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YMMV / Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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  • Demonic Spiders:
    • German Shepherds in Allied Assault. Unlike the same kind of dogs in games like Call of Duty: World at War or Modern Warfare, they don't bark loudly. And while they don't pin you down and kill you in one hit, their bites have the same stopping power as a Kar 98 sniper rifle. Thankfully, the expansions didn't feature them, even in missions set behind enemy lines.
    • STG 44-wielding soldiers in the late levels can kill players in one burst, especially on higher difficulties. Thankfully, the expansions had them spawn much less often.
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    • German snipers, especially on higher difficulties as well. Like the STG-44 wielding soldiers, they can effortlessly reduce a player's HP to Zero in just one magazine.
    • Italian P 40 tanks in the Gela mission. They can and will overrun your position during the final portion.
  • It's Hard, So It Sucks!: Breakthrough. Compared to Allied Assault and Spearhead, which by themselves were already challenging to a lot of players, this expansion takes the difficulty further by making ammunition and medical resupply much, much harder to come by, more enemy troops rushing at or opening fire at you in various sequences, and your AI allies dropping like flies much more compared to the first two titles.
  • Sequelitis: Breakthrough, compared to the base game and Spearhead. There are numerous historical inaccuracies, and a very unpleasant Sequel Difficulty Spike. As a result of these, it received lower review scores.
  • That One Level:
    • In the base game:
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    • Spearhead
      • The third Bastogne mission, where you have to help save a wounded Captain from bleeding to death by bringing a medic to him. Problem is, there's constant German artillery fire, forcing you, and later the Medic, to Take Cover! in foxholes. What's worse is that this is a Timed Mission, since the Captain can and will bleed to death should you take too long on the way back to the Captain's position.
      • And after that segment, you and a small number of other soldiers are forced to Hold the Line against a German armored assault, where the German tanks and half-tracks can easily overrun your position and/or kill you.
      • The main difficulty, however, comes from the enemy infantry, as even a single soldier crossing your line results in an automatic Game Over.
    • Breakthrough
      • Gela, the final section of the Sicily level, where you're forced to fight off Italian tanks with a very inaccurate mortar should (or rather, when) you run out of bazooka ammo. It's pretty much a guarantee that they will overrun your position and/or kill you. And even before that, you're forced to fight through platoons of Italian infantry hiding in buildings and undergrowth, and they will deplete your health regardless of difficulty.
      • Bizerte, specifically the first level. First, you're to cross a heavily-defended river bank under intense German fire. Then, you're to storm a heavily-guarded fortress with little to no medkit and ammunition resupply. And then you're supposed to link up with an OSS contact which then turns into a very tricky Escort Mission where said contact is prone to being killed constantly by enemy grenades at the last segment.

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