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"You have been assigned to a mission few would qualify for. A mission few would survive. At the turning point of World War II, across a 50-mile stretch of France's Normandy coast, the Allies staged a massive assault against Hitler's vaunted Atlantic wall. Valor...Duty...Leadership...Sacrifice...Can one man truly make a difference?"
Opening Narration during the Intro

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is the 3rd entry in the Medal of Honor series, developed by 2015, Inc. and released January 22, 2002 for Microsoft Windows. In this game, characters are introduced to a new protagonist, one Lt. Mike Powell, a US Army Ranger who's later made a part-time OSS agent following a nearly-botched mission during Operation Torch.

Two expansion packs for this game were later released in 2003.

  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead, developed by EA Los Angeles, takes place during the last year of the European War. The protagonist of Spearhead's campaign is Sgt. Jack Barnes (voiced by Gary Oldman), a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division who fights in Normandy and Bastongne, who is later reassigned to the OSS to fight alongside the Red Army in Berlin.
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough, developed by TKO Software, takes place entirely in the North African and Italian campaigns of the war. Breakthrough casts players into the shoes of Sgt. John Baker, a member of the 34th Infantry Division who fights all the way from Kasserine Pass in North Africa to the Gothic Line in Italy.

Later, the game, as well as both of these expansions, received quite a few rereleases in the mid and late 2000s, usually bundled alongside Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and Medal of Honor: Airborne. The most recent of which is Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: War Chest, a bundle containing the original game as well as both expansions in a single package.

Of special note to this game was that some of the people behind this title would later go on to establish Infinity Ward, and create the first Call of Duty game.

Allied Assault and its expansions contain examples of:

  • Actionized Sequel: Compared to first game and Underground, Allied Assault features missions set in the frontline, rather than exclusively being Trapped Behind Enemy Lines. The most prominent of these is the entire 3rd mission set in Normandy, from the Omaha beach landing all the way to fighting in the bocage.
    • Spearhead and Breakthrough are actionized expansions. The former comes to the point that there are no stealth missions altogether.
  • Air-Vent Passageway: The second mission had you crawling through the vents, subverted by the fact that when you get out, you're still inside the base you're escaping from. Rather notably, the Germans find out you're in there and actually try to follow you in.
  • America Won World War II: Averted. Both the original game and the expansions show that many of the Allied victories throughout the campaigns were thanks to the help of soldiers from other Allied nations, particularly the British. Breakthrough also averts Nazi Germany being the only Axis nation the Allies fought by introducing the Italian Army as enemies in North Africa and Sicily.
  • Anachronism Stew: Breakthrough, in contrast to the original game and Spearhead, have quite a few anachronisms, such as introducing a sniper variant of the Lee-Enfield that wasn't made until 1970.
  • Angry Guard Dog: Allied Assault has the German Shepherds that run towards you and attack by biting. Their bite damage is equal to a rifle bullet, they bite immediately on contact, and their small hitboxes make them hard to hit, but they don't take more than 2 or 3 SMG shots to kill.
  • Anyone Can Die: In the main game, as well as Breakthrough, pretty much anyone can die. You can expect several of your squads to be reduced to nothing by the end of a mission, or that one guy who survived the last mission to be killed in this one. However, while some deaths are scripted and inevitable, some soldiers can be saved.
  • Artificial Brilliance:
    • Allied medics will always ensure you and your fellow soldiers are healed whenever you or others are hit. And he will always make it to their location just before you or they are killed.
    • NPC soldiers are surprisingly good shots, to the point they can One-Hit Kill enemies from far away on occasion.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Enemy soldiers can, and often will, blow themselves up with grenades.
  • Ascended Extra: In the original game, the 101st Airborne Division only appeared briefly in two parts of the third level, and as red shirts at that. Spearhead features them more prominently, with the protagonist Jack Barnes himself a member of the 501st regiment, as well as having an entire level dedicated to them in the form of Bastogne.
  • Battle in the Rain: Allied Assault's "Day of the Tiger", Spearhead's "Berlin", and Breakthrough's Monte Cassino and Monte Battaglia take place in rainy weather.
  • Cars Without Tires Are Trains: Early in the Sicily level of Breakthrough, Baker encounters an Italian armored car converted for use on train tracks. Later, during the Anzio level, he finds another one, and decides to use it to neutralize one of the German railway cannons further down a hill.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Several.
    • The King Tiger tanks, and more importantly, all documents related to the tank, as they're used by the OSS to train an American tank crew into operating one, setting up the plot of the next level. Two examples of the tank are also shown in the same German-occupied manor the documents were taken from, which can even be destroyed with explosives for a Cosmetic Award. Later, during the plan to capture Brest, another example (the one Powell and the aforementioned crew steal) is later captured by the Americans and used against other German tanks, including another King Tiger.
    • Early in the Operation Torch level, American soldiers posing as Afrika Korps members are shown presenting identity papers to a sentry. In the next level, as well as part of the sixth level, Powell himself has to find and use stolen identity papers in order to get past German sentries inside heavily guarded facilities.
    • The stolen German weapons and supplies that Barnes and his squad steal early in the Bastogne level of Spearhead prove useful in the next portion when they're used to help repel a German attack on their lines.
    • The bridge that Barnes crosses early in the Berlin level of Spearhead turns out to be much more important than initially shown, as the Germans later attempt to capture and cross it, with most of their remaining tanks, in a desperate counterattack.
    • Early in the Sicily level of Breakthrough, Baker encounters an Italian armored car converted for use on train tracks. Later, during the Anzio level, he finds another one, and decides to use it to neutralize one of the German railway cannons further down a hill.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Barnes mentions early on during the Opening Narration of the D-Day level that they'll be dropping at the same time as the British 6th Airborne Division. Now guess who he encounters once the rest of his squad is wiped out during the drop...
  • Chekhov's Skill: During "Lighting the Torch", the American Rangers in the truck behind Powell's are shown to be Dressing as the Enemy and presenting a sentry with identity papers. This becomes relevant later during the second level, where Powell himself has to do this in order to destroy prototype German equipment and scuttle a German U-boat without being detected.
  • Chummy Commies: In Spearhead, the Red Army soldiers that Barnes works alongside with in the Berlin level are depicted in a sympathetic manner, and prove to be useful allies during the final segment, where they help call in additional tank support and help fend off German infantry trying to cross the bridge Barnes is defending.
  • Closet Shuffle: A favorite tactic of German soldiers in levels set during Urban Warfare is to hide in closets, and then jump out and try to kill you should you be caught off-guard. You can however get around this by shooting the closets, then watching as their lifeless bodies fall out.
  • Cold Sniper:
    • Powell. The fact that he manages to make his way through a sniper-infested town, while killing several of those snipers in quick succession alone, establishes this. All the while maintaining his quiet composure.
    • The aforementioned sniper-infested town, as well as the bocage, have entire platoons of German snipers who are this. Powell kills them off in order to progress further.
  • Collapsing Lair:
    • In Allied Assault, Powell must escape from Fort Schmerzen as the whole fortress is rocked by explosions.
    • In Breakthrough, Baker and his surviving unit escape from the Monte Battaglia castle just as American bombers flatten the place.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Enemy soldiers are able to go prone and blind-fire around corners.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Powell is given the task of the finding the pilot of the missing G3 officer from the very first game.
    • Later in the same mission, the railgun Jimmy Patterson destroyed in the first game can also be seen.
    • During the briefing for the planned assault on Fort Schmerzen, Col. Hargrove will mention the aforementioned Patterson's role in damaging the fort previously.
  • Cosmetic Award: Like the original game, Allied Assault has the same decorations, but you get them for things that aren't part of the actual mission but help anyway, such as saving an American POW, grabbing a manifest and destroying two King Tigers with explosives you have to find first. Like the first Medal of Honor, they did nothing but give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Crew of One:
    • Averted in Allied Assault, where an American tank crew is needed to help Powell operate a King Tiger tank across the French countryside.
    • Played straight, however, in both Spearhead and Breakthrough, where Barnes and Baker are shown singlehandedly operating crew-served weapons and vehicles, such as the Flak 88 and T-34 Medium tank, without any difficulty whatsoever. The only subversion is that you have to abandon the tank's main gun to operate the machinegun.
  • Deadly Gas: The mustard gas being produced in Fort Schmerzen, which is also used to help destroy the facility for good. If you shoot the tanks when you're in the storage sublevel, the entire enemy population of the map dies – Powell doesn't because he grabbed a gas mask beforehand.
  • Death from Above:
    • Two missions in Allied Assault require Powell to call in air support via P-47 Thunderbolts, to attack German gun positions and tanks.
    • The final portion of the Monte Battaglia level in Breakthrough has Baker and his unit calling in the 15th Air Force to carpet bomb the castle they're in, just as the Germans are about to overwhelm their position.
  • Defiant to the End: The Fort Schmerzen garrison, with their base exploding around them, will still try to take Powell down with them as he's making his way out rather than try to escape.
  • Desert Warfare: The first levels of Allied Assault and Breakthrough both take place during the North Africa campaign, during Operation Torch and the Battle of Kasserine Pass, respectively.
  • Developer's Foresight: Quite a few in Allied Assault.
    • Remember how in the second part of the Normandy level where you call in a P-47 Thunderbolt to bomb out German artillery pieces? Well, you can call that same aircraft in later to destroy a German half-track hampering your way. The reason he doesen't help you to destroy the Tiger I tank encountered later in the same level is due to the pilot telling Powell that he has to make it back to base due to low ammo. If you don't call him in and instead use the Panzerschreck to destroy the half-track, its heavily implied that the same P-47 had headed back to base due to being low on fuel, as you can hear said plane fly over your location.
    • During the final segment of the 5th level, if you pay attention to the strikes Powell calls in to destroy the Tiger tanks across the river, one will notice that the statements the tank crew mentioned regarding them receiving artillery and air support is in fact on the mark, as Powell is shown interspersed between calling in P-47 fighter-bombers and artillery. In the former case, an actual P-47 will fly over the German tanks dropping bombs, while with the artillery you can hear whistling coming from behind you, then multiple hits on the position you had just called in seconds prior.
    • The Rangers you encounter in the first half of the sniper town can be saved and they will join you for the second half of the town to help you protect the tank crew. Their AI will have them position themselves between you and the tank crew, providing you with supporting firepower and giving the Germans someone besides you and the tank crew to shoot at. It can make the harrowing second half of the town much easier to deal with.
      • While it's extremely difficult, you can ensure that Private Allen survives the first mission. However, he will volunteer to stay behind to guard the town while you continue to make your way forward. This is a death or POW sentence, so you still lose your squad as the plot calls for.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: Both Powell and Baker, as well as Major Grillo and Klaus Knefler, do this, with the former in the guise of a German SS, and later, Heer officer, while Baker is dressed as an Italian war hero being sent back to the mainland. Grillo and Knefler both pose as SS and Afrika Korps officers, respectively.
  • Drought Level of Doom: In Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, medkits are much scarcer on the Hard difficulty setting, which can make certain sections unwinnable if you blunder away your health beforehand.
    • Breakthrough takes this up to eleven, with the second level onward becoming prone to this even on Normal difficulty. And this now includes ammunition resupplies on top of even scarcer health packs.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Barnes' ending narration in Spearhead states that Berlin fell just a few weeks after his mission behind enemy lines, with his Soviet allies from his mission getting their revenge on the Germans in the process. Barnes himself implies that he'll more than likely get his ticket home not long after, what with the War in Europe effectively coming to a close.
  • Easter Egg: Multiple in Allied Assault.
    • On Omaha Beach and its multiplayer map, if you noclip into the hill the bunkers are on, the word SEAN will be visible.
    • In The Communications Blackout, there is a playable piano and violin in one of the buildings. When activated, they play a short part of the menu music.
    • During the Sniper City mission, if you manage to rescue some of the tank crew in the first level and keep them alive through the entire second level on Hard, you will complete an additional hidden objective to do so. When the level ends, instead of going to the tank levels, you will spawn in the same map, with 60 seconds to hide in it before your are mercilessly hunted down by a hostile bazooka medic.
  • Effortless Achievement: Every mission has a medal that is awarded by completing an unlisted extra objective, such as rescuing a POW and stealing an officer personnel manifest. Mission 3 gets you one just for completing the Omaha Beach portion of the level.
  • Elites Are More Glamorous: Played straight with Powell and Barnes, who are a Ranger and Paratrooper, respectively. Averted with Baker, who's a member of the less-than prominent 34th Infantry.
  • The Enemy Weapons Are Better: In-Universe in Spearhead, where Barnes and a handful of other 101st paratroopers are tasked with acquiring German weapons from a forward supply depot, due to them being short on supplies, particularly ammunition for their own guns as well as the guns themselves. These stolen weapons prove useful when the paras put them to good use, namely by repelling a German night attack on their lines, and then launch a counterattack to retake a village the next morning.
  • Epic Tank-on-Tank Action: Allied Assault has the second half of the 5th level, where a captured King Tiger is driven through the French countryside, in the process engaging against several German Panzer IV, Tiger, and one German King Tiger.
    • Spearhead has the final part of the Berlin level, where Barnes, in a recaptured T-34, fights his way back to Soviet lines, in the process engaging German Tiger and Panzer IV tanks desperately breaking through.
  • Escort Mission:
    • The second part of the 5th mission in Allied Assault, where Powell must escort three specially trained tank crew members through a sniper-infested town.
    • Two of the three missions in Spearhead require you to accompany and protect your squadmates, as you will fail the mission should all of them die.
    • Breakthrough has three of these, the first of which involves escorting mine-clearing Sherman tanks through heavily defended enemy territory, the second protecting your superior officer from an enemy ambush, and the third covering British prisoners as they exfiltrate a German base.
  • Expansion Pack: Two of them, in fact, which added new weapons, campaigns, and multiplayer maps. And so far, this is the only game in the entire series to have them.
  • Fake Difficulty: Enemies can blindfire their rifles with 100 accuracy, in fog, to hit you, the AI in general has absurd reaction times and accuracy and are completely unhindered by fog unlike the player.
    • In the D-Day mission, it is painfully obvious how the MG 42 Machine Guns almost entirely focus on the player over any of the other soldiers on the beach.
    • Breakthrough adds Soldiers who mainly use grenades instead of their weapon, usually armed with a pistol, (Which are usually seen in use only by officers and non-combat troops)they always know where to throw them to land next to you and blow up even through walls as they pretty much track you through them, they will never stop throwing grenades until they are killed.
  • Grand Theft Prototype: The final level has the second part, which involves stealing a STG 44 assault rifle, as well as its schematics, from a German armory, then destroying an entire production lines' worth before escaping. In this case, however, No Plans No Prototype No Back Up is averted, since some of the German troops in the subsequent portions are shown using the occasional STG 44.
  • Headgear Headstone: The Game Over screen is a field of M1 Garand rifles planted barrel-first on the ground with helmets perched on them.
  • Historical Domain Character:
  • Hold the Line:
    • The end part of Allied Assault's 5th mission has Powell and the Allied King Tiger crew hold off a German counterattack led by a battalion of Tiger tanks.
    • The 3rd Bastogne mission in Spearhead has Barnes and his platoon holding back a German tank and infantry assault.
    • The Monte Battaglia mission in Breakthrough has Baker and the rest of his division holding back a major German offensive.
  • Hollywood Silencer: The Hi-Standard and the De Lisle Carbine both come with very efficient integrated silencers, with the only real noise made from their reloading actions. Interestingly, this is pretty close to Truth in Television for both these weapons.
  • It's Raining Men:
    • During the start of the 6th level in Allied Assault, Powell is forced to drop behind enemy lines at tree level, so to avoid detection.
    • Spearhead starts off with Barnes parachuting into Normandy on the night of June 6th, 1944. He even comes across a squad of British paratroopers when he finds out that's he been dropped way off target.
    • Breakthrough, meanwhile, has Baker assigned to the glider infantry, during the Sicily invasion in July 1943.
  • La Résistance: Manon and the Maquis show up in the 4th level, and they "borrow" Powell from Col. Hargrove, in order to steal the plans for the new King Tiger tank.
  • The Medic: A few levels have medics who hand out health packs whenever the player gets wounded. This comes at the price of them being unarmed, and unable to defend themselves.
  • Mountain Warfare: The final level of Breakthrough involves Sgt. John Baker and the US 34th Infantry Division defending the Allied frontline at Monte Battaglia in Northern Italy. Thanks to the rough terrain and poor weather, Baker's unit is struggling with supply issues, which is made worse when the Germans launch a well-coordinated counteroffensive in the midst of a heavy downpour.
  • Nintendo Hard: Both the main game and its expansions are notoriously hard, especially on higher difficulties. It's pretty much a guarantee you'll die in the later levels if you waste health packs or use up too much ammo at one point. Especially in Breakthrough where only every third of fourth killed enemy drops their gun for you to pick up.
  • No Ending: Allied Assault and Breakthrough end with Powell and Baker escaping with the rest of their units from a Collapsing Lair being consumed by massive explosions (Fort Schmerzen and Monte Battaglia Castle, respectively), having accomplished their objectives. Immediately after this, the game cuts to the end credit scenes.
  • Outrun the Fireball: Powell is forced to do this when Fort Schmerzen begins blowing up.
  • One Riot, One Ranger: What Powell, Baker, and Barnes are tasked with doing, pretty much helping to win the war all by their lonesome, with some occasional help.
  • Optional Stealth: Though stealth and infiltration are the suggested methods for certain missions, there's nothing stopping you from going in guns blazing.
  • Parachute in a Tree: Happens in Spearhead, albeit it's more like parachuting into a barn, in this case.
  • Plunger Detonator: Two examples in Allied Assault. The first is stopping a group of German infantry from using one late in the Brittany mission to blow up a vital bridge. The second is used as part of the Fort Schmerzen assault, to move deeper into the facility.
  • Punch-Packing Pistol: The High Standard HDM, which even at mid to long ranges, can One-Hit Kill enemies. It comes at the price of having to action the bolt each time and having a slower rate of fire.
  • Red Shirt Army: The Rangers and Paratroopers, despite falling under Elites Are More Glamorous, go down rather easily to the likes of the Waffen-SS and Heer without help from Powell or Barnes.
    • The glider infantry companions of Baker fare even worse, as they're easily killed by Italian troops just mere minutes after Baker links up with them.
  • Shout-Out: The main game's entire 3rd and 5th levels are a huge one to Saving Private Ryan, as several elements from that film appear in one form or another during these two levels. Heck, Powell himself has Pvt. Jackson's sharpshooting skills, and Mauve Shirt Capt. Ramsey, who accompanies Powell into the Bocage, is a blantant Captain Ersatz to Capt. Miller.
    • Spearhead has quite a few to Band of Brothers, especially the drop into Normandy at the start of the first level, as well most of the Bastogne level, the finale of which is quite similar to the assault on Foy in Part 7 of the series.
  • Silent Protagonist: Powell and Baker never say a word, while Barnes never speaks outside of cutscene narrations.
  • Sole Survivor: Powell becomes the only surviving member of his Ranger team in the first mission in the original game, after the other Rangers he's are killed in a German ambush.
  • Sniping Mission: Most of the 5th level, where you have to trek your way through a sniper-infested town to rendezvous, and later escort, an American tank crew, all the while picking off the German snipers one by one.
  • Starts Stealthily, Ends Loudly: The various stealth missions typically end with Powell and Baker shooting their way out after their cover is blown. Though alarms can be shut down if they're activated during the stealth portion, they are automatically reactivated if shut off during the exfiltration.
  • Sticky Bomb: A new explosive device introduced in the Spearhead expansion. In fact, they're similar to the bombs used in Saving Private Ryan, down to having relatively unreliable wicks.
  • Storming the Beaches: How the 3rd mission starts, with Powell, Ramsey, and several other Army Rangers, Army engineers, and 29th Infantry Division soldiers assaulting Omaha Beach.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Several examples throughout both the main game and expansions, though the cake goes to anything destroyed by radio-detonated explosives in Allied Assault, which is to say several tanks, ammunition dumps, a train, and a communications hub.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Barnes is the only one of three protagonists to actually speak throughout the trilogy, and even then, only during narrations.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • Using a sticky bomb that relies on the usage of a lit fuse to detonate in the middle of a rainstorm? The fuse goes out.
    • Knocking out an enemy tank equals all dead crew members right? Wrong. Often, two to three German tank crew members will emerge from their wrecked vehicle and try to kill you with small arms.
  • Tanks, but No Tanks: In Spearhead 's first mission, after you meet up with the British, one of them shouts "TIGER TANK!". The tank in question during that last segment of the a Panzer IV.
  • Tank Goodness: The main game has the 5th mission, where a daring plan to capture the port city of Brest is devised involving stealing a King Tiger and driving it through the French countryside, destroying German tanks, guns, and buildings along the way.
    • Spearhead has Barnes taking back a captured Soviet T-34 medium tank from German forces in Berlin, and using it to head back to Soviet lines and hold a bridge against desperate German forces.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Zigzagged. On one hand, the German guards have taken precautions against saboteurs such as installing alarms in select facilities, or having officers and sentries check identity papers constantly. On the other, they won't react or investigate when an unsilenced weapon is fired, when they're shown higher level identification papers you didn't have five minutes ago, or try to turn alarms back on should you turn them off.
  • Trapped Behind Enemy Lines: Where around half the missions take place, deep within enemy territory, of which 3/4th of the time it's a Stealth-Based Mission.
  • Unconventional Vehicle Chase: One happens during the second part of the Bastogne level in Spearhead, where Barnes and his squad, having captured the German weapons and supplies they need, escape in a captured half-track and supply truck, all the while being chased by German tanks and half-tracks in the midst of an attack on their lines.
  • Unique Enemy:
    • While four King Tiger tanks are depicted in the original game, two are static props and optional objectives, while the third is the one that you and the Allied King Tiger crew capture and use. The fourth tank, used by the Germans to defend the vital bridge leading to Brest, is the only one that you actually fight, being the final enemy unit to oppose you.
    • Exactly one AB41 Armored Car is fought, during the first level set in Sicily, where Baker must destroy it with a Flak Gun. The next one encountered during the Anzio level is instead commandeered by Baker to be used as a battering ram to knock out a German railway cannon at the bottom of a slope.
  • Urban Warfare: Quite a lot of missions in all three campaigns take place in towns and cities, complete with snipers and close-quarter fighting. The largest example of this, however, is Berlin in the final portion of Spearhead.
  • Unwinnable by Design: In the Breakthrough expansion only every third or fourth enemy drops their weapon when killed and they stop dropping them all together on the final levels. Due to this you'll ammo-starve to death, especially in Hold the Line sequences where enemies attack you from places you can't physically reach unless you make sure to use your pistol to conserve Rifle/SMG Ammo as well as use melee attacks to have a chance.
  • Vader Breath: Powell when he puts on a gas mask during the assault on Fort Schmerzen.
  • Vehicular Turnabout: The entire 5th level is centered around stealing a German King Tiger tank and using it to secure a bridge where you're Trapped Behind Enemy Lines, complete with an American tank crew trained to operate it.
    • During the Berlin level in Spearhead, Barnes steals back a captured T-34 from a German tank crew, and uses it to make it back to Soviet lines, and later, repel a desperate German breakout.
    • Even before that, Barnes and several of his squadmates are Trapped Behind Enemy Lines, in order to acquire a German supply truck and a Half-track armed with an anti-tank gun, which they use to get back to their own lines.
    • Baker does this briefly twice. The first involves commandeering an abandoned Panzer IV and driving it further up the pass, destroying other German tanks and artillery pieces. The second involves capturing an Italian armored railcar and then using it to destroy a German artillery gun further down a hill.
  • We Cannot Go On Without You: Inverted several times. Should important characters like Lt. Phillips or Capt. Monroe, who are needed later in their respective plots, die, its Game Over for you, the Player Character.
  • Winter Warfare: Several, most notably the main game's final level, set at the Siegfried Line in January 1945, and Spearhead's second level, set entirely during the Battle of the Bulge.


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