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Here's a list of noteworthy Spanish dub voice actors, both in Europe and Latin America. Voice actors are (usually) not exclusive to one studio or region, and several countries have their own studios.

Most Latin American Spanish dubs are recorded in Mexico, though other countries have also produced their own dubs.

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Voice actors by region


Mexico City (Mexico DF, CDMX, Ciudad de Mexico)
The federal and media capital of Mexico, it should come as no surprise that most dubs are produced here.
  • Adrian Fogarty (Ex-husband of Marina Huerta. Founder of Dubbing House.)
  • Adriana Casas
  • Adriana Nuñez
  • Adriana Olmedo
  • Alan Bravo (Once resided in Tangamandapio for a brief period)
  • Alan Fernando Velázquez (Brother of Claudio Velázquez)
  • Alan Prieto
  • Alberto Bernal (Best known for replacing Alexis Ortega as the voice of Spider-Man (as portrayed by Tom Holland). Not related to the brothers Emmanuel and Julio Bernal)
  • Alejandra Delint (Also does work for the Mexican channel BitMe, which coincidentally airs Anime shows concurrently)
  • Alejandro Mayen
  • Alejandro Orozco (One of the Orozco Siblings)
  • Alessia Becerril
  • Alex Gesso
  • Alfonso Obregón Inclán
  • Alfredo Gabriel Basurto (Also credited as simply Gabriel Basurto)
  • Alfredo Leal (One of the Leal siblings; temporally retired in 2011 to focus on his writing career, returned in 2018)
  • Alicia Barragan (Also does work in theatre)
  • Alicia Vélez (Daughter of Humberto Vélez and Cony Madera)
  • Alondra Hidalgo
  • America Torres (Wife of Esteban Desco)
  • Ana Lobo (Temporally retired in 2005, returned in 2015. Niece-in-law of Alejandro Mayen)
  • Anabel Méndez
  • Analiz Sánchez
  • Andrea Orozco (One of the Orozco siblings)
  • Andrés García (Not to be confused with a well known actor of the same name)
  • Andrés Gutiérrez Coto (Brother of Sergio Gutiérrez Coto)
  • Anette Ugalde (Wife of Roberto Molina)
  • Angela Villanueva
  • Angélica Villa
  • Annie Rojas
  • Armando Coria (Son of the late Armando Coria Sr., nephew of Guillermo Coria and brother-in-law of Irwin Daayan)
  • Armando Guerrero
  • Armando Larumbe (One of the Larumbe siblings)
  • Arturo Castañeda (Brother of Carla Castañeda)
  • Arturo Cataño
  • Arturo Mercado (Father of Arturo Mercado Jr.)
  • Arturo Mercado Jr (Husband of Diana Galván Santos)
  • Aurora Mijangos
  • Azul Valadez
  • Bardo Miranda
  • Benjamín Rivera
  • Belinda Martínez (Wife of Benjamín Rivera)
  • Berenice Vega (Mother of Abraham Vega)
  • Beto Castillo
  • Betzabe Jara
  • Blas Garcia
  • Brandon Santini (Son of Love Santini)
  • Bruno Coronel
  • Carla Castañeda (Sister of Arturo Castañeda)
  • Carlo Vázquez
  • Carlos del Campo
  • Carlos Díaz (Brother of Manuel Díaz. Not to be confused with the Cuernavaca based dubber of the same name)
  • Carlos Enrique Bonilla
  • Carlos Hugo Hidalgo
  • Carlos Olizar (Son of Carlos Segundo)
  • Carlos Segundo
  • Carlos Siller (Grandson of the late Esteban Siller)
  • Carola Vázquez (Wife of Juan Carlos Tinoco. No relation to Carlo)
  • Cecilia Gómez
  • Cesar Garduza
  • Christian Strempler
  • Circe Luna
  • Claudia Contreras
  • Claudia Motta
  • Claudio Velázquez (Ocassionaly active nowadays)
  • Cony Madera
  • Cristina Camargo (Niece of Francisco Colmenero)
  • Cristina Hernández (Mother of Maria Garcia and wife of Ricardo Tejedo)
  • Cynthia Chong (Daughter of Miriam Chong)
  • Dafnis Fernández
  • Dan Frausto
  • Dan Osorio
  • Daniel Abundis
  • Daniel del Roble
  • Danann Huicochea
  • Dave Ramos
  • David Allende
  • Desireé González
  • Diana Galván Santos (Daughter of Diana Santos)
  • Diana Perez
  • Diana Santos (Daughter of the late Edmundo Santos and the late Alicia Colmenero, sister of David, Tony, and Edmundo Santos Jr., niece of Gloria, Jorge, María Teresa, and Francisco Colmenero and José Manuel Rosano, cousin of Cristina Camargo and Alfredo and Fernando Rosano, aunt of Tony Assael, wife of Óscar Galván, and mother of Diana Galván Santos)
  • Diego Becerril
  • Ditter Ruiz
  • Dulce Chino
  • Dulce Guerrero (has done work in Los Angeles)
  • Edgar Luna (Also works as a YouTuber as part of the ¡QueParió! crew)
  • Edson Matus
  • Eduardo Fonseca (Uncle of the Ugarte Siblings)
  • Eduardo Garza (Also credited as Lalo Garza. Also does work in theatre since his return to that medium in 2018. Was the previous Country Manager of Pink Noise México until his departure. Uncle of Susana Moreno.)
  • Eduardo Giaccardi (Founder and previous owner of both Labo and SDI Media de Mexico.)
  • Eduardo Ramírez
  • Eduardo Tejedo (Father of Ricardo Tejedo)
  • Eleazar Muñoz
  • Elena Ramírez
  • Elliot Leguizamo (Also does work in Cuernavaca)
  • Elsa Covián
  • Emilio Guerrero
  • Emilio Trevino
  • Emmanuel Bernal (Brother of Julio Bernal)
  • Enrique Cervantes
  • Enzo Fortuny
  • Erica Edwards (Cousin of Arturo Mercado Jr.)
  • Erika Langarica
  • Erika Ugalde (Started working in Disney related dubs)
  • Esteban Desco
  • Fernanda Gastelum
  • Fernanda Ornelas (Niece of Jorge Ornelas)
  • Fernanda Robles (Daughter of Rebeca Patiño)
  • Francisco Colmenero (Also known as Don Pancho. The oldest living member of the Santos-Colmenero family, and most famous for his extensive work with Disney.)
  • Gabriel Cobayassi (Mostly known for voicing Leonard Hoffsdater, as portrayed by Johnny Galecki, in The Big Bang Theory)
  • Gabriel Gama (Founder of Koe Dubbing Masters)
  • Gabriel Ramos (Moved to Argentina in 2010, came back to Mexico in 2014)
  • Gabriel Ortiz (Not to be confused with his female homologue)
  • Gabriela Gómez
  • Gabriela Guzmán
  • Gabriela Ortiz
  • Gaby Ugarte (Currently resides in France, but returns once in a while to Mexico to do some work; one of the Ugarte siblings)
  • Gaby Willer (Daughter of the late Liza Willert)
  • Geezuz González
  • Genaro Vázquez (currently resides in Canada, but returns on a regular basis to Mexico to do some work)
  • Georgina Sanchez
  • Gerardo Alonso (Husband of Jahel Morga)
  • Gerardo del Valle
  • Gerardo García (Best known for voicing Jon Snow as portrayed by Kit Harrington. Ex-husband of Xóchitl Ugarte)
  • Gerardo Reyero
  • Gerardo Vasquez
  • Gisella Casillas (Widow of the late José Lavat)
  • Guillermo Coria (Uncle of Armando Coria)
  • Harumi Nishizawa (Born in Japan)
  • Hector Emmanuel Gomez (Husband of Karla Falcón)
  • Héctor Estrada (Best known for voicing Jax Briggs in Mortal Kombat 11. Not to be confused with the Colombian dubber of the same name)
  • Héctor Ireta de Alba
  • Hector Lee
  • Hector Mena
  • Héctor Moreno (Not to be confused with a well known Mexican Soccer player of the same name)
  • Hiram Cárdenas
  • Hugo Nuñez
  • Humberto Solórzano
  • Humberto Vélez
  • Humberto Vélez Jr. (Son of Humberto Vélez and Cony Madera)
  • Idzi Dutkiewicz (Best known for voicing Iron Man as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Igor Cruz
  • Irene Jiménez
  • Irina Índigo (Based in her native Venezuela until 2002, best known for being the original voice of Eliza Thornberry, also works as a singer.)
  • Irma Carmona
  • Irwin Daayán (Brother-in-law of Armando Coria)
  • Isabel Martiñón
  • Isabel Romo
  • Ismael Larumbe (One of the Larumbe siblings)
  • Jahel Morga (Wife of Gerardo Alonso)
  • Jaime Alberto Carillo
  • Javier Olguin
  • Javier Rivero
  • Jerry Velázquez
  • Jesse Conde
  • Jessica Angeles
  • Jessica Ortiz (Best known for voicing Wonder Woman as portrayed by Gal Gadot in the DC Extended Universe. Does more dubs of Live Action, Western Animation and Video Game works than Anime)
  • Jesús Cortez
  • Jesús Guzmán (Does more dubs of Live Action, Western Animation and Video Game works than Anime. Also works as a stand-up comedian)
  • Jhonny Torres (Based in his native Venezuela until 2015, best known for voicing The Flash almost continuously for eleven years)
  • Jocelyn Robles
  • Jorge Ornelas (Best known for voicing Moe)
  • Jorge Roig (Husband of Rocío Garcel and father of Jorge Roig Jr.)
  • Jorge Roig Jr (Son of Jorge Roig and Rocío Garcel)
  • Jorge Santos
  • José Ángel Torres
  • José Antonio Macías (Also credited as Pepe Toño Macías)
  • José Antonio Toledano (Son of Laura Ayala)
  • Jose Arenas
  • José Gilberto Vilchis (Also credited as Pepe Vilchis. Nephew of the late Jesus Barrero)
  • José Luis Miranda
  • Jose Luis Orozco (Father of the Orozco Siblings)
  • José Luis Piedra
  • José Luis Rivera
  • Juan Alfonso Carralero (Has done work in Los Angeles and Miami)
  • Juan Antonio Edwards (Father of Erica Edwards)
  • Juan Carlos Tinoco (Based in his native Colombia until 2002)
  • Julio Bernal (Brother of Emmanuel Bernal)
  • Kaihiamal Martínez (Based in his native Venezuela until 2006/2007, best known for being the original voice of Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Karen Vallejo
  • Karina Altamirano
  • Karla Falcon (Daughter of Olga Donna-Dío, sister of Leopoldo Falcón, granddaughter of the late Carmen Donna-Dío, and wife of Héctor Emmanuel Gómez)
  • Karla Vega
  • Kerygma Flores (Current wife of René García)
  • Laura Ayala
  • Laura Torres
  • Lety Amezcua
  • Leyla Rangel
  • Liliana Barba
  • Loretta Santini
  • Lourdes Arruti (Aunt of the late Andrea Arruti)
  • Love Santini
  • Luis Daniel Ramírez (Ex-husband of Mariana Ortiz. Founder and previous owner of Lola MX.)
  • Luis Fernando Orozco (One of the Orozco siblings)
  • Luis Leonardo Suarez
  • Luis Navarro
  • Lupita Leal (One of the Leal siblings)
  • Magda Giner (Born in Spain. Debuted in the early 90's)
  • Maggie Vera
  • Manuel Campuzano (Based in Cuernavaca until between 2004 and 2005, occasionally does work back when needed)
  • Marc Winslow
  • Marcos Patino
  • María García (Daughter of René Garcia and Cristina Hernández)
  • María Fernanda Morales
  • Mariana Ortiz (Daughter of the late Araceli de León)
  • Mario Arvizu (does more dubs of Live Action, Western Animation and Videogame works than Anime)
  • Mario Castañeda (One of the biggest Mexican dubbers of all time. Ex-husband of Rommy Mendoza and father of both Carla and Arturo)
  • Marisol Romero
  • Martin Soto
  • Mauricio Perez
  • Mayra Arellano
  • Melissa Gedeón (Also does work as a singer under the stage name Meli G.)
  • Memo Aponte (Will make his Anime dub debut with Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card as Syaoran Li, after doing dubs of Live Action, Western Animation and Videogame works. Also does work as a YouTuber)
  • Moisés Iván Mora (Also does work as a comedian and live actor)
  • Miguel Angel Leal
  • Miguel de León
  • Mireya Mendoza (Based in her native Cuernavaca until around 2007)
  • Mónica Manjarrez
  • Mónica Villaseñor (Widow of the late Héctor Miranda)
  • Monserrat Mendoza (Daughter of Ricardo Mendoza)
  • Montserrat Aguilar
  • Nallely Solís
  • Nancy MacKenzie (Born in Peru)
  • Nicolás Frías (Based in his native Argentina until the early 2000's, came back to Argentina in the mid 2000's before returning to Mexico for good in early 2010's. Does more dubs of Live Action and Western Animation works than Anime)
  • Noé Velázquez
  • Noriko Takaya (Real Name: Claudia Gómez)
  • Nycolle González
  • Octavio Rojas
  • Olga Donna-Dío (Mother of Leopoldo and Karla Falcón. Has done work in Cuernavaca.)
  • Oscar Flores (Not to be confused with the Chilean dubber of the same name)
  • Óscar Galván (Husband of Diana Santos and father of Diana Galván Santos)
  • Óscar Gómez
  • Óscar Rangel
  • Osvaldo Trejo Rodríguez
  • Pascual Meza
  • Patricia Acevedo (Mother of Rodrigo Acevedo and aunt of Cassandra Acevedo)
  • Pedro D Aguillon Jr (Son of the late Pedro D'Aguillón)
  • Raul Anaya
  • Rafael Pacheco
  • Raúl Solo
  • Raymundo Armijo
  • Rebeca Patiño
  • René García (One of the biggest Mexican dubbers of all time. Ex-husband of Cristina Hernandez, father of Maria Garcia)
  • Ricardo Bautista
  • Ricardo Brust
  • Ricardo Hill (also does work as a comedian)
  • Ricardo Méndez
  • Ricardo Mendoza (Has also done work as a comedian as "El Coyote")
  • Ricardo Silva (Active more as a singer, specifically opening themes)
  • Ricardo Tejedo (Current husband of Cristina Hernández. Has done work in Los Angeles, Argentina and Chile)
  • Rick Loera
  • Roberto Carrillo
  • Roberto Mendiola
  • Roberto Molina
  • Rocío Garcel (Wife of Jorge Roig and mother of Jorge Roig Jr.)
  • Rocío Prado (Mother of Christine Byrd)
  • Rodrigo Carralero (Son of Juan Alfonso Carralero and Ruth Toscano)
  • Rolando de Castro
  • Rolando de la Fuente
  • Romina Marroquin Payro
  • Rosalba Sotelo (Based in Cuernavaca until 2002. Does more dubs of Live Action, Western Animation and Videogame works than Anime)
  • Rossy Aguirre (Daughter of the late Rosanelda Aguirre, has also done work in Argentina)
  • Ruth Toscano (Ex-wife of Juan Alfonso Carralero. Has done work in Los Angeles)
  • Salvador Delgado
  • Salvador Reyes
  • Sarah Souza (Wife of Ulises Maynardo Zavala)
  • Santos Alberto
  • Sebastian Llapur (Based in his native Argentina until 2002.)
  • Sergio Bonilla (Also known for voicing Nelson. Son of Mexican actor Héctor Bonilla. Also does work in theatre)
  • Sergio Gutiérrez Coto (Brother of Andrés Gutiérrez Coto)
  • Sergio Morel (Also does work in theatre)
  • Stephanie Gandara
  • Susana Moreno (Niece of Eduardo Garza)
  • Tommy Rojas
  • Toni Rodriguez
  • Ulises Maynardo Zavala (Son of the late Maynardo Zavala and husband of Sarah Souza)
  • Valentina Souza
  • Vanessa Acosta (Recently does work in telenovelas and as a result she rarely does work in dubbing)
  • Vanessa Olea
  • Verania Ortiz (Daughter of Mariana Ortiz and Luis Daniel Ramirez)
  • Víctor Covarrubias (Nephew of the late Jesus Barrero; also does work in Cuernavaca, current owner of [CBAudio])
  • Victor Delgado (Has done work in Tijuana for a few years)
  • Víctor Hugo Aguilar (Nephew of singer Carlos Santana. No, really!)
  • Víctor Ruiz
  • Víctor Ugarte (One of the Ugarte Siblings)
  • Xochitl Ugarte (One of the Ugarte siblings)
  • Yamil Atala
  • Yaha Lima (Born in Peru, and still works there for theater)
  • Yolanda Vidal

Cuernavaca, Morelos
Cuernavaca is within driving distance of Mexico City, so the two tend to have an overlap of voice actors.

  • Arturo Vélez (No relation to Humberto)
  • Carlos Becerrill (Based in Mexico City until sometime ago, alternates between both cities from time to time)
  • Clemen Larumbe (Based in Mexico City until sometime ago, alternates between both cities from time to time. One of the Larumbe siblings.)
  • Dulce María Romay (Based in Mexico City until sometime ago, alternates between both cities from time to time. Mother of Vanessa Acosta.)
  • Enrique Garduza (Based in Los Angeles until sometime in the 1990s)
  • Erik Osorio (Has done work in Mexico City)
  • Héctor Rocha (Has done work in Mexico City)
  • Mario Hernández (Has done work in Mexico City)
  • Mauricio Valverde (Temporally retired in 2011, returned in 2018)
  • Rafael Rivera (Based in Mexico City until 2007, alternates between both cities from time to time)
  • Uraz Huerta (Based in Mexico City until the mid to late 00's)
  • Vanessa Garcel (Based in Mexico City until the early-to-mid 00's. Daughter of Rubén Arvizu and Sylvia Garcel.)

Tijuana, Baja California
Used for the Manga Entertainment dub of Ghost in the Shell. Good luck finding information to put here, no one was credited in that dub.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Used exclusively for Miramax's dub of Princess Mononoke.

  • Jesús Pérez Tobas
  • Angélica Rodríguez Ovalle
  • Tere Salazar de Quintanilla

    United States 
Los Angeles, California
Prolific up until the 90's due to the invention of stereo. Once other countries started using that technology, their popularity waned considerably. Nowadays it's mainly used for dubs of Lionsgate films and some alternate dubs of live-action series.
  • Alejandro Vargas Lugo (Based in his native Mexico)
  • Ana María Grey (Based in her native Mexico. Mother of Ana Sofía Brock)
  • Ana Sofía Brock (Daughter of Ana María Grey and granddaughter of the late Jesus Brock)
  • Angelines Santana (Daughter of the late Ángeles Bravo)
  • Fabiola Stevenson
  • Humberto Amor (Son of Jorge Santos)
  • Javier Ponton (has done work in Mexico, Spain, and Poland)
  • Marcela Bordes
  • Monica Estrada (Based in her native Mexico until the early 00's, still does work there from time to time)
  • Nathalia Hencker
  • Roberto Alexander (Has done work in Mexico)
  • Rubén Trujillo (Used to do work in his native Mexico up until the mid-2010's. Brother of Víctor Trujillo.)
  • Victor Mares Jr (Has done work in Mexico)

Miami, Florida
A rising star in the industry, though still used mainly for live-action series and Western Animation.

  • Luis Carreño (Brother of Frank Carreño, based in Venezuela until 2015, most famous for voicing Spongebob Squarepants since the second season)
  • Maria Jose Estevez (also credited as Majo Estevez, based in Venezuela until 2015, most famous for voicing Pearl)
  • Frank Carreño (based in Venezuela until around 2006, best known for voicing Pinky)
  • Patricia Azan
  • Isabel Vara (based in Venezuela until 2016)
  • Orlando Noguera (based in Venezuela until 2000, then moved to Mexico before coming to Miami in 2005, best known for voicing The Brain)

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Used almost exclusively in the early days of dubbing.

  • Esperanza Martínez

    South America 
Argentina (Buenos Aires)
The second most prolific dubbing region after Mexico. Also famous for being the location of Non Stop Dubbing, the only non-Mexican dubbing studio currently employed by Disney as of this edit.

Venezuela (Caracas)
A staple of Animax Latin-American, before it's controversial re branding as Sony Spin. Also known for Western Animation, most famously through Warner Bros's partnership with Etcetera Group, which, by proxy, makes it the official, non-Mexican dubbing studio of Cartoon Network. Currently the third most prolific dubbing region (used to be the second most prolific until the early 10's due to the humanitarian crisis that is currently happening in the country, causing most of the talent to move to other countries and/or retire).

  • Antonio Delli (alternated between Venezuela and Miami in the late 90's and early 2000's)
  • Angel Lugo
  • Angel Mujica (most famous for being the current animated voice of Damian Wayne, Roy Harper, Bane, and Plankton.)
  • Esteban Garcia (Most famous for voicing Lex Luthor almost continuously since 1999)
  • Eder la Barrera
  • Framk Maneiro (Uncle of Héctor Indriago, most famous for voicing Batman in the Franchise/DCAU)
  • Héctor Indriago (Most famous for being the current animated voice of Batman)
  • Jhaidy Barboza
  • Juan Guzman (Has done work in Mexico and Colombia)
  • Jorge Bringas
  • Reinaldo Rojas (Has done work in Mexico and Argentina)
  • Leisha Medina (Best famous for voicing Harley Quinn and pre-movie Steven Universe. Has done work in Mexico and Peru.)
  • Luis Miguel Pérez (Husband of Rebeca Aponte, most famous for voicing Superman and Plankton. Once resided in Merida for a few years.)
  • Marycel Gonzalez (moved to Argentina in 2016, came back in 2019, most famous for voicing Wonder Woman for at least ten years.)
  • Maythe Guedes (Mother of Ricardo Sorondo, most famous for voicing Stormy, Catwoman, and Rose Quartz.)
  • Rafael Monsalve
  • Rebeca Aponte (Once resided in Merida for a brief period)
  • Renzo Jimenez (Real Name: Alberto Figeroa. Most famous for voicing Squidward Tentacules.)
  • Rocio Mallo (Moved to Mexico in 2001, came back in 2006, most famous for voicing Garnet. Mother of Angie Mallo.)
  • Rubén Leon (Most famous for voicing The Joker almost continuously for 25 years. Not to be confused with the Mexican dubber of the same name)

Chile (Santiago)

  • Carlos Carvajal
  • Jessica Toledo
  • Judith Noguera (Based in her native Venezuela until late 2015, mostly known for voicing Ruby.)
  • Loreto Araya-Ayala
  • Carolina Cortés (Has done work in Mexico)
  • Maureen Herman
  • René Pinochet (Has done work in Mexico)
  • Rodrigo Saavedra
  • Sandro Larenas (Mostly known for voicing Garfield)
  • Stefani Villarroel (based in her native Venezuela until mid 2018, most famous for voicing Amethyst)

Colombia (Bogota)

  • Alexander Páez
  • Carlos Jiménez (Mostly known for voicing Jim Raynor in StarCraft II. Not to be confused with the Los Angeles based dubber of the same name)
  • Dilma Gómez
  • Harold Leal
  • Klaudia Kotte (Mostly known for voicing Atomic Betty)
  • Orlando Arenas
  • Rocío Bermudez (Mostly known for voicing Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraft II)
  • Shirley Marulanda
  • Wolfang Galindo

Other lists

Others, while still very much alive, have either retired or changed careers, such as:
  • Ana Lucía Ramos (Sister of Gabriel Ramos.)
  • Christine Byrd (Moved to the United States in 2014 and then retired in 2016 for personal reasons. Daughter of Rocío Prado)
  • Gabriel Chavez (Voiced Mr. Burns. Confirmed his retirement in 2019 after 33 years of business with some hiatus in early 2010's, announcing his move to Monterrey. He still attends conventions, though.)
  • Ernesto Lezama (Retired in October 6, 2020)
  • Humberto Ramírez
  • Mario Sauret (Stopped doing dub work after his move to Querétaro in 2013. Son of the late Agustín Suaret.)
  • Mitzy Corona
  • Sylvia Garcel (Officially retired in 2018 after 60 years in the business, though her last role was in 2015. Sister of Rocío Garcel, wife of Rubén Arvizu, and mother of Vanessa Garcel.)
  • Yectli Barrero Palestino (daughter of the late Jesús Barrero, retired in 2008)
  • Ezequiel Serrano (Moved to Spain in late 2008 to focus on his music career, and has made it clear that he has no intention of returning to dubbing.)
  • Yensi Rivero (Moved to Spain in 2011.)

Much like their Japanese and English counterparts, voice actors are only human. Some have died. Here be a list of the dearly departed.
  • Alejandro Illescas (Worked in Mexico City, 1960-2008, died of a stomach virus)
  • Alfonso Ramírez (Worked in Mexico City, 1946-2019, died of complications during surgery)
  • Álvaro Tarcicio (Worked in Mexico City, 1934-1999, died of a heart disease)
  • Andrea Arruti (Worked in Mexico City. Niece of Lourdes Arruti, 1998-2020, died of respiratory complications.)
  • Ángeles Bravo (Born in Spain. Worked in Mexico City. Mother of Angelines Santana, 1945-2017, died of old age in 2018)
  • Araceli de León (Mother of Mariana Ortiz. Worked in Mexico City, 1951-1999. Died of a heart attack.)
  • Carlos Íñigo (Uncle of the Leal siblings. Worked in Mexico City, 1960-2017. Died of cardiac complications.)
  • Cesar Arias (Worked in Mexico City, 1941-2020.)
  • Constantino Romero
  • Eduardo Borja
  • Enrique Mederos
  • Erika Mireles
  • Esteban Siller (Grandfather of Carlos Siller)
  • Guadalupe Noel
  • Gonzalo Curiel (Father of Eduardo Curiel. Not to be confused with a stand-up comedian of the same name.)
  • Guillermo Romano (Real Name: Carlos Stevenson. Born in Nicaragua. Worked in Mexico City and Los Angeles)
  • Héctor Miranda (Late husband of Monica Villaseñor. Worked in Mexico City)
  • Hiromi Hayakawa (Born in Japan. Worked in Mexico City, 1982-2017, died of complications during a failed childbirth)
  • Jesús Barrero (Worked in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, and, in the late 70' to mid 80's, Los Angeles, 1957-2016, died of cancer)
  • Jesus Brock (Worked in Mexico City and Los Angeles)
  • Jesús Colín
  • José Granadillo
  • José Lavat
  • José María Carrero
  • Katalina Múzquiz (Worked in Mexico City, 1959-2019, died of cancer)
  • Liza Willert (Mother of Gaby Willer)
  • Lourdes Moran
  • Luis Alfonso Mendoza (Younger brother of Ricardo Mendoza, 1964-2020, killed in a shooting)
  • Luis Alfonso Padilla
  • Mario Raúl López
  • Maynardo Zavala (Father of Ulises Maynardo Zavala)
  • Norma Echevarría
  • Walter Mercado (Worked in Puerto Rico)


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