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Awesome / Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Allied Assault

  • At the beginning of the second mission, Major Grillo is killed. So what do you do? You infiltrate the German naval base on your own, steal a disguise and sink one of their U-Boats from the inside after destroying the only prototype radar they had, and then you single-handedly escape the base - Now on high alert - and rendezvous with allied forces at the train station.
  • Driving the King Tiger in Allied Assault counts more as a Crowning Level of Awesome, especially after the maddeningly hard Sniper's Last Stand level. After stealing a King Tiger tank from a sniper-infested ruined town, you get to drive it all the way to Brest, steamrolling through the German army along the way. They send Panzerschrek teams, Panzer IV and Tiger I tanks and Flak 88mm cannons, and you just destroy them all.
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  • The final section of "Return to Fort Schmerzen" is called "Final Run". Essentially, you're running through Schmerzen as it's collapsing above you through waves of German soldiers just standing there as the base explodes. While it can be frustrating, the ending has you jump on a train and escape as you watch Schmerzen crumble away to nothing.
  • Meta: The Omaha Beach level was a landmark achievement for its time and aside from graphics still holds up today.


  • The second part of the Ardennes mission, where Barnes and members of his squad steal a truckload of German supplies and drive them and a captured German half-track all the way back to their lines, all the while fighting enemy tanks, half-tracks and Panzerschreck-armed Germans.
  • The final level, where Barnes manages to take back a captured T-34 tank from the Germans, and use it to not only make it back to Soviet lines, but also help defend an important bridge from a desperate German breakthrough.
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  • The epic drop into Normandy at the start of the first level, which is pretty much a Shout-Out to the second episode of Band of Brothers.


  • Kasserine Pass. You, a handful of Sherman tanks, and a number of other soldiers manage to halt the German attack before it can go From Bad to Worse for the Americans.
  • Bizerte. Crossing a river under enemy fire and then taking a heavily defended fort? Already awesome in its own right. But then Baker is immediately assigned into partaking a Stealth-Based Mission with almost no experience in being Trapped Behind Enemy Lines. The end result? A sunken freighter, dozens of Italians and Germans dead, and both Baker and his companion Klaus Knefler escaping alive.
  • Anzio. Baker, all by his lonesome, manages to destroy a German supply convoy singlehandedly, and then destroy two massive railway cannons with just some TNT and a captured Italian armored railcar.
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  • Monte Battaglia. After surviving waves of German infantry and a handful of enemy tanks, Baker and a small number of surviving 34th Infantry Divisions manage to Hold the Line by ordering the castle they were originally holding to be bombed into submission by the 15th Air Force. The scene showing the formation of B-17s bombing the castle is itself Visual Effects of Awesome considering the limitations of the time.

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