at best or one-hit kill you at worst. Even his weakest attack, a series of energy bursts shooting up from the ground, makes up for its lacking strength by coming out fast and being incredibly hard to dodge. To make things worse, his weakness to the Slash Claw does little to mitigate the difficulty of his fight since its lack of range means you have to constantly put yourself in the danger zone to use it.
    • Cream is no slouch either, since she has an instant death attack of her own that comes out way too fast for its own good. She also loves to jump around the arena like a spastic monkey, and has a ton of different projectile attacks that can be hard to dodge since she has no tells indicating what she'll be firing at you.
    • And while not as bad as the above two, Kichona is annoying to fight all the same. Most of it is for reasons that would normally make her more of a Goddamned Boss, such as having two health bars and being able to heal herself with her syringe attacks. But what truly puts her in this category is the fact that she can randomly glitch herself out of the fight and make it impossible to win.
  • While severely toned down from how ridiculously hard he was in his home game, Cheat Man is among the hardest tier bosses. He can hit you with damaging text before the fight even begins, and spends the entirety of his boss battle behind a shield that drops your attacks on you if you end up hitting it. He also constantly has large projectiles bouncing around his arena, which he will happily attempt to glitch you into falling into them multiple times in a row. Even worse, he has a powerful One-Hit Kill beam attack that will still cause you to drop to one health if you have the Skull Amulet equipped, and there's a delay before firing just to trip you up.
  • The boss of Tier 7, Future, is a doozy. He starts off with projectile spam by spawning scythes at random spots on the map that home in on you. It's tough to deal with but manageable... until he randomly slows you down with his hourglass attack, making it way harder to dodge his scythe onslaught. And when you deplete his health, it takes him a while to actually die and he starts spewing fire all over the place that can easily finish off a battered player.
  • Autobounce, the boss of Wily 4. Good news: You get unlimited ammo on all your weapons for this fight. Bad news: Autobounce can only be hurt by one at a time, represented by its color scheme (which changes after each time it takes damage). Its attack in the Grab Buster form heals it if it connects with you, the Sakugarne form is nigh-impossible to hit without taking damage, and the Slash Claw form moves faster and faster until you're able to hit it (which, again, is near impossible to do without getting hit yourself). Plus, as its health goes down, its attacks and movements get faster.
  • Chimera Bot 1 combines Joe Man and Bond Man's abilities, resulting in a spastic boss who constantly leaps around the arena while protecting himself with a giant shield, and can limit your movement by slathering glue all over the ground. And when he traps you, and he will, he's quick to follow up with attacks that are tough to dodge, such as the long-reaching splash damage of his glue mines as well as the quick-falling glue drops from the ceiling. While Slash Claw can penetrate his shield, it does so little damage against such an aggressive boss that it doesn't really matter.
  • Chimera Bot 4 (Force Man + Match Man) combines Match Man's insane speed and tendency to fire off quick-moving fire waves every time he lands after his frequent jumps with Force Man's hard-to-dodge force beams. Unsurprisingly, plenty of players consider him to be the hardest of the Chimera Bots hands down.

Make A Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

  • Quick Man is a default devkit boss for the MaGMML series from this game onward, but the devs toned him down a little bit by fixing the AI issues that caused him to break from his tough but learnable attack pattern and devolve into an unpredictable, spastic mess in Mega Man 2. However, his boss fight in the level Breaking Ground is still insanely hard for different reasons: his boss fight takes place on rows upon rows of destructible Chill Man blocks, and any movement whether it's walking, jumping, or blasting will break them and mess with the elevation. This completely ruins the flow of the battle making it fiendishly hard to safely hit Quick Man while he zips and leaps around all over the place while he puts the hurt on you. The fight can really drag on, and if you run out of blocks for footing, you get dropped into a pit infested with enemies that will kill you in seconds.
  • Giga Count, the boss of Wily Stage 1 spends most of the fight out of reach while having several smaller versions of himself bombard you with annoyingly accurate lasers. When they disperse, you're supposed to shoot him by jumping across several count bombs as platforms, but getting in a hit is aggravating since the bombs shield Giga Count from damage, and will kill you instantly if they press you against a wall. His weakness, the Water Wave, is also a pain to use against him because of its limited vertical reach, and using it against him when he's on the ground isn't safe since he'll send a few explosions your way until he's back in the air.
  • The second and fourth phases of the Wily Machine Arc are brutal, and pit you up against swarms of Wheel Cutters and rocks that are quick to overwhelm you while you're trying to hurt Wily. Even with forced Time Slow usage in the last phase, the rocks are still so fast and numerous that merely getting in a hit on him is an uphill battle.

Make A Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

  • While the first two phases of Wafer Wagon aren't too difficult, the third phase is brutal as it's also an auto-scroller over a bottomless pit. Its projectiles can be hard to see against the background, too, and it's all too easy to get dunked into the pit and have to start the whole fight over.

Mega Man Super Fighting Robot

  • Dagger Man is a particularly nasty case of this. His attacks involve the use of his Flash Daggers, and they deal tons of damage. You will most likely get hit by his attack where he dashes and then sends cutter waves two times. It's very easy to be hit by this attack. Even with your Mega Buster's charged shot upgrade that can be bought, Dagger Man has another trick up his sleeve; he also teleports before two of his main attacks and after he shoots his Flash Dagger, meaning if you don't have his weakness, this teleportation can be annoying if you've charged up your Mega Buster and he teleports away from your shot, (even when he teleports right behind you) even when he is about to use his dash attack. There is also the attack where he shoots three daggers down, and it is easy to get hit by the dagger he shoots down while you are avoiding the shockwaves, leaving you screwed.
  • Axe Man, even with his weakness to the Flash Dagger, can utterly destroy you. He mostly jumps around and stomps, which can stun you if you're on the ground. He can also not only use his Giant Axe, but also send three projectiles towards you.
  • The boss of Wily 2. It moves in a circular motion, and sends out very hard-to-dodge attacks, like green mines and a laser. While those are dangerous, the crosshair that was pestering you throughout the whole stage still attacks you here, making it even more difficult.

Skullman In: Scooby Doc 4: The Destroyer (Featuring Atsushi Onita)

With the majority of this being a Boss Game, this is a given.
  • Redskull is your first major challenge. He fires out giant homing fireballs, then uses some homing shots, and then uses some almost-undodgeable lasers. Whilst you can use the Seeker Missiles to make it somewhat easier, it won't do you much.
  • The core of Albatross. Not only is it the boss of a very hard shoot-em-up level, the fight essentially boils down to Bullet Hell. Oh, and if you destroy it, you need to dodge one last attack from him that is a One-Hit Kill no matter what.
  • Atsushi Onita, the penultimate boss, can be a true hair puller. His attacks (throwing fluorescent lights at you, sending down a lightning bolt to cause fire to appear, and dropping crosses on you) are completely random (except for the crosses), not helped by the fact the shadow teleportation attack is random as well, and the fact that the fluorescent lights cause an eight-way projectile when they explode.

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

  • Tornado Man tops this list above all other bosses by sheer instant-death factor. The layout of the room has two platforms that rise up with every Tornado Blow the boss does revealing bottomless pits underneath that players can easily fall into when avoiding his attacks. The platforms also rise up to a spiked ceiling that can also one-shot you if you're not paying attention. To make matters worse, his Tornado Blows are random, so there is no predicting where they'll rise up from the ground. Finally, he can spawn and spam slow-moving clouds that track and home in on you and upon colliding with Mega Man, will slow down his movements drastically, making all of the above a rage-inducing chore.
  • Star Man is not as bad as Tornado Man, but since he has a high percentage change of warping away from damage against anything other than a lemon shot from your buster, he is quite annoying. Every time he warps away from your attacks, he will call a meteor shower that gets worse the less health he has, making it near impossible to dodge at half health or less. He also can unleash his Star Crash barrier in a variety of ways to include one way where it spirals out quickly with no tell and it is near impossible to dodge.
  • Punk, the Mega Man Killer. He can appear up to two times in the game and is notable and remembered for only one thing only: his 5-pound stunning attack where he homes in on your current position and slams down on you. If you happen to be on the ground when he hits, you are stunned for the entire duration of the attack and could be hit up to two additional times, causing many a rage-filled game over for players.

Mega Man Rock N Roll

  • Reactor Man. His main form of attack is a highly damaging laser that he uses quite a lot. Sometimes, he'll point it up to the ceiling while in the air, causing projectiles to come from the end of the beam, and then come down to do a ground-pound attack that causes a whole bunch of projectiles to spawn.
  • Dagger Man appears in this game and he's even worse than he was in his home game, as he's way faster and very unpredictable, meaning you'll constantly get hit, not helping matters is the high damage output of bosses. Trying to get the Golden Ending? Good luck.

    ROM hacks 

Rockman CX

  • Fire Mario, on top of being very quick, is capable of stun-locking you and draining your health very quickly through use of his Goomba Stomp attack, which he can do more than once in one quick swoop if you're not careful. If he traps you in a corner, you're pretty much done for, even if you use E-Tanks.
  • Cheat Man, for obvious reasons. Between having a large array of One-Hit Kill options, he also gets gradual HP recovery and a move where if you shoot him as he ascends upwards; he'll teleport you right in from of him so you get hit instead. Once he brings in the Mother 3 instruments for his Boss Rush rematch, the fight only gets more obnoxious. To make it worse, his weakness is the Rock Buster, but the only way to take advantage of this weakness is to use a charge shot on him, and even then he can restore his HP, and sometimes switches health bars. Oh, and don't try and beat him with Cheat Saber in the refight, as he'll reverse it on you.
  • Rockman/Mega Man is able to drag out his battle through use of digging through his own personal Pause menu to swap to another weapon (which is invisible to you) or use an E-Tank to completely restore his health. God help you if he decides to bring out the Crash Bombs which latch onto you and will completely destroy you if you don't shake it off.
  • Kamen Rider is a real hair-puller. He starts the fight on the Cyclone, and, throughout the battle, switches between ridng the Cyclone or fighting on foot. Though the Cyclone is easy to dodge, good luck when he's on foot. He spends most of his time jumping around and trying to grab you. If he does end up grabbing you, he uses Rider Kick to knock you back very far from him. His jumping Rider Kick can also knock you back far as well.
  • Air Man. He likes to teleport around the arena and fire out tornadoes. He can also split himself into other tornadoes and reform that way. What makes this worse is his weakness: Ringo Shield. In order to even hit him with the weapon, you have to use the projectile that you can fire at the cost of losing the shield, but since he likes to go into the walls and sometimes too high to even hit him, this can waste your weapon energy. On top of that, there's spikes on the sides, and combined with the fact that the wind is blowing, you'll probably die if you stand still at the bottom of the arena.
  • Dr. Light. His arsenal of attacks is copied from Ryu, and boy do they hurt. His Shoryuken is easily the deadliest of his attacks, being able to 2HKO you at full health, while his Hurricane Kick can launch a brief Cycle of Hurting that guarantees your death if you get locked into it with low enough health.
    • Same goes for the giant Dr. Light, who serves as the final boss and Shout-Out to Yoshi's Island. This is a long, long fight, as he has a boatload of health and no visible health bar on-screen. He starts by destroying two parts of the platform you're standing on, and then he can use a Hadouken-like attack, get up close to punch you, and later on, teleport, destroy parts of the platform again, and then can summon rocks to drop on you. The only weapons that work are Power Bomb (which you have to throw at the right time to hit him) and Print Cutter (which makes it easier to hit him).

Rockman No Constancy

  • Crash Man is much more frustrating than his vanilla counterpart. He moves around much more quickly and his Crash Bomber has been replaced by the Rumbling Bang. Not only is he much more accurate with the bomb itself, but its explosion covers the entire floor, making the only way to avoid it a very well-timed leap. He also gains the ability to randomly turn both invisible and invulnerable, making it very easy to be on the receiving end of a sudden ambush every time you try to attack him. Even his weakness, The World, doesn't have enough energy to kill him from a full bar, still leaving him with a fighting chance at 4 HP left.
  • Wood Man. His Ice Circle moves much slower than the Leaf Shield (enough to ruin any attempt to jump over it), and the four other snowflakes (leaves) move insanely fast. It's practically impossible to defeat him without the Delay Flame, so don't bother trying. It doesn't help that he gives you the the worst weapon in the entire game upon defeat.
  • Flash Man stops time more frequently than he did in Mega Man 2, and fires a very fast projectile each time stop. The projectile's direction is random each shot, most likely hitting you, and dealing a ton of damage in the process.
  • This hack's Picopico-kun is a very, very nasty one at that. The room is now a room with two conveyor belts, and the boss forms very close to you each time it does form. It's also extremely fast, and its weakness, Rumbling Bang, has to be used so that the explosions, not the bomb itself, hit Picopico-kun.
  • The Boobeam Trap may be worse than it was in Mega Man 2. Much like other hacks, the room layout is different, but in this case, there's three of them on both sides. Although the walls protecting the turrets can now be destroyed with just the Buster, their shots are deadlier and are much faster. Worse, their weakness is a fully-charged shot from Proto Charge, but being that it's a charge weapon, the shots from the Boobeam Trap can cancel it out.

Rockman 4 Minus Infinity

  • Three of the eight Robot Masters have especially taken a level in badass:
    • Toad Man's movements are now erratic and rapid, constantly bouncing off the walls and towards you at even the slightest movements, making him harder to hit and making you easier to hit, only worsening when his health reaches critical levels. To make matters worse, his Rain Flush has been replaced with Toad Spell: not only is he completely invincible while casting it, but if it connects, you'll be turned into a helpless toad, removing your ability to jump or shoot and increasing the damage you take, with the only remedy being to get hit by the spell again.
    • Dust Man can heal himself with your attacks except Toad Spell while he sucks in his debris, and can also spit out plenty of harmful chunks in a random pattern as well as Dust Crusher blocks that explode randomly as well. If he sucks you up, he incapacitates you by turning you into an R-Tank. Mash the buttons quickly or he will give you a One-Hit Kill by booting you into the incinerator. Don't try to use Rush Cannon on him either - if he sucks it in and spits it back out at you, you're history.
    • Skull Man essentially becomes a Lightning Bruiser here. He spends most of his time using Hell Wheel, which he can use to bounce off ramps and climb up the walls. The only good time to hit him is when he uses his buster, but the problem here is that he barely uses it, as Hell Wheel is used more often by him. While you could use Water Cutter to rip through his Mercy Invincibility or Recycle Inhaler to one-shot him, he's so fast when he uses Hell Wheel that you can barely beat him with those.
  • Snatch Man, the boss of Wily 2, is a Mirror Boss cranked Up to Eleven. The first phase is already pretty hectic, as he's a Shadow Archetype of Mega Man that mainly just flails around the room while occasionally firing or sliding at you. (Interestingly enough, coming into contact with him will do Collision Damage to the both of you.) However, the second phase is when things shake up rapidly: the moment it starts, he'll fly up to the ceiling out of range, at which point you have to choose four out of your eight weapons to give to him. Not only will he gladly unleash them upon you at full force, but you don't get them back until you re-beat the boss they belong to in Wily 3.note 
  • The hack's version of the Wily Capsule, the Optical Capsule. Like most Capsule battles, it appears in many different spots on the screen for brief time periods to fire difficult projectile patterns. The Optical Capsule, however, is a full-on Bullet Hell boss that fires many, many, many lasers in a myriad of different patterns (describing them all here would only result in a Wall of Text) in a random order. When it gets to 25% health, it unleashes everything it has at you while chaotically bouncing around the screen. Your one saving grace is that every time you take damage, all of its lasers that are on-screen will disappear to give you some breathing room. This isn't the case on Hard Mode, however...


  • Rockman 6 Unique Harassment is a hard hack, but its magnum opus of difficulty is the (unnamed) boss of Wily 1. This boss is essentially a hybrid of two widely reviled bosses from the Classic series: King Plane from Mega Man & Bass and many different Devil bosses across the seriesnote , combining precariously jumping on small platforms over a Bottomless Pit in an Autoscrolling Level with the hectic dodging of Devil pieces. Even as its health goes down, the pieces go from moving straight forward to flying in downward arcs and even bouncing across the abyss. Once its first phase is down, it gains a massive homing projectile and can charge across the screen when fully formed. Its weakness is Tomahawk Assist, but it can only be hit so many times per pass, and using its secondary function to save yourself from the pit below if you fall in drains the weapon energy you need to actually attack it. This boss was so despised that when the 1.1 update dropped, which added many Anti-Frustration Features to address the complaints about the hack's high difficulty, this was the only boss (aside from the 8 Robot Masters) that gives you infinite lives until it's beaten.


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