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"The difference between doing voiceover work in animation or in real movies as opposed to video games is slight. I mean, you know, acting is acting. It's either good acting or it's bad acting."
Keith David on his role in Mass Effect

Those voices you hear in Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Puppet Shows, Radio, and Commercials don't exist in a vacuum. While not quite as famous as regular live-action actors, these folks still get a lot of mention among fans for their distinctive style and/or extensive catalogs.

This index page is meant for actors whose primary career is in voice work, or at least have an extensive history of voiceovers. Don't bother listing live-action actors who also happen to do a rare voiceover.

There is considerable overlap between this list and Names to Know in Anime. See also Puppeteers.

List of voice actors (alphabetical order by surname):

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