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Katara: It's a random stranger that I can exhibit naive optimism towards! Yay, naive optimism!
Aang: Uh... who are you?
Katara: An optimist!
Sokka: And I'm a skeptic! Skepticism, skepticism, skepticism...
Katara: Hopeful optimism?
Sokka: Continued skepticism....
Characterization, Cliff Notes style.

In yet another Follow the Leader version of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, GanXingba made an abridged version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Can it capture the flavor of the original?


No, it really can't, which is sort of the point, but it keeps the basic character concepts roughly the same and just exaggerates the bejezus out of them. Aang is an annoying, clueless idiot even more hopelessly in love with Katara, Katara is shrill, overbearing, and needlessly optimistic, Sokka is much snarkier, Zuko is a stereotypical Emo Teen, and, inexplicably but hilariously, Momo is Mexican and Iroh is a stereotypical Jewish old man (not to mention that Ozai sounds like Hulk Hogan, Azula speaks Valley Girl and Pakku is the only Scottish Water Tribesman). It works. It also gave us "Kung Fu Action Jesus".

Had its own website (now defunct). And then Viacom blocked the entire series, at least in North America


This series provides examples of:

Katara: Encouraging optimism?
Aang: Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you guys to stop doing that.


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